July 17, 2024

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  I've been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor.It is official.  July 17,2024.  My Latest Rant . . . Hello Friends.  I am discovering what project 2025 is all about.  I cannot wrap my head around all of this.  I'm tired of all of the.  I trust all of us can survive what I see as a dark cloud hanging over our beloved country.  I'm seriously frightened as I listen to the varied definitions.  I side with truth.  Never truth for the sake of it.  I'm torn for real.    

Did You Listen To The Above Yet? 

"The Father And The Son"  Just Listen  This is what I Do & Produce In Young Black Men.

I'm Not Your Life Buoy" 

The truth is, I've never been like the average guy.  I am different, and I have never been the kind of man that prides himself in being something that he (me) was never intended to be.  The above clip communicates the hands off syndrome.  At times the faith of or religion that we choose causes us to take the advantage of the other person such as a life coach, personal mentor or teacher for life.  I believe that upon all of our creation, each person has capacity to achieve.  Listen to the alternative that is out there.  Re-think those silly thoughts and bring your life into balance with a truth that shall ever reign.  If there are no birth defects, you are alright.  Years ago I taught that God needed to clean us up, something the fact that the way we are is not what our creator intended.  I was in error.  If you a read these words, you are alright.  The helpful sermons and lecture tips were presented with the intent on getting you to live the best of the life that you had.  One can only live in that matter if one first considers the greatness that God has created in you.  We have but one objective in this life then; to live and show respect to the most high by becoming the best person you have ever knew in this life.

"Jamar From Mich"

This is a prophetic broadcast as I speak to a young man about the word of God as well as the future of our society as we go through the plague COVID.  Listen to this "20" year old man tell you like it is today.  The great thing about this web cast is that it was spoken in the year of 2011.  Praise God for the beauty of the spoken word.  If you refuse to hear the good tidings from God's complete word for His complete people, well; just listen and rejoice.  Listen long enough to hear a young man state the case Of Jehovah.  Come on, you have to stay home, tune in and allow the message to go deep inside your heart.  I am not alone in what I believe.  If you open your mind and allow the Spirit of God to reach you, absolutely everything he is saying is true and has turned out to be true.  I have not spoken to this young man at all beyond this broadcast.  Notice the conversation concerning this brothers opinion concerning LGBT individuals.  I allowed him to speak because of the spirit's working in him.  He had no idea that I am gay.  I often thought what our conversation would be like if I were gay.  What a broadcast.  Thanks for coming to my site. 

"Romans Made Clear" 

I am pleased to be able to share with you some of my older work.  I like to share new material, but I am fully aware that there are people out there that have no idea what the Bible teaches.  There are not too many people that have the mental capacity to share with my listeners God's Truth.  Listen to this above clip and pick up on who I am.  I am having a ball listening afresh to my words so long after I recorded these words.   I start at Roman 2:1-2-3 I start off with these verses and attempt to define it in simple English.  Please take the time and listen to this archive piece.  Pick up a bit of Old School Wisdom.  God bless you and keep your hears strong and seeking God favor.  February 22, 2024 

"Fidelity" Pt.1  Pt.2  Pt.3  Pt.4  Pt.5 

I attempt to explain how we as persons of faith can assist each other during these difficult times.  attempt to listen to each aspect of the discourse and apply the subject matter to your situation.  You will note how I explain the Bible.  The words all come together as we apply them to us individually.  Please listen to each sectioned then move on to develop a theology of sanity, as opposed to the confusion that so often rules supreme.  I am blessed as I listen afresh.  This message addresses my mental stability as well as my obligation to lead the people of God.  As I listen to these words I think back and analyze every word.  If you are a professing pastor, you ought to think afresh about ministry.  In today's world, I do not expect most churches to adopt these ideas.  This was preached in a day when masculinity paved the way for the church.  That was a time when Christian orthodoxy was common place.  Listen to the heart of a man that took ministry seriously.  Many ask me today; tell me how you lead a good size church without twisting the text of scripture.  Listening to this message forces you the listener to choose right from wrong.  WOW!  As I listen to each part, I am remembering the mood and the reasons why many left the church after this message.  Young minister; listen close to these words.  These are the spiritual mentality from which every real man of God speaks.  I am fully aware that in 2024 these kinds of words do not work.  The church no longer abide by these kinds of dictates.  Today, the church has fully failed in terms of "Fidelity".  Please listen to the whole of the sermon.  And then many may not think of this as a preached sermon, well call it a lecture; just own up to acknowledge these words are true.  July 1986. Is When This Sermon Was Preached.  Before I Was Installed As The Most Senior Pastor.

 "Hi!  Thanks for coming to my site!

Ram Radio Archive

Listen to these classic sound presentations from the archives.  Some of my best work (Above)

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 22, 2024  I am amazed at the human experience.  As I grow wise in all of my estimations; I am paused to glance at all of my past successes.  The many  personal actions with others has been a joy.  It is just the pain of this body getting older that I can't seem to get use to.  Those deep pains that creep up on mw when I lease expect them.  I find myself getting impatient when I have to wait in line on my cell phone.  The simple things like that.  I am yet laying in bed, setting up as I type these words, and not having anything special to do or say.  I am thinking about doing a YouTubeLive; but I really have nothing to say about anything.  By those words, you can determine if I have changed a little bit.  On this day; with the sun shinning bright and all of these good things to do in it, I have no priorities.  Life will get done as I deem it necessary.  I'm still here and I had better enjoy the days.  Thanks for coming to my site.   My e-mail Address:  intotheword1@aol.com

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 17, 2023 "Come Sunday" I've about given up on discovering where in my city can I go to pick up a message from a true representative of the God that I serve.  My next "YouubeLive" will become a sharing point of my observations.  I'm staying home today and devoting all of my attention to developing more of a cognitive explanation of why, what and when I do anything these days.  I'm aware that it has been a minute sense I put something up.  This day is the first day of my life.  I love writing my story in real time. 

Some of my best work is found on the above section of "Archives".  As I contemplate on a daily basis the shutting down of this site, I am drawn to the many sound pieces, sermons, lectures and the various discussions held in my lifetime.  I question if my life was nothing more than a fluke, an error of judgment or simply I was mistaken through a foul system called Christianity.  I think not.  The nature of the real man of God is to proclaim to his or her audience; a certain truth; a truth that provides freedom, freedom from any man's opinion which finds itself at odds with my person; as I or any man that strives for personal freedom.  I am asking that you, the reader take a bit of your time and listen to words that are laced with America's Holy Book, the Bible.  There shall always be division's amongs us.  I've found that the acceptance of God's Divine purpose is all that matters.  I'm fully aware that this book of faith has been tampered with.  Listening and watching parts of my being a spokesman for God will do something for peace in all of us.  Please download as much of this as you see fit. Share these aspects of truth with as many young people as possible.  This current generation finds themselves in more need of these words than ever before in the history of America.  I am of the opinion; that we've turned our backs towards God without paying very much attention at all.  Thanks for taking time and tuning in.  (John E. Coleman - December 14, 2023)

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 7, 2020 "Finding It"  If music could be my friend, I need a friend like this for sure.  Thanks for coming by to visit me.  I hope and pray that your staying home might bring you a peace of mind.

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 10, 2023 "Readjusting And Updating My Site" The time has come for me to do some major updating of all of my life's work.  I have thought about how I might seriously re-define my work in a way that will be beneficial to many in the years coming after my transition.  This is an exciting time for me in that my health seems to be accepting the time that God has given to finish the work.  Our times are as serious as ever.  Many of the teachings that I put forth will not be seen in the future because of the ill use of so called Christians that have distorted an ancient faith that is no longer associated with logic.  I've gone though so many changed in the past few years, I've finally come to realize that it is time to document my work in an intelligent way.  I have a grateful heart and head full of good memories that I do not want to fade after I pass on.  Keep watching. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 8, 2023 Hey friends.  had a it of a difficulty today with the site.  Good people got me back on track.  I shall continue to work it out on my end here.   My News Flash Today Below

The War is on my mind and heart. I've never seen and heard what I'm experiencing today as I look at the news. What is happening o the other side of the world could happen to me here. Humans can be most horrible. The death of so many innocents; and the lack of or ability of any so called civil government to put an end to all of this is insane. I know, we are the people of the so called free world. We live for the next holiday, party, celebration right? The best thing for me to do is turn everything off and pretend that my heart is happy right? Wrong! How in the name of all human justice from any place on the globe can any of us stand idle and watch is horror the children, Old people, entire families crushed under tons of rubble? I cannot believe that the world leaders refuse to act. I'm aware that many of you refuse to look deeply into this historical issue of human horror. I'm fully aware of everything. I am not taking sides all killing of human beings is wrong. I am living during a time when we are turning our backs refusing to address the human crises. Wake Up People. Their plight can be ours lest we conclude reality as false narrative.

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 1, 2023 "Time / Change I got a call from a man that I no longer want to respect.  If I am not regarding and confronting every aspect of my life with a conscience recognition of reality; I cannot fully call myself a healthy Hua being.  My next talk will address the speed in which this fading year has been, as well as the affect  these days have hd of all of us.  Everything must change.  You can look at this clip, and come to knowledge if you will.  If you do not agree, that is OK withe.  Enjoy.  YouTubeLive (johncole1234)

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 28, 2023 "No Greater Peace" Then right at the moment I'm typing this note today.  It is not because I have something special with the creator that you do not pocess.  I am looking forward to my next YouTubeLive within the next few hours.  Make sure you tune in,  It is up now. enjoy!

Ram Radio The Web Cast Novembe 23, 2023 "My Heart Cries Out For Peace" God is good to me no doubt.  America is yet a place where everybody eats today.  But; what of our not being able to see the needs of others go un-noticed?  Are we not among those that live in this era of mass swift communication; we can see what is happening on the other side of the globe.  The question facing all of us today is a simple one.  Happiness and joy with all of the death taking place right in front of our faces, impossible.  There seems to be no outrage, nor shame on our behalf towards other peoples.  My heart is not just crying for what is taking place in Gaza; but also in those far countries, Islands, poor societies where people cannot fend for themselves without the help of their governments.  It appears that all of us are leaning towards "Black Friday" and football, and who killed a basketballs star player brother?  Am I a person righteous enough to be loved by God, without shame?  These are the kind of things that I think about on this Thanksgiving Day.  A neighbor has said they will bring me a small plate of their meal.  I may not be able to eat it in that I can't stop feeling sad concerning the lives lost on both sides of the conflict.  "Oh God; please do something now to open our eyes and rightly face our own complicity as we attempt to stuff our lives with thrills that will never match the amount of suffering that is tearing apart our world."

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 17, 2023 "Why I Do What I Do" I've been doing what I do for so long.  I found this clip while going through my stacks.  Oh how I miss those days.  Marc Ramsey, Dr. Robert Kninck, "Trent" Gaston on the camera, Happy is just a word.  I love watching this clip. I cannot recall when, but WOW!  Please watch the above clip and catch up with where the Christian church is today while fully understanding that today this kind of work must be wrought for success.

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 16, 2023 "Human Ambiguity" I am not really at wits end concerning the behavior of humans in this day and age.  I thought I had seen all of the wrong that could proceed from us humans.  I thin you will enjoy this web cast. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 13, 2023 "Longing After God"  Do we lust for Divine intervention in our individual lives?  A number of years ago I taught a small home church group and the period of time I was living in was causing me some distress for sure.  Usually my sermons were turnt up by the circumstances I was faced with.  How did I confront my attack to my mind and heart?  The above clips real enough to win you over if you but give in to the words I speak. Today we are living through the hell of another persons answer through war.  Weigh all of the circumstances, then answer the question; what is it that I long for?  By the way, I'm enjoying my retirement 100%. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 11,2023 "Man Up My Brothers" I was going through my clips and stumbled upon this clip.  Guys, listen up.  Let's use Jesus as an example of what it meanest be a man.  I find that men are lacking in our society.  You can listen to the whole of the sermon, but this small clip preached by myself is a classic example of man hood.  For you men that attend a so called christian church, look and listen and man the hell up.  Take the baton and lead by example.  I recall when I preached on that Sunday morning.  Just watching the ladies faces as I gave this vivid description of masculinity.  Come on fellas, Please man up.  AT LEAST ACT LIKE A MALE DURING TIMES OF ENGAGEMENT. It matters not if you are LGBT or not, if you are a man, "Man The Hell Up". During this time in our history, it is time to think like a man.  You know that a woman could not preach like this.  We require as a people real men that love the DNA of their nature.  Wake Up!  This is not a time for partying; rather a time for addressing our humanity for the sake of our ancestors.

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 10, 2023 "Apocalyptos" A well needed bible study.

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 7, 2023 "Lessons For Those That Believe In God" I thought that I'd place up a quick, "Hey, do you want to attend one of my studies?"  This quickie is called "Lessons From The Book Of John".  I attempt to define the book of John as the first book that one in our faith might read to capture the focus on the person Jesus. I think that all of us require more divine guidance more than ever.  Just tap in to the clip and turn everything off, take 10 minutes and consider all of the factors that I am talking about.

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 6, 2023 "My Difficulties Clearly Defined" I would ask that you go back in time and space with me to a place far more peaceful than the times we live in today.  Pay close attention to the group of people singing.  Note how easy it was to understand what she (the solo singer) was communicating about the God of love that I serve.  Then, watch me as I admonish those in the room concerning the "Holiness" of God, just compare this singing with the loud, shameful way the so called church entertains themselves.  Go to my YouTube page and hit videos.  Look for the completion of the series.  Lets try to rid our minds off wars and such to WORSHIP GOD IN THE REAL! 

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 3, 2023 "Heartless Humans" Updating you on me and that mess going on on the other side of the world  Listen to the sorrow and get in touch with what you must do.

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 31, 2023 "In My Lifetime" I never thought that in my lifetime I would see with my own eyes, a democratic led country be so distant in their humanity to slaughter those of our own species.  I have been taken back by my countries approach knowing what is taking place in Israel and Gaza.  I believe that there is a God that shall repay for every life that has been torn from those of the living.  WW1, WW2 and now it appears to be the start of WW3.  Not in my life.  If one had suggested these events to me when I was a teen of "16", I would have laughed at them stating like these death counts manifest species elemenation.  I am faring well in that I take my meds and exercise and stay hydrated.  Those poor people in Gaza.  I must admit that the loss of life on the Jewish side is also recognized my me.  I believe that many people in Israel lived in compliance with the laws of their stolen land.  All of us must do our do-diligence and continue to speak out against any form of apartheid insane behavior.  If I'm wrong, please somebody help me.  It is no doubt all too real and there are so many internet films circulating there is no doubt.  We have been conflicted by who we associate with here in America.  We could not ever think of such horror.  Oh!  It's Halloween!

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 28, 2023 "Chaos In Our World"  We must be clear on this issue; my approach is the human cost.  Too many people havedies and it appears that our world really do not care.  At times I wonder what this war wound look like if America lost those many children.  I amorally heart broken when I look and see what men are capable of making all of us aware that our species is able to do such horrible crimes against humanity.  I watch news from another network that shows me the reality of what peoples from both sides discuss.  I've been watching the United Nations and their approach.  Spineless and powerless when it comes to securing the lives of the innocents.  I saw it coming.  One cannot enslave a people long before they arise and take their own lives on the line in order to say to the world; "look at what Israel is doing to our national people.  Could it be the Israel has become what they were fighting against when Germany and Hitler brought hell on them?  I'm trying to get the right perspective on all of this, it is very difficult these days which finds our world full of chaos. S

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 24, 2023 "Tears & Shame" My Lord the dead and suffering causes my eyes to tear up.  I'm sad today as I take a look at that part of the world that I use to promote as chosen by God.  Tears and shame is all that swarms my mind.  Today's YouTubeLive will reflect the humanity and the lack thereof.

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 16, 2023 "Taking A Side" I've been quiet for a minute because I am wise.  My history goes way back on the affirmation of the state of Israel.  practically every sermon, bible study lesson or comment concerning God was aiming at Israel.  There is a verse in the Bible that says; if any nation speaks against Israel, God would firmly stand to condemn that nation.  My next YouTubeLive shall address these types of issues, and I pray that I am not put in Cyber jail for speaking my truth.  (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 10, 2023 "War" I think it was a longtime coming, but be aware that these times are serious.  I am working on how I might address these issues.  Both sides of the issue!  Well into it, we see suffering bleeding and death on very human level.  Today on my YouTubeLive / johncole1234 

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 7, 2023 "Our Frivolity"  Most of what I see on the big screen is nothing but frivolous behavior on a constant.  Check out the morning news on our local television stations.  Look at the clothes the news casters wear;  have you noticed. Try as you will to escape the madness of silly stuff, it is all around us.  Am I asking too much of my fellow citizens to at least attempt to latch hold to something that does not cause me to laugh or to have this constant feel good.  I'm complaining about the silly things even though at times I feel it is good to feel great about everything.  Is there such a thing as too much happiness and joy?  Go to my latest YOUTUBELIVE @ "johncole1234".

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 5, 2023 "Own It" If the clothes fit, wear them. If it is really you, without any thing to enhance what you already are capable of fully understanding, then live it. If you cn afford it, and no body can turn you from whatever it is; "Own It"! The primary theme of this chat har been laid on the table.

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 2, 2023 "Get Serious"  As I ponder what is going on here in America, I see trouble on the horizon.  It appears that our country; seems to be headed towards wave after wave of confusion, chaos, and disaster.  In this next piece I weigh in on what I think are our only solutions as we address what I think our behavior ought to look like.  I am quick to give my opinion, but I am also aware that the grid by which many do their lives is by consent of the masses.  I operate on a far different scale than the population.  This next piece addresses black men.  Husbands, fathers, sons and grandsons alike.  I hinted on the direction of my messages on the last cast.  If we do not get serious as a people (African American) we might not survive if the grid shuts down.  We are not protected from any disasters if we are not connected to Jehovah; "Our God".  I am gaining in mental and physical strength.  Stay tuned 

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 29, 2023 "I'm A Man, You Are A Woman" The confusion reigns.  How does one tell the difference?  When introduced with these ides, one is left in my birth country in a room full of what I call brain waste.  I mold enough to know the difference between these two unique representatives.  I thought it important to discuss this issue.  It is not a sensitive one (the subject itself).  As one placed in by age; the position of "Elder". I shall speak on the subject matter.  I am not confused in any area concerning who I am, what I am and I am fully aware that I shall be a thinking human without any political or religious restrictions blocking intelligent thought concerning ideas that requires a thinking Man Or Woman.  Think with me today.  For those of you that embrace the idea that individual personal choice; is all that matters, you may find this difficult to listen to or watch.   Natural selection has always been the way in which every generation of our species identifies itself.  YouTubeLive (johncole1234) Having a lot of time on my hands these days, I take the time and listen to other bright minds in my tribe.  There is no doubt in in anyones mind that I fully support only the best for Black Americans, my tribe.  I must take it a bit further however.  I listen to Dr. Umar Johnson on issues.  About thirty days age he did a piece on "Attacks on the black womankind Trans gendered kids".  Watching it provided the fuel for my latest rant.  Thanks for coming to my site today.  (Now

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 25, 2023 "The Unfriend Game" What can I say; You are a friend today, and then you are not?  How do these kinds of mishaps takes place.  On todays discussion I shall attempt to answer that question.  YouTube live on (johncole1234).   1:30PM Pacific time / tune in live and attempt to answer some of my questions.

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 16, 2023 "World Wide Chaos"  My next live will address all of the chaos and death and confusion. Coming later on today.  Also getting feedback on more stuff as I speak with you.  Stay tuned.  What a great show.  I had two friends of mine join me as we thought through easy questions that tear groups of people apart and bring wide division.  My community can only be made better if we learn how to listen to wisdom from the elders.  Enjoy!

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 13, 2023 "Old School Respect" Reggie came by to visit.  We were talking about regular stuff, and the conversation expanded to other things that are now important.  In the middle of the cast the system shut down.  I was about to present some spicy material, Oh Well!  enjoy.

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 8, 2023 "Spiritual Reality Check" If I tell you that I am the same guy I was all of my life, why won't you believe me?  I shall never shy away from any person that is a vital part of my being alive; even if it entails leaving with life a bit sooner than I expected to.  Dying, death, soul leaving my body, no problem, why, I've already dealt with those matters back in August of 1967.  Join me for the web cast today as I share with you my spiritual reality check.  For those of you that think far too hard about the final day you will be here, be sure to tune into today's YouTube Live on my you tube page at 6PM Pacific time.  (johncole1234)

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 6, 2023 "Stay Focused" It's hard right?  People are always getting on your case right?  This hour plus will help you get on the right track as well as show you how crazy people can be when they want to trod on your life.  Stay focused on the things that God produces in on'e life.  Welcome to September!  

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 29, 2023 "Our Ways" Why do we do the things that we do?  Simply put, we are human.  We tend to do those things that appear to be normal, but the question facing us all as human beings is; what is today's normal?  Our greatest fear is to be thrown off track by a thought that we have not thought through.  Some god or spirit that has invaded our mental capacity and tilted us off of the "right track".  Can you relate to it all?  Often I ponder questions concerning the after life, or what is my fate in another time, do you do the same things also?  All of our ways are so different from each other and rightly so.  We were not intended to all act accordingly towards everything that we confront.  As this month comes to its end I would hope my thoughts would take me towards these kinds of discussions.  (Sidebar). There are many of us that are loosing our lives through the act of just venturing outside our homes.  America seems not a safe place to reside in this American society.  The lastest news to my mind today was that of a professor in a college being shot by a student at a college.  I have memories of locking the front door headed for the college to tend a couple of classes.  Never to think of passing on to the other side by way of chaos.  Tell your loved one you love them.  Give up that hug, smile a clue that there is something important about the person that is indeed important.  Trust me people, life is too far important to take it lightly. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 24, 2023 "NormalThursday's were my hump days.  This was the day that I gave my weekly bible studies in my home.  It was a very exciting time.  I usually had students come in from all over.  They would call the office and get the address, and then come down to meet all of my friendlystudents of theology.  We did not waste our time speaking about the false religion out there in the crazy churches, we dealt with those issues that caused us to grow in what we called grace.  It was all normal to me.  I do not visit many organizations these days, but to tell you the truth, it does not seem normal to me.  I plan to do another cast today in order to question what is normal to you when it comes to gaining information concerning spiritual things.  My Page on YouTube is (johncole1234

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 16, 2023 "I Am Not Out Of My Mind" Listen in to a discussion that will prompt all of us to take it to the next level.  I think you will love what you are about to confront.

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 10, 2023 "Looking At Our World" Now we see Hawaii going full force up in flames.  Could it be that this theme is catching on in every country around this globe?  An entire region gone, people are saying that the government was not ready to handle this kind of fire and weather damage.  I don't have too much to say these days, but I am going well.  If I just keep my diet right and stay away from those things that are not good for me, I ought to continue to get better.  I have my thoughts about the Hollywood movie strike.  I'm satisfied with watching the old classic re-runs, right?  Hey take heart, we can survive without watching all of the mess they have on TV these days.  I'm thinking about doing a YouTube Live this afternoon right here in my living room watching the news unfold.  I don't have anything else to do at the moment, Why Not?

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 7, 2023 "Enjoying Your Legacy?" What is the legacy going to look like when you are no longer on the planet to speak for yourself?  Can you say that you are at present building on that life long historical document written by you through the things that you have produced through the positive deeds I the lives of others?  I think I'll speak of this on the final YouTube Live of the month of July.  I have nothing on my agenda but to prepare the presentation.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 27, 2023 "Thinking" So much is going on these days.  Our world is so filled with people that scheme and connive in order to finish their lives. (what I imply by finish)  Before thy die, they make a habit of causing suffering and pain on others)  What I infer; is that many people are shiftless and seem not to care about almost anything.  I just had a friend of mind leave off from visiting me.  We had a great conversation.  He is also in his seventies, and we had fun just visiting those things that our age of men might enjoy.  I may do a live, and it might take place after I slow down for lunch.  I would advise you also to think a lot more these days.  Some may say that thinking is an art that many people do not engage in.  When one listens in on the conversations that people are having, there does not seem to be much thinking.  I'm thinking about my lunch.  You see, I did it again, taking for granted as many Americans do that lunch is a normal thing with most people on the planet.  Well it is not.  Some of our brothers and sisters have not eaten  in quite a bit.  I've just finished my lunch, ( time passed swiftly) I'm satisfied, for my stomach has been filled with healthy good food.  America; what a country, I was born over here.  People are attempting to come here from many places, even to the point of dying tith their children in their arms.  Think with me today.  Think of others that might be going through a rough time.  Have that lunch with them.  Invite them to share a good glass of wine.  Thank of that mother with 3 children; that requires that break but never seems to get one.  Think with me today. You see my friends, those priciples are the ones that define one's humanness.

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 23, 2023 "On Going With The Flow" This live is a serious one.  Those of you that yet have an ounce of dignity; I'd love to hear your comments.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 18, 2023 " The Joy Of Life" There is nothing like it.  When your heart reaches for the highest level of human satisfaction.  A part of this Tuesday is to listen to Stevie Wonder today and to go back to a time when life was far simpler, a time when joy was contagious when it came to being around all of us celebrating without all of the confusion that so packs our minds with all of the negative communication which has so taken over.  If I get enough energy to put in words, I shall share this life.  Find that CD that you loved a lot, play it with your headphones on or off, but listen and go back to that place where is was not shameful to cry out in JOY!  Get lost in that joy that so quickly took you over.  Try not to listen to those negative insane people that seem to love misery.  Have that conversation with that person which is yet with you in seeking the joy of our live's completeness.  Join me in this celebration.  OK?  Do you agree?  The Joy Of Life translates into the Great Joy Of Love!  Say This With The Elder!

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 17, 2023 "Fond Memories" I took a week off from everything.  Yes, I did it for me.  Well the holidays are over for now.  Looking at the news telling me about the world that I live in;  I think I'll do fond memories.  victors coming by the pad today, got to shave and look presentable.  One never knows how one of my cast turns out.  I'm always excited about the adventures that living this long provides for me.  Watch and discover how much I enjoy this life of mine.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 7, 2023 "I Was Wrong" Easy to say today.  So many years ago, very difficult words to express.  I was totally taken back by a book that held centuries as the correct way to respond to almost all of my waking life.  I attempt to get my audience to comprehend the pressure of keeping to date, thoughts that were seen as a curse to utter to the ears and hearts of those that were taught by me.  Today's YouTube Live cast will be my reaction towards the negativeness that reigned supreme during my many years as a Christian cleric.  Be sure to check me out.  You Tube Live Today Pacific 

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 3, 2023 "Independence Day" For those of us that yet keep in our minds the idea of an everlasting Divine authority, and the ramifications of the spiritual necessity; I present a number of the causes for my thinking so advanced as I compare my fellow countrymen and women. I attrmpt to answer thr question on this holiday weekend; "How must we address an America that seems to be turning her back on all of those things that I once believed in?   

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 29 - 30, 2023 "The Family Constitution" People today do not believe in constitutions.  Thespirit of the age demands a certain independence.  I found this jewel of a sermon.  Many of you will not go beyond part "1".  I implore you to follow the search engine to take you to all of the parts.  Happy Constitution day.  Ladies I preached just as hard against the men.  This is biblical preaching.  I'll leave this up as we celebrate our national independence.  Happy 4th!  Also, you will see that in this series I used Bible.  Nothing has ever been preached by me that was just my stupid opinion.  Sunday after Sunday I brought complete Bible.  This was the religion that was forced on us, and I could not see any other way to obey God, but to make it plain and clear.  All of these years has zipped by, and I yet believe that if married men and women get lone, this concept will lead that particular couple to success.  The Black Christian church no longer used concise biblical hermeneuticalconnection to prove points.  I appreciate many of you that yet look for precepts that are possible to live out.  God back with me during a time when the church was filled up with strong men and faithful women.  I found this concluding part of the lecture. (the clip above)  You will note my anger manifested.  I could not phantom any married relationship without a heart felt loving ongoing constant activity that could possibly equip the family.  My personal marriage was not of the caliber which I spoke, but one could tell that the idea aimed for was one of mutual respect and the stuff that made marriage a workable institution.

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 26, 2023 "The Spirit Of Teaching" We teach with every beat of our hearts.  The way that we advance towards getter better with each other.  We teach.  That will be the subject of my next live.  If you desire more of a spiritual guiding, you will live this session. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 25, 2023 "Pride" I'm always attempting to stay positive.  Why not?  The weather has changed and it is far warmer than before.  My problem, ia that I am not too interested in mixing in with all of these people in Los Angeles.  This remains a tourist spot and people just keep coming.  I think you will like this short clip.  I was invited out, but I just wanted to stay home and reflect upon all of the confusion that is going on on the planet.  Pride month is ending and then the forth of July.  With all that is going on in Russia, as well as all over the world, it makes my head spin.  I'm reflecting on a lot of things as a senior citizen.  I am aware that I cannot weigh my world by what others do.  I must remain steadfast in my living and disposition as I constantly weigh all of the mess that is going on these days.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 17, 2023 "Junetenth" My ambition from this day forward is to be free.  I cannot think about slavery.  It boggles my mind to think about any other human being being in camps, given the minimum of food to survive, at least not in America.  Fathers day is tomorrow, but more than that, the 19th of June is the official day of African American freedom.  My next YouTube Live will address my take on our celebration.  Enjoy!

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 10, 2023 "Finding Love" This has been a question in the mind of most of us.  We see it being asked all over the world, how must I find that special person that can love me and in return; how about me?  Why am I so taken back by these kinds of questions?  If you are tired of going to other and attempting to get a clear answer from them, you will be blessed by my cast today.  I plan to share with you the joy of locating my life partner, and the unique things that I had to do in order to retain a lasting love.  For me; the Blessed creator; "God" granted 35 years, and then blessed me with two lovely daughters as well as an expansion of two grand children and an expanding happiness.  Tune in and pay attention to the detail I shall render in this series called "Finding Love".  YouTube Live @ johncole1234 4:00 Cali time 

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 8, 2023 "Lucky Times And Taking Chances"  All of our lives takes place by the "Will To Be".  Kind of a strange belief system.  Take it from me life yet goes on and captivates when you lease expect.  Today's YouTube Live 6PM California time.  At. . .  johncole1234 

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 6, 2023 "On Going With The Flow" Easy you say?  No, that is a very difficult ask for me.  I usually cast a flame before the flow in order to lighten my journey as I live on and on.  Living a life that pleases oneself will always off against someone else's flow.  Follow along with me today as I continue to give advice on your surviving this thing called "Life". (Now).   By The Way . . . .  Happy Pride Week

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 31, 2023 "Do You"  Who are you doing these days?  I dare you to listen?  Often I ask myself why I think in the ways that I think?  This and many more insights guiding and loving doing life.

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 28, 2023 "Enjoying My Wonderful life"  Sunday morning and I speak of the life that I am now enjoying.  One of my best times in life when I can just speak from my heart and lay it on the line.  I am attempting to set the records right before my death.  This piece is informal and slow paced.  I would like you to view this one as a discussion with an old friend.  Just enjoy my drifting off into that good part of my life.  Enjoy!

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 24, 2023 "Lessons From The Patriarch"  I am aware that this next cast will cause many to hate me.  It matters not.   I must share with you only those things that will assist in lifting up the tribe of my people. Many of us ascribe to what we call biblical standards, if that is the case, listen closely.  To those of you that strongly feel that I care not for women, you are mis-reading me.  Listen closely.  For those of you that are men, listen close and get into the habit of reading between the lines.  Take the time to get the picture correct.  If you are a female adult, hear me out.  Give me a minute to state my case.  My YouTube Live for this date will address the case once and for all.  Many have discussions with me without realizing that I am connected to a God that had a plan, and the plan consist of "directness".  It is not my attempt to downgrade women, rather; to assist all women in moving up is correct form.  Please plan to pay attention to my next cast.  I've done special research in my stacks which are without a doubt worth the time in our lives today.  PJ  

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 21, 2023 "The Principals Of Believing Faith" Every now and then we must slow down and sift through the words that people use to either encourage or correct us. Every now and then someone screams out in order to let me know that they do not take me seriously.  I found this sermon / lecture preached a few days before a jury rendered a verdict of not guilty against the Los Angeles Police officers involved in the Rodney King beating.  I was asked by a "White" Pastor to bring a message in their bible church located in Simi Valley, a mostly white community that is pro-police.  The sermon is and has been one of the featured archive expressions.  It is now as I type this piece 4:44PM on this Sunday afternoon.  I'm listening to every word and I am more convinced than ever, my faith in the God that created me is yet holding firm.  Take the time to view all six parts of the message.  Look at the faces of the people.  As for me, I allowed God to use me that day to say the right things, at the right time.  Note my attention to all that God says about His word, and our believing it.  I used so many illustrations that today cannot be denied.  Just take the time to check it out.  I'llplace part "1" up, just follow the YouTube right hand side of videos and go on to the next portion.  This is a classic PJ message for sure. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 17, 2023 "Reflection Upon The Past"  Welcome to my site today.  I thought about doing another YouTube Live today from "My Stacks".  Piles of papers written by myself so many years ago.  I am re-reading them.  I attempt to place them within the perspective of today's society.  Kind of a different task from just figuring out what is on TV, right?  I would hope you can tune in live.  I just come in the studio and get it done on the fly.  This piece is on the dedication of the Pastor to take seriously the task set before him every week, in preparing that lecture or sermon that God has placed upon his heart.  (Up Now). Good News . . . . PowerPoint lessons live right here on my site through YouTube. . .  Sunday's at 10:00am

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 16, 2023 "Lessons Learned" This aspect carries the listener into a personal work.  If you want to study with me, please watch the above lesson.

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 14, 2023 "Happy Mothers Day" There is a time for reflection and admonition.  The true preacher stacks his vintage communication in reflection only on those things that matters.  Take the time today and rest on these good words.  I am pleased to say that I've lectured on those things that matter.  Please listen to the whole of the series and allow God to present His view of victory.  I awoke this morning and had forgotten that today was Mothers day.  I went to the stacks and found this jewel.  This Lecture defines my rightful feelings about Mothers Day.  If you take the time and listen to the whole piece, watching the person's reactions to all that I speak.  Priceless!  I pray that your celebration of Moms presents joy as you analyze the power of truth spoken so many years ago, yet; reflecting what is going on in our lives today.  My garage was packed out on Mothers Day.  Re-live those moments and do some personal reflection.

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 12, 2023 "Hakuna Matata" Wisdom from the Elder". Thanks for coming by today.  I know, it appears that your whole world is falling apart!  Thanks for taking the time. Keeping it as real as it shall ever be.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 8, 2023 "Our Crazy World" We ought not worry about what is happening in our own beautiful country. We all realize and know in our hearts what the problem is.  We have removed everything right about our creator from our minds and hearts.  I am nor delusional.  I've found a clip (above) attached to my archive messages.  Take a good look at this clip and realize that many years have passed and now we see the results of our not paying attention.  I am not mixing my words.  I address the aspect of what is right and wrong for ourselves.  I was very clear on this issue so many years ago, as I address the foul play that is going on; I see clearly, do you?  This clip is nearly an example of what has happened in America.  Put it all together in your minds and determine if I am speaking truth, then as well as now.  This clip ends with the aspect of removing fathers from our homes, the persons that weighs heavey in the American home, where is he today?  There shall be more violence until we allow Divine justice to rule in our land.

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 5, 2023 "Does PJ Love God?" One of the best time I've had in years.  This is what makes my Fridays a great time to start the weekend.  This time turned into another classic with your host PJ.  Me!  Two of my best friends agreed to come on and ask any question to me about my life as a retired Pastor.  Please, listen to our conversation and attempt to follow each of us as we put forth our arguments.

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 2, 2023 "Respect" That is al that I can ask for these days. I went to give a bit f blood at my Doctors office.  They want to do a bit more research, I was thinking; what else might the medical persons find in me that satisfy me leaving the planet before I use up my fun card.  That is what I shall be discussing with you today.  Can I get just a lil respect?  I attempt to use examples that make it clear that others expect the very same results.  Live on my YouTube Station Now! johncole1234

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 26, 2023 "Day To Day" I cannot deny reality.  These daysfind us in times that defy reality.  People all over the world are protesting the human injustices taking place.  It appears that with all of our technology we yet to day have not determined how to live with each other in peace and harmony.  I see these things all around me as I ponder the fate of our national stability.  Trust in those things that have proven themselves as stable investors on a daily basis.  It may not appear to many of you that God is aware of all that is taking place, well; think twice and know that the law giver is not only fully aware of the plight of this planet, God is yet commanding a dominion of power as well as purpose.  As we live from day to day, let's keep within our focus a certain respect for humans that brings us to the point of dignity and divine purpose. Continue to practice love towards others.  Find that place of solace and repress those feels of anger and sadness.  Start your day with an astounding amount of positive energy.  Oppose those distractions which seem to command many these days.  Focus on those things that enable your minds and bodies.  Where ever you are, what ever your situation; proceed on towards a better place than the dread of despair and difficulty.  There is a way that is just; fair and right.  Find it and continue to press forward.  Watch my lecture which was done three years ago.  Apply these truths to your daily life.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 24, 2023 "When Preaching Led The Way" I'm asking you to listen and watch the screen.  I never gave an invitation to join the church that I preached in.  You will note that I used scripture.  I explained them to the congregation.  Please listen to me.  I beg you to pay attention to the words of scripture.  The so called Christian church has turned so far away from biblical truth.  Please pay attention to these messages.  As I grow older, I see a great falling away from God's precepts.  My YouTube pages the next sermon passage; therefore watch each section at "10" minutes intervals.  Thanks for coming to my site.  "Oh God, thank you for allowing me to survive those surgical procedures for the purpose of redeeming of the few.

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 22,2023 "30 Years Life's Teaching Lessons" To date I must say that I am pleased to say that I was wrong.  I did a KCAL 9 news report against a sister that I recently communicated with over my you tube page.  My live today with have many areas to cover.  I had no idea that it has been thirty years down the pike.  Not only have my mind opened to what this dynamic lady was attempting to do; but I also stand on what I was attempting to do.  Three decades makes a real difference.  Be sure to check out my live today  2PM Pacific Time YouTube Live  johncole1234

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 19, 2023 "Dr. Charles Stanley" My YouTube live shall address this great American Preacher.  He was the finest of the class of pulpit Pastors that I've ever known in my life.  Really, I miss him already.  I hope to share with you why.   He shall for-ever live on in my mind as "My Choice" if I would ever want to listen to someone break down application of God's word in a persons private life.  He was not a man that did not face difficulty; I saw him do that on many occasions.  I'll be up soon this morning. I welcome your comments about this cast.  Truly;if you ever listened to dDr. Stanley, you just knew you were listening to a true man of God.  America has lost a giant.

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 15, 2023 "Fully Recovered" I start the weekend off with a visit from a dear friend.  He and I discuss life.  I share with my friends some crucial information concerning my understanding of love, for who we all are and respect.  A bit of humor as I attempt to set the stage.  Take a good minute and enjoy my weekend offering to expand the life that each of us has been given.

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 13, 2023 "Apathy" The mindset of today which rules America.  Do away with the absolutes that once ruled our consciences;  we find ourselves left with all that the word implies.  We've collectively done away with the idea of a divine law giver.  We have now become a law unto ourselves.  If I were yet pastoring a local congregation, I'd be searching for a big idea in the Bible that might satisfy my feelings of disgust towards a non-compliant American society.  One has to ask; why can't our government solve the out of control gun problem?  (I am not saying that the citizens of our country ought not own legally purchased fire arms, no!  that is not my argument.  The citizen has rights, rights which conveys the ideas that we are free to protect ourselves when evil prevails.  Our (collective) problem rest in our inability to come to our rational discovery of what we have allowed to take place in our doing away with the idea of eternal consequences.  I'm looking through my files to find the subject matter that speaks towards this objective. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 12, 2023 "Warnings Gone Un-Welcomed"  If one takes a good look at today's churches as well as the spiritual condition of our nation, with all of the killings weekly; there seems to be a vital need for men to proclaim the reality of what has taken place in our nation.  The above clips. demonstrate what the fate of the nation can become when we refuse to listen to sound reasoning.  I came across these caution lessons from way back in 1987.  It appears that the caliber of ministers is quite different from that which was produced back in the day.  I've said so often, "If the electricity goes out in the country, what would be the words coming from this nations pulpits?  When one has to read the word from an I-Phone, Lord have mercy!  This is a message fro the young man that has a heart to reach God's people with that age old message from the Bible.  Please do not get confused when you listen to the crooks that ave taken over.  There are yet voices crying in the wilderness of Christian Confusion.  My words ring true and clear as we see the great lack of truth coming to our nation from the Bible.  We have turned our minds towards total confusion which now leads us into un-certainty.

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 11,2023 "First And Foremost, God"  There can be nothing in the mind of men more than extolling the Great Life Giver, God.  Take that as a fact.  there can be no enjoyment of breathing without the assistance of a life giver.  When one arises, their thoughts ought to manifest the thankfulness of this life giver.  Let's think of the literally thousands daily that shall pass on to the other side and did not have the golden opportunity to engage in knowing the life given for themselves.  I think that I shall talk about all of these wonderful things today.  Let's try to get our minds off of the confusion that has so taken us back, and look forward to more important ideas and themes.  It's cloudy in LA today, but the sun shines bright in our hearts in the city of Angels.  (In the studio now) 

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 7, 2023 "Justice In Tennessee!" Don't you just love it!  Our younger people knows how to do politics in America.  When you get tired of the Mess, you upset the common masses of noon-thinking humans.  Back up those brave young men. See how they speak for the majority of peace loving people.  I am loving going through the news reels and watching the behavior of those that willl no longer take the easy road.  Pray for the restoration of free thinking and speech in a country that appears to be on the verge of breaking apart. My "Good Friday cast is now in the making.  Stay tuned.   Jim Crow is dead in this country.  Why won't we allow the past with its bad ideas of hatred and disgust to flush down the toilet of time.  Bob Dylan spoke of these things when he recorded that famous folk song, he ask, how long should we put up with that which is not just in our lives.  The more I think about what is going on as I seek to produce my "Live" program, I am outraged at the blatant disregard for the justice that needs to flow from sea to shining sea.(In The Studio Right Now) 

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 4, 2023 "Holy Week Confusion" I've been listening to and watching YouTube clips on the subject of denouncing Biblical Christianity.  Years ago I was one of the voices defending all of the "Holy Scriptures".  I prided my intentions with defining the truth as not too many other men live on the radio as well as through this site.  I am at this time totally retired and attempting to rest my mind from all of the proof text's and other un-deniable truths.  Todays YouTube Live will address just a few of those issues.  If you choose to view some of the clips placed up on Holy Week, feel free to research my page. (johncole1234). The Divine Truth of the Holy inspired scriptures has all through my adult life has lead me all of my adult life.  I shall attempt to address the confusion as plainly and clearly as I can, but in this case I would like to refer you to a younger disciple of mine; Seiko Wood. "The BCV (Book Chapter Verse) Channel.  "Defining The Cross Of Christ".  Pt. 1-5 is my first offering for this season.  Listen through it all and let me know what you think.  After somany years of re-listening and analyzing my words, I say yes!  I was correct in all of my analysis and study.  I'm more convinced then ever that the faith in Christianity I choose to live my life by was not only very real, but necessary in order for me to proceed in this life that I must live out.  If we are to be successful in giving opinions concerning God, Christ, and the rest of our individual faith's; there must be above all honest discernment.  Listen and watch the above clips one sentence at a time if need be.  Don't be in a hurry to conclude until you fully understand the consequences of spiritual analysis.  We are two kinds of peoples; human flesh, as well as spirit filled.  You want to know the connection between the two.  I would want you to discover those benefits and live within a perfect understanding of your reality.  If after watching the entire series of "Defining The Cross; it is quite alright if you do not believe my arguments weigh much in the nature of these bible passages.  I'm talking about faith.  Faith in an ageless story; that only a few called believers could retain or hold as dear to their hearts.  I believe that we as first century believers should not only retain with vigor that faith that was once delivered unto the Saints; but also treat with the ut-most respect those that through false mis-representation of that same faith has been harmed; therefore; finding it impossible to believe.  Keeping in mind that so many people have been mis informed bu organization that fronted themselves as disciples of the most high,  I try to kwwp it simple and for real.  Thanks for coming by.  

 Ram Radio The Web Cast March 29, 2023 "Take Heart God Yet Reigns" There are times when I literally think that I am no longer valuable to others.  These times come especially after I have conversations with younger people.  I find the younger generation thinking without all of those safe places we use to frequent for solace.  Is it just me, or something in the food that I'm eating?  If you ask me, I think that not being in this place is a very good thought after all.  I must retain the good that has led me thus far in life.  I must not allow the downfall of many take all of my courage away.  Hanging tight is the key to doing life these days.  I know and depend upon those things that matters.  The important matters of my life and existence.  I shall never let loose of those things that have proven themselves to me in this life.  I shall hold them dear to my heart and soul.  I must keep in my heart the reception of truth that there may be a few, yet listening and reading my words.  I shall continue to post until my departing day from the beautiful ball called earth.  Everyday shall be but an adventure, another chapter if you will defining my journey canned life. You see my friends, Mine is a faith that is not ashamed to admit times are difficult, but look at what God will do when one is open and waiting on the energy well deserved.

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 27, 2023 "Our Nation Is Racked With Gun Violence" More death and mayhem.  Our loss of civility is appears to lead the way.  Why can't adults control this plague of gun violence.   Everyday I arise to greet the day death confronts me.  I do not want to record what I think is happening.  I do not want to think of end times situation, but these days are terrible.  I do not have an answer for all of this.  There is something happening people, mark my words.  We are living in terrible times.  Parents, pray for and protect your children.  There needs be laws and protection in the American population NOW!  I am thinking about doing doing a YouTube Live ASAP.

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 23, 2023 "Being Me" I love it when I'm being what and who I am.  Without interferences and the like.  Tune in and feel free to add to the discourse.  I'm going into for the cut on Friday and thought I'd place up my latest thoughts for you evening.  Enjoy!

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 20, 2023 "Day To Day" Another week is upon us.  Tis FridayI have my surgery.  I plan to do another "Live". Just preparing my body fr the intrusion.  Love you all and please look for my new live coming real soon. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 16, 2023 "When A Giant Falls"  You have seen the clip below which speaks of Dr. MacArthur not knowing if or when he had been called by God.  Well a Pastor friend called me and guided me towards the information in my latest cast.  For those of you that does not desire the truth, don'twatch the above clip.  Please share this information with many and all.  Please know that these are sad times for Grace, but all of us are human and the truth must be told. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 14, 2023 "By His Own Admittance" No one should be shocked by the above radio clip made by myself in 2009.  It was then when I figured it all out.  How could this man gain all of the fame and fortune that comes with being the greatest expositor of the Bible without a certain amount of distortion?  Listen to the above clip and determine.  He was never really tied into what makes a person Divine centered in every way.  I am yet constrained to live up to the standard of a community of serious theological teachers that has a vital connection with what is proper.  All of these scandals deriving from the Grace campus all rest on John's own words.  He was never a part of community that feared God more than his love of Mamon.  There are three parts to this RRL Radio presentation found on my good friends YouTube station; "NotYourTypicalNegro". Please listen closely and come to reality and not some lame superstition which holds no water at all.  I am indeed living in wonderful times. There are other parts to the interview.  Blow up the screen and see where these clips received more than 3.6K hits.  I'm pleased that more people desire to hear this the ways in which it was presented some "13" years ago.  Now when one looks closely at "Grace" and the difficulties they are having we can fully understand what is taking place. Type in tour YouTube Browser; "Saying Goodby To John MacArthur.  Read the whole article and then you will fully understand what can happen when you leave the Most High out of one's live.  Please, never be carried away by one's motives other than what truly rings clear in your mind and heart. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 13, 2023 "The Game Is Up" I did no think that I would live to see what is happening to the Grace Community Church lead by Dr. John MacArthur Jr.  It has all come out and he and his lying book money complex is about done.  Everyday I see how religion has become a game to rid honest God loving people from their private bank.  I believe that the most appalling crime that a so called cleric can do is to trick people with the appeal of God in order to swindle them out of their money.  I have always been a champion, defending all of our rights to retain what God has given us for the further development of our self care; not the care of a "Revealed Pimp".  You may have a room that seats 5,000 people in one setting and have the parking to make easy to access; but when you use humans for your own selfish means to get over, you become a "Pimp" with all that is in the definition.  I told you guys that the scheme is nothing but evil.  Follow your own heart, never listen to people that are after your money. I'd come on the radio every Sunday afternoon warning people about the crooks.  Doing that got me kicked off.  With the internet, my message rings loud and clear.  I told John MacArthur that if I ever found something crooked I would reveal it.  He's been found out in a very big way as a liar and deceiver.  All I can say is that the "Game Is Up".  Part "1" of Basics is all that we need, and I've never sold any of my work. I really want you to listen to the whole of the series.  In the last part of the notes, I address homosexuality in the church.  I was in error saying that if you were a same gender loving person, you might end up in hell.  Please keep in mind that although I was and am a gay man, I was following regular Baptist protocol.  I was wrong, and would ask you not to take to heart my ill placed comments.  Proves my points about religion, if one does not view an issue from the perspective of the divine, your (My) teaching in a certain area will be deemed as incorrect.  I was hiding out.  Now I'm totally free.  Free to speak truth to all that will dare to listen in.  My statements were in Pt. 9. Thanks!

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 10, 2023 "Moving On" We most always want to know how to move on in a world that appears to be tearing itself apart.  Is it worth going on one might ask?  I am in that state of mind today.  I try to think of hopeful things that c otters any longer, an push me through the days ahead of me.  I ask myself, do I want to continue to teach and be the example fr others to follow.  My flesh says, give up John, nothing matters anymore.  Then there is another nice within me that says "keep on fighting the human fight that is set before me.  I must admit; these are days that I wish I had Lucy at my side to encourage me.  It is lonely these days; especially as I fight the old man's failing body syndrome.  I then fell back on the only things that I understand to do; I must forever seek righteousness, the kinds that come from God.  I fall back on the only guide that I'v ever known as an adult man.  Jump right in with me as I re-listen and learn from the blessed words of sanity.  Just moving on. . . . . 

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 4, 2023 "My Way Of Thinking" A Saturday afternoon, with nothing to do but that which I did most of my professional life; defend the honor of my creator.  Join in for about an hour and sit in my studio with me.  I was thinking about being alone, what is it that a man ought to do when he is alone and feeling left out of the mix?  Simple, you do what comes natural to your soul.  I think you will get a kick out of this one.  Have a great weekend.

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 1, 2023 "Proof Of Truth" We strive to come into contact with this objective.  Truth is only justified through proof.  One must never share a so-called truth without proof.  If one espouses an idea as truth; there must be proof of that truth.  Throughout my professional calling this idea of proof has hung tight in my mind.  I do believe in somewhat cosmic connections, meaning that the cosmos has somewhat a determining factor in our universe.  Although we are constrained by our connection here on earth, there is a universal divine connection with this idea of proof.  In other words; This cosmos would say if she had a tongue; "There is no truth if there is no proof to push the point."  What is the truth that I am attempting to push?  I'm only saying; Proove It!  This piece was placed up so many years ago, that most men and women that taught it are long dead, but the truth is always outlasting the error of false teaching.  Listen to each point as you go from part 1 to the conclusion.  Thanks for coming to my site.

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 27, 2023 Make The Transition I find it hard to believe that a man would not like to find himself these days.  With all that is within me, I love my maleness.  I find that in the ways that I express myself, victory is always mine.  I've come to the point that I defer to no-one.  My masculinity is based upon a very strong determination that my being is controlled by someone higher than myself.  It is not arrogant onslaught, rather a simple direction that I'm able to display to not only men, but women also.  Every real woman would love to be with the kind of man that is lecturing on the above clip.  I am asking that you men face up to what and who you are.  Get in touch with that trait that nature has generated from the very foundations of our humanity.  I was amazed to find that a police department took this sermon of mine and is showing it to prisoners in their institutions.  What an honor that my work is being seen by so many other black men across the country.  I am humbled to know that others have taken some of my work and shared it.  Parts 1-6 can now be seen.  If you have not as of yet checked out this sermon / lecture, please do so.  Feel free to copy it.  If you would like the outline, get in contact with me.  It is good for you have the ability to follow along as you watch God use me in the preaching of this message so many years ago.  If we want to change our society and culture, we must look at things from a divine perspective.  I am fully aware that my words may be so difficulty for many men and women to listen to today.  So many of our kind has been influenced by the spirit of the age; which has come to pass that makes this message something of a prophetic contribution to our minds. Nothing was stated to distract from the good that women have said and done to assist in the development of men in my community.  Please keep my words within the context of histories account of our situation.

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 26, 2023 Day By Day Another day and we are yet maintaining our sanity.  What more can come our way one may ask.  Keep on living.  I plan to do a live today later on this morning.  I'm calling it day by day.  There is so much tension in the air these days, I have to view the news to see if I'm yet in the country that I remember was somewhat dear to my heart.  You have to listen to this input with your head and heart.  I'm serious today.  Take in only that which is towards growth for your mind.

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 18, 2023 Our Time Defined I have a sound clip that I produced last night.  I am testing a system and hope to have it up later on today.  I attempt to give a definition of why we as a nation cannot seem to solve our shooting spasms.  There is a solution alright; I hope to give you my take in a few.  But in the meantime, I found the above clip that rightly defines what I am saying so many year ago, but it rings true today.  Pay attention to my words, and look closely at my gestures and my reaction to the peoples faces as I preached.  My goodness!

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 15, 2023 Why More Shootings?  I see it clearly. Do you?  Why are all of these shootings?  Watch the above clip.  No!  These words are dear to those that are willing to listen and learn.  You will not hear preaching like this these days.  How true are my words today?  We as a nation have reached God almost from every aspect of our culture. Ads we have reached God, we are basically on our own.  Look deeply at how we ignore the evil that is right in front of our face?  Listen closely to all of my words in this lecture. Please look for the conclusion and take all of these words to your heart.  We are living in serious times.

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 11, 2023 Growing Up We are living in a day and age when people do not want to grow up.  I am at this moment speaking with a man that listened to the lessons, and is reaping the benefits of taking the lessons.  It is time for all of us to take there lessons in life and make a difference in the lives of others.  I have found that one is far better off if they learn life's lessons early in life and activate all of those lessons and watch them turn into  positivity.  It is time for us to grow up!  I'm liking both teams in the Super Bowl.  Philly is my heart, but I'm loving that feisty guy throwing that ball for Kansas.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 1, 2023 "Lets Talk About Death"  I've lived a long time.  I've seen and heard many headlines that I could easily decipher.  The recent insodents that took place in Memphis has baffled me.  I saw more than five black men relishing in the beating of an unarmed, non-threatining fellow Black man which lead to his death.  Tyre was far too young to suffer death.  I desire to speak to the issue from the perspective of a man that has lived his life in such a way that  can say, that I am ready for death.  My discussion were prompted by a YouTube clip showed to me by one of the young men taking care of some of the heavy weight things around the house.  He ask me what was I thinking, and I told him that the joy of resting in peace has been on my mind.  I'd like to share these thoughts with my fellow human beings who long to hear from a perspective that differs from a religion forced on our ancestors, and passed on to us.  I shall present not only a balanced approach to this event that each of us will face.  I am far closer, and would love to document my approach in order to help many of my peers and younger family that toil with the idea of transitioning.  I'm working out the kinks, ok?   This theme I've searched out and have never found an African America male bring up in discussions except by giving tips on how to enjoy what is left of one's life.  "Let's Talk About Death".  This shall be the subject ( or theme) of my next YouTube Live later on today.  I'm searching for the courage to have a decent conversation about the above clip.  Doing a YouTube live has expectations.  As I approach my 79 year being alive on the planet, I do think more of death today than I have ever thought.  My physical reality has placed in my heart a sure determination that death is as natural as new life in a little baby.  There is joy on both sides.  Please share the up-coming issues with many of my peers that will not face the questions of their death.  I want to face mine with a sure determination that all that I've taken in my heart through the faith that I've subscribed to is sure to take me through all of the questions many of you might have concerning the event of our personal deaths.

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 23, 2023 "The Power Of Words" As I prepare to record another live video, I'm looking at the world that I live on, and in.  Not to far from my home is Monterey Park where that terrible shooting took place.  There is so much mental health problems in our society, it is no wonder these shootings take place.  It is especially bad when seniors loose their minds.  I cannot figure why that older Asian man would do such a thing, and then to take his own life in such a selfish way.  It appears that everyday I am waking up to a crazy world.  All over the globe, people are rebelling against governments and military authorities.  I shall take time today and attempt to give a video answer for you my view audience.  I plan to go into my YouTube clips and change all of the description analysis on each video.  I plan to look closely at al of my past work and then to re-address my discourse with a critical heart analysis.  I shall start at the top of the List and you will be able to see the change in my heart and mind. Many of the things that I once believed in in my home base faith has changed.  I was once young and eager to tell the truth, but when truth is tampered with, I must make up my mind to tel the truth at all cost.

ed.Ram Radio The Web Cast January 18, 2023 "A YouTube Definition" The above clip kind of brings you up to date when you come t my site.  I produced this clip in 2008.  It is now 2023.  I have changed many of my views over the years.  Let's see if you can pick up on them.  I am no longer fearful of expressing the truth about religion in my country.  We owe it to our children to tell them the truth about evil practices when groups of people hate others.  I have the greatest respect for all people and shall forever speak truth to life.  I pray you get the point of following a text like the Bible.  All 66 books are important, but to say that we must live by the dictates of others that have no relation to who we are has taken religion too far.

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 17, 2023 "My Disposition" Trust me, as a senior citizen at times it can be difficult attempting to keep up with our younger generation.  Also  am attempting to wrap my head around all of the officer involved shootings here in Los Angeles.  For sure, I am on pause when it comes to calling law Enforcement in my blessed Los Angeles.  I am attempting to also understand the rise in this new covid jump in China, Is th virus on it's way to this country?  These topics and more shall be in the front lobe of my concern on this Tuesday, sunny and cool outside.  If I were you; I'd wear a mask again.  I also plan to do another YouTube Live video sometime today as I build up my inner mental health areas. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 13, 2023 "The Beginning From The End" I continue with the task set before me to share truth.  I am working for no one but the "Most High".  I hate no one, I love everyone and wish all favor from the creator.  I will tell yo one thing; that the things you will hear on the above clip is real.  Hear me through to the end.

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 10, 2023 "Full Use Of The Time" Today is marked by a rainy season.  Being on the inside of a warm house, food in the pantry, fresh water and clothing that is fit for a king, I fully understand when someone says be blessed PJ, God seems to be pleased with you.  As you follow me on my journey in this life, I also invite you to know that I am making "Full Use Of The Time" that God has granted me.   I'm doing nothing but reflecting on how good God is to me during my senior citizen days on the planet.  I can think properly about life.  I'm finding that I no longer argue with too many people about anything.  I am content with and in every way possible.  I'm thinking about placing on the top of the streams a RRL webcast from the past in order to see if they all is in order in today's world.  But first let me ask you, does the clip below speak to your heart in correct form?  The question of prayer reaching God is important today in that we tend to cast aspersions on God wrongfully.  Just something to think about.  Again, I pray that you are finding my mode of communication fully that which is pleasing to your spiritual life.  Go back in time with me nd choose what it is that you desire to listen to.  Years of biblical lessons.  If I never speak at the big mic, I've placed up enough material for all of you to judge for yourselves.  May God bless you and encourage you towards His care.  Check out the Archive section; Ram Radio Archive

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 9, 2023 "Affective Prayer" Just watch today's YouTube clip (Above).  I am asking the kinds of questions that must be answered.  My contention is that There is always a reason why any individual is allowed life by the creator.  Being on the world stage, where millions of people are watching, does not imply that he has favor.  Here me through all of the chatter, weigh in your own hearts why you would think that a young mans life would be spared by the "Most High".

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 8, 2023 "Pursuing Love" What is it that you have been chasing?  Money, people, things, all of the production of emptiness?  Let love be the objective in your whole heart.  Listen to that inside voice that keeps telling you; "yea, now doesn't that feel better. I love to the degree that I can go back in time and say in my heart, "Thanks for the opportunity to minister to thousands.  The Masters Clip is a sample of my calling being fulfilled.  I have difficulties with institutions that do not promote love as identified by 1st century standards, but I consider all that benefits others even at the expense of being outlawed by those same institutions.  Listen to my words on the above clip and see if that love yet is alive in my heart on this day.  I believe that this aspect of our humans can be spread.  It will defeat all of the negativity that seems to be at war with the peace that we can find in each of us.  I'm looking for that right clip to place up.  The one that will extoll the idea of love and the consequences of all of us not adopting that hard drive of Love in our hearts.  Are you enjoying the new year thus far?  I sure am.  My dog walked me a total of "9" blocks.  God is so good.

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 5, 2023 "Just Another Day"  I'm just thinking about what makes this day special.  It is a dy that I've never experienced before; therefore I'm in for the adventure.  I have thoughts of what I desire the day to bring forth, but that had no determining factor how the day should continue or end.  I'm talking about us being human.  We have no idea how or what the day will present in our lives.  Therefore; I flow with the idea that" it is just another day".  I do have the ability to make it a more interesting day by how I vibe with the energy that the day gives me.  I went to visit one of my medical physicians in the Kaiser Perm. structure; I had already decided what or how he ought to go forward towards my surgery, and all that I had beforehand ventured in my mind.  It is coming to pass.  I had no doubt of the outcome; It is "Just Another Day".  Become sure of yourself, know yourself, determine what is balance for you and you alone.  It may appear to be just another day, bt in reality it becomes that day that you are totally involved in and with.  Most of our just another days can become iconic as you watch your development as a smart energetic human being.  Let's look at our time on this big ball as a grid learning anticipation of success.  Are You Satisfied With You? Follow me as you study Part "1" of the lecture below.

 In the above clip you will hear me deny females as being Pastors in Christianity in any position over that of men.  Let me address the reality of the book that I've studies most of my adult life.  I have never been able to find one verse in scriptures that justified females in that clerical position.  I will never edit the work that I've done.  I would that an honest conversation might be held to correct any error on my behalf.  If one professes to be a believer, the book, speaks for itself.  In our society today we seek to pacify everyone for the sake of peace and getting along.  When it comes to the "Scriptures", we must be satisfied with what the writ prescribes.  Please listen to the first part of the lecture and fully understand if one denies any aspect of what has proven to be true; why listen to that person?  

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 1, 2023 Happy New Year! Well, it appears that if you are reading this, you made it.  So many of us did not.  As I prepare for the brand new years events, and circumstances I cannot forget the God that has assisted me in every effort to extol favor from the "Most High".  My YouTube live clip will be a new and dynamic way of assisting you in living the life that not only brings peace but also spread that same joy to others.  Thank You for your kind words and other expressions of gratitude.  Let's continue this year to look out on the other person.  So many of us has needs. I wanted to start off the year with a piece that I produced so many years ago.  The above clips are called "Satisfied With Me".  The piece is quite frank as it identifies some of the characteristics of a successful persons human experience as they develop a trusting in something far above our individual experiences.  Please look for the clip today, this first one of 2023.

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 30, 2022 "The Mind Reader" The year is about up.  Let's start out 2023 by taking heed to some good advice.  The above clip starts us all off on the right foot.

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 24, 2022 "Christmas Peace"   The Clip Below  As usual, I've been procrastinating on getting things done.  I'm fine and I truly thank you for coming to my site.  I try to remain consistent in finishing up. It is my way to be serious about what it is that I take as truth.  Enjoy the clip below and catch up with me on my latest issues.

Christmas Peace is my gift to you.  I cannot help myself.  Happy Holidays My Friends

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 16, 2022 It is the season.  Family good friends and fresh healthy food.  All of these and a very healthy human contact with the creation of all that is life.  Thanks for coming to my site.  I shall attempt to give some helpful hints to the holiday season later on today.  I thought I'd go back to the day when we did church and kept out thoughts in the ready.  Watch the whole series and discover how much has changed.  I am one that has held to the traditional aspect of biblical teaching.  Worship with me as we go back.   "The Mary Factor Pt. 1-2-3-4"  Above Clips I am going to speak with you soon and keep you up to date with what is going on in my life.  The live Youtube clip is now up and rolling.

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 7, 2022 "I Am Resolved" We all at times comes to the point of making plans to advance in life.  No matter how much we fight it; it is a part of our core to get better.  Just hanging out with PJ. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 3, 2022 (The Above Clip)  I took the opportunity to bring forth one of the studies I taught so so so many years ago in a small Baptist church.  I certainly pray that you gain something from this piece.  I like doing these live Ram Radio Clips, Take the time to listen to me after your busy day has been well done.  Right before one falls asleep.  The brain food works better then.  Well I think so anyway.

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 1, 2022 "One More Month Of History"  As I discovermore of what is taking place here in my home country, I am left with a sinking feeling in my stomach.  I'm having to shave and ready myself for the camera.  I'm trusting all of us are not only safe, but also staying afloat during these times of world wide difficulty.  Keeping mind that most news networks are telling the public what they (the networks) want the public to know about is going on at the start of the last month of the year.  I'm hoping that I can get it up and running.  Thanks for being the kind of student that causes me to smile. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 24, 2022 Happy Thanksgiving Anyway I address so much today.  I cannot find the space to be cold hearted towards others.  Enjoy!!

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 21, 2022 I was outraged when I heard about the shooting.  We must get it all right.  Far too many of us hate as opposed to loving which results in blood spilling and sorrow.  I thought I'd chide in and give a bit more wisdom to our needy society.  I attempted to be as honest as possible in the above cast.  Hope You enjoy!

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 20, 2022 A young adult showed me some of what is coming from today's churches and I thought about this piece created so many years ago.  Now, come on; I'm aware that I no longer pastor, but I had this piece recorded for such a time as this.  Check out my reasoning capacity.  Am I making it clear enough for you today.  If this is not taking place in the worship center that you are attending, do a re-check for your heart's sake.  Watch the whole clip.  Keeping in mind that my site is here for you to gain a better objective for doing your life.  I am yet living by what I taught.  Enjoy!  

Nov. 20, 2022  I've finally got in the studio and got the work done.  My first 28 min gig.  I hope you like it.  I'm praying that many of us will take under consideration that all of us really need to concentrate on how we might assist others in our culture.  If we but take a bit of time and analyze what we do, or say what we put out there.  Watch this piece and stay with me as I place more material up for your advancement in this life.  I thank God for assisting me in getting better and better in my aging body and mind.  More to come and it is all for you! 

(jc650120@gmail.com)   John E. Coleman, Nov. 15, 2022 

Now, I have your attention.  This lecture shows me as a man that attempted to use the text of my subject matter in order to bring individuals to do what they wanted to do.  Listen closely to every word that I speak.  I am describing James the author of the book; as well as describing my own plight.  You will note how silent it is in the room.  The true student of the word of God takes the time and listens to the Professor.  Listen close in order to pick up that I was attempting to say that all is well, it was time for me to say farewell.  I am amazed; really as I listen to me so many years ago.  I shall place each part up for your private analysis.  It is my hope and anticipation that in the future, many from my community will take the advantage and study theology from a place that provides substance through much study.

I continue with the lecture, and in this part I share what I knew to be true about people.  Listen to the first illustration about the stranger that I met.  I do trust that you may see possibly for the first time in your life, the reality of what has taken place in our Afro-American religious community.  Compare this message with anything that you have recently listen to.  Zero in on my demeanor.  It was as if I was preaching my last testimony.  I'm glad I found these and can share this historical account of what it is that I loved doing the most; preaching the powerful word of God.  

In this section I dig a bit deeper into this thought of who is the authority in terms of spiritual maturity.  I use the subject matter of James meeting Paul in the first century.  I was attempting to define what the true faith of Christianity teaches to the best of my ability.  Please listen and watch as if you were in the room when this was spoken.  Check out how I rightly define what has been done to a once renown faith.  I then open up and allow others to see what a true Pastor does.  Enjoy further as I define some very important Greek words.  I define my use of the exegesis to procure the correct interpretation.  

I now take the student of the biblical language to a point in reality.  I had to break these words down to Black people living in the inner city as I defined a particular aspect of scripture.  Are you able to follow my logic?  We have lived through the era when even in our own society we ordinarily individuals as Apostles.  As you continue to listen, you will come to know what my intention was and has always been as I functioned in ministry, to give the most complete and correct definition of the bible.  I hope you are gaining what I am intending to do for your personal understanding. 

I start this section off by admitting that we do not all agree with how we see our personal traditions.  These words truly define what and how many of us ought to define ourselves.  I was pointing out that we must make sure we are defining God and spirituality within it's right context.  For those of you that have not come to know reality as of yet, continue to listen and discover truth and reality for yourselves.  Please listen closely to all of this section.  You will get my point.

One cannot help to see the sigifigance of my words.  I have always loved the people of the congregations that I had somewhat of a charge over.  Listen at the various themes in this section.  Today's church or the so-called church will not take this kind of preaching, or teaching.  Note how I deal with the terms of "Happiness", and Pure Joy.  The greek in thre original language defines where I am headed as I state my case.  I've always said, when one uses the language to prove one's points, who in their right mind would argue against such authority.

The substancethat is found n this fail clip puts it right on the line.  I can say that my removal at the time hurt a lot.  A hell of a lot.  Keeping in mind that my professional life was giving the objective of God's word, and the proper deliverance of it's meaning.  Please pass this message on to others.  God knew what He was doing when He called me to proclaim only the truth of Scriptures.  And I would pray that we keep st ll times everything within it's proper context.  Thank you for taking the time to use your brain.  Think for yourself.  Work out theology I your single lane.  Do this o your own, not n group.  If others are watching this with you; beware of a switching of the subject matter when questions arise.  Research every faith or religion on your own.  Thanks for checking this out.  Nov. 7, 2022 

I thought I'd take the time and say thanks again for your prayers and concern for my life.  I am so pleased to say that God must have more for me to do in this world of His.  I plan to do more of the same work for you in the future.  I am in the midst of purchasing a bit more of technical equipment in that I may compact my material.  I will continue to place up important clips for your growth.  Please listen to this KBRT AM radio presentation done so many years ago as I addressed the late Fred Price's statment which caused a bit of a shake that eventually got me kicked off of a so called Christian radio station. Scrool down to near the bottom of this page and go to the Proof Ram Radio Live 6-30-02  Pt.1  Pt.2  Pt.3  Pt.4   Oct. 2022  PJ      

"An Exceptionality Busy And Bloody Place" 

Concerning the clip above:  The most powerful event in the life of any person that says they believe in a divine being, is found in the teaching of the "Scriptures" concerning the life of the historical "Jesus Christ, Messiah of the Hebrew Nation".  At this time I would like to feature evidence which many from the tribe from which I hail; have not only never heard, nor considered concerning this historical personality who yet today holds sway in the hearts of millions.  I'm pleased that I had the wisdom to break this teaching down in smaller clips.  It would do you well to follow along slowly; as you analyze the various text used to qualify my arguments.  As you've already seen, by one page scrool has tons of material concerning my life's work.  This Lecture was given on an "Easter Sunday Morning" in 1996.  You will note that I had given instruction to set the choir down in order that more room as given for the people to find seating.  My intention was to share with the people of my community the truth as I saw it after considering the faith that was bestowed upon us by our nations major religion; "Christianity".  I would also ask that you the viewer would see this sample of my work as a "Homiletical Tool" guiding the mind and heart of the serious Pastor who has dedicated themselves to the maturing of the Christian Disciple, that they could and would be able to define what makes them "Christian".  The rest of my days are dedicated to the sharing of this information.  Especially during times when so much is taking place in our world.  I trust you will find something of spiriitual value as you view each clip respectively within the context that it is offered.  Many have asked me to write a book concerning my life; upon which I have refused.  Seeing me in this manner provides a testimony towards my arguments.  Every true Pastor must dictate his purpose through thorough completeness of his argument by way of "Biblical Exegesis".  This is a clip of the first sermon preached in the series.  There was no video captured of this message.  Enjoy!    Busy And Bloody Thing  Sermon # 1 No Video

Continuing My Argument:  Pt. 2 You will notice that I expand my argument as I present facts which lead the student deeper into the intentions of one's belief.  You will also note the amount of scripture required to argue in good form.  Can you see the implication of the text?  Note the room was packed out.  My sermons, (Lectures) are pertinent to every age.  The mystery of the book, is that the word of God works in every age.  Listen closely to Pt. 2 and then analyze the realityy of the truth spoken.  You will notice that the choir stand fills up with the overflow of young families that came out every Sunday.  I never gave an invitation to join a religious organization.  I did Apologetics on the radio every Sunday night, and appealed to one's brain as opposed to entertaining the masses.

Continuing My Argument:  Pt. 3 In part three I attempt to draw my audience into the core of the belief of the said faith.  Religion today is made to be something so strange.  I've always attempted to set the record correctly.  Keeping it real is the name of the game.  Over these many years, I have not changed.  Here again, I add more scripture from different areas of my Bible.  I then paraphrase the text in order to communicate effectly ro the people sitting in front of me.  Notice the language used and then ask, "do you have any difficulty understanding what I am communicating?  Continue to study with me as I define a 2,000 year old historical text.  

Continuing My Argument:  Pt. 4 I conclude and retain a serious mode.  I have always preached with authority.  The preacher that has no effect of power to present conviction to the human heart, that so called preacher is a fake.  Listen to my arguments, even unto today.  

A mind engaged without distractions   I've come to realize that everyone I meet is not on the same page as myself.  All of us are different, and the ways that we engage our daily affairs depends upon the tools that we have been given in life.  The tools given me were simple enough.  They are fitting for every occasion.  When I meet the person that desires to be genuine as well as original, and confirms that with their hearts; those are the ones that I desire to engage.  You are one of those individuals, simply because you have come to the site.  PS, I shall keep you informed about my medical conditions as they change, and at this point in my life they are ever changing.  I am aware that at "78" my days are limited.  My body is slowing down, but my mind seems to be fired up.  Listen to the recent web-cast to keep up.

John Edwin Coleman Jr. 

My Thoughts On A Daily Basis

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 2, 2022  I am pleased to say that my recovery seems to be proceeding in a very fast pace.  I am yet resting and getting my thoughts together before I just blurt something stupid.  The world I grew up in is quite different from this one.I shall attempt to have some wisdom saying up and analyze all of them from what I call the biblical alternative.  As is my way, Goodness shall guide me as I try to assist my students.  Come on, lets go through this together.

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 6, 2022 "Towards The Archives / World Wide Chaos" I was recently having a discussion with a person whom I think still is a dear friend of mine.  I would lke to think that the heart felt friendship yet exist.  I believe that there are questions in his mind as to my being yet connected to the thoughts and truths which I ascribed to so many years ago.  I no longer argue with individuals that have not thought themes and dictums through for themselves.  I went through some of my past work, in that it is far too hot in Los Angeles today than to produce another web cast.  Allow me the freedom to think through my life, without allowing others to arrive at conclusions for me.  I was looking for something that could address what is taking place on the planet today and look what I found.  Please keep in mind that today's cast was recorded August 29, 2014 called "world wide chaos".  My point is doing this is that I've never changed from the person of whom I am.  Listen closely and determine for yourself if I'm right on target today.  I am asking you to listen to these age old messageds, weigh them by what is going on in our world today.  Pleasetake the time ans analyze what these guys and gals are teaching you concerning so called biblical Christianity.  I am listening to multiple broadcast and I want to play all of them today.  I thank God for placing in my heart "His" truth and the ability to place it is words that will affect biblical salvation.

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 25, 2022 "ARCHIVE ADMONITION"  I take a look at my radio days when my ministry caused me to ask the right kind of questions.  Go back with me to a time when thinking was king.  This presentation has been on my site for years.  I thought I'd place it up, it is so required these days.  Thanks for visiting.  Just engage your brain to digest all of the words and thoughts I'm sharing.  Today more than ever we require this kind of spiritual energy.  Same your money and come to your senses as you analyze what you know as reality. (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 17, 2022 "Humanity" Today I ponder our end as I contemplate my own.  Then I found some music. . . Luther wants to free humanity.  Come on, relax and enjoy life.  Please tellothers about My take on "Humanity".

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 12, 2022 "Updateing My Life / Motown Down"  If you want to go there with me come on, It's a free ride through the mind of a man that loves to reflect.  I forget those things I left behind, as I press on. . Come go with me.

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 7, 2022 Paul In Corinth  Please, Please, Please lets get it right!  I am first of all a proclaimer "A witness of things seen and heard from God".  I was resently told that people do not desire to hear lectures of faith and practice of anthing that smacks distaste of another person's lifestyle.  I preach bible.  I still believe it.  I fully understand the total exegitical affirmations of the script.  I yet can study the bible and know that my words are correct.  I shall never throw out all of what I've discovered to be true.  Follow me as I teach you what the bible rightly teaches.  The document that I preach from has been proven.  All of us must come to faith on our own.  If these words do not comply with that life you want to live.  Go elsewhere for pleasure and fun.  Or, continue and grow in your minds.

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 5, 2022 "Finding Life At Mercy's Seat"  Mercy's Seat  Pt.1  Pt.2  Pt.3  Pt.4  Pt.5  Six people's life was snufer out yesterday just a matter of blocks from where I live. (Slauson Ave @ La Brea Bl). People died in an instant burned alive and people saw it, experienced it and are yet in awe when you attempt to contemplate the question why.  My heart is not aiming at the work that I've already done for many of you.  Today's message is preaching from back in the day.  The Pastor ought to have an education that can clearly define all of the questions that we have.  My neighbors that lost their lives required the information that is found in this message preached so long ago I have no memory of putting the outline together.  I have it broken down in five parts.  Discover God right where ou are.  I thank God for the years that I studied and shared God's truth.  Check it out, I'm still doing it.  Stay safe. (Now

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 3, 2022 "Life" Ain't it wonderful?  I just walked in my studio and I'm wanting to talk about it, "Life".  I feature Ra Charles whole album from the year 1957.  I take you through life from back there to right here where I am today.  I pray you are living your life and thank God for ever minute of it.  I'm telling ou

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 1, 2022 "Creflo The Clown" Slowly but surely getting to the place where I can really say yes, I now fully understand.  The above clip represents my warning people so many years ago about the false prophets that are yet operating these days.  My web cast will address this as I start off the month of August.  Watch the clip above and listen to today's offering.  They will do it to you everday of the week. (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 26, 2022 "Summer Days" All of this southern California sunshine in the city of "Angels" I find myself in very good custody.  I got up this morning with God all over my mind.  I'm not taxed or disuaded over the facts that determine my current destiny.  Tune in today. . . . 

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 22, 2022 "My Friday Night" Filled with the music that floated my boat.

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 19, 2022 "Thinking In Abstract" I am not excited about my country.  One cannot stop the killingd.  Private citizens are doing what they can to curtail the violence.  The idea of God, totally eraced from the human conscience.  I think I'll do another webcast, just to bring you all up to date.  They tell me that I am not using the correct words to manifest reality.  OK, I tell them, but I do not think in the abstract.  Plain talk and good solid Old School reasoning is where I'm coing from.  Listen to today's conclusion from a mind that has thought through it all.  Remember, there are other ways to come to conclusions without forfieting all thar you know is resonable. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 8, 2022 "Today" Our world seems to be in total chaos.  Happiness seems to be our personal goals these days.  There is nothing wrong with that idea, but happiness at what ever the cost?  We need to read up on past history before we opt out.  Blood shed in the streets of America on a level unheard of in the past.  There seems to be nothing or no-one that has or can address these terrible situations.  I'll say it if not too many people will express it.  We have X'ed out God.  There we get what we deserved, but it yet brings sorrow to my aging heart.  Please give me a bit of time to produce another outstanding web cast that might be able to help you.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 20, 2022 "Howdy"  What shall it take to get us to pull together these days?  Well I tested positive for Covid today.  In between movies, I thought I'd speak with you a little bit. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 10, 2022 "Thanks Calvin" It appears that our culture is sinking deeper and deeper into dispair, and un-repair.  My dedication is to the only thing that I've ever been able to see clearly.  Allow me to encourage you toread old things which are able to procure a certain peace that passes all understanding.  This peace from from years of practice and precepts.  Listen closely.  This cast is questioning "Transgender I.D.  Having thought through these serious issues; I give my particular take on this issue. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 6, 2022 "You Figure" I would look for ward to seeing some old friends.  Just to see how they are doing these days.  Not to speak about the past, but to see how fate, God and goodness has followed them on their journey.  I am one that has always embraced seeking the desire to get closer to all that is good and profitable to all of us, and not just an elite few.   I was moved to break out of the slumber mood and present basic bible in it's form of understanding.  I present a quick impromptu study that can lift us up to a higher level in light of the mess that is taking place in our society.   

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 31, 2022 "Keeping It Real Today"  Thinking about today.  Out loud discriminations defined with the help of a friend; Eric Reed.  Just knowing how to orchastrate life to bring forth the best in my heart is what I love doing.  Enjoy.  Keeping in mind, I am always discussion the glory of my God in language that will engage you in thinking better about your life.

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 28, 2022 "Moving On" I loved preaching through various books of the bible.  One of the things that blessed my heart was the moving on fromone theme to the next.  Life is like that.  As I look out on my world and all of the connections that I've grown to love and involve my life in, I am pleased to say; I love the life I live; as well as live the life I love.  (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 25, 2022 "Unchecked" How much longer will we delay?  Our American culture of wantonness has brought us to the place of national shame.  We have allowed rebellion to go unchecked and now we see our children shooting down our children.  Tune in to the next web cast.  My personal reflections on the mass shooting in Texas.  I've had to gather my thoughts on what is happening in my country of birth.  In this talk, I only share my analysis on our overal attitude on the dangers of "mental health situations".  No music on this one, just thinking out loud.  What are your thoughts on this? (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 17, 2022 "Uber I Love You" I took a ride with Uber yesterday from the hospital.  My daughter as with me as I stroke up a conversation with a young African American Female driver wehich has only been abiding in Los Angeles a couple of years.  I asked her about dating and finding a mate.  To my amazement we had a most stimulating conversation that fully defined what is going on in "Black Society" today.  I'm spinning a bit of music as I discuss with you why "I Love Uber".  What a bright mind and lovely personality; who now lives in my city all the way from New York.  (In Studio Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 15, 2022 "The Power Of Love" . . . . Are people that have the courage to say things that could get them wiped off the face of the earth.  People that dare tell the truth about the realities of this life.  People that will not take a bribe.  People that take the hard road as opposed to that which is an easy quick path to success.  Why would I choose to be this way?  Listen to my next cast. . . .  Thanks to; Aretha, Grover and God for planting in my mind, that the greatest power of them all is always involved in (Now)  

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 11, 2022 "Thanks For Visiting"   "My Testimony"Get into the habit of being yourself.  Fear not what others might think of you.  Do you know who you really are?  If so then live as if you do.  Never allow fear to rule your life.  Live everyday for the glory of God.  Take the time and thank God for who you are.  Knowing this, that living in a free state of mind will always cost you something.  Some of us may loose dear friends.  Others will no longer be invited to family affairs or gatherings.  Oh, I realize how difficult it is to feel like you are worthy of others recognition.  Recognize yourself as seen in the mind of God.  He created you.  You are NOT a mistake; therefore live like it.  The point is, "you need to Out Yourself!"  I've decided not to do a cast on this, just be who you are.  Recognize that America, like any other country on the planet has haters.  They will dislike your flair, your stare, and the fack that you are just here; or standing anywhere.  Be proud and base your success on what is pending.  You know what is coming up; so handle it in the correct form and fashion.  But listen; You do not require me to tell you these things.  Apply them as the rule by which you live; and then live it up!

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 5, 2022 History Pt 1 Found an older history book which defines my home religion.  I found the information insightful.  Hope you find it that way also.  I reading through this older text to compare where we are today in America.  So much has changed and there seems to be no going back.  Read the above paragraph, then compare our practices of so called Christianity.  We are so far off the mark, the individuals that lived so long before us were healthy about living out their faith.

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 2, 2022 See Above: Grace Giving: Lets talk about how one ought to give to the ministry of a Christian organization.  The whoe message, "Grace Giving" will assist you.  This is a very passionate message.  I was under pressure from my board of Deavons to present a biblical definition of how we are suppose to give in a Christian church.  Follow my outline young preachers and stop telling them that they need to tithe or follow the directions of the Pastor.  I'll leave this up for a whole week for your viewing and digestion.  The big idea is that if we depend upon our God to sustain us, we do not have a provlem of assisting others, anywherr and at anytime.  We respect money, but we do not hoard it unto ourselves.

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 29, 2022 "Brainwashed" It happens that many of us has been carried away by the thoughts of others.  It is now time foir us to do some thinking for ourselves without the pain of discovering another persons ways of life.  Listening to this hour and taking notes promises to lead you into realms of truth and happiness.  Listen to the end and see how thinking free lead me to criticize my life mentor.  When you are free from the brainwashing practices we can pass on this lesson to others in our families, schools, and places of worship.  The outcome is total freedom. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 29, 2022 "True Fruit" A quick listen is important right now.  Just listen and try not to judge.  If what I'm saying does not jive with you, never come back to my site.  Enjoy.  I shall look for the youtube clips that I referred to and place them up for you.  (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 28, 2022 "A Good Point PJ" Oh I need to play some music as I share with you my day. . .  I'm accused of failure because I love me.  I was told that I am not suppose to love me.  Now, with my mind, I'm asking why should I love others, if I have not loved me unto completion?  Tune in later tonight.  The other name for this presentation is; "Love For Sale". . . . Listen closely to my words today as Les McCann take us to church?  

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 24, 2022 "Friendship"  A true friend will always be your friend, no matter what.  That's right, always.  If friendship ever ends, it was never true, but false.  I now seek true friends.  As I age, my true friends will be, are, and forever desire to be here with, for and towards my good.  Thank God that I've found true friendship.  Thanks to my daughters who have encouraged me to reach out to others other than the friends I thought I had a partnership with.  Discover who your friends are by living a constant life of love, commitment and remain strong, for one day your friends will shine forth.   I do something that I had gotton out of the habit of doing.  Choosing a text not having studied it in years in order to test the teaching.  Everytime I do that it comes out right.  I've never been wrong in my teaching.  Enjoy! 

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 24, 2022 "The Brotherhood"  A good while back i had a large group of life friends.  At least; I thought they were still of that nature.  Most are gone, the've died, or forsaken the weeks, months and years of counsil, prayers a visits.  At the seasoned age of 78, I have a far new set of friends who offer themselves towards the cares of my life and happiness.  All of us have but one objective; to love and repsect each others differences and uniquiness.  It is as if; we are aware that each of us has something to offer.  There is always the leader, that is the person that we have pointed out to lead us in this ever growing and expanding development of what I've always called "The Brotherhood".  I'd like to talk about that this weekend and to use as a backdrop, Sunday and all fo the pass brotherhoods and some of the negative experiences that I've experienced over these many years of living life.  My discussion are not intended to anger or raise bsd or angry feelings, but they are stated only as a warrning to the younger men I've come into contack with who are yet living their truth in newly formed modern day brotherhoods.  I pray you enjoy todays cast. 

Ram Radio The Web Cas April 22, 2022 "Romans Made Clear" I took a simple passage from this wonderful book to prove a vital point about us as humans.  At times, it appears that we are always looking for other people to judge.  I think that if we take care of our own business and pay closer attention to what t eh bible is really teaching, there would be far more loe between us than we are seeing in our world today.  

Ram Radio The Web Cas April 21, 2022 "John & Tom Talk" A faithful friend Bro. Derrick Pogues Jr. and I had a discussion today.  He seriously advised me to continue withh my biblical admonitions.  He also informed me that many others are listening and yearning for the correct teachings found in the scriptures.  I had no idea that the void was so deep in our churches today.  He advised me that the gap has so widened in our churches, that it is rare indeed to receive good solid biblical teaching anywhere.  For that reason I believe that I was correct in not attending these modern day churches.  The important factor is found in equipping individuals with enough knowledge that they might know God for themselves.  Therefore; I submit to my brother and shall (starting today) give a bit more exposition to you in the style that I am known for.  I really desire to do a good job, so I thought I'd put this mind boggling conversation up between myself and a very smart Philosophy student of mine that challanged my Christian belief system.  Allow yourself to answer; "How would I answer Tom?"

Ram Radio The Web Cas April 20, 2022 "The Value Of Truth" Watch the above clip.  Thank God that there are others like myself that have discovered how to gain the favor of God without taking the poison of human success.  It happens now and then.  I start playing music and then the preaching comes out like a flash.  I then chose Eric Reed's music as I speak to the issue of trusting God.  Enjoy!  (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cas April 19, 2022 "State Of Affairs" The "good old dsys" are gone forever.  Listen and analyze my estimate of survival as a family, or even to sy a culture which has been eraced from our minds.  Looking at our current state of affairs.  I fully understand why older people criticize the younger generation.  I also fully understand and cast no blame on the younger in our nation.  Through all of the mayhem and confusion; I believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  I'm fully aware that only God can help all of us through what appears as great difficulty on our horizon.  I want to get this next cast done rightly.  If it appears that I am taking too much time, I am placing an awful lot of thought; as well as seeking the right spiritul advice I might be able to share with you.  This cast has music that will cause you to smile.  I ramble on about those things that excite me, and I pray you will be lifted up by your visit today.

Ram Radio The Web Cas April 11, 2022 "Why Bother" Making effort to do what, for what?  Lets see.  I said, John, play some music and adlib. . . . . .  Like I said; "Why Bother" . . . . 

Ram Radio The Web Cas April 1, 2022 "Life Liberty And The Pursuit Of Hppiness" Where have you seen and heard these words from before now?  The first of the month's webcast will examine what these things are and how they might affect us in this strange new world that we live in.  I thought that I would texture the question with one of the greatest African American Trio's around in our age.  "The Cyrus Chessnut Trio".  Put on your head phones for this hour of fooling yoiu Oh So Much!  (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 28, 2022 "A Rainy Day In L A"  But, to what degree?  Not talking about physical, or emotional rather geniune smiles, un-attached to outdated ideas that have never gone anywhere.  Longing for attachment without fear of being misunderstood.  A friend told me last night as he came to visit me; "John; you are looking so well these days, really."  I long for more of those kinds of conversations.  My cast hopefully will address these kinds of issues and more. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 23, 2022 "Thinking Clearly" Join me as I ponder the world that I now live in.  It is a strangee place.  A place where common sence is cast aside for the fear mongers.  Oh God, may I never get caught up in the madness of anothers fears.  These and more things have been going on in my life.  I have but one fear, and that is the one that dis-pleases God.  It is very important to define you in the clear and vivid understanding of who you know yourself to be.  These kinds of thoughts are backed up with logic and objective truth.  Think yourself through every situation without the input of that which might not weigh as much on the other side.  (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast March, 2022 "Prophecy Fulfilled" Many years before my hair turned white; I struggled with what I saw happening to my community in the major inner cites of this country of mine.  Not only in my community; but all over this country.  During this time in ministry many families filled up the room I taught in.  They told their friends things like; "come and listen to this modern day prophet decry our family behavior.  On a Sunday morning in the 90's I preached this sermon called "The Recommended Family".  There are six parts to this message.  I broke them down because people have told me that my community cannot digest too much bible at one time.  Thank God I had the knowledge to have these segments recorded for posterity.  I'd also love to thank "Kushack" Theory" for providing just the right song which brings this historical sermon into deep focus.  Is there time to referse this cycle?  Every Biblical Sermon has a major theme; if you will, a big idea.  Let me share it with you; "Is your family a recommended one?".  One can truly answer that by doing an evaluation analysis on themselves.  Please tell your friends that desire true biblical knowledge to view this; I've got to say it; Masterpiece!   Check out the haircut; man that was years ago.  Enjoy!  "The Recommended Family Pt. 2"

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 17, 2022 "The True Bible Teacher" Pt. 3 Are You Paying Attention?  I've heard people from all over the world attempt to teach, not only the bible, but other subject matters as well.  Some of my past videos cover these particular aspects of this art form.  I've taught classes of all ages, peoples of many different cultures, and in colleges in my community.  I would not have been allowed to teach if I were NOT QUALIFIED.  Please watch this video archive and take note.  Especially if you have placed yourself under a person that is attempting to teach without first concidering what proper teaching actually is.  I am not attempting to gain members, I'm fully retired, but many are yet being deceived by those individuals that have absolutely no idea of what they are saying and implying.  Come on, listen to me on this.  Hold on to your money and simply do the research yourself.  My only reason for being alive today is to protect the innocent from scams; by way of false religion.  Please study this 1st part.  Write down the points in outline form. I shall place up part "3" on Friday.  You are able to see the whole series on YouTube if you want to view it on a larger screen. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 15, 2022 "Romans Intro. Pt. 1" Consideration ought to be given for those of us here in this country that have suffered at the hands of the few who have profited in their lives while peering into the eyes of suffering peoples.  We need to take care of the masses of individuals that have become homeless, suffered the loss of loved ones, and yet have not been heard or respected.  I am doing a bit of techinal work on my system this week and I shall be playing archive presentations for you.  Listen closely as I address issues from the past.  I shall continously look for items to share that will build you up in your knowledge of spiritual manifestation.  We are living in times when we require more of the same.  Enjoy!

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 10, 2022Archive Radio Introduction: "Interpreting Religion" Absolutely everything that has to do with the idea of God, religion and faith has to be correctly interpreted as well as researched.  I'm going to focus on those important factors as I continue with my Archive Radio segments.  You can trust me.  I've never been a "money whore".  If you have funds, Divinity has made that a possibility for you, not necessarily me or any other man.  My basis of interpreting spiritual life is the bible.  I have studied it extensively and have found that it NEVER contradicts istelf.  If you find that to be untrue; I would ask you to do a bit more personal research.  I do not always agree with the conclusion of this book until I exhaust myself on the particular subject matter.  As I age mentally and physically; I find myself open to more logic as opposed to the heard instinct.  Following the crowd is not my way; it never has been nor will it ever be.  Many leaders of organized religion would not agree with my analysis.  For these many reasons I would ask you to listen with intent to these words uttered many years ago. I believe that God is yet leading and guiding me to continue to discuss these matters, in that we need the right kind of spirituality more than ever during these times that we live in.   

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 9, 2022Archive Radio July 27,1997 "Proof" I'm telling you.  I rest my case against anyone that ever attemps to tell me that my personal faith in the book that I spent most of my life defending is ageless in the truths that it teaches.  You have got to listen to this part "2" of yesterdays archives Salvation Lost?  No way.  I have to say that my staff; chosen and prayed for assisted me in defining in a clear and energetic way; that God is truth, and all men are liars.  Just plug in your ear plugs and fill your mind witha piece of knowledge that ought never leave your heart.  PROOF!  Sho-Nuf! (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 8, 2022 Archive Radio July 27,1997 Salvation Lost ? can it just vanish from you?  Can you really do anything so harmful against the God of creation that would cause you to be released from saving grace?  Now, I've got to tell you, I have really no memory of chairing this show.  My excitement is just as serious as yours.  Remember, please do not call the phone numbers.  enjoy.  I'm kind of busy, but look for it on Tuesday.   I'd like to thank my crew that worked with me those years ago.  Mike, Alsee, Marc Ralph all attributed to a successful run while I ministered on KKLA FM.  Just listen to an all "Black African American Apologetic Ministry" One of the first to broadcast.  Listen to Mike Koger as he co-host with great articulation.  I always strove to have the best of my staff present these wonderful facts with me.  Enjoy! 2nd Thes. 2:13  is the text for the study.  Listen to this study and learn how to present a theme in a biblical manner.  Please do not call or send finances.

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 7, 2022  "A Messed Up World" Can you believe all that we are hearing today?  Why did I take all of the shoits; who might I trust if I cannot trust my own government?  What is going on?  I am busy at home have a major plumbing job being done on the little pad.  Thw workers are here and I'm good. but lookin g at what is going on in the world, I've got to do a web-cast this morning. (Now)

Archive Presentation / Ram Radio The Web Cast June 12, 2020 "Caught Up"  I learn so much through listening to some of my older works.  Please listen again to two of Black Americas brightest minds as they got twisted and forgot that we require every member of the tride to fight on the same side.  This "Archive" broadcast again demonstrights how easy it is to become defeated while fighting for the same cause.  The above interview demonstrates how easy it is to get caught up in another person's rhetoric.  If you watch the entire piece, I would ask that you consider the original question asked.  Dr. West had just retreated from the funeral of Mr. George Floyd; his argument was inflamed by the killing.  Note how it appears that Attny: Leo Terrell appears to be the agitator . . Sean does a great job in allowing this to continue.  Can you tell me what the purpose is?  People; THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK ON FORUMS THAT WILL TURN YOU AGAINST EACH OTHER.  WE REQUIRE EVERY SOLDIER IN THE FIGHT.

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 2, 2022 "27 Years Later" was 51 years old when I uttered these words.  I am now 78 years young.  I was invited to visit Dayton Ohio.  Pastor Washington asked me to speak to the issue of what his church was facing in the inner city communities.  "27" years later is nothing less than a reflection of wherer we are today as a community.  With an economy of the low, people's minds being lost because they make the wrongest choices in their lives.  The new get worst each day.  Listen to this classic archive piece.  I found the cassette dusty in a corner of the garage, and had forgotton I preached it.

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 1, 2022 Archive / Rev. Louis FinisterThe Lamb Of God: This message is a tribute to my late co-Pastor and friend for years; Rev. Louis Finister.  Our Pastor had just returned from a hospital visit amd Louis sunday to preach was on this particular day.  If you listen closely I am on the tape introduce the message.  Please keep in mind that this was before cell phones were discovered. (Now). With David Miles singing "State Of Mind"

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 28, 2022  "Interviews That Do Not Inspire Part 1"  Hour # 1  will cover a lot of material.  I know, we have become use of timely discussions with a world full of debating.  Those days have passed.  I am dedicated to taking the rest of my life to share with you God's truth with my then staff that also dedicated many months of their private lives to assist me in getting the truth out.  Please give me the time to get these teachings up.  Today, these kinds of truths have no particular impact in the lives of Christians in America.  I took pride in that other African American men dedicated their time with intelligence to certain subject matter that today can not be heard to our hearts,  (Summer of 1997 Olympic Grand Auditorium City Revival T D Jakes).   "Interviews That Do Not Inspire Part 2"

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 23, 2022  "War" Right around the corner.  We would never know it by the lack of thinking power.  My thoughts upcoming today.  Both leaders of USA and the Russian republic are pressing each other.  War could break out world wide if wisdom and great caution is not considered.  My reflection expanding and insightful. Webcast finished late last night.  sorry for the delay. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 21, 2022  "Silly Thinking" What is that?  Have you ever experienced it?  I've got a lot to say about that.  Today many of us are thinking silly.  There is more dis-trust than being sincere.  Is it all about the money here in our country?  I've been silent for a few days simply because the result of wisdom in an enviornment of "silly thinking people" only adds to produce more of the same which can bring it (Our system; or ways of getting along with each other) all down.  This discussion will also speak of "Toxic-Distortion" of all manner of what many of us recognize as truth.  I could not be any clearer in my thinking than at this moment.  Now, the above clip from 2009.  Would you call that clip "Silly Thinking?"  Watch it at two or three times and think correctly. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 8, 2022 "Reflecting On Time" Time has its place on the planet.  78 times this little planet has gone around that big old fire ball called the sun.  Reflect with me as I discuss the time taken up by me on this earth.  Nothing planned special to celebrate the day of my birth.  Friends and relatives call on this special cast.

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 3, 2022 "Defining Life" I think about how much better it was back in the day.  I found the poet right in my studio racks.  Listen to Curtis spread the news.  I love it so much, I'll do a part two.    Thanks for joining me on another happy week in the life of an "American Black Man".   Come on get ready to clap those hands of yours.  It don't matter,; lets "Have a good time". (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 1, 2022 "Never Negotiate What You Know To Be True" I've  been working on a lecture that I present on my birthday.  What a way to start off 2022.  I'm staying excited.  I'll place the entire outline up for you to read and keep in your heart and mind.  It is for sure a way to keep you safe.    Oh how time fades away a negative strain.  My outline was not changed, therefore, it is a take.  You see, if I negotiated anything, the real meat of my lecturn would be invalid.  Know your own worth and value before you subject yourself to error. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 29, 2022 "Study My Language" As many of you know, I've been used of the most High pairing up with other people that said they knew the very same God that I know.  The man's whose series I am hosting through YouTube; Pastor Harley Howard is a man who just finished is latest commentary on the book of Romans.  I recall preaching through the whole book of Romans while the Pastor of my home church; "The Olivet Baptist Church".  I'm asking simply that you pay close attention every word that is not only spoken by me (much younger than I am now) and Dr. Howard that you analyze the "Turth" spoken by the both of us.  I would also ask you to keep in mind that "I" no longer subscribe to the institutionalized religion of conservative evangelicalism without first noting everything that my colonialism poured into my mind and behavior which was untrue.  Keeping in mind that through years of personal study, as well as a firm commitment to what Yah's words were to those of my ansestors in ages past.  I have not changed in practically all of what I knew to be true concerning the Wod Of God (The Bible).  Please take the time and listen to me, and Dr. Howard as we both speak our hearts to your hearts.  If you hear any statements that appears to be counter towards my present demeanor; Forgive me.

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 27, 2022 Church Breed Listen to my thoughts. . WOW!

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 25, 2022 "Reflecting On The Past And It's Truths" I've been running this mouth of mine for years.  Having grown up in the inner city of Los Angeles; my home town for all of my life and now gaining strength to make 78 years, I've always loved my community.  The two above clips reflect my disposition when evil started to enter into the African American Church.  I've always  loved our music, and our ability to esteem our leaders in ways that always brought glory to God.  Although I was personally fighting with the bias that I experienced in the church; I found myself fighting against the overt greed or avarice; which is an excessive or unsatiable desire for wealth or gain, which is also known as "greediness".  I found myself the first African American Apologist, fighting for the life of our community before we gave all that we had towards crooks that deceived the very people of the community of my people.  Watch closely two rwo clips and analyze for yourselves.  I praise God that I am yet alive to share with you the truth of all of my predictions.  Thanks for coming to my site.  We must be able to speak the truth of a matter, or none of it really mattered in the first place.  If you choose to become a member of any religious order, study closely what it teaches, and then be able to analyze for yourselves what is indeed truth for you as opposed to the lifestyles of the so called rich and famous.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 22, 2022"Clean Conscience" I'm reading a text right now and can't put the book down.  I have a medical appointment and must rush to ready myself, but I must tell you I am reading the book by Benjamine Carlton; "I'm Black, Im A Minister. And I'm Gay".  I'm taking my time as I go through point by point.  It is like reading a carbon copy of me when I was a kid, and growing up.  For the first time in my life I can speak about the fear of being found out.I like my younf friend must say, that for the first time in my adult life I can express,"Yes my young brother, that is just where I was and each experience only has some different names and dates. I'll talk about these things and more as the journey of my life continues. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 19, 2022 "Merging With The Culture" Having discovered reasons why older people differ from many in today's culture, I have a choice.  To get with the program or just stop conplaining about how they get life done. Trust me.  If all of us discover ways to co-exist with others in peace and love, we can live a far better life then what we have been taught by the culture through which we were raised.  Lets Merge people!  Note: from 50 seconds to 2:27 skip the blank space. Tech Difficulties.  Thanks.

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 18, 2022 "A Great Place To Live"  I have a lot to say, and so much is happening these days.  We have lost another giant in the tribe.  America produces some of the best of our kind.  Just listen and watch the interview above.  He lived and left a great legacy of life behind.  What a life and testimony.  He lived through the difficulty of racism and the rest of what we came through.  He now rest with our "Fathers".  I go off in this cast and share with you the aspect that even if this is a country where justice has not always been on the burner, it is yet, the best of nations to live in.  Listen to me as I ramble on about the life I now live.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 12, 2022 "Fighting Hate" The funeral of police Officer Keona Holly has deeply touched me.  If there ever was a time I am fighting hatred, it is now.  The two black men accused of killing this black woman is something that is just too far from thinking nice.  I require the big mike tonight as I try to make all of this come to reason in my mind.  Baltimore has lost a soul that took steps many of us need to fill in.  The Lord, He brought me peace in the midst of my storm.

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 7, 2022 "Thinking Clearly" Know this, every move you make now a days is serious.  Every commitment, promise and investiment has it's own consequences.  I'm preparing to talk to you about thinking clearly.  Keeping this in mind.  If the person putting information in your brain has never brought forth any clear thinking, what makes you think that he or she is giving you advice that can shape your frame of reference?  

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 3, 2022"Fighting Fear" So many people today are trying to move ahead in the spirit of fear.  What am I doing, how did I get here, How can I survive and the rest of it all.  I shall speak on that as well as search the archive sections of my past work in order to help you out not only with new sound bites, but my past video offerings on "YouTube".discovered that there is one weapon that defeats fear everytime it is used.  My life has been govered by this weapon.  I prevail all of the time if I fight by the rules that I have been ofered.  This weapon is never used as a defense; rather only when I'm engaged in a offensive battle against failure.  I've never been injoured or declared the looser.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 1, 2022 Ephesus; Where Minds Meet I do not go out for end of year services in churches.  The above recorded message was done in the year 1992 on December 27.  Upon arrival at the church to set up for our last message, I discovered that the Sunday morning message had a technical difficulty, and I had to do a narrative of that Sunday Morning that evening.  It was preserved and "For such a time as this".  I think it an apt way to end this year.  A time when I slightly doubted if I've ever really known God in a defenitive way; this blast from the past removes all doubt.  When God infused me with the power of love and determination to bless the Church, my historical definitions were superb to say the lease.  What?  You think I exagerate?  I preached through the whole book of Acts in the New Testament back in the day.  My text for that Sunday was Acts 19:1-8.  "When Minds Meet".  It speaks of the Apostle Paul arriving in Epheses and coming upon "12" men whom Paul thought were Believers as he himself.  Afterh concise questioning Paul discovered error, he then proceeded to correct it.  You will NOT want to let this one get by you.  If you are a student of preaching; (Homiletics; ) take notes.  If you desire an exercise of your mind; think on this.  That particular Sunday I was scheduled to baptise one young man in his twenties.  When I finished preaching I baptized "5" men.  That was a time when I had more men in the congregation than women.  Having the original message would have been great, but just listening again to me read from my notes and adlib; is reason enough to know that God was in me working out his divine will in the lives of the men and women of that church.  I shall never doubt what God has done in my life.  Thanks for coming by.  Happy New Year!

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 30, 2021 "Responding Correctly To And Intelligently About God" The occasion was an invitation to attend a lecture at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles; (UCLA). I and my Philosophy "1" classes were invited to attend in that quite a few of them (my students) were thinking of attending institutions of higher learning after graduating from Harbot College where I taught them Philosophy.  Over the years many Philosophy students paid close attention to my lectures on personal beliefs in God as well as the affirming of Biblical Christain theology.  Most of my lectures presented on you tube were given in order to give intelligent answers which could not be refuted.  My life was one of cautious investigation of what a person says in defense of what it is they believe.  I'd like to close out the year presenting those premises and conclusions as a way of assisting you in fully understanding what it is that one says they believe.  Put on that thinking cap for this series.  We are living during dark times, re-thinking our belief systems are in order at this time.  The times we live in today demands estute attention when we undertake sharing things of deep thought.  The larger idea is no less then asking questions of our reactions towards those that have no idea what some of us are talking about.

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 29, 2021"Clean Break There is no way to be passive about the subject matter set before me today.  I personally know people that have never addressed their family or friends about the freedom to be clear of who they are.  This one sided discussion will address that and so much more.  I'm asking you to address issues of discrimination, self hatred and just plain indifference towards people in the LGBY community.  I'm out and loving the fact of that truth.  I'm old enough to live with all of my consequences.  Married for "35" years.  My safe haven.  Two great daughters, Lucy's physical blessings to me.  Alone and needing to be understood even today.  Listen in to "Clean Break".

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 28, 2021 "Being Me"  Pt.2 Often I wonder why I am the way I am.  I'm gonna stop asking myself these questions and just be me.  No one can change who they are.  Live your truth first of all to you.  Those truths that you have found to be outstanding continue to live them out with force and determination.  Obey the laws of the land for the establishment of peace and tranquility.  Listen in today and I'll share how this feat is accomplished.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 26, 2021 "Sheltering In" As we all do about the same things these days, please allow the science to lead the way.  My talk or analysis on COVID at the conclusion of the year. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 24, 2021 Christmas Eve Music  You will love this offering.  Plug in now!

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 23, 2021 "An Isley Christmas" Keeping it lit for the season.  I'm so glad you could join me.  It's raining in Los Angeles.  Typical for a wet Christmas.  Perfect for all of the inside gifts.  Well I have a brain full of thoughts on this Thursday evening in the city.  Light up those lights and ready yourself for an hour of intelligent Christmas reflection. (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 22, 2021 "The Best Of Our Times" If you were asked about the best of times in your life during the holidays; what would you share?  I will share with you the of my best times.  Times with a family, and dear friends over the years.  This is what is implied by the term, happiness.  Let us attempt this hour not to speak of those thigs that brings tears, (unless they are tears of joy) rather, let us welcome with music those events that has to do with human dignity and affection.  Please remember those all over the world that are suffering and have lack.  (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 21, 2021 "Love Is The Key To All Things" As we approach the new year our sustainability with other people is based upon how we treat them.  This web-cast will attempt to blend in some seasonal music along with an awful lot of thought.  Be sure to tune in.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 20, 2021 "Tis The Season" Usually we take this time out to enjoy all of the things fo life that brings us joy over sorrow.  But their will always be those that manifest sorrow no matter what.  I address this in my next cast.  I am also looking at this virus surging all across the world.  Friends, it is so real, but I have advice how all of us might survive all of the chaos.  Insights and appreciation of all of the very hard work many are doing during this strange season of joy.  I hope you take the time and listen to this holiday special.  I also pray that Joy fills your hearts as you recall those good things that causes us to flurish during this time and all throughout the up coming year. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 14, 2021 "My Dream" Spinning a bit of music magic, sharing a dream that I had early before I got up.  Listen I got some news for you; Love Yourself First. . . . Now you have the feul to love others without prejudice in your heart against others.  Our neighbors in the tarnado states requires much more than our prayers, As I have said for years, Praying is a cheal excuse  for doing nothing.

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 9, 2021 "Lessons" Three years before I was born on a Sunday morning.  The world for many in America changed.  Did we get the lessons?  What do you think?  It matters the ways that we think these days.  Our independent thoughts backed up by research takes time and much effort.  I have much more to say today than to spin music, so either way; you are in for a treat.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 6, 2021 "Fly Away With Me"  Why do so many of us fear dying?  There is one song that defines our disposition in this area.  Listen as I present the history of one of America's greatest songs.

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 4, 2021 "Ludwig Van Beethoven" Oh yes, I love the classics.  One cannot think of music without enjoying the beauty of people that lived befor there was energy for the light bill.  They had to burn only coal and jut.  They are little, battled fleas that bit them and wipped them out.  Listen and enjoy music from the other side of the planet with a few more treats that I have in store for you.  Oh yes!  Tis The Season.  I just got off the phone with a man well above his "50"s and he knows not who this man that I am featuring is.  He said, I never heard of him.  Please do not place in in the fruit loop camp.  Louis Farrakhan plays a clissical violen.  Come on people snap to it.   (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 3, 2021 "Saint Luther" Today I dig deep into one of our communities greatest male singers.  He is sp cool. I think I'll call him; "Saint Luther". I think that I shall never loose the knack for facts.  At times we deny that we must escape from the mondane; insane; crain affect.  You get it? 

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 2, 2021 "Respect For Others" Today we focus on one of America's greatest crooners.  I play Frand and a bit of Nat.  This is the first of a whole month of joy with music as we think of what is decent and right.  I'm doing this for reasons that will cause us to remember the good about ourselves, the country, and the traditions that all of us are intitled to.  Enjoy.

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 1, 2021 "Seeking Peace" This is the season for all of that kind of talk.  I kind of like it.  I can speak and cause others to smile.  I can play music our finest and best of human American talent.  e are blessed by being able to stay in the greatest country on the planet.  We are suffering within our population these days.  Join me as I seek to bring a little peace with music and advice in chilling lil children.  I love you and look forward to serving you this month.  I was thinking aout doing this; Picking one artist and spinning their wonderful talent while speaking abpit some of the sad things that are taking place in our world.  Then I am asking you to choose your course.  There are only two to choose from.  The good path or the bad one.  Oh, listen it is going to be easy, Hey!  Lets get started.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 28, 2021 "Thinking Rightly"   Pt. 2 Mostly everything that happens in our lives is goverend by our thinking.  "As a man thinks, so is he."  Lets talk about that within the perspective of advancement in our lives.  I plan to spin a bit of music today.  I trust you will make the time to listen.  I'm speaking only from the perspective of making you better.  Better for your community and for the people that love you.  So, tune in and determine if you have gotten into the habit of "Thinking Rightly".  You will be pleased with today's Sunday discussion.  It is highly theological and insightful.  I am glad that I delayed placing this up until I have done the proper research.  I am as always open to criticism, but at least; hear me out.  There are two parts of the issue, and again, I want to thank my friend Eric Reed for giving me permission to play his much needed music from an album called; "For Such A Time As This".  He is correct, every cut mafgnifies why God has left me here thus far.  Enjoy!  (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 26, 2021 "Outbreak" When you think it is over, it breaks out again.  My thoughts on the shots and more.  Why are we so in a panic to go back to what we think is normal.  Those days are over my friend.

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 23, 2021 "Greedy Shepherds" COVID delayed the process.  We really need our money for our family and those that are in need.  Listening to this my latest cast sheds light on why so many leaders in our community get involved in this great harm to many of us. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 22, 2021 "The Joy Of Being Loved" I've been invited to bring a few words of encouragement at the Vision Fellowship this morning.  I'll tell you about it when I get back in the studio.  Also, I play some ventage Jazz by some of the great ones. . .  Relax and listen as you drive or ride around the areas that you dwell in. (In Studio Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 17, 2021 "Ask And It Shall Be Given" If you really want to know what is going on in another persons life, just ask them.  You wil know in an instant where they are in their journey in life.  These kinds of thoughts are primary if we are to really understand what is up.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 15, 2021 "Motown Get Down" Los Angeles Spectrum power outage.  Just came back on late last night.  I thought I'd play some music late last night as share my thoughts.  I addressed some of today's issues.  My Houston Rap stampead. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 14, 2021 "Take Charge"  The truth is, that most people do not any longer realize that they alone have the power to do those sorts of things.  I am in the studio right now.  Attempting t put some nice music together and answer the many questions that arrive from the Houston Rap Concert that took the lives of more than one person.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 6, 2021 "Something Bout Believing" I really want you to follow me for a quick minute.  If you do not believe in investigating what it is we have believed from the people that say that they love us, you will find yourselves deceived.  I place my professor cap on and enter into the classroom again in order to teach you not a new lesson for the lies that we simply carry over into the life that we find ourselves living.  Listen to the well defined element of today's piece by inviting Duke Ellington to open our minds that we would know for ourselves the truth.  The band and the singers really make the point when they sing; "Something Bout Believing".  I shall read from a black man named Jupiter Hammon who takes some scriptures from the bible and does more harm to our black people than a little bit.  The sources are out there, it takes a lot on our behalf to dig into those resourses to discover for ourselves.  Enjoy! ​​ 

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 4, 2021 "Lets Go"    Hey Lets Go!  It is a brand new month.  I'm playing Duke Ellingon as I attempt to keep up with my advid listeners.  Staying in the mood for relaxation and reflextion on life and thnkfulness.  Will you plan to join me on this first web cast for the month of November?  Keeping our loved ones in mind as we move forward.  Note the above picture.  Never forgetting the God that gave us life, and to thankfulness of family and friends.  Especially to those loved ones that dare to challange us to live better lives as we ascribe to a positive way of getting on with each other.

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 26, 2021 "Having Church" I fell deep into my past and cried all morning as I listened to music that I share with you.  A lot of information.  Rodrick Dickson, Areatha Franklyn and more assist me in engaging in the spiritual relationship with my wife who is alive to me even today.  A time to speak to my love of a woman, one single female that yet moves me to tears of joy and completeness.  My mind has been transformed by her, I cannot get her out of my mind.  Thanks for visiting me today.  I am in the right place.  I thank God for a mind that recalls these joys.  I can share them with you.  If you are a younger man, married to a women, listen to the love that is yet alive.  Allow this Internet Pastor to preach to you today.  (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 25, 2021 "ReligionIt happens in an instant.  There is nothing to be done on your part.  Our lives have been orchastrated from the beginning.  That is one aspect that I really appreciate about spiritual matters.  I do what is appropiate before God and I love to the limit of my abilities and then it happens.  It happens.  What ever is deemed to happen in the universe is established by divine precepts.  When a person lives within the guidelines of what is right, correct, and human ability, life kicks in you fly through it all.  This is what my next web cast shall be all about in a couple of hours.  Stay tuned.  (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 18, 2021 "WOW" The result of authentisity.

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 14, 2021 "It Is What It Is" Does a person have the freedom to infect me with an illness because they will not comply?  It appears to be a silly question at first, but at second glance; we may have a serious problem on our hands.  Take another look and ask yourself, "Why am I feeling the way I feel?"  My friend, you have been had.

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 12, 2021 "A Gruesome Gruden Mistake"  Funny how what a man thinks when he is thinking out loud can cost him everything.  Again, I welcome you to a world where one has to not only think about his words, but make sure that others feelings will not get hurt if one truly expresses himself.  What a great show today.  I'm speaking about the X head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders John Gruden.  Reggie & Xerex calls in and I ask the question that is on many of our minds today.  (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 10, 2021  "Thinking Straight" Can it really be said that you and I have examined our lives according to facts?  Where did these facts come from?  Who was the force behind the conceptual ideas that we here in western society have accepted as facts?  Follow along with me as I think things through to it's correct conclusions.  Please keep in your minds these facts.  #1 I do believe in a divine mind and Spirit that has total control over all humanity.  #2 I have many years ago cut loose ideas that other men have developed for the purpose of control and manipulation.  I no longer present to you a life that connects with people that use the bible as a weapon to belittle or degrade other human beings regardless of their behavior.  I just feel like going back to the classroom.  Will you join me for a few minutes? 

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 6, 2021 "Clean Breaks" How, How does a man come to live his reality in a world that never alows one to break from what has been called normal.  If you know me, you know that I have a lot to say.  Stay tuned. Now

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 5, 2021 "His Will Be Done" I could not have done "77" years without certain kinds of people in my life.  I have come to find that the wrong kind of people disturb your or our spirits.  Who, besides God might be able to provide a calm disposition during stormy times in our lives?  Be sure to listen in.  I am so jazzed by my own introduction, I think I'll start the cast. . . 

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 4, 2021 "How Does One Remain On A Successful Path?"

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 2, 2021 "What Does A Successul Path look Like?"Is the path you are on a successful one?  Our thoughts shall take us there.  Join me for that simple sat down talk about reality.  I'm always attempting to show my audience the foolishness of believing everything you hear some other person tell you.  Please listen with an understanding mind.  I am not discounting your advancement as you receive pure wisdom; no. I'm talking about freeing oneself from constantly make the same mistakes when we are faced with making the most difficult of all decisions.  Do you think on your own, or are you one of those persons that require a "Life Coach"?  Listen in now. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 28, 2021 "The Mentor & Non Violence" I exspand on my idea of what is needed in our community.  Others have stated the same values that I have and their words assist me in helping all of us to advance in today's society.

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 27, 2021 "First Responders"  Pt. 2 Get real people and take your head out of the clouds.  I quote from one of the best books that I have in my library.  I do hope that your days during this month has been fantastic.  I am in the mode of touching up the paint inside my home.  I am attempting to define how free I am at living the good life.  Thanks for tuning in to my daily web cast.  I shall attempt to stay healthy enough to sustain these good words for you brothers and sisters in life.  Live your best life today and make sure that you invest in digging yourself first, and then to encourage others to do the same.   (UPR.COM) is hireing young men from our community here in the Los Angeles Area.  (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 19, 2021  "The Severe Consequences Of Unbelief" I told you that when I come across some classic Sermons of mine that I will place them up or you to review.  I have been accused of un-belief.  It is not true.  I believe most of what I preached in the pass.  Though I do not believe in the heaven and hell as taught by so many in the church today, I cannot releive my mind of all that the bible says about our human ways of sinning against the very blessings of God.  While I was in the posotion of being Pastor, Bible led the way for me.  This message was presented during a time in America when false doctrine was flooding the airways.  I found this DVD in my stacks and poped it in my player for my Sunday Motning devotion, and was moved to play it for you this week.  It will be a difficult listen to those of you that do not believe in the sovergn will and ability of the Divine.  If you adhere to scriptures, you will love the flooding of the air with the Holy Scriptures.  This is what I call preaching it's best.  March 19, 2006 was the date and if you listen closely to all of my illustrations, you will see that I have not changed my mind on most things.  This kind of preaching to date, keeps me from doing things that might endanger my soul.  (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 17, 2021 "Football"  I've been waiting for this season for a long time.   Web cast tells it all.  For most of my adult life, I have missed this sport, that is watching it play itself out over the years of my life.  You see, as a Pastor of a Baptist Church my play day was Sunday when I had the packed house listening to the word of God and attempting to get the crew to walk that walk, if you know what I mean.  10:00 AM is when the games started all over the country.  I can now watch most of the college games and catch up on the new stars of the game.  Man!  Did you wee the UCLA highlights?  They totally out-played LSU in the Rose Bowl in game one.  You can tell I have a lot to say.  Stay tuned.   Now

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 14, 2021 "Missed Opportunities"  Ever regrete not doing something in your life simply because other people had an openion that differed from yours?  Years have gone by and now you have life ahead of you.  How do you make up for all of those missed ops in life?  Is it at all possible to recapture those sessions of life that gave you purpose?

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 9, 2021 "Evaluating" I believe in a supreme being.  Anpower above all powers.  This power in no way (I Believe) is human.  In order to be divine there can be no weakness that occure anywhere in nature which delays the ultimate will of this supreme being.  Please listen in to today's web cast.  At least hear me out. (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 7, 2021 "Address It" Sometimes truth has to be pulled out like a bad ingrown tooth that needs a dentist to extract it.  https://youtu.be/9jXwWCyMJycTake ten minutes and check out this piece from one of my favorite authors.  For those of you that do not understand, James can assist you if you allow his wisdom to engage your mind.  (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 3, 2021 "A Day In The Life" Fighting Depression with a thinking mind.  I present a know yourself as we lie through the most devestating history in our country in a long time. (Now). As I stated during the cast today; I would place up a piece of my work as a Pastor clips that might assist those of us that yet believe in a personal "Living Diety" whom deserves homage.  Enjoy.  [Archive TreatHere is a treat from the year 2012.  I give a quick insightful look at prayer.  Nothing has changed in my life, this is the way that I live.  WOW! PJ, just as if I said it today.  Depression goes away when you know how to get through it.  I'm assuming that we always require answers to our life's confusion.  Lets keep it all in the right lane.  Love you guys!

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 31, 2021 "Front Door New Look" Covid can cause a delay in a lot of things.  I waited over three months to get this old wooden door replaced.  Believe it or not I still entertain people in my home.  Today's cast will address how important it is to keep in contact with other human beings.  Wear your mask, get your shots and do all that you can to sustain a life that demands a certin look towards Gd for life itself.  tune In today 

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 25, 2021  "Life Is"  My best friend and I were talking and he shared with me an expression which I've adapted on a daily basis. . . . "Life is what it is" . .   

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 18, 2021 "A Student's Question"  She was no older than nineteen years of age.  I was at the top of my game teaching philosophy in Harbor Jr. College.  It was a world religions class. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 16, 2021 "Chaos Corner"  Music For Louis I just received a phone call from a dear friend informing me that my friend Rev. Louis Finister passed away this morning.  So much is tking place all over the world, and I am alive witnessing all of the chaos.  The Afgan crises alone is far too much to handle for many of our citizens.  I am indeed living in terrible times.  My heart goes out to the Finister family as they have experienced a second death in their family. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 9, 2021 "Human Suffering" I thought I'd seen the worst of things that happens to us humans.  Some things are very hard to endure.  Is there a divine authority that recognizes and is ready to appease those that suffer?  Stay tuned.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 6, 2021 "A Message From A Genuine Preacher" I am fully retired yes I am.  From time to time I go to the archive of my sermons.  Listen to my reflections from the year 1992 as I preach through the book of Acts.  Listen to my words.  Are you willing to address these truths today?  I can only imagine church today.  Trust me, we do not find preaching in this manner anymore in our country.  As a matter of fact I believe in every word that I spoke back in the day.  I've had conversations with men that have passed on and told me that these kinds of schemes were used to have me removed from being a Pastor.  Listen to my words as they speak to your heart.  I trust you appreciate these arvhive messages.  For those of you that are looking for a model of good Preaching; thanks for coming to my site.  This message was preached 29 years ago my me.  The Bible has never been wrong.  I stand and rest my case.  Listen to the end of the message.  I am grateful for God's truth as opposed to the lies of men.  I think you can learn from your bible without heading to some lying men and women who work up your emotions.  Be free today my friends.  May God prosper your lives.

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 5, 2021 "Tribute To An Army Buddy" Covid took another friend of mine.  I honor the memory of our many conversations so many years ago.  I looked through the library and music says it far better than anything else.

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 3, 2021 "Deeper Into The Rabbit Hole" Had my second cup of tea.   I getting caught up in home duties.  August is a strange time for me.  No priorities at the moment.  I think that we have fallen into the trap in terms of this covid mess.  Have you been listening to the reports?  I try to give an honest mental visions of what I'm going through because of this covid thing.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 29, 2021 "La La Land Defined" I feel like i'm in jail or something.  Listen in a bit..  That picture is how we use to live, that seems to all be over.  My thoughts in a minute.  I had to break out of the mental jail cell I've found myself in.  (now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 25, 2021 "Tribute To Karen Finister" I cannot escape the fact that today is Sunday.  This is the day that those of us who believe in the God that created all things deserve the praise and glory for all that has been granted us.  We have been taught that what ever the outcome of our lives; God has our best intent as the center of our lives.  I shall continue my web cast on Occupations throughout my life time, but I cannot continue without a tribute to Karen Finister.  Just a few minutes to remember a life that I was blessed to have known while living on this ball called Earth. (In Studio Right Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 23, 2021 "Jobs" Pt. 1 I take you through the years of my being in this chapter as I walk you through the many forms of employment that I have had throughout the many years of my life.  This journey has with it many particular items that many of you may not have known about me.  It gets personal here as I reflect upon those wonderful events that helped to shape me year after year.  It gets personal as I recall the life of Karen, to which this broadcast is dedicated.  To all of my friends, thank You for your love and affection towards me for these many years.

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 22, 2021 "Not One Of The Best Days" I've got to say it, yesterday and today have been not one of my best days.  Hopt to fill you in.

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 18, 2021 "Sunday's ThoughtsNice overcast here in Los Angeles today.  Cooling off before our sun burst with energy defined by a warming that is tearing the country apart.  Can it be said that there is more to this than global warming?  Life from the perspective of Sunday.

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 12, 2021 "Thoughts Defined" Can't help myself.  Started off sad; ended up elated.  Motown sends me off to another place as I think hard about the world that I grew up in.  Just take those ear phones with you as you drive to the beach or to the park.  You know that PJ is going to say something that will cause you to think about all that he is talking about.  Up Now!

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 10, 2021 "Admonitions" I'm not giving up.  I also believe in the power of LOVE.  It is an emotion that lives out itself in us guys in an amazing way as we allow ourselves to explore all of the possibilities of it in our lives.  It is a wonderful day in Los Angeles, California.  If you are a father, NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR SONS.  They may do stupid things, but it is that love that lingers on and on in our lives.  I admonish all of you to continue to do those things that make for loving black sons and men of our community.  That is my call to all of us.

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 2, 2021 "While Asleep" I've had many experiences in my life, but never one like last night.  I was awaken around 4:30am this morning by a dream that I had.  I shall speak candidly about it on today's webcast.  Life is so amazing these days.  Even though I can feel myself fading in terms of my physical condition, the spiritual aspect of my humanity is growing with leaps and bounds.  People, it is so good to be alive and yet doing and saying what God demands of me.  Talking about feeding my mind!  Just tune into today's cast.  (I'm in the studio right now.) 

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 1, 2021 "Defining Ourselves As Men"  Be sure to tune in for the web cast.  I came across some of my older notes and decided to forgo my attempt at my thesis; for the more detailed discription that our society needs to face in this country.  There is a massive difference between what a "Man" is; as compared to what a "Male" is.  I am of the opinion; that most males have absolutely no idea what a male is.  When these identities are foggy; error takes place in the very lives of those Kings and leaders that are suppose to lead and guide our nation.  (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 30, 2021  "Good Nite Irene"  I'm up and rolling again.  This houe is just my getting toknow you again.  When things happen to distract you; you just keep on going.  I'm sharing some things to you that are very important.  Those of us that lie to get down to the bottom of things will love this, on the other hand those of us that like to keep things quiet; well you know.  My time to share what is on my heart of years of being involved in Christian ministry.  In case you forget; one can see me preach on my YouTube page; (johncole1234). 

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 26, 2021 "how do you hear?"  Looking back at some of the sacred work of defining scriptures.  Just tap the "H" in how.  Study along with me afresh.  I am having a converesation about how one use to listen to God's leading.  The question that I'm faced with is why have many run away from that which can bring peace to their hearts?  It really blesses my heart that the center of the message is found in God alone.  My admonishment is to find God on your own.  Lean towards those things that brings peaceful inner tranquility.  The question is my friend, "How Do You Hear?

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 20, 2021 "Fathers Day Admonition" Fathers.  Many years ago I addressed the vital situation of women loving their men and treated them with respect.  While cleaning up my office I found myself listening to these three clips.  Listen in enjoy, and Happy Fathers Day to all of you brothers that are yet lopoking for that woman to offer these kinds of gifts.  Marriage # 11 Pt 1  Marriage # 11 Pt 2  Marriage # 11 Pt 3

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 19, 2021 "Juneteenth"  Part "2" What is it to be free?  I mean; what are the possibilities, can they be wholly understood, that one like you or me could be totally free?  This experiment with the term has caused generations of African Americans to question themselves as well as others.  I take up where I left off in yesterday's cast on "Full Disclosure" defining what spiritual freedom was to Socrates who chose death which allowed him total freedom; is that to be my end?  Will you take the thought further today in your minds and hearts?  Now that we as a people have been granted a national holiday; can it be said that we truly celebrate as a people our meaning and worth? 

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 16, 2021 "A Full Disclosure" Over the years of my life, I've tried not to ever lie to anyone about anything.  When it comes to my personal faith in something far greater ten myself, I have thousands of personal ideas.  As I venture more and more into living and what is implied by these issues of our lives, I think it time to give a full discription of where I am.    It would be nice if you quote me correctly; and not like many that I know would say I've lost my mind.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 14, 2021 "Working Through It All" I am headed by my daughters home tonight.  The first time in well over a year.  See, I'm one of those rule keepers.  I am yet working on particular projects.  I trust you have the time to listen in to a hearful talk on successful living.   

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 7, 2021 "On Freedom" I'm Totally excited about the work that I'm having done on my home.  Chatting and preparing my heart to give it towards the young men in my community.  "The Oasis" is a part of my mmind that shares with me that if I want to assist young black and Hispanic men; I must continue to offer up my life as a tool of refinement that they might reach the hights.

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 3, 2021   "Urban Crises"Taking a good look at the society in which we live.  I must address it from the "Biblical Perspective".  I am yet alone most of my time in my home cleaning up, changing things around and then I saw this outline.  I add a bit of music in order to lighten up your mood.  With all of the shooting and crime taking place this summer.  i guess I'll call this my summer offering to those of us that require more then the empty promises of political and community leaders.  I think that you will love the ways in which I approach God's word, and our need to follow it.  Please allow me to say that my approach is quite different then when I was behind the pulpit.  Enjoy a bit of Burt Bacharch's back ground music as all of us zero in on what God might be saying concerning our national situation in terms of "The Murders" without regret.

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 1, 2021 "Army Outed"  I have vivid memories of that day.  All of the soldiers in my hootch were talking about it.  It started with the story of two Army soldiers that lived in the cooks sleeping quarters were caught being intimate.  I recall it because it was during the Christmas season when many of the soldiers in Seoul were on leave.  I had no free money so I was on the compound for that weekend.  The insodent took place in 1966.  I think it is time to speak on this issue. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 30, 2021 "Normal"  What is normal now?  I'm shotted up and ready for number three when they dictate.  Am I justified?  Is there a govermental conspiracy taking over the whole world?  How does one cope when everybody has an opinion about what is happening?  I have to look through my usic and discover what I might play while soothing my inner self. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 28, 2021 "Does God Hear Our Prayers?" Do you think that we are a people of such foolishness that God (if there is) does He (the divine) hears us when we cry out in pain for help?

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 27, 2021 "Daddy Required" This Hour drives me to the solid conclusion that MEN are required more than in any time in American history.  Ladies please do not get mad at me.  I play Aretha again, but there is a twist on this whole thing.  Why is our society going down the drain?  Simply put, therre is a great lack of men in this society.  Hey how about restoring the Daddy?  Enjoy!

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 24, 2021 "Back On Track"   As the workers work around my home, I watch them.  My energy has drained but I take courage in their efforts to see my life as meaningful.  Listen in to today's cast.

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 20, 2021 Deep Trouble!  These days the crimes of the masses has taken all of us on a field trip unbelievable.  My Insights follow as I try to get up enough nerves to address todays situation.  I have never seen in all of my years this kind of behavior in our country.  The hole that we as a people are digging is getting us for more deeper in trouble.  I'm asking questions that may not be easy to answer.  Lets add a bit of Stevie to cheer us up!

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 16, 2021 "Chaos Corner" Oh God, help us to at least to try to love one another.  It really is easy.  Just look deeply into the eyes of your fellow human being.  Did you see what I see?  Listen in. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 14, 2021  "Pistos"  My mind is constantly being challanged to re-think it again!  No I a on may way to get the second shot on today.  My old religion keeps me peaking and then drifting until I get some read good medicine.  "Pistos" are captions from my mind as I attempt to read from these new young humans that appear to be writing for God Himself.  You see, I've always viewed myself as; well as every human that I've ever met as inferior to the Most High.  Today's web cast takes you along with me as I read afresh from ne one the most importand text in the history of the AA Church;  I am doing well after the second shot.  Yesterday I suffered.  But it is normal when you place foreign things in ones body.  In two weeks I can go visit my grand children again.  God be praised I could nor sleep any longer and He got me up thinking about why American Chruches has lost their way.

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 10, 2021 "Ross & Donna"  Eric Reed and Grover Washington share spots in my mind as I leap into reality.  Enjoy birthday wishes to Ross and Donna, the two bornafter me.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 9, 2021 "Mom's Day"  My heart rejoices in the mother that raised me for the tweleve years that I had her in my mind and heart.  Then I married Lucy and she became a mother to my children, and then one of my daughters brought teo wonderful children into the world.  My thoughts on Mother's Day. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 2, 2021  "Behave Yourselves" Part 1  "Behave Yourselves #2"  For those of you that will continue to hate.  I placed this up.  As we all watch our society fall totally apart. . . . Listen to the Pastor!  Our individual hatred for our fellow man is a reflextion of the depraved and dead spirits.  Listen to the introduction by Clifford Jackson.  Listen to me acknowledge the late Johnnie Jones, who had left off those important things.  I have not changed in all of these years.  If you have a heart for truth, you really need to listen to the section which asked us. . . .'WHO IS TELLING THE TRUTH' People, Pay Attention to all of my words from the past.  LISTEN TO PART "1" AND JUDGE YOURSELVES.  If there is no peace in your heart today when you think of one person; YOU are most likely in poor spiritual shape.  Get your biblies out.  If you will not do that, go to a fun site.  I shall always be tht man of the Holy High God.  All of us need to obey The Most High.  We cannot see God unless we love, and love is the aspect of obedience to the oly God.  Pay attention America.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 1, 2021 "Triflin"  In all of my years, I have not seen it so clearly.  The offspring of our community as a people of color at times appears to demonstrate some of the worst behavior that I'v seen in literally years.  For sure a short cast in the making.  I am ashamed of my community.  But here again; the community might be ashamed of me.  (Now). Mentally listening and looking at America, we have gone beyond reason.  I thank God I can be happy thinking free of any person. . . . May God help our nation and the citizens therein.

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 27, 2021 "Calling It Out" Frankness and new wisdon assist me in rightly defining the choices that I made when a younger man.  If we ever come together as a people in the community, we must re-think our motives for doing almost anything.  Listen as I give reasons for what I believe now. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 26, 2021 "PowerNomics"  What started out as a boring I'm giving up on my people turned out to be the beauty of another man's ideas of how to cope with my failing community.  Please don't get turned off by the low dragging aspect of my sitting down afterh changing my mind on discussing the confused younger generation.

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 22, 2021 "Truth Spoken" As always, I speak what is on my heart.  If you have a heart, chide in and give some kind of reasonable thoughts on subjects that will retain affection.  What am I talking about?  Listen in. (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 20, 2021 "Im In Trouble Now"  Yesterday I saw something that caused me to cringe!  I speak about it.  I also speak on the trial that just ended.  If I loose friends for making a statement, then I just lost you.  We are in trouble people, deep trouble.  It is time for all of us to reflect upon our attitudes and dispositions towards everyone.

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 16, 2021 "Urban Apologetics Re-Visited" I am eading from the text. while making commentary on this great book documented by Eric Mason and others concerning my choice of faith as a Believer of the Holy Scriptures.  If you will not get the book and read it for yourself, I thought that I would read some of it for you. (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 13, 2021 "DMX & Wright"  Recent events in a community that seems to have given up on what is decent living will always tell the tale.  Life loss is always difficult.  When that death could have been avoided, well; that is another story altogether.  My take on the latest news.

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 12, 2021 "It Goes On"  These days I hate looking at the news.  I try to escape into the world of joy and happiness, when I think that I have arrived, pain comes my way as I look deep into the community that identifies itself as African American.  The trial is going on and the tension is high as we see another useless killing.  I cannot say much in that all of the evidence has not come to the surface.  Would it matter when it does?  We require a dose of God's justice, but I almost forgot, we threw God out of the American scene years ago.  Our youth are living in a dreamscape.  Parents have forsaken God, Bible, and all that appears to be right for the quick death at the hands of those that are suppose to be protecting us.  If I were the Pastor preparing my message for Sunday morning I would title the message; "Be Still And Know That God Is God".  I know, I would be jaughed out of the room.  You see, when we take justice in our own hands, there is no receiving justice from the Most High.  Twenty years gone simply because a young black man would not follow authority.  Have we lost our minds?

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 10, 2021  "Urban Apologetics" I am reading this text and my faith in an intelligent approach is restored.  Facts is what the black man requires at this time in American history.  My comments thus far in reading the text "Urban Apologetics", General Editor Eric Mason; thus far is turning out to be in house reading covered with historical facts and no fiction.  I shall give you some updates further as I continue to bathe myself in this text.  Thank God that a group of "Us" have come togetheer and right all of the wrongs concerning our knowledge of the real Jesus of the Scriptures.  (Now). Buy the book, I got mine on Amazon.

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 9, 2021 "That Bridge" A life planned to please God, as well as assist others during those difficulr times.  I'm here for you in mind and soul.  Relax and go to that bridge with me.  On a spiritual high on this fantastic Friday.  There is nothing like sweet music as all of us allow God to glide us through the maze of confusion.  How are you anyway?  I'm feeling better and better as I navigate through the streets of Los Angeles.  In my humble opinion, this is one of the greatest places to live in the world.  MAN! HAVE YOU LOOKED OUTSIDE THE WINDOW? 

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 6, 2021 "Loosen Up" How does one go forward in today's world?  I shall assist you in that area as we strive together in this new world of ours.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 3, 2021 "What Happened" I owe you a clear and concise explanation of my journey through the knowledge of God as I see clearly the road taken.  (There You Are!)

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 31, 2021  "Day 3"

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 29, 2021 ""A Day In MY Life""  I've never been in doubt concerning those things that were better for the faiy that God called me to lead.  I've never made a bad decision; you know one of those choices that ought not ever be made simply because I never took it to the brain bank.  Just another Old School trick that youngsters yet dream about.  I believe in a bit of dreaming myself, but where some of these new people take it?

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 26, 2021 "Being Old School" Has it's benefits.  It is the way that things get done without all of the allowed interferences.  Tried, and bonified not by the strap, or a trap, just the nature of "Old" and what it implies. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 23, 2021 "Covid Syndrome" That slight change in people's mind is happening all over the country.  Killings, fighting in the streets, so where is God in all of this?  In the very same place as He always been from the beginning of time.  Dictating from a place nearer than we would like to believe.   More ot come your way in an hour or so.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 22, 2021 "Breezing On A Sunday Afternoon"  Might as well make it a Monday.  LOL!  I forgot to upload it.  Having such a great weekend.  enjoy some reflections as well as music for us Old Schoolers.

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 20, 2021 "Something About Believing" My argument is feasible.   Listen to the reasons why I propose this kind of life. (+)  Listen for a new infusion of great music.  I feel it in my bones.  It is a beautiful day in Los Angeles.  Not too much to say, just enjoying myself as I reflect upon my many blessings.  I am yet believing in all that I have discovered about God.

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 14, 2021 "The Character Of Kingdom Citizens" We were waiting for our ailing Pastor to arrive at the church.  This was the year that the whole world came to Los Angeles for the Olympic Games.  I was a Traffic Officer as well as one of the ministers at Olivet Baptist Church.  I had not been installed as the Pastor of the church in that J.B. Stanley was yet alive.  He was dying and we expected him to be late.  Time was fading and somebody had to get up and say something.  I always came to the house of the Lord ready to share with the people that I loved the most, my church family.  Thank God that in 1984 I had the mind to record this Archive Message taken from the book of Luke.  Please enjoy as I am today as I re-listen to this classic Sunday Morning sermon.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 9, 2021 "No Benefits Part 1" "No Benefits Part 2"  I listened to last Sunday's sermon preached at Grace Community Church here in So. California and I must tell you, I cannot believe what I heard.  Listen to this lesson from a Pastor that has had accusations brought against him.  I do what I do with this messy excuse, as well as his definitions of so called harm that has come his way.  It is a long web cast.  Please download this one and listen to the last five minutes, then tell me what he said concerning race matters and the "Titanic", the ocean liner that went down.  You listen for yourself and tell me what he said.  These are disturbing times for those of us that are attemping to digest the scriptures.I've heard pastors after the've been found out, but last Sunday's message from the pulpit of GCC was nothing less than an hour of "Special Pleading", Applying a double standard that is exemplified by the choice of ones words.  JMJ knows better than that.  He uses Complex Questions by using an interrogative form of begging the question; the purported question bringing an assumption with it that needs to be questioned.    Oh no you don't.  Every educated in that room knew just what he was saying.  I shall address this on my next web cast.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 8, 2021 "Reflextions On The Past"  Conversations that carry the communicator to the depths of it's meanings.  What does it imply when we say we speak and hear what we want?  Why is it difficult for most of us most of the time to hear those things that might be uncomfortable.  Tune in for some music, stay at home time and reflections during this expanding season of covid.  I'm thinking about playing one of my giants of the hammon organ; Jimmy Smith and more as I cut through all of the red tape of not hearing what we must in order to really determine if we are listening correctly. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 7, 2021 "Falling From Grace"  No, my heart is not heavy or in pain in anyway concerning the fallout over the lifestyles of the rich and famous in these Mega Church structures.  As I have stated in the past; God must have left me here for such a time as these.  Oh I told you not to place your spiritual care in the head and hearts of those that have confessed that they have no idea what or why I preach and teach as I do.  This next cast is going to cause many of you to love me more or detest at best.  Well, try to enjoy! Oh My!  someone called me and asked me if I'd seen the Fred Price Funeral?  I had the cast up last night and then took it down.  After watching a bit of what is up on social media, I've decided to place the cast bavk up, or to do a new one.  I give a vivid and blantant definition of my life on earth.  If you had ever wanted to follow me on my journey, listen to this cast.  The words are taken from a writing by myself called;  "The Evil Within / An essay defining how lasting Godly traditions can be scrapped and left for garbage.  We can see what happened to our community because of this disgard of a good bit of logic.". This is the one to listen to if you ever wanted to know.

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 3, 2021 "Embracing The Culture, Or Confronting It" Another month goes by and I am constantly reminded of how much I have to be thankful for.  I love the book of Romans.  Of the many books of the New Testiment; Romans makes the difference.  It calls one back to the essentials of their Christian experience.  Try as oe will to avoid it's teachings, one has to come to realize that their faith is substantuated in Christ by how one lives.  Listen to today's lesson in Spiritual values and then compare your life with the words spoken.  It's a wet day in Los Angeles, just the perfect time to settle down at that computer or phone of yours and explore your life as you look back with me reflectively at Romans 12:1-2. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 1, 2021 ""Walk" Our world is blurred with news that distracks us from what is really very important.  Listen in to today's broadcast as I attempt to give you a better view of this situation from wisdom and health.  Something happens as I open my bible.  It hit me like a ton of good bricks.  I shall never forsake the calling that God has placed deep in my heart.  I can only hope and pray that you gain thhe valid point of my discourse.  Welcome to another month of covid 19 and more of the crazy news.  Lets trade all of that for some crazy love.  PJ

Ram Radio The Web Cast Februay 24, 2021 "Build Them Up Professor" There is nothing like building others up.  I have a bit of time, so here it is. . . . . Ben E. King, Elvis, The Righteous Brothers, Wilson Pickett assist me as I cheer all of us up!

Ram Radio The Web Cast Februay 20, 2021"Made Up MessHow much of what we hear from our nations pulpits are really what God intended for us to come into contact with?  My Office talk will address that and so much more.  The leader of the word faith fake church is dead.  Ask those whose loved ones believed that which God never stated and have bittn the dust.  Are you listening to made up mess?  Would you know it if it confronted you to your face?  I doubt it.  We seem to no longer have the ability to reason, think or to say no to all of the BS that flows from our nations pulpits.

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 17, 2021 " Jobless" Paul Robeson Speaks   I was in the studio and I got a call, I thought I'd share with you some of the crazy talk going on out there these days.  I think of the man and his music, the man and his gift, I'm taking my time in the studio.  A great tribute demands such effort.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 12, 2021 "Love Guides Me"  I have no motives but that of Love.  So many of my days are filled with pain in our bodies, but Love Guides us.  Listen to todays cast in order to discover these things for yourself.  I was moved to pick up my book of books, and this thirty minutes rolled out of my heart.  Listen to PJ, your internet Pastor tell you the truth.  No, please do not send me money or material.  I never desired all of that mess.  Just listen to Ms. Franklin play and sing for us and grab that bible of yours and turn to Isaiah 45:5-10 and study with me today.

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 11, 2021 "Confirmation" I got up this morning thinking about the ramifications of doing my last cast.  As I was explicating my reasoning, I received a phone call.  I'll let you figure out the rest.  Listen to this archive radio presentation so many years ago.  Truth wet weighs much in the lives and hearts of so many people that were hoodwinked our of their mony, fortune all on a lie, the lie of "Word Faith".  In the black community, there is one voice that is heard with tons of money behind the lie.. . . . Listen to all "5" sections.  Take the time and digest it all.  Pt.1  Pt.2  Pt.3  Pt.4  Pt.5Please don't call any phone # given on this archive Radio Presentation.

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 10, 2021 "Word Fake" Listen with an understanding.  Fred Price Is Fighting For His Life?  A friend called me tonight to give me the news.  How am I to respond?  Fred said that he obtained the power and force to withstand what ever.  Wrong again.  I trust all that have suffered from this plague find the peace of or God to seek His answers, rather than men who lie for Mamon.   Pt.1  Pt.2  Pt.3  Pt.4  Pt.5.  Please don't call any phone # given on this archive Radio Presentation.

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 6, 2021 " Music, Music, Music!" Today is My Birthday!  I was presented the most beautiful gift fit for my heart and soul.  Just when one thinks all is lost; "Genius".  As I am the man that will blend in just the right amount of some of the coolest; is that a word? . . The coolest music in Jazz todate.  My good friend Eric Reed; gave me this gift on my birthday!  I'm asking you to join me as I listen to Eric Reed' "For Such A Time As This". . . . . 

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 1, 2021 "Who Is The Jesus Of Scriptures?"    "The Historical Jesus Defined"  Do we really desire to know the answer to that question?  In some places all around the world, men and women are dying before and afterh they attempt to answer.  In that the creator has allowed me to survive these many years; I shall attempt to answer with the scriptures.  I use John 3:16 as a leading scripture defining the totality of the greek definitions.  I carry the student of the bible through many quotes from my private library.  My years as a pulpit Pastor blessed me with hours of individual study that opened my mind to look at all of the views of the scriptures.  Now more than ever, we really need to do a lot of personal investigation as we attempt to break down the meaning of the text; especially when we attempt to teach others.  What a way to start the month of february.

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 31, 2021 " Romans Part "4"Drive to the store and fill your mind with something of means and spiritual pleasure.  In part "1" I quote from J.M. Boice and others that warn us of the fears that we are facing today.  I read from this theological commentary which best defines my own personal Belief in Jesus.  Not the American Brand, but the Historical person of the Christ.  Keeping mind that this is a heavy teaching and requires much thought.     

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 26, 2021 "Exchanging Titles" My mind has been challenged these recent days, but I yet call upon My Savior to bless my people and the other people that may not look like me, but has life given by my creator.  This up coming time will and is suppose to challenge us today.  Watch out, I'm in the preaching mode. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 23, 2021 "On Preaching & Teaching" No kidding people, have you listened to what most peope in this country call Preaching and Teach of the Christian Faith?  I've gone to the zoom meetings, and behold, I would never know that I was in a meering of Christians learning the lessons that the Church for centuries believed.  Talking about change?  I searched my files and came upon an outline with three verses in the book of Acts found in the New Testament.  For those that ask me have I searched the internet; Yes I Have!  Listen to this not quite thirty minutes which defines why the church has failed in most cases.  Preaching and Teaching was my profession for most of my adult life.  I take you through 90 minutes in about 29 and a half minutes.  Take the time and feed your soul as well as that brain.

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 22, 2021 "Forgive Trump & Biden" Tough call PJ, I don't think I can do that.  Todays cast will address these issues.  Yes, I think thaty it is time for our country to heal.  This can only take place if all of us collectively forgive that person that has brought harm toward our lives.  I know that it may be difficult for you to believe that God will do anything; and that it is far eiser for us to tke matters in our own hands.  I have discoverred that if a person does things with the right intention God seems to take the bad swag out and replace the bad with somethings which makes for freedom and joy.  If you get the chance today, listen in to today's webcast.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 21, 2021 "Praxis Part "2" I take the student of thinking to another level.  We like to think of peace, well that appears t be positive these days.  We have a new "Intelligent Leader In The White House".  Certainly I hope so for the thousands that are needing car.  Lets pray that things get back to some kind of normal in this great country of ours.  I'm thinking about mixing a bit of music today, some good old oldies.  Sounds Good?  To all of my christians that yet desire to believe in God and his graces, listen in during the stay home time.  I have food in the frege and water to dring.  I am satisfied.  I pray that your day is going OK.

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 19, 2021 "Praxis" Part "1" We have allowed others to do our thinking for us.  This is the reason many of us are connected to the government.  I am fully aware where I live, and how many in this region are sustained.  We have turned a deaf ear to reason and followed the way of the piper; tooting us into obscurity. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 16, 2021 "Soothing The Sorrow" I know that many of you are sad these days.  I found Grover Washington Jr, really hits the spot.

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 15, 2021  "My Tribute 1"We cannot think, pray or wish ourselves non-involvement as to the case of our affiars.  Pitition God, make sure your pititions are for peace and co-exsistence with our fellow citizens.  My next cast, the state of our affiars with Johnny Mathis singing and cheering us all up during this time in our lives..  (On No . . The last minutes of the cast did not burn. Sorry, but most of the cast was up TKS.)

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 13, 2021 https://youtu.be/AdOTIf5Pz1E  Responding To The Word Of God; Pt. 1. Just take the time and listen.  If you are in tune to following "YouTube" go on to the other parts and discover the Godly way to triumph over the terrible times ahead of us.

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 11, 2021 "Goodby Johnnie Jones" I lost a friend today.  To Covid.

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 9, 2021 "I'm Zoning" Truth is my friend.  I cannot mention her in fear of reprisal. I had an un-suspecting guest, we just naturally began to fire up the studio.  Check out what can happen if we ask the right kinds of questions.  This is a short cast but meaningful.

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 7, 2021 "Solitary Confinement" Hold tight in your minds and bodies as you go through this difficult time.  The next web cast will address these situations as well as the solutions from the perspective of a "Divine Command Theory".  Some of our community are going through some of the most difficult times in their lives. I am searching through my files as I listen to the Washington DC Stuff.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 4, 2021 "Obey" The question facing mort of us is a simple one; will we simply obey?  What is it that will keep most of us alive in this country?  Simply answer, OBEY.  What a difficult objective to obey.  Do what it is that all of us are suppose to do.  Stay secure in the world that you find yourself in.  If it is being at home for a while, and you can afford to forfiet those plans that you had, do it.  Weeks shall pass, and you might remain alive.  Keep that mask on and beiieve in the science that speaks louder than your personal desires.  Listen to a bit of music and fulfill those hobbies, those things that make you happy where you are, that is what I do these days.  I desire to see the new year in in about "12" more months.  Join me in that venture.  Thanks for coming to my site.  Very busy these days alone, I have learned how to introduce myself to self containment during this time of National and world wide Covid.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 2, 2021 "2021"   PJ's first 2021 Web Cast.  Working on it right now in the studio.  I will do both.  Share with you some goodness from God's mind.  Logic for those of us that can think.  Grover Washington Jr. is the Music man of this hour, and listen in deeply as I share so on the best Scriptures that define where we ought to be headed.  Enjoy and share with your friends.

The You Tube Clips All 400 + Of Them

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 25, 2014 "On This Memorial Day"    I must tell you.  I am having a great time with people that have come into my life.  This MEM Day, i am celebrating freedom of the mind.  As I review some of the things I've been speaking about in just all of the recent web cast.  I believe that I can prove my point as I remember this Memorial Day!

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 22, 2014 "Right Living"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 21, 2014 "The Prison Of our Minds"  This is the week that serious writing takes place.  No other work besides the conclusion of the semester shall take place.  I must isolate myself in order to think about how I am communicating these basic ideas of survival in our community.  I weigh our unique situation where 19th century Christianity has lost its flair.  Have you visited churches lately, I have recently and let me tell you.  Stay tuned to the cast for the latest updates.  and get ready to sample the writings.  Tks! 

Ram Radio The Web Cast May  15, 2014 "They Are Praying For Me"  Why?  I have decided so many years ago to do this life on my own, only to find that others are now telling me that they think that I may be missing heaven simply because I no longer attend to an evangelical mindset.  I would like to share this information with so many of you out there that no longer require the group think mentality that comes with the name of being "Christian".  My question is, why are so many evangelicals challenged by the threat of a burning hell after they have fully studies the words of Jesus?  Giving thought to a lot of ideas as I come to the end of the semester.  I'll do it tonight. . . stay tuned!  

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 7, 2014 "Knowing For Oneself"   I have just finished an in studio show.  I am asking that you exercise parental control in that the guest that comes by the studio spoke freely concerning the subject matter of men and this generation.  Be sure to listen in. Know that my guest is speaking clearly about the situations that I am attempting to relay to you.  You know PJ, he is not going to bring you conventional web cast.  Only what is so real.  lets see if God can guids us all through this one. . . . . . 

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 4, 2014 "Reach Out And Touch Somebody Please!" The truth needs to be told, come on Love!  it is amazing how easy it is to share with others God's love.  I attempt between the work of the college to influence others about the KEY to my success with young men in my community.  Most people do not want to do it, it makes them feel strange.  I fully understand.  I quote today in that it is Sunday from the bible to back up my talk.  Enjoy the cast. PJ

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 25, 2014 "leaning Towards Conformity Reeks Havoc" It is not wise to head in directions that might cause you consequences that might endanger you for the rest of your lives.  Why do young men conform to that which is not fit to lead them towards success.  With the idea of God or some supreme being heading in the same direction or for the course that you have chosen, STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN!  Just finished the cast. . . It takes on a far different meaning than I had in mind before I engaged the question itself.  This is a serious web cast and if you have the tim, as I said, JUST LISTEN IN!  PJ

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 19, 2014 "The Life Of The Son In Me"   Easter Sunrise services.  The family is going to get up early and go out to coffee, or make it at home.  They will gather for pictures and food and a fun day of family and fresh friends.  They will go to some place of worship and hear the same old story that they have heard over and over again.  In some kind of a way it makes it feel even truer.  But does Christ really life in you alone?  Is there an intolerance of sorts that we kind of lay aside on this day?  Is there really something far different about this time of the year than any other?  I plan to do the cast early on Sunday while it is yet dark.  I see myself as shedding a bit of light for all of us on this Sunday that floods my mind with so many memories, you would not believe.  Look for the life of the Son in Me.  I'm excited already!  PJ

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 16, 2014 "Naturally Fitted To Steadily Believe" (Now!Regardless of what happens in our country, I shall always believe.  I shall always depend upon that peace that I've always received from God when in distress.  Not some false belief in something that may not exist, but rather a tangible substance of power that will answer all of my prayers, while I yet ask of God.  Listen in and enjoy the conversations that make for peace during these times of difficulty.

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 12, 2014 "No Further Need To Attempt Rectification"  (Now!I have always tried to explain myself to others.  I have come to know that if the person has no idea of what I am speaking about, why or how would I expect them to travel down the same road as I have chosen, unless something greater them ourselves challenge us to the degree that we believe in order to fully understand.  Not only a quibble but rather an interesting insight as to why I cannot justify anything or anybody.  Live unto God with an honest and pure heart before him, wanting the best for others that are reasonable in the processes of developing a love ethic; as opposed to church tradition and pump and crazy circumstances.  Oh no my friends; "There is really no more need of rectifications!"  PJ  (Definition Demanded:  To put right, to correct, to remedy, to convert, To cause or assume a certain characteristic.   

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 8, 2014 "More Denial Only Leads To Excess Error" There is a book out called; "How Jesus Became God".  This text is not only silly, but completely stupid especially from a student that studied theology.  I just may run out the get the book to see how un-enlightened individuals are concerning matters of theological importance.  The name of the book is "How Jesus Became God" By Bart D. Ehrman.  My commentary will be up as soon as I do today's web cast; stay tuned.

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 5, 2014 "How Far It Has Dropped Off"  Thanks for coming to the site.  Today's cast starts off with shocking evidence as to how far off of the scale of morality Lets keep that light burning people.

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 4, 2014  "Good Friday"  ? Really!  Well, if I thought that I was loosing all of my friends, this web cast will convince the rest of you also depart for the sake of sanity.  I engage in language that ought to cause Black Pastors to give reaction to.  I am on spring break, I have a bit more time.  You will be hearing from me.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 28, 2014 "Query On Abortion" I take a far different rout as I address a very difficult subject matter for many in our society.  Like it or not, their are moral ramifications for those that so abrasively abort.  I found a text on the shelf of my library written by a female on the subject matter of "Ethics".  If you think that I am finished with addressing matters of the heart, you must be crazy.   Weekend are time to think of matters of the heart; Hang Tight!  PJ

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 25th 2014  Worried Bout Nothing?  REALLY!  If you listen to the music of our day, you will find that some of the lyrics really give rise to serious questions.  Enjoy!  More to come ASAP! 

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 18, 2014 "Conviction All Around Us"    It has been a while but after my nap today, I thought to speak to many issues that have been going through my mind.  The cast starts off slow, and then it catches up speed as I address some heavy issues. I am feeling much better these days.  I listen to my doctors about my various conditions, but not about taking their drugs. . . Listen in and catch up with me PJ; your internet Pastor.  Thanks for coming to the site.  PJ

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 14, 2014  "Up And Coming" I was thinking.  I know that is a dangerous thing to do, to think about what most people refuse to think about.  Listening to my web can de harmful to one's hypocrisy.  I am forever thinking about those things that others might say concerning the things of God.  My take on life is looking deeply at the epistemology of life.  Thanks for many of you that yet come to my site.  I shall be diligent in placing more up for your thoughts.  God bless!  PJ, The Internet Pastor  

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 9, 2014 What Is Religion? I asked this question of my World Religions Class.  They wrote down the answers.  This web cast will provide definitions as well as insights to where our nation is during this time.  I have been going through it alright, but I shall pull together this cast for this Sunday.  (Soon)

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 2, 2014 "Miracles Do Take Place"  I am sorry for the delay.  As you know I am so busy with other things these days.  Please take the time and listen in to today's web cast.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 25, 2014  "Parental Wrongs" &"A Room Silenced After So Many Years" I have decided to dis-continue the bible studies in my home study.  I would never think that the day would arrive that I could find the words to define myself in this manner.  I will take a little time to explain myself for those of you that think I have given up, no I have not. . . I am awaiting the day when one of my students of the Bible could come forth and bring forth a serious effort in teaching bible in their homes to total strangers, neighbors, friends, barbers, city workers, policeman and women, doctors and the such.  The question that I will address in this cast is a simple one; "Where are the future leaders in the area of teaching the bible in our inner cities?"  Many would say that they are called to do just that buy when given the opportunity to do so; they have not been properly trained to teach or to instruct the masses of Christian Believers in the way.  I must go off and make money today, but upon my arrival in the office I shall put it out there.  PJ This is really a two part cast. . . I am working harder these days.  I pray that you get something out of the Cast.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 24, 2014 "A Great Spiritual Day"  Teaching brings me such joy these days.  Each year, speaking and lecturing provides for me a real reason to live on in this life.  This web cast provides a bit of insight as I analyze the spiritual direction of the young people that will be left behind to guide our culture.  For sure the old ways have been forgotten, but I can tell you, these young people require questions that challenge them to take issues to another level.  Please take the time and listen in.  I plan to have another cast up ASAP.  I Promise You!  

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 22, 2014  "Flip Flop Christianity"

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 18, 2014 Acts Of Decency

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 14, 2014 "It's About Time!" I was so pleased to read the latest article from the Berean Call Newsletter.  At last some other smart Believer sees the terrible results of hard core Calvinism.  Be Sure To Listen in to the next cast.   I plan to complete the thought in a few hours. . .  The cast is now up.  Listen to it.  Analyze the words of myself as well as the author of this Newsletter.  The Church is not really what she says she is.  Is it possible for us to listen and come to reality with what is going on in the church world. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 10, 2014 "Fall Welcome"  Back to work and really thankful in my heart and mind.  Listen in and see what great things God can do in the life of an old Paster that I filled with promise for the lives of the young people around him.

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 6, 2014 Bridging That Gap

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 3, 2014  A Day Of Worship?

Many More Of My Preaching & Teaching As A Pastor. Below     

Ram Radio Archive  

You have noticed that I have removed most of my older messages from the site.  It is time for each of us to make up our minds how we shall end our days.  I never desired to become an iconic figure for people that go to church.  I have always detested titles that men give other men; especially when it comes to representing God.  The above sermon depicts how it was when the church allowed the free preaching of God's truth.  I have a great love for the African American and Hispanic Community of which I am apart.  I live in Los Angeles, a major population of millions of people.  I would pray that my messages all over You Tube will assist others in defining what true biblical Christianity is all about.  This site was first established in the year 2002. 

              The Series / "Acts In Action The Book"

If you have ever desired a full account of what happened in the first century; that time when our faith really got off of the ground, you will want to listen to these special messages that I have pulled together from the wonderful book of Acts.  You will find in these messages a detailed account of what the church really looked like.  I preached this during a time when the local Church that I was pastor of was growing with leaps and bounds in a spiritual way.  In today's churches, this kind of preaching is not allowed.  Please use each message as a stepping stone for spiritual maturity as you analyze the faith that was once delivered to real believers and then compare this to the type of messages that are proclaimed from our pulpits today.  Also, please keep in mind that I have no idea how much longer I shall be alive, and it would do you well to download all of these pieces for your archive library.  Oh, my friend, you know the drill; "Stay Into The Blessed Word Of God!  PJ

Church Growth First Century Style

Crossing Racial Barriers

Four Major Aspects Acts Chapter Five

Conflict Ministry First Century Style  Acts Chapter Six

When The Leaders Don't Agree

The Perils Of Big City Ministry

Doing The Work Adopting The Church

Paul In Corinth

Ephesus; Where Minds Meet


Paul On Trial  

Prophecy Fulfilled

Mission Accomplished 

Sneak Preview "Thinking Out Loud" Tap the crook in the suit. 

Who Is This Jesus?  John 8:48-53  Pt.1  Pt.2  Pt.3  Pt.4  Pt.5

 Divine Discipline Defined 1991 To 2010  Divine Discipline

 Proof Ram Radio Live 6-30-02  Pt.1  Pt.2  Pt.3  Pt.4

   My Sunday Sermon 11-13-2011

                      Ram Radio The Web Cast 2-26-09  Pt.1  Pt.2  Pt.3  Pt.4

Persons Of The Spirit Pt.1  Pt.2  Pt.3  Pt.4  Pt.5

Mercy's Seat  Pt.1  Pt.2  Pt.3  Pt.4  Pt.5

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In Search For The Real Jesus    Pt.1  Pt.2  Pt.3  Pt.4  Pt.5   

"Fidelity" Pt.1  Pt.2  Pt.3  Pt.4  Pt.5 

 "All Men Are Fallen"   Pt.1  Pt.2  Pt.3  Pt.4  Pt.5

Ready To Die  Pt.1 & Pt.2

 Go To Hell!  But I'm Not Going With You"

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"To Sue Or Not To Sue" Pt. 1  Pt.2

The Sermon / Don't Blame Me!  Says The Lord!   Pt.1  Pt.2  Pt.3 

Is It Right To Judge Others?   Is It Right Pt.1   Is It Right Pt.2   Is It Right Pt.3

Absolute Christianity   Part "1"   Part "2"  Part "3"  Part "4"

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Church Growth  Pt 1  Pt.2  Pt.3

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The Changing Of Our Church  (This piece was written years ago)

 What happed to the common kind of faith?  As we focus on the changing world that we live in, we must ask the question as to why the church as we know it today is in a state of constant change?  Aren’t you annoyed that at every turn of the compass, we seem to change the way that the church defines itself?  Is there an answer for these sudden drastic changes?  Do we see this as only some simple cultural shift or is there a searching heart in each of us as we seek to give a definition of this change?  This article will attempt to qualify that there has to be another answer other than the trite solutions that many in our culture has arrived at in the fast few years.  As I attempt to give some of the reasons, I would ask that you the reader use a discerning mind as you attempt to determine for yourself the validity of these dangerous changes.

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