Pictures Of Pastor John's Life In Living Color


Lucy and I enjoying each others company while I visited a friends home.

Text Box: I'm the guy on the left.  Daddy has his hand on my shoulder.
This was my family in 1955.  I grew up in a family.  Solid foundational relationships.  Many families today do not look like this.

As a Pastor I knew that my wife was the only person that I was to love and respect as my soul mate.

As we grew older, we remained lovers even unto the end.  We never called each other out of their names.

That is me in 1986 receiving a BA in Philosophy.  Happy days in the life of Pastor John.

That is me on the right.  My light weight natural, before the white hair days.

Lucy was the greatest cook in the world.  This was typical Thanksgiving day in the Coleman home.  How did the outcome look?

I am not bragging or anything, just sharing with you a little bit about the man that preaches a strong message.  Marc Ramsey spanned the picture on this day.

A glass of punch for a friend as Lucy enjoys the moment.  Lucy cleans the kitchen after turkey day.  Note the turkey pan behind Marc?  I snapped the picture.

I just loved Fremont High School in the heart of Los Angeles in the "60s"  See me in the first row next to the pretty girl.  We were a part of the Winter class of 62.

Most of the old buildings are no longer there; the earthquake of  71' damaged them so bad that they had to be torn down.  This was a mid day assembly with the chorus singing atop the connectors of the science building to the main admin building.  The school was mostly African American, and never, ever the thought of guns on the campus.  That was the day my friend.

This is our famous school fountain at Fremont.  I think it is yet standing.  This is in the middle of the quad area that was just as scenic as any college campus in America.  I loved going to school, even though I was so alone most of the time. Everything Must Change; Right!







Text Box: This was one of the most happiest days of my ministerial life.  Being with my brothers, I mean life long friends, people you have known from way back.  Alvin, a deacon, Greg, My son in ministry, myself, Carlton a dear friend, Peter my boyhood friend in the Old Church Robert & Nakia now grown men.  You have no idea how I feel not being able to fellowship with these great guys.  One of the Happiest Days Of My Life at the "Vett"




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