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This page will offer radio testimonies that draw you into the mind of an African American Apologist.  Unlike many other interviewers; I have a way of getting to the point of the matter that at times causes my guest to kind of flip out.  Am I really that terrible a host?  You listen in to the clips.  Many more will follow as the Lord gives me time to place them up.  PJ

                            Tap Picture And Listen to interview # 1 which actually took place after # 2    In the above scene Dr. E. V. Hill was called in as my guest on live radio in order to give an account of the Henry Lyons allegations made by the St. Petersburg Fl. press.  Rev. Hill and I had a lively discussion as I sought to come to what he would call his truth of the matter.  I would ask that you listen closely in that I have placed most of the interview up in the final two parts.  You will find that Dr. Hill states the case as it is and as he speaks with Christians that are outraged at his discourse to black people.  Hank Katchem is one of the callers that broke the story to me who is not in heaven with the Lord.  Rev. Hill is also dead.  I often wonder how God dealt with his attitude when he was alive.  each of us must think about our actions while alive.  Each of us will give and account to the Lord for every word and deed.  Henry Lyons is still alive.  He left prison only to be placed right in the same pulpit.  And the beat goes on.  Pastor John

                Tap the first Picture And Listen and then listen to the others!

  "Rev. C. "Chip" Murray was my guest on the Living By The Word Broadcast a few years ago.  Listen in as Chip and I discuss the fate of black men in our inner city culture.  I will place more of this interview up in a few clicks.  You have got to listen in this week to these new clips.  I will not interfere with the discourse with my comments; just listen for yourself.  Come to it my friends; is this what Christianity is all about?  I think if you are as smart as I am, your already know the outcome.  Enjoy!  PJ

Oh yes, just keep listening, I'm sure to find something on this cat.  he is just so slick.  Brothers and sisters love his smooth antics; the question is, can you see ( reason as you listen) through them?

His classical denial of the teaching of the Trinity defines who this man really is.  The interview was taken by a staff member of mine; Tamon Pearson along with X. Reamer.  This is the interview that all of the other so called Apologist use to spell out Mr. Jakes lie.  It was my ministry that secured the interview with T.D.  Enjoy!

Do you see P. Ditty, Sean P. Combs in the first row of the church?  Do you recall the gun duals in front of night clubs, his defense team lead by the now late Johnnie Cochran, well just listen to Kenny in action and then you determine if all of this is of Christ.  By the way, Combs produces some of the filthiest rap Music along with some of the most popular "gospel" music in the same studios.  Maybe all Kenny wants is a piece of the action?


I will find a picture and place it up for your identification later on today.  But first just listen and then attempt to reason with his false words.

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