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Basics Of The Faith

The time has come in the church for it's individual members to discover for themselves what "thus saith the Lord".  Can it really be said that you as a lone believer understand enough of the scriptures in order to determine truth from error?  Would you like to discover for yourself?  I fully under stand that most of us cannot come into the classroom as many other students have in the past.  I have old video lessons that I am in the processes of transferring to DVD in order that you would discover the truth of God's word for yourself through the "Basics Class". 

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Los Angeles, Ca. On Sept. 13, 2010

In My Home Study

If you are interested in taking basics you really need to call me in the office during the week. 

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The Basics Of The Faith Course

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My Purpose: I believe that if the Christian is to be successful in sharing his or her faith, there are Basic Understandings that must be affirmed before one can rightly say they have clearly defended or defined biblical Christianity.

 My Method Of Equipping: Therefore, I teach through the classroom experience, a development of  student-teacher relationships.  We define, through lecture form, those doctrinal understandings which are essential for apologetic argumentation. This is done on the behalf of the biblical Christian, and especially those that live in the inner cities. 

 My Means Of Fulfillment: I have chosen to further my outreach through the means of biblical correspondence as well as in class lectures through the Basics of the Faith class for a period of no less than ten weeks for the serious-minded student of the bible.

My Syllabus For Your Observation:



This course is designed to introduce the average Christian to the instruction of the Bible.  It has been my understanding that there must be a basic teaching that the Believer must first understand in order that their faith might be complete for the purpose of living out the Christian experience.  How does one live up to the expectation of Christ if they cannot understand Christianity?   


 A. To introduce the class to those basic doctrines of the Bible in survey form.

 B. To familiarize the Christian with various definitions that pertain to their faith, and allow them to communicate by exam and quiz their understanding of the same.

C. To introduce the Christian to the philosophical method of arguing their faith, while using the scripture as the source of their commitment to what they believe.


1. The Bible / NASB or KJV (Please no new translations that do not agree with the teachings of the original writers intent.)

2. Various articles /  and handouts

3. My personal outlines as well as video sessions

4. Please bring a three-ring binder with paper to class

   Class Time: Two Hour Lectures Ten Weeks In A Row [No breaks]

Location: Pastor John's Home Study [Pre-Registered students Only] Also Extended classes offered to local church and study ministries

Payment Schedule: Optional and workable. Don't worry. Let's talk. Within your reach and you won't be misled by me in anyway about that.


Week # 1 Introduction to Basics Of The Faith: Pt. 1  / Lecture; This lecture will introduce the student to the whole of the teaching of biblical theology and its benefits. There will be a quiz at the start of each new class unless Pastor John cancels the class or the quiz.

Week # 2 The Study Of Man / Lecture Pt.2 (Quiz # 1) To be completed during the first part of the class period.  All quizzes will be turned in after completion. (Take home quiz only in case of sickness)

Week # 3 The Study Of Sin / Lecture Pt. 3(Quiz # 2) During this period we will review some of the Aspects of our studies for the past two weeks in review form.  The classes will move very quickly in that we have a lot of material to cover.

Week # 4  Salvation / Lecture (Quiz # 3) What are the tenants of biblical salvation.  We shall investigate the reformed teaching of the calling of God in the life.  We also shall discuss the other view in order to retain a balance in the classroom discussion.  Keep in mind you are taking the class in the middle of a full library.  We will have at our disposal a full explanation of the biblical content.

Week # 5 The Church / Mid Term Exam / Lecture Our look at the church from the view of the current trends as well as the historical biblical frame of reference.  We shall discuss the kinds of church that are biblically treated.  This class will also offer a look at the "seeker sensitive" churches that have taken over in many of our communities.

Week # 6 Angels, Demons / Lecture (Quiz # 4) Our hope is to investigate this subject matter from the vantage point of the study of Ontology.  This you will love.  Can Angels have sex with humans?  What are they made of?  Have you ever seen one?  What is the difference between Angels and Demons?  This two hours always promises to become the eye opener of "Basics."

Week # 7 The Future / Pt. "1"  Definition Sheet / Lecture Our time is limited, but this class will attempt to introduce the student into the world of future events in history.  We must take two sessions in defining this aspect of theological insight.  Revelation, Daniel, Ezekiel and Matthew chapter twenty four will become topics of our discussion.  Also the question of the Church being modern Israel.  I'm challenged each time I teach this class.

Week # 8 The Future Pt."2" / Olivet Discourse Sheet Defined / Lecture (Quiz # 5) We continue with our discussion of these important events.  Keep in mind that the classes are taped and the student will be able to purchase the tape if they have to miss a class.  Class tapes are not sold to non-students in that private conversations are discussed in the classroom.

Week # 9 End Times Review: Review For The Final Exam / (Quiz # 6) Our relationship to the events discussed during the last two sessions.  Also, review for the final.  In this class we cover all of the classes as we prepare to take the final home and work on your papers.

Week # 10 The Final Exam / Fellowship & Review; I will be praying for you real hard!   Exam questions will be handed out the week prior to your receiving the exam.  There will be no make ups. 

If you are interested in the "Basics Of The Faith" classes presented by Pastor John E. Coleman in your church setting or ministry, call the office right now for details on the next class.

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