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  June 2007

I've been so busy lately that I have not taken the time to boot up the studio in the morning.  Just finishing the Philosophy "1" semester at the college and getting ready for the summer travel from city to city for Basics; this has become such an exciting time.  Go to the special events page for my latest trip coming up.


           "Daily Sound Clips"


Every day in the life of Pastor John thoughts run through his mind.  I know; who desires to listen to such a loose mind these days?  The point is that as the Lord reminds him of His word and will, Pastor John relates to the community that he lives in.  He now invites you to listen in and weigh in so to say.  The subject matter changes from day to day; in that a kind of keep it in the real attitude develops as Pastor shares with us his thoughts.  It's simple; just tap the day of the week you are interested in hearing.  If he does not have a recent clip us is because he is either too busy to do so or he is quite depressed.  (You know John gets that way from time to time)

If he keeps with the program; he will attempt to place the date of each clip up in that many of you desire to hear insights that he is dealing with on a daily basis.  Enjoy this new page and thanks for coming to Pastor John's site.  A Friend of John's  Call me sometime to talk about the issues on the site: 1-800-872-4309  toll free calling.

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