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Why are we asking the same old questions about silly themes like this?  The Bible has spoken clearly that God has never ordained a female as a Pastor.  I've chosen to place the article back up on my site just for clarification.  I shall never affirm female preachers ever.  The article defines it.  The question should always be, what does the bible say.  We have lost our minds people.  Listen to me brothers and sisters, stop discussing issues with the intention of changing what the Bible has already spoken on.  Is it clear to you?  Well take the time and read this article.  Then make a sure statement just as God would about the issue.  No Female Pastors!  No!  No!  No!  Never!  Never! Never!  Does this offend you, guess who does not care about how you feel.  Get a life in God and all of your problems will dissipate.  Do not remain a constipated Christian, stopped up with the lies of church people that know not God.  This is a serious issue that we face today.  The debate is over.  If you attend a church that has a female pastor, you are following a lost women to a burning hell.  The great danger is that you are most likely not saved yourself.  Now, read the article and get with the Biblical Program.  WOW!  These words are spoken like the man believes it!  Well, I do.

Pastor John E. Coleman 2005

"Can It Really Be True, A Female Pastor?"
By Pastor John E. Coleman M.A. Anselm Bible Church RAM RADIO
Thanks for all of your kind thoughts concerning this site. As you know the difference between the men and the little guys is seen in their being able to tell the truth about everything in the blessed word of God. The Lord does not only call us to own up to the reality that we men ought to loves our own wives just as Christ loves the church by giving Himself for her; Ephesians 5:25; He also calls us to make the statement concerning the issues of our day and age.

This issue that I address is not such a hot one as many would argue. It is a biblical one. How does one address the issue of female pastors? Lets try opening up our bibles. I think that is a good start. As an African American I must never go with the culture flow. I have the book, brain and the ability to agree with what God says on the issue. I must stand with those that stand with the word of God. God has not changed, nor will He ever change. The word of God states as much in Hebrews 13:8 "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever."

Does God call women as Pastors? Don't ask me! Ask that pastor that has a staff of female pastors. He has got to know. He is the one that ordains them; and claims that God agrees with his pronouncement. Surely he made the switch by first going to the word of God, right? We would expect that from the man of God Right? Wrong!
 Many men today attempt to lead in their church by popularity poles. Many ministers ask; what is it that the people desire of me in ministry? How can I please the flock? What means can I use to lure in as many people as I can in order to appease the masses of inquiring minds. Hey! "Who's that lady?" Wow! Such impact. Look at that flashy dress, the way her scarf rest on the neckline! Look at the way the other ladies listen to her. Oh girl; that works! See how she commands attention of her audience. As a matter of fact more ladies have given more especially when she speaks. See how men seem to be intrigued by means of her mannerisms. Man oh man; that must be the Holy Spirit moving in her life? Could it be that God is doing a new thing? Is it possible that the Lord is speaking to us in this church making a mighty move in the lives of many in this ministry for the benefit of women?

These are some of the question that you must ask yourself. If the bible does not provide an adequate answer; why are men across this country and the world now ordaining women as pastors? Are you concerned? Do you care? Is the practice of ordaining women biblical? Would God affirm the actions of a man that ordains these women? Are the men that perform the ordination called of God? Do you have the right to question them at all? Sure you do! Lets attempt to answer the question; "Can It Really Be True?"
 No! But why not? Simply because God is immutable. This is the theological teaching that God can never change in intent. There is an unchanging character and a certain dependability of God. In other words; if God states something through the unchanging inspirational spoken and then written word; He cannot, He will not, must not change in His intention on or for the behalf of humans. Now; let us go to one text; 1st Timothy 2:11-15. “Let a woman learn in quietness with all subjection. 12 But I permit not a woman to teach, nor to have dominion over a man, but to be in quietness. 13 For Adam was first formed, then Eve; 14 and Adam was not beguiled, but the woman being beguiled hath fallen into transgression: 15 but she shall be saved through her child-bearing, if they continue in faith and love and sanctification with sobriety.
We need to take a little time here. If I were to place these verses within the context of biblical exegesis this would be a sample of how it would appear in sermon context. Let me say this at this point; I only want to allow you the reader the opportunity to see the evidence from God’s perspective. See Minister Bill Watford’s article on the “Friends Page” for a better perspective on this issue of female pastors.

I have a way of turning people off. Thank God for other men that have argued in a way that brings peace. Please pray for me. I have a love for God’s perspective. At times I come across so strong that others misunderstand my approach. If I offend, please forgive me. Now, back to the point.
Paul views the ladies role as astute, serious learner as opposed to authoritarian teacher; 1st Timothy 2:11-12
Paul here and now discuses how the woman is to conduct herself in the church.
We also see the essential instruction that he gave to the church at Corinth; 1st Cor. 14:34 & 35
We come to this verse after we have resolved that the prior verses have been acceptable in our hearts. If we cannot or have not taken in what we have heard up to this point; there is no further need to continue. Our difficulty level carries us to a higher plain as we attempt to understand Paul's words.
   This is not a request, rather Paul is demanding that women be taught these principles.
A. V. 11a "Quietly" hay-soo-khee'-ah (as noun) stillness, --quietness, silence.
Why is this suggestion so difficult for women today to fulfill?   In light of what the bible teaches on this matter; ought we not obey? What do you think the consequence is in the lives of others that refuse to obey?
B. "Receive Instruction" Gk: manthano, man-than'-o; to learn (in any way):--learn, understand.
1. To receive instruction; See vivid examples; For Men & Women; Acts 2:42 Women are addressed in this text: John 4:20-24
2. We see examples of people; women seeking instruction and not teaching.
3. In the John text we see a woman who could have spoken back but she recognized Jesus as the authority. Also see the results of her listening to the spoken words of the Master.
Instruction was not only common place in the life of the church, but it was highly respected as its results were recognized by those that noted true Christian behavior. Today's behavior cannot be called Christian.
So, what is the role of the woman in church in terms of offering instruction?
C. With all submissiveness"
  What does this word mean? Gk. hoop-ot-ag-ay' subordination:--subjection.
  Submission to the authorized teachers of the church. In that God has ordained this!
A. V.12 "I suffer not a woman to teach." To become an authorized teacher of the church, a work confined to the presbyters.
1. It holds the idea of having authority over the man; or the misuse of the position.
POINT: What was the problem in Ephesus in the first place:
" Many influential women were being influenced or persuaded by the false teachers and were going from house to house saying things they ought naught to; see; 1st Tim 5:13
POINT: That is why Paul tells them in V.11 to learn in submission. See; 1st Cor. 11:3
The role and its binding obligation towards all women throughout lasting generations; V.13-15
A. Spiritual lessons from Genesis as rendered from the Apostle Paul; V.13
1. Paul points to God divine intention in the creation process;
2. He sites a universal principle.
3. He states that there is a priority seen in creation that runs throughout all of time.
B. Spiritually a caution is placed upon us all as we read the following; V.14
1.The implication is that Eve was suited for the deception in that Adam was not deceived at all.
2.Reading the Genesis account in the third chapter defines it to the letter.
3. God renders the man responsible for the fall; Romans 5:12-21&22 Headship!
4. Satan confirmed the design of God by going to the woman who was open for the deception.
C. Spiritual vindication provided by a loving Father; V.15 A difficult verse for many.
1. There is an uncertainty as to the she - woman that is saved by means of giving birth?
2. Rather, through childbearing. Work was laid upon the fallen man; the pains of childbearing on the fallen woman.
3. The apostle means here, that women will be saved in the line of their duties, and that those duties are domestic rather than public.
4. The first woman was assured that her seed should bruise the serpent's head. It was woman's glory that one of her sex was chosen to be the mother of our Lord. Thus through childbearing the Savior of all men comes into the world.
5. If they continue. Meaning Domestic duties will not save unless to these are added the graces of a holy life. "Self Restraint."
Conclusion: As we conclude I must take time and further in comment on the last verse. One has written;
"Suppose that it refers to the promise in Gen. 3:15, and means that the woman shall be saved through, or by means of bearing a child, to wit, the Messiah; and that the apostle means to sustain the woman in her sorrows, and in her state of subordination and inferiority, by referring to the honor which has been put upon her by the fact that a woman gave birth to the Messiah."

Wow! Pastor John, I did not expect all of this. Well if God has changed his mind concerning the rendering of the text I did not know it. I would ask that any person that claims an immutable God could have the capacity of changing his mind for the purpose of sustaining a sinful group of individuals; please contact us and provide the text of scripture. "Could It Be True?" No way. Many of us have been lied to. Those that have betrayed the Holy trust that God has given to protect the sacredness of God's divine word have abandoned God's truth for man's total debauched mentality. Strong words? Not really. These are words of God’s truth. All of God’s children must step up to the plate and speak the truth in love. Only then will the Church come to know the power of God’s divine direction.

Pastor John E. Coleman Master Of Arts Pastoral Ministries
Talbot Theological Seminary Biola University
Into The Word Ministries: RAM RADIO The Biblical Alternative

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