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It will be five years on July 8, 2006 that my wife has been in Heaven.  She is the lady that stood by my side and made me feel like a fulfilled man.  She is the lady that was there when I required that other person.  She is the person that caused my daughters to come up without having children out of wedlock.   As I look back on the 34 years that we were together in life, I cannot but say thank God for all of the wonderful hours this great lady of the faith gave me.  I know, many of you seem to think that I take too much time talking about her and the relationship that we had together, so what?  I would only pray that you have as much happiness in the relationship in your marriage.  As I reflect upon three years of missing her, I think God again for every moment.  At times I really do not know how she put up with me and my messy life.  She is a class act.  I am one of those Christians that believe that I will see her again in a little while.  We may not be husband and wife, but it will be nice to speak with her again. Happy anniversary Love!  You know; every year I love her more and more.  it is as if God is saying that she will forever be the lady of my dreams.

                                                    Mrs. Lucy Coleman




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