Redeeming the Black American Male / Through The Biblical Alternative
By John E. Coleman Pastor / Teacher AA, BA, MA

Each of us have listened and watched the various news reports on the major networks that depict the overt violence that comes from the heart of our Black communities in most of the major cities in this great country of ours. We have also watched in dismay as good and decent organizations have put money and means into efforts to bring about change only to see that every effort only fails; and the advancement of crime, murder, street shootings and violence have claimed to an all time high. I have watched with bated breath for positive results from many Black citizens that have demonstrated through their efforts of hard work, sacrifice and many tears; a trail of failure and discouragement as they simply pick up the pieces and try again to reclaim a lost community.

I respect an honor all of the efforts of my fellow inner city champions; those good warriors that have paid their dues and organized corporations that to this date reflect the redemption of lost souls in our inner cities. I also admire the decent and overwhelming love that many organizations have displayed even under the most difficult of circumstances. One Minister name stands out as supreme in my mind; the Rev. Eugene Rivers who developed the “Ten Point Plan”, which is a leadership foundation in Boston Massachusetts. I’ve long admired his efforts as well as his articulation in addressing the issues that our community faces. He has addressed the situation and attempted to assail the flood by means of programs that have yet to gain an offensive front.

Do we at this time need another program; another ‘Ten Points”? I am not advocating reinventing the wheel. Rev. Rivers has done at best; the best job at developing an idea that would work if we get behind it and push. We are now left with another question; how do we continue if the situation I growing worse each day. Rev. Rivers is only one man with a very big God on his side, and that is the issue that I bring to the table today; God, where is He in this scenario? How does He fit into the picture of our wasted inner city communities? If one takes the position that most people in the Black community in American believes in God; is this reflected by the large number of churches in our inner cities?; would I also be correct in saying that it will take the very same kind of love for those brothers in the community from us; towards them if there is to be a real affect? If we truly analyze the spiritual condition of our communities; can we state with confidence that most of us (black people in the inner cities) are Godly people?

If indeed, God has brought us from a mighty long way; slavery, poverty, Jim crow, segregation, etc. would it be probable to think that He, God would call some of us to not only understand His ways; but to also reflect these ways to a new generation of young men that has never heard of God in the ways that He would want to be recognized, or actualized? If many of the young men in our communities have never known their fathers, and were raised by their mothers, grandmothers; or sisters, how would one expect those same young men to have a balanced perspective of what is implied by the word masculinity? My premise is that many of the young men in our community have a warped definition of what masculinity really is. The “Gangster Rapper Thug Mentality” is what many young men in the community would communicate as masculinity. We also take under consideration the ways in which young women are treated by many young males in our black society today; outrageous is the word.

What does it mean to be a man in today’s society; this would be one of the major questions that many of our young men would ask of those of us that have survived the age of fifty and above. Statistics have proven that many of the young men in the inner cities of American who grow up in the black community do not have a frame of reference to live beyond the age of their mid twenties. With violence on the up-grade and the frequency of drive by shootings and the like; these young men have a dreaded view of the future. When you ask the young man about the future; keeping in mind that he has never witnessed for himself his father; and in some cases grandfathers demonstrating what longevity looks like in the real; he really has no idea what you are speaking about. The concept of future is seen in his ability to survive the stares that he receives from his peers as he walks down the street. Those of us that have survived life must come to the realization that these young people have no concept of life after high school in many corners of the country. I must also note that there are more young men having sex with other young men in the community at an alarming rate which is a reflection of the loss of moral codes of decency in this post modern era that we find ourselves.

I am proposing that if we are to reach these young men in our communities we can only achieve this goal as we invite a divine intervention into the environs. If God indeed is a part of our lives as Christians; and we being a part of the community that is inflicted by all of this violence; we of all people really know what power is, the power to live a decent life. If we actually believe that God is desiring to work in our community; then He seeks to work through me; those of us that not only claim to know God; but in reality live in such a way that demonstrates God’s power, must live up to the expectations that God has placed in our hearts. In other words; if we have seen Him work in us and others; and we know this to be factual; we then speak as if He really is, we live as if He is energizing us and when the young man who is influenced by gangs; violence, and death witnesses this phenomena; (of life in us) the desire is placed within their hearts to achieve possibilities; but only through the interjection of divine infusion. This is where the rubber meets the road.

If there is any hope for our communities; success will only be achieved when moral guidelines are brought to the frontline and hailed as the standard bearer of redemption. We must as a community of strong moral conviction stand unified and call upon the God of all creation to redeem our culture. God has already given us all of the guidelines detailed to garner success. These old fashioned standards are the only hope for our community. That being said; we must now place the absolute truth within a language that these young men would understand. The methodologies of communication that weathered the storm yesterday will not affect a mind that has been held captive for decades. We must never forget that the minds of our young men and women have not conceived of a God that cares. The educational system has been affected by humanism and compromise; to many of our young people; we are their only hope.

If one takes an honest look at “church people” today in the inner city black community one witnesses what appears to be a social club of older persons that dress for success; listen to antiquated discourse which ascribes a life in the sweet by and by; which really does not address the current situations that many young people are faced with in the inner city environment. God is relevant today; and He is yet speaking to the hearts of men, but the so called spokesmen (Pastors / Preachers) who represent Him are sending the wrong message to the masses of black people that attend those Sunday morning meetings. If you attend those events; ask yourself this question; where are the young people? Why is it so difficult for parents of many of our children to get them to come and sit through what is nothing less then rhetoric or retaliation from the good reverend for the purpose of recovering money for his bank.

Many of our young people see through the disguise of pretense that is manifested Sunday after Sunday in many of our churches. If I were a young again; I would not attend these meetings with a smile on my face. How could we ever gain the respect of those lost souls if we too have been drifting on a sea of contexture ourselves? Is it no wonder that our youth reject what so called Christianity offers. The power of an affective life must be witnessed by our youth. There will never be total redemption of a people unless those who are older present an example; an illustration; a solvent imprint of what Godly intervention looks like. Our lives must represent all that is good and healthy for those young people to imitate. We must become the living examples of what success look like. Positive statements will not suffice; we must walk the walk. We must develop ways in which we can communicate that the “walk” is one that guides one to be successful for years down the line. When there is a certain respect for self, life and God in every aspect of our human existence; they undertake the idea that it also may be true for their young lives.

I would propose “Ten Guidelines’ which are proven to break the back violence in our communities if properly advanced by those Christian that believe in the Godly approach to human redemption. These guidelines have worked in the past and have proven themselves valuable not only to me as a person of faith; but to many more of the same mind as myself who have succeeded in the advancement of family and culture as they comply to the letter these eternal rules. I shall propose them to you in the form that they might be presented to the young men in particular in the inner city community. I would suggest that God in His divine uniqueness and redemptive capacity is the lone source of success in this endeavor to communicate these ideas in human structure for your review. As I personally reflect upon what I present to you; I am humbled that God would use me in any way for His cause. I would also suggest that He (God) does not require my input into His divine standard “The Bible” those sixty six books alone; the book will and can suffice victory in any human beings life. Please keep in mind that I am very Christian, and the philosophical perspectives that I present in these points are from my Christian background, which has been instrumental in a successful maturity of adulthood.

                              “Ten Guidelines To Success”
(1) Teach a young man that he is to never, ever regard anything; person, object as superior to God who created the universe and everything in it.
(2) Teach that young man of the inner city that any symbol that takes him away from a mental frame of reference which speaks of Godly success ought not be pursued.
(3) Teach that same young man that only positive language is to be communicated which honors his creator God; especially when speaking of God’s person.
(4) Teach that beautiful young man that he ought give time to recognize God in the fullest by way of giving homage to His person in a private fashion.
(5) Teach that young man that God has given him parents; though they may have problems; he has an obligation to honor them as a part of his heritage.
(6) Teach that young man that killing is not a way of demonstrating that one loves what God created; he is to take as serious the life of another human being.
(7) Teach that young man that his sexual habits are important. He is not to have sex with another man’s wife; or even to pollute himself with sex with anyone who is not his own wife in Holy Matrimony.
(8) Teach that young man that working hard brings honor to one’s life and that taking from others that which does not belong to him is not what God would be pleased with.
(9) Teach that young man that telling the truth always pays good dividends.
Teach that young man that desire is good; but that he ought not desire that which
another person possesses in that in good time, and with hard work he will
accomplish his ends.

I truly believe that if these principals are kept by any young men in the inner city, his life will be a success. These simple yet complex dictums have accomplished generational successes in the lives of men and women also all over the world. They are not only simple to understand; but when communicated in practical terms to the young men of the city; the accepting of these eternal dictates can transform their lives. Some of you may have picked up what I’ve done; did you get it yet? I said that the wheel does not have to be re-invented; the success of our community is found inn the keeping of these simple but complicated absolutes.

They are simple in that the young man can fully comprehend them in the form that I have placed them. When offered in loving compassion and convincing language these will go to the heart of the spiritual recipient. Yes; simple to understand, yet complex. The complexity comes from their source. You see my friend; these words though believed by me are not my words. They derive from another that had charge of millions of people who God delivered during times of great difficulty. The difficulty is found in not only the man who held the stone on which the words were written; but the author of the very words themselves. Complex; yes, because they are thousands of years old. They were copied and practiced by millions of successful human beings. Exodus 20:1-17 is where you will find these words. They are found in the Old testaments scriptures of the Holy Bible.

Do you believe me yet? If there is to be any form of redemption in our community; it will only come through the keeping of God’s divine commands. Join me in simply teaching our young people these divine dictates. Teach them in a way that they will be able to undertake a better understanding as to why it is important to operate by these truisms. I am praying that the Lord opens new doors for me to minister to many young men these ideas. It will never be affective until I come to realize that God demands of me total repentance of all known sin in my life and a Godly love for those that have been afflicted by Satan, Sin and self deceit. Do you love them enough to pray that God’s word will affect regenerative change in those wonderful young hearts in the midst of our community?

Allow me to conclude by saying; if you do not know how to love these young men, don’t get involved in their lives. They require a fatherly love that is very uniquely needed in the black community. Love them right where they are. Try not to place your requirements on them. They have had a life of pain and regression in their hearts. Ask the Lord guys; to lead you in this great endeavor. You will note I said guys; ladies, you have a job to do in raising the young ladies and preparing them for these young men that need a man in their lives at this time. Many mothers need to release their sons for the purpose of growth and maturity. The concept of ‘Moma’s Baby’ is that which defeats the progressive mode of spiritual growth.

Pastor / Teacher John E. Coleman August 5, 2005


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