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"Knowing & Doing"


By Pastor John E. Coleman A.A. B.A. M.A.


My pastor use to tell me that 'results count excuses don't'. I would ponder that statement. Then I would seek to place it within my personal frame of reference, and then try to come up with a reason he used this phrase on me. After many futile attempts to comply to the standard of the statement, and a lot of mistakes that translated into failures, I finally ask him how the statement was used when he first heard it. He began to share with me the following. After doing so, providing me with the information that I requested, I've never quite been the same.

My Pastor attended a small but meaningful institution of learning in a small town in Texas. Tyler Texas as I attempt to recall the conversation. His high school had the best of African American educators training directing and mentoring young people during the late thirties and forties in the century which is passing away in history. These educators worked hard and sacrificed long for an education that many black people only dreamed of ever obtaining. Keep in mind, having a degree issued in institutions run by Anglo Americans as an African American was almost unheard of. Only a limited number of Blacks made it through the maze of difficulty in order to obtain that "Sheepskin". Many of the people in our community not only highly regarded those that went further in their endeavors of learning, in white or Black institution; these community minded persons displayed a certain respect for those that fought the difficult battles in order that the higher education for others which would follow in the future might be easier obtained. That is the way it was in a community that God worked through as the people of that community pulled together in a united effort to assist younger people in their struggle to fulfill their dreams through a higher education.

Pastor Stanley shared with me this concerning his school principle, an African American male which was dedicated in the advancement of the young people of his day. The achieving the highest academic standards was not only the goal of the school principal, but that of the whole staff under his personal direction. I was told by my Pastor that every student was expected to fulfill all homework assignments in that school, carry out all oratory requirements on that school, develop results to questions that appeared to be unanswerable; as well as tackle mathematical calculation on the highest level in that school. These students of yesterday were expected to excel. Not only a few, but each and every one of them. As each student entered into the main corridor of the school in the area where the teaching staff would meet the students as they began their day; hanging from the top rafter was this over bearing sign. Pastor Stanley said that it was a huge sign that could not be missed. It was regarded as a beacon for the younger to the oldest students in the school. Oh yes, by the way, I was told that if you did not finish the assignments that each instructor had for you, you would not be allowed to pass on to the next grade level or graduate. My pastor told me that he recalls a twenty four year old man that could not pass the required examinations. These educators kept their word.

"Results Count Excuses Don't" A light came on in an instant! I finally understood. I could see those young brave African American students approaching an underpaid staff who while offering to their students possibility, potentiality, and purpose, also challenged them to never tell one lone single teacher any excuse for not achieving that which was obtainable. Man! What a great lesson Pastor Stanley taught me in illustrative form. How could I then escape the vital responsibility that had been placed before me to attend every bible study, every Sunday Morning Worship Service, every Saturday Bible Class Teaching Opportunity that the Lord opened to me. After application of the illustration and the continuation of twenty years of night school and the reception of three earned degrees from institutions that did not make it easy to enter, or to leave, I had become a true recipient of the banner over the main corridor of that school in Tyler Texas.

I echo that same motto to all of my students as I teach theology proper along with systematic theology. "Results Count Excuses Don't" Let the excuses cease as we strive to obey the God that we profess to know. Let us not allow the continuation of a foot dragging mind wagging mentality in terms of what we know to be true about our Christian experience as well as personal obligation. Lets strive to work on those results and delay today those excuses as to why we cannot, or will not perform in a way that is pleasing to our Lord.

Now let me see, where can I hang this banner?


Pastor John E. Coleman

Pastor Teacher / Radio Commentator

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