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Ram Radio The Web Cast December 28, 2020 "Daddy's Lessons"  Lesson # 2 A dear friend of mine went into the hospital from falling down and injuring his leg, I just found out that he has covid.  Try not to fall down, or get sick from things that do not mean much.  We are living in trying trying times.  Listen in and take some Daddy Lessons. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 26, 2020 "New Years Blessing" With a mixture of Coltrain, Mo-Town, Miles and more I take you through time and reality.  More stories of my life; at the ready.  Thanks for being bol enough to dare to be different.  Yes!  It is alright to be on the wrong side of the argument.  Thanks for visiting my site.  God's blessings on your life.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 25, 2020  "Christmas & God" Music shall guide us as we appreciate the unique relationship between God, humanity and "Music".   I found this disk that had this great concert.  I think it proper for Christmas.  It is so far different than much of what I'd place up for Christmas.  I'm sure that if you are looking for that perfect hour to share with your family,  This classic piece wil stay with you for a long while. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 21, 2020 "Jamar From Mich"  Yesterday I allowed the Spirit of the living Lord lead me in general instruction on what and who I think was blasphemas.  Now listen to this phone call.  It is a prophetic one as I speak to a young man about the word of God as well as the future of our society as we go through the plague.  Listen to this "20" year old man tell you like it is today.  The great thing about this web cast is that it was spoken in the year of 2011.  Praise God for the beauty of the spoken word.  If you refuse to hear the good tidings from God's complete word for His complete people, well; just listen and rejoice.  Listen long enough to hear a yooung man state the case Of Jejovah.  Come on, you have to stay home, tune in and allow the message to go deep inside your heart.  I am not alone in what I believe.  If youopen your mind and allow the Spirit of God to reach you, absolutely everything he is saying is true and has turned out to be true.

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 20, 2020   "It Is Sunday" You know it is Sunday.  I've been so blessed by God that I'm going to prove to my God that I am yet on the path that He has led me to tred.  Five more days, and then the holiday week begins.  I'm trusting your belief in all that God has said towards our benefit.  Please pray for me.  I am in a mode to do something that I've never done before.  I cannot stop loving and assisting God's creation.  All I require from all of my friends is deep prayer for God's will to be performed. (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 14, 2020 "Calling Out To God" Who would ever think that a Jazz Master would call out to God through his sweet music.  Listen to my thank you note to Ceddy Dashill paying e a visit today.  Finding my place these days in December.  Yes!  It's beginning to look like Christmas.  Enjoy the cast.

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 13, 2020 "Doing It"It's difficult when you are alone, Please help me fight depression in the real zone.

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 10, 2020  Fairing pretty good these days.  I swing from one point of reality to another as I travel this lonely road through the loving of great old music.  Yes, it has been difficult, even for me.  I just have sustained myself through spiritual and physical understanding of where I am and who I am.  Everyday of my life finds me at different intersections.  Follow along with me today as I broaden my search through all of this plague news. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 7, 2020 "Finding It"  If music could be my friend, I need a friend like this for sure.  Thanks for coming by to visit me.  I hope and pray that your staying home might bring you a peace of mind.

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 3, 2020 "Defining Christmas" I'm aware that many today in our society have given up on traditional Christian definitions especially around this time of the year.  This lecture is for those that say they believe in the idea of a Monotheistic God.  They also believe that God is one that has purpose, and would never become mixed up in the traditions of men concerning the holidays.  Hey, one man's call to me woke me up.  Fof those needing a clear definition that follow Western Christian theology, here is the definition that yet carries me these days. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 2, 2020 "Romans Intro. Pt. 1"  I started this work in 2013.  I stopped, now I want to complete it.  Listen to part "1" first.  It will give you a complete snapshot of what is to come.  Pray for me that I may complete this assignment.

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 1, 2020 "At First Sight" I see now!  Lets add a bit of good music and ready ourselves for a December like you never expected.  This is the month that Believers celebrate the advent of the Saviour of the world's coming for the utter redemption of mankind.  Let me take you there for the entire month. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 30, 2020 "Update"  Just keep away from as many people as you possibly are able.  Why?  Hey, I don't know what all of this stuff is about, but if it can keep me doing what I love to do, let;s do it.

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 25, 2020 "Posthaste"  When God moves you to do something, do it.  There is nothing like reaping all of God's blessings if you disobey and do not regaurd His intentions for your life.  I pray for my brothers and sisters that are suffering from death and loos these days.  There is so much that I desire to do for the peo[ple out there that really need answers for their lives.  Look up the term of the presentation and you will be able to follow me closer.  I met yesterday one of the most articulate black men that I have ever known in my life.  We had a meal together and enjoyed mutual friends.  Ya'll got to get in touch with God; man I'm telling you.  If you do, you will understand as well as enjoy music, art, language, difference in all humans.  God is wonderful in His divine authurship and purpose.  IIt's Sunday, so let us together praise Him with our thanksgiving in that God has been so drn good to all of us.  All of us that are inclined to even dre to be a part of God's creation.  Stay Tuned "Posthaste".

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 20, 2020 "Dancing With The Duke"  I was born when music made the difference between Mommy and Daddy fighting or loving.  It has always been a rough journey, just as it may be today.  Please allow me to share some of the music that framed my reference helo to frame yours during these closed downed days.  Join me as I dance with the "Duke".  (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 16, 2020 "My Heart Full Of Joy"  A man that I have always believed in has come to fruit.  Listen to today's cast and join me in the joy of spiritual advancement.  Received great news tonight. . 

Oh mercy!  Back in the days when grand children came by and blessed my heart.  Matt, my little Grandson, came by just to say hi!  I had him do a webcast with me that day.  Oh these memories brings tears to my eyes.  Lucy would have loved to see her grandson.  At this time, Nov. 2020 he is in college.  God is so good by allowing me to see him grow up.

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Ram Radio The Web Cast November 14, 2020 "Moments Frozen In A Snap"  I'm forgetting who snapped the picture.  The expression on my face says it all.  God had chosen me as the "Man In Charge".  But, what was that expression all about?  My web cast will reflect all of the days of ministry that left me with this blank expression.  I do not pose for cameras.  I just look at the lens and hope the camera does not find me lying.  I'm fearful that it caught me in one of those moments that I shaould have regarded with seriousness.    

Stationed in Korea during the Viet Nam war.  It was inspection time.  Dressed in our summer uniforms.  I was a handsome young 22 year old at the time.  This was before my calling as a Believer / Preacher.  Just another human being beginning to grow and to attempt figure out what life was all about.  Before college, marriage, children . . It's great to look at this and reflect.

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 11, 2020 "Snapshots Defined"  You see my friends.  My life is far different today then it was on yesterdays. Let me help you out a bit as I reflect on what made me the man that I am today.  I truly hope that if living right was my gift, I would pray that you would make it yours also. 

I was called to bring a basics of the faith in home lessons to the home of my late friend who is no longer with us.  Bro. Soto.  This was taken in his backyard in Omaha Neb.  I was asked to present twice at his home.  What a joy it was to meet new people from all over this great land of ours.

Official Pastor's Picture 1985

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 8, 2020 "What I Loved About Going To Church On Sunday"


Now this is a picture that I'm glad I kept in my files.  This was the day that I was ordained as the Pastor of the Olivet Baptist Church in Los Angeles, California.  The year was 1985.  Lucy was beautiful, and me, well I was not nervous at all.  Elder Johnnie B. Reese to my left installed me as the Pastor.  Lucy only wore the dress that day.  I never saw her in it again.  I'll tell you, it was one of the best days of my life.  This was one of the best periods of my life for sure.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 5, 2020 "Calm Down"  So many more of us would be alive today if we but followed simple rules; such as ease up, forget what they are saying, turn the other cheek, stop running and follow my instructions. My illustrations will lead the way.  My ammunition will be passages from God's word.  I would hope to communicate with you in a language that is discernable with not only the culture in which you live, but also that my intention is for your redemption from doing something that could cause you to fall down hard enough; that you may not be able to recover. 

I have always had young men following me and my teachings about the bible.  I never lied to them about what the meaning of a particular text implied.  My private studies into the scriptures is what really led me to to do apologetics with an African American twist.  Tamon & Xerex / Kushach Theory were two of the brightest young minds while I did my radio ministry in the early 90's.  They interviewed T.D. Jakes and there started arguments which grew into life that changed the way all of us lived.

This was the theme of "The Vett"

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 3, 2020 "A Message For America's Heart"  I know, you desire that I argue like you do these days.  No, I am a retired Pastor.  I have done all of the work that is required of me.  You can bebefit from listening to this discourse.  Shelter in and buckle down, and listen to this man of God as I re-visit my spiritual life.  Enjoy.  Now, for you preachers that think that I have lost my mind, "WHAT!"  I have loved God all of my adult life, I must depend upon His blessed word to build me up.  All of us really need to listen to me (Pastor John). I am still alive.  Listen to the Greek definitions in this message.  Stay home, play these messages on your head phones and be blessed.  Teaching in the year 1990.

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 2, 2020 "Going With The Flow"  Never go here without a clear indication of where and why you are headed in that direction.  Lessons follow in today's web-Cast. 

The church I led has always been multi-cultural.  My preaching demonstrated the fack that God loves all people.  A Korean church asked me to bring a series of lectures, and like I always did, I accepted the invitation.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 28, 2020 "OMG"

My Father (John W. Coleman) and I after I preached at the church.  Dad came by to hear his son preach.  If you listen to the web-cast below, you will discover that helping young men in this city has become my life's objective.

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 27, 2020 "The Father And The Son"  There is nothing like that conversation with your father.  This young man is far older then he was when he ventureed into the studio in 2013.  He is one of my sons.  One of the young men that I have grown to love.  This interview is worth the listening to.  That is a picture of me and my Dad above  

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 23, 2020 "On Soul Music"  You may ask, what is soul music anyway?  It is simply music that moves you deep down within your natural being.  (I shall speak about faith, God and our rightly thinking about the subject matter.) This takes place when ever one hears the right kind of mix in the midst of our madness.  Now, none of us will deny that these days are full of perplexity and doubt.  Our nation is not fairing so well these days.  Hey, lets think on thoose things that brings our souls into it's proper perspective.  I'm working on being more positive as I hang around the house all day long.  Between the cleaning and dusting, I'm dropping in the studio and looking at my music, wanting to share the joys of my soul with you.  I sure enjoyed Ray Charles, I thought I'd play from one of my albums when Ray teamed up with Milt Jackson and did a fantastic job sharing what the blues was all about.   Then I take a little strool down to Detroit and go deep into my youth as I search out my soul loving every beat of these ethnic masterpieces.  Grab that cup of coffee, settle down and enjoy.  Oh yes, I playing a bit of Sam Cooke, I'm in a sad mood tonight.   

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 21, 2020 "Jon Ray And Me"  An evening with me and my music, as we all stay sheltered in and safe from ourselves.  I know that it has been stressful, but if you have made preperation you will be alright.  For tose less fortunate, I pray that these few melodies will fill in the gaps.  I begin with Jon the young, and then Ray the wise oe and I am DJing for you.  Enjoy any time of the day or night.  I'm beginning to like this alright.  Thanks for coming to my site.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 18, 2020 I'm Not Your Life Buoy"  Nor are you mine.  I want to talk abou thaT, but if you really desire to hear me, come in a mellow mood.  The picture above is when I took a solo vacation on an Alaskan cruise to the ice glaciers.  Oh, I've seen great sites of God's creation.

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 16, 2020 "Friendships" Listen in order to discover if you are really and friend of someone.  I think you need friends.  They assist you everyday in new discoveries.  Were you ever really my friend?  I am not asking that of any particular person.  The thought of what a friend really is to be is stimulating to me; I attempt to justify my casting aside of persons that refuse to be my friend.  Enjoy!

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 13, 2020 "Staying Connected"  How does one remain objective in today's world when all of the rules seem to be changing?  What good are rules when no one ever thought about keeping them?  What sustains us when everything is falling apart?  Yes, you are right; God does.  A large part of my staying connected is to rely upon those iconic truths that I find in the word of God.  But, how about the truths that we find in other fields of our personal research?  My energy will be given to answering these kinds of questions on the next web-cast. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 10, 2020 "I Identify" This week I met another friend.  His age was that he was in his fifties.  We had an interestering conversation.  I came to discover that he thought, behaved and carried himself much liike I carry myself.  With that introduction I shall share with you my thoughts on identifying with other humans in a way that causes things to work out for the better.

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 8, 2020 "Keeping It Real" Who am I really, do you truly want to know?  The question is this, Can a person speak truth about God and get along in his or her society and state who they are, without shame?  I would say yes.  Do the facts frighten you?  Will you allow the consequences of another persons life to puch me in their corner?  Listen to this cast and analyze in the century that we live in?  "I'm going to loose some of you for good, GOOD!  

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 7, 2020 "Genuine Integrity"  I was having a great conversation with a younger man than myself, and while glancing at some of the things that identifies us as a reasonable people; (those people that seem to be headliners in justice are the oppisite of such). there came into the subject of the issue I am going to speak about today.  If you really want to go here with me, come on and think with me about these things.  Western Religion has done these things for years.

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 2, 2020  On Being Black   I thank all of you for being kind during these rough days ahead of us all.  Please practice kindness over all of the fear had bad behavior that we are so acustomed to see in our society.  It just takes one person's smile to turn something bad to good.  Lets see what today has in store for us. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 24, 2020 "The Day Before" She is as sharp as her mother was,  Smart, needing no one to lead her around by the hand.  She has become a champion of female rights in every degree.  Delia, and her sister; Leslie are two of the brightest stars in the universe, living testimonies of what determined parents looked like back in the day.  To both of my daughters; a heart warming thanks for all of the joy you have brought to me as well as others.  Delia; indeed, you are so my daughter, Happy Birthday!  

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 21, 2020 "On Time" Have you ever tried to figure out God?  Like my Grandmother use to tell me when I was just a kid, "Boy, God is never late, nor is He unaware of all of our needs, never our selfish wants, and He is Always, On Time.   

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 19, 2020 "Feel My Love" How can I make you as the song says, "Feel My Love"?  I'm going to allow Mr. Ben Paterson lead the way with my thinking as I feature his piano and vocals on various albums.  I am in my studio now just going through the music.  I feel like sharing and reaching a point of satisfaction in the arts.  Thank you Ben for allowing me to use freely your music.  To all of you that are music lovers, lets try to forget all of the isolated stay home stuff.   You guys are in for one of the nicest broadcast that My Lord has given me.  Allow me to say that I have always loved good music.  I just sat in the studio and played some of the best of my music collection.  If you like Joe Sample, Jimmy Smity Ben Paterson, Nancy Wilson, Ramsey Lewis and more.  I am loving my Saturday afternoon.  This hour will keep you informed about some of the latest issues going on today.  You can drive around, or take that walk in the park, as you stay away from people.  Keeping in mind, I have a way of sharing these things with you.)  I was stationed in Seoul Korea during the Viet Nam War.  As a Radio Teletype Operator I discovered how much there was to discover about America and the gifts She offers.  I loved being a soldier.

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 17, 2020 "An Evening With Me"I play Marcus Roberts playing this great piano and I would hope that you appreciate this hour during this pandamic.  Thanks for coming by.  One day, I thought; I'd go to Chicago and visit my lil sister Donna.  Both of her children at this time are all grown up, working and making their Mother and Uncle proud.  Thanks for taking the time out and share this moment with me.

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 16, 2020 "Saying Hello" I think that my country is quickly loosing it's place in popularity.  We give place to no-one and nothing.  Our will to be free is a bit twisted, but freedom, such as it is has defined us today.  I shall talk about all of that on the next web-cast.  I'm just one of the players in this thing called "The Mad House". Life long friend; "Beaver".  We attended Fremont High and were a part of what we called "The Beatnicken Jazz Club.  Rest on Beaver; I'm not far behind you."


Ram Radio The Web Cast September 12, 2020 "Feeling God" What must a person do in order to feel God's presence, and just how might we know that God is on our side.  I plan to answer this question This is going to be a powerful question answered from the heart of this older soul.  I'll give you a hint; When you come to know that you cannot continue in this life without His personal invasion all in your business.  "Get ino the habit of allowing God to tell you off through your spiritual connection with him.  Never feel as if He might be doing something strange in your circumstances, rather that He has ownership of your activities.  (I answered the question and much more.  Now is your time to answer based upon your re eption of God's word to your own individual heart.  I certaintly hope that you enjoy the cast for today.)

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 8, 2020  "Escape The Matrix" I have taken the liberty to give the challange to all of us.  This will be difficult for those of us that refuse to be honest.  It prompted me to carry my thought to the next level.  Can it be true that some of us avoid truth spoken about your heros?  Give attention to this hour.  Thanks.

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 6, 2020 "Stay Put" People are dying, getting sick and the rest that comes with this virus.  If you don't believe it, then stay away from me until science works it out.  I have my doubts also, but I've got to tell you death is real.  Stay Put!

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 4, 2020 "The Blame Game" Why do we continue to do the very same things when we relly know better?  The killings will not stop nor with the mis-conception of reality that is so tearing many of us apart.  What will it take for all of us to come to the point of loving and caring for our kind, Humans!  We blame others when all of us must come to truth in an understanding honest way.  I am yet contending for a faithful representation of what the word of God demands of all of us.  Matther 7:1-5 are the keynote text for my talk today.  Thanks for coming to my sitre.  This is my Grandfather on my Mother's side.  Samuel Guyton.  Unlike many today they do not know from whence they came.  I remember this man with great affection.

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 2, 2020 "Conflict Resolved" Will we ever listen to others that shows us the way to end conflict?  If one just takes for granted that men can get along if they try harder enough to do as the good word declares.  Listen closely and see if you gain the objective as of yet.  Music to accompany your thinking progress.

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 30, 2020 "Nativeland"  Just another Sunday in the book of life, from the very book of life.  Exercise along with me.  I play a bit of Don Grusin.  Good listening and taking the time to investigate your own personal lives.  Enjoy!

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 29, 2020 "Normalize"Thinking without the interference of ideas that make for fear and dismay is where I am these days. Hanging tight as I watch the world turn. If you want a time out from group political think tanking; visit my site from time to time. You will not find 5-10 minute pieces of quick fixes and happy tones. Plug in those ear phones and think through these things along with me. Your blood pressure will come back to normal, you wil feel a new adventure of possibilities as you think for yourself. Defeat your fears by depending upon those things that really matter. Become setteled in your mind by 1. Loving yourself by caring for yourself and those you love first. 2. Restrain from the bad habits of weighing your situation through the lens of others mis-fortune. 3. Count today as a new journey. Every turn you make in this journey will be faced with God as the shelter in your time of storm. 4. Sustain your faith in God at all cost, even unto death, remain vigilent by holding on to it until the very end. 5. Realizing that you nor I will ever be able to live in any other persons real time, only our own. 6. Regardless of what comes your way while you are on this journey called life; restrain from taking other courses that you have not thought through. 7. Eat the right kinds of foods for your sake. 8. Live alone with the hope that all that is required is healthy relationships, see yourself as the landlord of your environment, you manage you. (You are stronge enough to do that if you do not become immobilized. 9. Always love, no matter what, cast aside hatred and fear and discord. And lastly, 10. Watch God take care of all of your needs, according to all of the riches of Glory. All of you that know me, realize how important these ten ideas are to my soul. I refuse to follow this planned pandimic mentality. I have nothing but time to think is. I think that these "ten" points will be enough to keep us in step for the rest of the year, if we are willing to un-plug ourselves from a failing system that is void of God. Thanks for coming to my page. One more thing. The only persons that are suppose to read this piece are the persons that are destined to read them. Please friends, there is no other motive involved in my reaching out; but LOVE. pj

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 25, 2020  "Pt.1  Pt.2  Pt.3 The hatred of the Right is at a boiling point.  Are they listening at all?  Can they see what is happening to our country?  See, I can't help saying that I long for those days past when one could speak without being cast to the wind.  I'm watching the second convention, and it sounds more like what crazy people would say.  Both sides have gone nuts.  What the hell is going on in the country.  Just like in our churches.  You figure it out I am at a loss these days.  This is an Archive series that addresses a political issue on the Obama Administration.

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 20, 2020 "To Whom Shall I Go?"  Just take a minute and see where I am in our countries voting scenario when it comes to this mad division that we are experiencing.  Who is it that is in this right place to lead us?  Relaxing as I listen to the news.  I have changed over the years.  I have been fooled, tricked, and deceived by people in order to remain neutral.  Now, I must trust in myself, and I God alone.

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 18. 2020 "Pressing On"  No rent money, friends seem to have fallen off of the wagon of social events, how much longer, what else can change that will change the way I am use to living?  Can I go on, all appears to be lost.  Shall I buy that gun that I've been thinking about?  How does one do all of this in what appears to be some kind of NWO (New World Order)  (Setting another young man on his way to total success)

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 16, 2020 "It Is What It Is"  Exactly!  I am not in a fog concerning what is going on.  Do you want to know why?  Simply because I am yet thinking things through.  The Mis-education of an entire population can be fully understood by the means through which it is communicated.  If you listen closely you must be honest.  This is just a simple conversation that assist you in being real, right and on target.  This web cast provides a clear definition of what is happening in the brains of many in our society today.  This web cast is not for those of you that decry knowledge.  If you are looking for something to make you laugh, go to another site.  It is not time for us as a community to think for ourselves without the interference of outside of reality stupidity?  I guess; It Is What It Is. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 12, 2020 "Pretending To Be Black"  What is it to be black anyway?  Join me for the web cast and you will discover why Biden makes a big mistake thinking that just because someone says they are in the corner of the black community, when they are on another page?  Why do we continue to have the very same mistakes happening all over again.  I'm dropping out again.  I cannot afford to spoil my day by listening to another bribe to gain the black vote.  Our system of politics in this country can easily hold out that carrot or banana for black people to grab.  Now I fully understand what is implied when one says that most African Americans do not read much these days at all.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 10, 2020 "The Lord God Is My Hope"  If you find yourself attening to the pay-off's from our federal government rather than trust the "Banker Of Your Souls", well you just go on with your bad selves.  I shall attempt to give persuasive answers, or reasons why under the most trying of times, the Lord God is yet my hope. (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 8, 2020 "A Shelter In A Time Of Storms" Often we find ourselves in a maze.  It is now time for us to listen to wise voices and to follow our own ways of living.  This piece will attempt to explain why I am working on up-grading wise messages that so many of us need to listen to.  I hope I can assist as many people possible before I leave the planet.   (Now YOUTUBE Page Up-grade)

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 4, 2020 "Getting In Good Trouble" These days, it is real easy to get into "good trouble".  The late congressman John Lewis showed us just how to do that.  He was a giant pertaining to that issue.  I guess in a real way I am  a bit like that.  My punishment is one of banishment.  To be treated as if one does not exsist because he refuses to play the game that defies all logic; I am proud to be a part of that group.  If you really took the time to listen to the last web cast, you will discover that every reason that I presented against the statements made by Mega Pastor John MacArthur Jr. were not only true, but justified during these difficult days that is now facing our country as well as the rest of the world.  During a time when other countries are preparing to open at much slower paces; America is exerting Her indipendent flair and the death rate is yet raising.  Let me say it again, for those of you that have not taken the time to listen to the "Christian Priviledge Personified" clip below; Worship At Home In Place Where You Are.  Believe God for all of the right reasons with the people you love mostly.  Save your money, stop giving it to some Pastor or church and behave like people who have and is now receiving favor from God without all of the fanfare of the herd instinct.  You see, by saying that I'm getting in some "Good Trouble".  I call it an update special 

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 29, 2020 "Christian Privilege Personified" Ought we to listen to our Pastors over our right to consciously object to being threatened with words from the bible? (Think of your families)  I've said it to you time and time again, do God on your own.  Lets look to the faith that was once delivered unto the brothers and sisters who practiced Godliness within the context of concern for the lives of others; far more than protecting their businesses, church business included.  Is there such a thing as "Christian Privilege"?  (NO)  If so, where is that shown in the Bible?  Was Jesus an anarchist?  Would He ever call a crowd of people together to sing and pray outwardly defying Roman law during his earthly life?  Can you find in the scripture where that took place?  I am refering to the place where that is a biblical command; it does not exsist in my Bibles anywhere.  If they are not in mine, (My Bible) they are not in yours?  Listen in for the web cast today soon as possible.  (Now)  

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 27, 2020 "Moving Against The Flow" Moving in this direction has always been my way of getting the picture in focus.  Today's world is one that begs the question.  This fallacy happens when instead of offering proof for arriving at ones determination of a conclusion; an argument simply reasserts the conclusion in another form.  This happens all of the time in the lives of today's masses.  These kinds of things happen when people do not agree with you; and then go on a blitzkrieg which causes a thinking person to fizzle.  Check out the cast if you want to figure out what I'm talking about.  Again; if you are faint in heart, totally a positive thinker and straw away from what is rational, please do not waste your time.  I am talking to people that has discovered a way to cope with reality in the fast lane.  If their is a dead rotting rat in the sin, one ought not ignore it, or treat it as if it does not exsist.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 26, 2020 "When Your Money Runs Out"  It's Sunday and I'm taking you to church with me if you like it or not, so, there you are.  I know!  You don't want to hear from some dried up preacher.  #1 I am not dried up.  #2 Being old is a blessing, I think far better than a younger person,  # 3 I love my friends young and old, and I'm aware that people need to hear from wise persons that have never been in jail, prison or caught with dope in their pockets.  Now, check out the clip. and analyze your own personal lives.  Again, if this offends you; decline my site for life.

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 25, 2020 "Vodie Is Correct"  The Black Lives Movement is run by anarchist which has only one objectie; o destroy America as I once knew it to be.  never prefect, always with some unjust mess; but still AMERICA.  Listen, there are always voices black like myself that will not fall for the foolishness.  Having said that; lets continue to hold all COPS accountable for deeds that shame humanity.  It really takes guts to come to this site and to analyze myself.  "I Know, Me Too!"

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 24, 2020 Prosperity, Is That The Point?  Just listen in for a few minutes.  I have never wanted more than I deserve in this life.  I've seen suffering and pain, and I weep for those that weep and then I try to help people, not have talks about how I might get more of what I do not deserve.  Listen to my argument and let me know if you agree.

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 23, 2020 "Unbelievable"  Keeping pace with all of the pain and strife out here these days.  One must develop and individual faith in God to the degree that He answers us right where we are, where we live, not in a fantesy world where materialism suddenly appears.  I've got to take the time and get into this studio today with all of the things that I have to get done.  Stay tuned.

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 22, 2020 "Unsustainable"  Chicago madness, defined in a clear nutshell; no fathers.  No disicipline, no leadership, a failed state of affairs.  "Unsustainability".  The structure can no longer sustain itself.  The system is a complete failure.  The democratic structure has completely worn away.  It's inner city schools gone, now with the virus, completely gone.  The future of our children as we once knew it to be, gone.

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 19, 2020 "Understanding"  There is nothing amiss with all of our neighbors.  Join me as you listen in on Mario Canto engageing my mind, spirit and humanity by asking serious questions from the mind of a serious older man.  These are the kinds of conversations that ought to occur these days.  This presentation was a masterpiece.  Two black minds meeting up in the fashion that men use to trod.  When yo understanding is cool, we put our guns down and love the interaction of our blackness. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 15, 2020 "Another Time"  If you listenened to yesterday's cast; you heard the voices of black people share with you the joys of knowing God through the genius of one Duke Ellington.  Listen to it on a good system like your car radio systen through your phone.  I was our taking care of a bit of business and found it to be a joy listening to me do a bit of my DJ'ing.  I plan to play more older music and add my fling to it with a lot of spiritual insight that I've learned through my entire life.  I surely hope to tak the time and do that as you attempt to think of better things; through "Another Time".  

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 14, 2020 "Freedom"  I'm thinking about freedom.  Am I really free?   Is the resounding answer from my spiritual mind.  My soul is freed up, but I feel as if someting is missing these days.  I am aware that it has been a while about "8" day, so it is time to listen to one of the masters of Jazz.  Duke Ellington and his genius.  From his Centennial Editions.  I'll also add some clarity for the sake of many today who have no idea who "Duke" is.  I do not feel free these days.  No, I do not inply that I desire something in order to clarify my individual free state of mind.  I am looking close at my country and I've never seen her looking as bad as she is.  She is being torn apart by so much these days, I'm going to talk about "Freedom".  As you know, I do not think that a person has been free if they have not that free spiritual union that justifies their happy heart.  Our hearts have not been happy for a bit, so I thought I'd attempt to lift up our spirits.  Grab that book of poems, bible, song book, and get ready for some classic Ellington with orch, and ensemble as we bathe our minds with words that are totally freed up.

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 6, 2020 "The Law Of Non-negotiability"  Men ascribe this far better than women.  If black men were to get serious about their future as leaders and heads of households by developing an urge to navigate life in successful ways, this law would be the prevailing course to get our community back on track.  Please, let us stop with all of the gullible language that keeps us weak.  Following this law, we might see a reversal taking place in our social environment.  This may be hard but listen to the argument.  I truly believe that if we ascribe to some of these older ideas about life, we would be far better off.  Thanks for coming to my site.  I've listened twice to the presentation, and I set the vhallenge off for some of you to consider what I said.  If you find me wrong, prove it to use this method on any family member in order to discover my ligitimate claim.

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 4, 2020 "Taking It Easy"  I'm experiencing a down day.  I'm running out of energy quickly as I attempt to do more than my body will allow.  This is called the Old Man chilling out.  I was asked what I was going to do for the holiday?  Nothing special.  I have a bit of fdood and I shall prepare it the best way for me to be fulfilled.  I do not plan to go anywhere; just stay home and chill.  I would like to do a bit of old school DJ'ing playing some of the music that brought life to me back in the days long gone.  That sounds like a great weekend to continue my "Easy".  (Now)  I play from a Master in the field of Jazz /Duke Ellington enjoy!

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 2, 2020 "Fringe Groups"  Golly!  What the hell is going on?  OK I'm going to share with you some recent religious (Christian) jargon going on these days.  I've been saying it for years to do the God thing on your own and you might not get caught up in insanity.  A promising hour that will cause you to think deeply and sway with the music.

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 30, 2020  "Syncopation"  To tell you the truth, I am so tired of all of the hate from each side.  I was speaking with a friend of mine and he was saying that it would be nice if all of this hatred would just end.  If we all learned how to flow into each other.  In this web cast I try to pull all of this together as I analyze music and musicians and their unique ability to creat genius out of chaos.  Could it be that all of us could stand a bit of these things?

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 26, 2020 "Calm Down"  I speak with my neighbor about every other day.  I can tell that he is taking all of this mess seriously.  He thinks that the population is going to crash in on him and do him harm.  In America, In Los Angeles, on my street?  My message is a simple one; calm down, if you can.  If we as a united people do not find our way out of this mess, it will surely become the end of all of us.  WOW!  I just watched Seattle Protest, and I just cannot believe what I just saw.  And people are talking about doing away with police?  Please help me figure what the heck happened.  It appears that I just woke up and my world had become all of this mess.  Calm Down people, thee is hope.  Where?  Tune in to the next web cast as I get around to doing it.  Calm Down; stay home read that book, don't worry about the rent, we all are in need of some cash, but we've always found our way back.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 25, 2020 "No Group Thinking Here"  Do I have the right to never allow others to think for myself?  Is it a healthy thing to think independently at all times in my life?  How about you?  I just could not get the thought out of my mind.  I see so many people doing this and it is so against all that I was raised to believe in.  Never, I mean never; allow others to do your thinking for you.  If you are of a mind to require others to control the direction of your actions; join political parties and relish in the defeatism that obsorbs them; just don't ask this black man to participate in this with you.  I'm happy attempting to figure out for myself.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 25, 2020 "Courage"  Give me the mind and spirit to face my difficulty, danger and pain.  We could attempt to go this issue alone, or travel with those that have tested the waters and are yet floating. For too long many of us; (including myself) have been standing on the side lines observing and signifying.  I love the style of our young people.  They do not have this static fear that I owened when I was a younger man.  I was taught to care more about the job that I had to secure.  I had to make sure that the next pay checks were on time as I started out to purchase furniture for my wife and two daughters.  I had to walk in caution if I wanted to sustain a manner of living that would keep me in the promotional stance.  My game to to step mine up if you get me.  The accomplishments of three college degrees, and the passing on of the same to my children; that was me living the American Dream.  I am yet alive and well so far as I can tell, just aging in the real zone of my life; I've come to a new signifigance.  My life has to change for the better of the other person in my community.  I've had a history of assisting others for years.  Many a young man can tell you of the months that they have had to dwell in my pad in order to learn from the elder brother that had followed full Christian teachings.  I am that same man without the rigors of another man opinions of God and what is right.  Is it right to fight for your freedom at the expense of all?  It is correct to say that all of us in our community, black Hispanic, and others are welcome to think and live with me; but are expected to carry that sign, lift up their voices and demand social justice?  My preaching is not worth the paper they were printed on if my life does not live up to all of our expectations.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 21, 2020   "To Love Your Blackness"  There comes a time when every black male child must come to a place where he must look deep down within himself to deeply care for his own individual thoughts and aspirations as opposed to a structure where that black man is not desired.  This cast will speak about how to arrive at that place as well as how we loose our place as we strive for the prize. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 17, 2020 "Angst"  Kind of out of socket with my thoughts as to why many of the people in my community continue to do those things that might bring harm to themselves.  When attempting to do away with a severe problem, another one comes up with the same intentions.  I shall continue to speak out on this forum for the sake of those of us that want to believe that we are living in a sane world.  Our depravity (all of us must admit to that kind of mentality) has taken all of us on this journey.  Some of us are beginning to develop mental frustration behind all of this and the breaking point is right in front of us.  My next venture into your mind and heart will attempt to give vent to all of our frustrations.  I do not have answers that I have not already addressed.  I am sure that the realities of every situation has solid conclusions, but if a persons perspective is marred by deeply felt prejudice, nothing will ever change.  The time for discussion is over.  There has to be more people in our country that wants the madness to stop.  Why is it that those that are suppose to be the leaders amoung us are not saying anything?  We know the answer quite well.  They are trapped in the midst of an "Angst" moment.  Thinking too much as to how they might continue their lives without messing up the status quo.  Human beings will continue to do the things that they do best in order to bring this thing to fruit.  What is the solution of those of us that believe in God, Justice and true Peace?  How does one not recall the madness of WW1 & 2 and Veitnam, Desert Storm, "911" and the massive human "Angst" that has formed our historical past?  There is a hell of a lot going on these days.  I would trust that you are keepoing yourself occupied with things that bring peace in the heart as opposed to more of these feelings of uncertainty.  I have not lost my way, just sampling the atmosphere.

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 14, 2020 "A Spiritual People"  I've seen for myself spiritual people.  I've been connected with and in the black church community for most of my human life.  As spiritual people we stand alone from those that will place the color of one's skin, or the backwards thinking of individuals that strive to continue in hatred, but refuse to state the case.  In that I am spiritual, I speak a language that all of other spiritual people talk.  Tune in. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 13, 2020 "The Johnny Small Interview"  I'd been all over the country by then, and many young black married men wanted to know what I was all about.  I got a call from Detroit Mi. from a brother that I had come into contact with at one of the conferences I attended.  I was home in my office here is Los Angeles.  Johnny called as asked me if he could interview me on the spot.  No cue cards, I did not askhim what he wanted to know about me, just up front answering.  I do recall he was having a little difficulties with his marriage.  He had teen age children and was holding down a job.  He also felt that God had called him to be a minister.  His questions deserve honest answers.  I never lie, I do not see reasons to speak untruths.  As you listen to the interview, weigh in on this.  Do you really think I would lie about something as deep as Johnny was asking?  If you attend some kind of Christian organization ask your spiritual leader if you might interview him or her and see what they would sound like.  The interview was done in the year 2008, twelve years ago.  I've already listened.  I thought this would be a good time to introduce many of you to me in that many today seem to have the wrong view of who they think I am.  I am the same man today as I've always been.  No change, no re-arrangements or adjustments.  I would ask that you listen to the questions concerning my relationship with the God I serve.  There are many that mis-read or hear me.  Finally; I have no idea where Johnny is today.  Detroit in many areas is a ghost town.  Often I think of the many individuals I've met.  Johnny was a very humble kind brother.  I do pray that good came his way, and that my words were of the sort to assist him in his life.  His question was; "What Constitutes A Biblical Pastor"

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 12, 2020 "Caught Up"  If you listened to my last cast you heard the voice of a man that was thinking through each thought with intentions.  The above interview demonstrates how easy it is to get caught up in another person's rhetoric.  If you watch the entire piece, I would ask that you consider the original question asked.  Dr. West had just retreated from the funeral of Mr. George Floyd; his argument was inflamed by the killing.  Note how it appears that Attny: Leo Terrell appears to be the agitator . . Sean does a great job in allowing this to continue.  Can you tell me what the purpose is?  People; THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK ON FORUMS THAT WILL TURN YOU AGAINST EACH OTHER.  WE REQUIRE EVERY SOLDIER IN THE FIGHT.

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 11, 2020  "Following The Correct Path"  God has never led me astray.  Everytime I set out to accomplish something it is sustained by and through the lasting ever assurance of God's blessed word.  His word assures me of victory.  I like Joshua of old never depend upon the power of the crowd.  The herd instinct is to be avoided at all cost.  I have traveled in the solo lane so long, and have been sustained by wisdom and spiritual courage, and I tire of attempting to get anyone else to see things from my perspective.  Let me know what you think about all of this jargon.

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 9, 2020 "Ecclesiastes Speaking Loud And Clear"  Why!  Tell me why internet Pastor why all of this burning and waste?  How long shall all od this mess persist?  My answer to you is that I have no idea.  But today's web cast will define what did not take place, that should have taken place.  I shall also present a look at the place where we find ourselves.  Enjoy  (In Studio Now; I'm finding so many insightful pieces, I thought that I'd share them with you.  I will continue to work on my web cast on the Ecclesiastes Piece.)

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 5, 2020 "Perspectives"  Stop listening to those voices that test you over and over until you get to the place of not living your own truth.  It is not logical or human to cast aside your own personal belief which has given you life and happiness for generations that does not have the same background that you relish in.  You (We) have our own history.  This webcast will attempt to define a bit of my upbringing, family and military years.  These kinds of things are not spoken of these days in that younger people with no mindset to relate will attempt to degrade us and threaten to deprie us of living a life in fear.  I'm pretty well fed up with this stupidity.  What you here when you come to my site is my opinion.  I am a citizen of America and I have the right to express myself.  That is a great part of what freedom is.  Each of us can only weigh an issue by the perspectives that we have framed in the years that we are alive.  Young people hae not lived long enough to interpret my perspective unless they have had the opportunity to hear from it.  This is why you have come to my site.  Take the time and listen and then pass it on to others.  Thanks.

This series of theological lecture are the kinds that flatly challanges the student of the bible to consider everything.  Even though I was asked to speak to young people that was not connected deeply to the black community.  The year was 1994, at the start of the College semester.  I took my film crew with me to "The Masters College" here in southern California.  After I had drafted a thirty minute lecture; this was my way of ministering back in the day.  Often I think to myself and ask; "If one of those students watched this, could they say, "Thank you Pastor John for taking time out to teach us God's word?"  Most were from the white community.  At the time, I was somewhat popular on late night Christian radio.  i do pray that you listen to parts 2-3 of this lecture series.  The word of God does not change, nor have I.  I yet love to the degree that I shall always relish in God's truth.  You see, that truth appeaks to all men and women of every culture.  Our lives manifest God's truth as we live out that truth.  Enjoy, remember their are two others parts to the lecture.

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 4, 2020 "Will Justice Truly Be Served?"  This is not the question facing our nation.  Can all of us agree that the amount of pressure has it's affects of this fluid situation that is facing us as a people living under the flag ship of freedom?

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 2, 2020 "Anarchy" How would one expect to respond when their lives are torn apart?  My system is having settle down problems, but when the system is stable I will continue to expand my argument.  (In Studio Now)  On a personal note.  I do not believe in my heart that the leaders of the Black Lives Matter, are capable of performing such foolishness.  Anarchy is within the midst of a good group.

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 31, 2020  "Stay Calm"  There is no reason for any of us to be upset.  The community is only reacting to what they have been conditioned towards.  The time for talk is over.  It appears that every element of our society has joined in the mayhem.  Today's talk will simply be an admonition to chill out as I add my personal commentary while being locked down.  Sorry for the delay.  Los Angeles was under fire for the past few days.  (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 28, 2020  "George Floyd" Pay attention to sound reasoning within a country that has shamed itself through rouge murder from people that the citizens are suppose to trust.  Excuse me but my passion for the tribe that I come from drives me to shout foul play.  I know, you expect me to be that calm voice of reason; how can one reason when they witness murder in living color?  I am more than outraged; even more so than when I see the young people of the community act up.  I see why they are acting up, look at our society.  Can we not do far better then we are today?  The time for talk is well over.  Action, een to the degree of coming out from amoung ththis and starting afresh from the ground up fortify ourselves and complete that divine destiny that God originally intended for us.

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 27, 2020 "What I Do" A dear friend yesterday addressed me as; the man of God.  He is correct.  I sat aside my personal views and mannerisms for the recognition of this special relationship with the "Most High".  The above clip clearly states my case well.  Please know this when you come to my site.  I do not apologize, rather I do apologetics.  I argue and make a claim for all that I truly believe God would affirm.  It may appear that I contradict myself when I speak of certain issues, but I'm asking you to listen to me clearly.  I believe in man's freedom to love whom he or she may love, thats always a good thing.  Limits are placed upon men that God has established.  There are certain limitations that men have abridged in order to set forth their own ideas; which must not be attributed to the "Almighty".  I'm hoping that as we see the graduel decay of our nation taking place right in front of us, that we consider obedience.  What!  I know, not in this country.  The killing of George Floyd by a police officer has damaged my view of police for the rest of my life.  It is time for us as a spiritual people to take action.  Action that will uphold our many contributions to this country that we have built.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 26, 2020 "Listen To The Words"  I have no memory of speaking these words.  My prayers have always been on this level.  You shall note that God is being sought.  My spiritual intensions are His alove.  Prayers that demand of God without regard to humble compliance to His wishes are words spoken in vain.  Please people, take time and listen to what has been spoken and apply the prayer to all of our hearts.

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 25, 2020 "We Have Gone Astray" A very good friend of mine told me that I really did not have to produce more web cast, simply because I've already stated all of the facts.  I've always viewed my life in ministry as a prophet, for "Such A Time As These.  The YouTube clip series entitled above is an indicator of the truth of my calling.  It was right after the tsumami struct Japan that this lecture was given.  If we apply the truth of my lecture to today, I think we get the picture.  If you use your browser correctly you can type in the other parts of the lecture.  YouTube may connect them, if not, you do the work.  I have so many other priceless lectures ready to post.  You have some time; take it and re-analyze (Our) your lives in the face of scripture.  Stay home if you can, follow instructions as good citizens.  You may not agree with what the governing authorities has to say concerning this plague we are experiencing; but we cannot deny the death counts in especially our community.  Stay safe and enjoy the lecture.

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 23, 2020 "My Adventures As A Social Poet" Has much changed for us as black men?  I'm taking my time as I read through this piece firstly recorded in the year 1947.  The religious influence of the evangelicals way back there in the region in which I now live was run by religious fanatical lunitics, just as today.  I pray that my work in the studio of my office will add clarity a bit, towards our current situation. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 22, 2020 "Liberated Totally" When a man is not free enough to declare who he is and why he is, that man is not free.  Therefore ones ability to speak and live as a liberated person will have less to be concerned with; for this person lives their own Godliness based upon what God says to them alone.  Each of us are vessels of God's concern.  If we but trust in what we know He can and will do in our lives all fears will subside.  I love reading my bible.  It has a way of making me say; "Right!"  This is a practical study that adds fact to the menu.  I take you through this history lesson.  I also invite you to get real with yourself during these trying times.  Pastors; I am aiming at you that attempt to bring guilt in the lives of people that call themselves Christians.  Yes, I am yet alive and have not changed in all of the years of my life.  If you need a voice of one telling you the truth.  Listen in today and take that time out and garnish a bit of wisdom.

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 19, 2020 "Stop Begging And Just Love Them"  I tried to stay away from the subject but it jumped all over me.  I am always forced to go to my book for the correct frame of reference.  I do hope many of you will follow the direction of my language.  It is time to stop all of the social contact until we get these things straightened out.  Worship at home where you are.  Keep your money for your own family, God gave it to you for your life.  Assist those that are within your sphere of influence. (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 16, 2020 "Following The Rules" Music, reflextions and passion rules this hour.  Thanks for visiting.  I do pray that you too are following the rules.  Keeping in mind that all of the rules have been broken in the first place.

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 15, 2020 "Archive RRL July 29, 2010"  Just listen to the whole presentation done some "10" years ago.  We have fallen so deep, now we see the suffering of our culture.  All of us really need to come full circle with this religious messy.  Please listen to the entire presentation.  We as a people seem to be reaping the whirlwind.  In this presentation I analyze Carlton Pearson and Michael Beckwith having a discussion on a YouTube Clip in 2010.  Mark Ramsey joined me here in the Lucy Coleman Studio and It is a joy to listen afresh at this Archive Apologetic piece.  Enjoy!   

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 12, 2020 "Pressing On" When everything within you says; "Whats the use, all is useless anyway".  Know what I'm talking about?  I try to bring up some positive affirmations that will attempt to pull you into my conversations.  These things are becomming personal snap-shots of my heart.  I want to hear music today.  The clouds do that to me you know?  I want to be elsewhere these days.  Thanks for coming by to visit.  These sessions are turning out to be periods of spiritual and physical invasions of our human conscience as we "Press On". 

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 11, 2020 "Life's Meaning" Every life has a purpose.  Discovery is not an option.  When on eis embarked upon finding that light at the end of the journey; it begins to come together in this artful mosaic; patterns that kind of blend in after a bit of thought.  Ours is a pattern during this pandamic; real or unreal. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 9, 2020 "Evidence Demanded" Talking about who you are without the proper evidence is worthless.  We see it all of the time in politics.  It is now surfacing in the medical field.  Which is the best way to convince people concerning the evidence of one's character?  As for me; I demand evidence.  I shall never turn my back on it.  It shall be the underlying substance of all that I believe in.  Mass appeal, popularity, or public opinion are not factors.  My approach shall be philosophical in nature.  hopefully those of us that are thinkers will appreciate this discussion; one sided as it shall be.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 7, 2020 "Set It Off"  Just Listen To The Whole Thing.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 6, 2020 "Ram Radio Archive" There are literally hundreds of other Ram Radio Live web cast that many of you have not taken the time to investigate.  I've found that some of my best work was done in past history.  I've often stated that I desired to write a book, but my ability to produce some boundless information concerning my Christian experience can also assist others these days.  As you document these sound bites, please pay attention to the pieces that move us all towards loving and caring for each other.  You are apt to find pieces that speak against people, or attitudes that I no longer espouse.  I shall leave them intack for reasons that are obvious.  I no longer ascribe to hateful dispositions against any persons of any kind.  Thank God that I have lived long enough to grow the hell up.  Enjoy. (Now)  Listen to the last study on this Archive Page: "Finding Christ While In Crises"  If you take the time and listen to this 2008 broadcast, and then compare it to what is happening today, you will see why I ascribe to the Biblical Agenda.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 2, 2020 "Saturday Praise" I could not help it.  God woke me up, I needed nothing from the Lord and then I told myself; "Get up and help those people to endure until the end.  Enjoy! 

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 1, 2020 "Jazz It Up" Sounds so good to me, lets do it, , ,  Heck!  Why Not?

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 29, 2020 "Looking To God" We must come to a point in our lives when we just give up.  When we come to think that God is needed much more than anything elese in this world.  Join me as I open my bible again today and share with you insights, possibly that you have never undertaken before.  Lets see what is implied when one says that they are trusting God in every situation.

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 28, 2020 "No Frustration"  Come on now, are you frustrated yet?  I found another jewel.  I am not tied into the things going on on the planet.  This is how a believer makes it through all of the mess that is taking place in our society.  Are you carried away with the news?  Listen to the lecture.  Please keep in mind that the pieces I place up are in total agreement with the reality of our days.  I'm taling about death, life and reality.  If one is trully conected with reality; we love these kinds of words.  It appears that in this message, I was running out of breath.  Listen closely as I defind that some of us will die behind the things coming on the earth.  I am preaching from the book of Romans.

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 27, 2020 "The Affects Of Power"  You see, many run to their churches in order to find out how their lives might be far better lived out than doing those simple down to earth things in life.  If you are following my web talks in the order that they are given, you will note that I add a lot of my personality to the subject matter.  This is done simply because I want you to see me for the person that I am and not some made up figure in your mind.  What are the characteristics of the person that has experienced the real healing power of God; physical or mental?  Well todays offering will assist you in more ways than I could have thought.  Take out your Bible and turn to the book of Mark in the New Testament.  Go to chapter 5 and move on down to verse 25.  Read down to verse 34.  Read over these verses a few times in order to familiarize with the situation.  I shall be your Teacher, and as such; I shall break down these verses as you read them with me afresh.  I promise you this one thing.  If you follow along with me your heart shall burn as your spiritual healing takes place. (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 25, 2020 "Deal With The Tension"  I used this term for years when I was a preacher.  That was my way of assisting people in their own individual journey through life.  There has always been quick fixes.  I would rather go through the times that God has set up for each of us as individuals.  Different moves by all of us ventures our journeys as something unknown.  Each of us has to deal with this tension in our own hearts and minds.  How does one get through all of this without seeing a therapist?  I have no idea already.  Day after day it remains the same.  I can say "Cheers" . . .  The sun is out and bright in the sky. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 23, 2020 "He Will Fill You"  If we but trust him, He will deliver.  Today's web cast will be inspirational so be sure to tune in.  If you have better ways to spend your time, please don't waste time if you do not think my reccomendations are bogus.

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 22, 2020  "Both Sides"  Have you ever been bogged down with taking sides?  That is what I have been confronted with for the past two days.  How did I come out of this?  Listen in later on today. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 19, 2020 "A Light In The Darkness" I cannot participate in meaningless conversations when people refuse to admit that we are living in times where our greatest attribute given to us by God is being ignored.  This virus has tested my ability to have a peaceful conscience when it comes to logic. People are dying, families are suffering, and confusion reigns supreme as my community seems to react as brain dead people.  All I'm trying to do is to educate you during these times we are living in.  Listen close in order to determine if you the listener can discern logically what the hell is wrong with us, grown men frightened by life?  Thanks for coming to a strong man's site. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 18, 2020  "Who Is This Man Speaking"  I was 49 years old when I appeared on live radio.  Listen to my argument.  Can we call a spade a spade?  Listen in and discover what I said about the "Coming Judgment".  (Up Now)  The words are right on time from the archive files of my system.  I placed it up on my site in 2018, but it is surly required at this time during the historic event of the Pandamic.  It is just about "30" minutes, but listen to my prayer.  Some 26 years after these words were spoken on live radio, these words seems to make all of the sence in the world.  Please listen and take to heart that I was a determined and serious radio commentator Old School Style, saying words that you no longer hear on so called talk radio.  The solution to our problem is found right here.  Thanks for coming by my site today.

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 17, 2020 "When Storms Rage"  Are we calm in the face of our storms?  This message was preached at he "Vett" in the year of 1993.  I was attempting to teach those folks that hard times were coming.  I speak as a prophet, that forsaw right where we are today.  Please apply this message to your lives and live by the blessed word of God.  I have never been wrong in my estimate, and I pray that you listen and pay close attention. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 16, 2020 "Celebrating Obedience"  I am playing a lot of my "Ols School" cd's and I had a ball.  This seems to be a lost art here in America.  We deplore it on almost every level, did you hear your President mouth off about himself being like a King or something; thia guy was screwed up from the beginning of his public career.  Listen in if you get the time today.  I've changed my mind again.  Listening to my older work is what I need to do as I wait out this long period of time.  I'm thinking around June or July before they lift this thing.  I'm daily picking up that some of you have lost loved ones.  Here is hoping that this music will cheer us all up in some way or another.  No judgment, only Love!  I love all of you, and I wish I could have a house full of you.  I am auditing the hour of good music now.  Please try to tune in later on today. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 14, 2020 "Let It Go"  It is warm, I was sitting out in the sun in the patio.  Southern Califotnia.  The only thing different is the lack of a hell of a lot of people all around me.  I have learned how to deal with the tension, have you?  Tune in today. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 13, 2020 "My Buddy"  Ain't it good to have a buddy?  I had one that dissapeared off of the face.  I take Monday time to talk about by buddies over the years.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 12, 2020  "Easter's Truth 2020" I start off slow, just thinking about encouraging you, and then it hit me, It is as if God shot off in my heart the power to proclaim His word alone.  This is the message that the man of God ought to preach.  Have your bibles open to the book of Jeremiah.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 10, 2020 "A Very Good Friday"  Working at home again.  YES!  And why do I declare this to be a good Friday?  Listen in to today's web cast and you shall discover the many reasons. . . . . 

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 9, 2020 "Pastor To Pastor"  As much as you would desire guest in your home, refuse them and regulate with your humans that you know are safe and sound.  As many of us see now, these are trying times that we live in.  Today's web cast will be presented in the spirit of seriousness.  Pastor James Washington joins me in this serious discussion.

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 7, 2020 "Defeatism Defined" FSATAT Pt 2  Peace to the nations in thr face of this trying time.  Listen in as you seek to discover your prime right to life.  It has always been in seeing what God will grant in ones life.  Keeping in mind that fear is what defeats the Believer.  In this segment I have a special message from a man that many swear on, but come to relize that one has to put forth a personal belief. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 6, 2020 "For Such A Time As These" Pt 1  I have been asleep long enough.  Now is the time to face life and death in the powerof the victory of my living faith in God from the foundation of this world.  There is an Old Testament text where God ask who will stand for him, speak for Him, declare His majesty; where is that man today that is not tied into a system that has failed.  Discover the hidden message found in my words on my next cast.  If you would take the time and research every detail of what our Bible teaches; you would have to say, "Oh Yes, John is right on here.  I take off my gloves and attempt to share with you how our end may appear.  If all is true as broadcast by the news; month to month more bad news is on the horizon.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 5, 2020 "Any Other Day"  I believe more than ever before that the New World Order Is Upon Us.  Listen, things have changed that will never be reversed.  I'll speak about this in a minute.  First of all; I have placed on my facebook page (John Coleman) some lecture and sermon clips that will assist you during these times of distress.  I shall continue to place these streams up for as long as possible.  Time is what all of us have at this point.  Much of what I've been saying has already been played out in my life, I had no idea that it would be so valuable today.  I am in the studio now, but you can go in the meantime and "Go To Church" with Pastor John.  Thanks!

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 2, 2020 "Something Higher"  These times drive all of us to think about those things that are on a far higher level then our minds can handle when we are focused on what brings us pain.  Follow along with me as I attempt to draw your minds from the local news which is too depressing to say the lease.  Give me a little minute as I pull some music together here in the "Lucy Coleman Studio".  

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 1, 2020 "PRAYER"  Do what it is you think I'm saying with all that is within you.  I love you too much not to tell you the truth of what God is allowing to take place.  There is no time for discord, do this act today and discover why I am the way that I am.

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 30, 2020 "Sweet Somebody"  I seek to allow my love to shine through the voice of Stevie Wonder.

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 27, 2020 "Mission Accomplished"  I've had so many wonderful experiences in my life.  On this Sunday morning I arrived at the church ready to speak to a full house.  I was ending up my preaching of the book of Acts at the "Vett".  As I listen afresh to myself, I can't help but relish in the calling of God in my life.  Listen to this as you hang out at home.  I am speaking of real life and the individuals need to accept what is right in front of us.  Acts chapter 28 is where my text comes from.  You will note that I was a younger man then my 76 years today.  Time and fate has allowed all of us to listen afresh to a mission of the blessed Apostle; as we go through our individual missions.  This message addresses healing; and the right way that it is to be done.  I pray that all of us are obeying the rules.  Stay home; put the ear plugs in your ears and answer some of the questions that I am asking of you.  As you can see, I am not staying home doing nothing.  If you know me personally; try to listen to this man preaching, for he was filled with the Holy Spirit of God as he was doing the thing that God ordained him to do, for such a time as this.  February 3, 1993 Sunday Morning At The Vett.

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 26, 2020 Prophecy Fulfilled  We have nothing but time.  Lets go back to the year of 1993 at the "Vett" and I thought to place up some very rich theology and heart felt information.  If you have never listened to exposition nor explication of subject matter.  Settle down and open your heart and mind.  Go walking today and allow this retired Pastor to speak to you during these trying times.  Listen to the care given to the historical context of these verses found in the book of Acts found in the New Testament Scriptures.  Would it be right to say that messages preached years ago can affect us today.  Keeping in mind that I am also re-learning these truths of God and now I must share it again to a world that has a real need to stay put (because of the virus in 2020) and listen up.  I just want to share with you that my way of preaching is laced in defining what is going on in the text of scriptures.  Come on settle down and in place in your homes and go to church with me in the place where you are.  Please keep in mind that you are listening to me way back in 1993 on a Sunday Morning; and The room was packed out, we had to purchase a larger building in 1995.

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 23, 2020 "World Wide Chaos"  A look into our past and looking at us today will cause you to re-think our current history.  This presentation was recorded a number of years ago, enjoy.

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 22, 2020 "Up In The Woods"  It's good to get away.  And that is just what I am doing as my mind takes me back a few years.  Enjoy!

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 21, 2020 "Acquiring Respect For God" Listen and get real with me today.  If you think I'm wrong in my estimate, be sure to share that with me.

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 20, 2020 "Doubting The Downfall Of Spiritual Adancement" This is the first of my stay home bible studies under the post of PBSPastors Bible Study.  Be sure to tell your friends about this if you are interested in chilling out with PJ without coming within too many feet of his person.  These studies are practical and are designed to get you to think everything through.  Enjoy. . . . .

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 19, 2020 "Is There A Place For Dreaming"  Addressing the situation in real time today.  Quoting others that have asked the question before the time.  This discussion will bring rest to us if we allow words to enter our hearts and minds. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 18, 2020 "Religious Madness"  Everyone is talking about the situation.  Most are in aggrement of allowing the government to handle the situation.  I was confronted with another frightened Pastor who is also aged and fearful of dying.  Can you believe it.?

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 17, 2020 "Facing Facts"  All of us must face the facts that what was just a thought has become our new reality.  Life as we once knew it is about over if our scientist and leaders of humanity don't pull this thing together.  Tensions are gaining momentum; as for me, just chilling!

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 16, 2020 "Staying Put"  I just stay inside and monitor my health.  My system is already strained and I'm measuring my body and mind functions.  All is well, I am feeling the tension that all of us are experiencing.  Listen in for more information.

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 15, 2020 "Bit Of Music"   I felt like playong music and reflecting.

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 14, 2020 "Lost In Translation" We live in a world of definitions and translations.  Do we actually know what is being said by those that speak to us on a daily basis?  Who are we to listen to.  I discovered this piece of poetry that might assist us.  Keeping in mind that the poet is speaking from the vantage point of frustration.  I do hope you can digest this single piece of thought from an aspiring talent. (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 12, 2020 "Calm Down"  Today's cast allows the listener to slow down and be aware that none of us are alone.  I've seen the clips of people that love to panic.  This is not my style so; I fefuse to panic.  Listen in and just Calm Down . . . 

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 11, 2020 "Am I Exempt"   (From Getting The VirusIf there is a virus ourbreak in Los Angeles, am I automatically exempt because of my faith in God?  It is time we listened to and pay attention to those health experts and not listen to our Pastors on this new level of information.  Turn off church people and listen to rational logical thinkers.  None of us are safe from what is happening on the planet.  Please take the time and listen to the Old Man This Time.  Would it be just of a fair God to allow believers in His person to live and others to die?  Join me in my discussions. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 10, 2020 "The Power Of Truth"  It always has a way of winning out in the long run of things.  There is no trial and error; just success; simply because you have already figured it out.  Listen in a get accustomed to taking your mind there. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 8, 2020 "Two White Haired Men" I've come a long way in discovering how I could live a far better life than I have been living.  I plan to share with you some of the ways of my reoccuring joy.  New ventures, friends and obsticles to climb.  I am surely excited, and I certainly hope you are too.  Our discussions will not dwell on the negative aspects of one's own ideas.  We live in a world of peoples; all different and having been brought up with vales that differ in every way.  My approach to life might not be of your ways of thinking, but the greater question is, should we listen with a determined effort?   

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 7, 2020 "Coronavirus"  We have arrived to that place that all of those crazy movies on zulu, netflix and the rest of the stuff that entertains us has been spinning for a number of years.  Now this?  I am in the fog just like you, I do not know how I am suppose to operate with all of the news I'm getting.  I trust that the God that I have grown to love and respect will see something in me good enough that I might not end up in chaos.  Your thoughts?

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 4, 2020 "I Just Hate Hate"  It is something that deep down inside you could never participate in.  A Candid discussion without disclosure.  Racial self hatred is a damn shame.  It was difficult to produce this cast but I experienced this today.  Duke Ellington's "A Train" leads the discussion.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 29, 2020 "Sure Reasoning"  These kinds of thoughts comes through a determination to throw out those things that drag us down.  Thinking and acting without a systematically analyzed self approval through working brain waves.  I take you through the maze of reasoning by my overt rejecting of a cuture I was not connected to.  "I thought that the faith which I embraced was one that catapulted all of us into loving agents of God's creation, only to find that very few people in organized religion have experienced "Love" themselves.

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 28, 2020 "The Right God But The Wrong Theology"  /A Comprehensive Reason For My Decline"/  I have legitimate reasons for my personal departure from "Evangelical Christianity.  I have always declared my indifference to a faith or religion that closeted indifference aganist any form of biasness towards any human being in the name of "Almighty God".  There has never been any reason to turn the other way; yet at the same time declaring the love of God.  My idea is that if you harber racial bigotry against man; it is evidence that you do not know in any way the Divinity that I ascribe to.  I begin these important sections by quoting another author that had the ability to place most of my personal thoughts in the words of this paper from which I quote from.  The first section is one hour and nine minutes long.  I plan to read the whole of the article.  It was sent to my by someone of whom I've forgotten in time.  The author of thre piece is Roger A. Sneed.  After coming across the piece this month, and the fact that I am not writing a piece myself on the matter, I thought it would be better to place my thoughts along with someone who says it far better than myself.  Take the time and listen close, in oder to determine your own mindset. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 27, 2020 "A Successful Man"  Filling in all of the things that make for success at times can become stressful.  One of the major events of my life has to do with acknowledging me.  Ahhhhhh, you see, I have learned something from this younger generation.  I take time concentrating on the positivity of what I might offer or produce for this world.  Music that I have chosen from Ben Paterson; "The Old Feeling" and much more.  Take abit of time and tune into the next webcadst.  (up now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 25, 2020 "What A Eulogy"  I take a bit of time and ask the question about living our lives.  Would you trade your life for the life of anyone else?  Just a mature man speaking in his home alone reflecting on this one lone departure from life to the other side.  The Mumba goes on in our furure, just listen to what I'm saying.  Then mix it with what is really important today.    ps . . Mark my words, I've never been wrong with these kinds of predictions.  This is the kind of a world that we live in.

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 21, 2020 "Basketfall"  I weigh in on the Dwayne Wade son or daughter thing, and the right to do what anyone wants to do.  Same old jargon, but with a twist.  I am fully aware that many wouls tell me to mind my own business, I know; just thinking out loud.

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 17, 2020 "Free Thinking"  I just watched a documentry on the life and carerr of Billy Preston. (look up on your browser)  I recall heading to his mothers home on East Vernon ave. shortly before I went into the army.  Beaver Ross and I were singing along but my mind was never into becoming a big singing star.  It was just a time for "Free Thinking".  Do you really love yourself?  Check it out.

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 15, 2020 To Date / What a beautiful Saturday.  An old friend is visiting me and we plan to have a late lunch and catcvh up.  Wish you were here.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 11, 2020 "Kobi Who?  Is it OK to speak your mind today?  Or is it better just to remain silent?  Please listen in today.  Now listen; I will not apologize in what I know to be true in me.  Like Romney, My soul is held captive by the very word of My God.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 8, 2020   "February 8, 1944"  This is what God birthed so many years ago.  I am trusting that you can discover these truths.  As I look out on the horizon in order to weigh what is taking place in our culture; I see with this virus which is taking hold on our world; all of us really need to pray.  If any of us can live free from the crazieness that is happening.  Keep your eyes and ears on world news and feel the tension.  If I get the chance to speak on mu birthday I shall.  This message is the expression of my heart these days.  Thanks for the kind thoughts from many of you my internet friends.  This message on prayer is a classic presented in the year of 1989.  It is now 2020, and I have not changed my mind as of this moment.  Thankful to God that I have never let go of His hand.

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 7, 2020 Real Talk From The Archives:  A Very good discription of who you are if you are willing to accept these truths as fitting for us today.  Just taking it easy around the house today.  I use the bible in this beautiful archive attachment.  This clip was produced in May of 2013. Just as sure for the human soul today.

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 6, 2020 "Thinking My Years Through" If I do it right; I've got a lot of thinking to do.  Moving towards another year of contentment and joy.  Happiness abounds in me deeply.  Cultivating the right kinds of habits as I move on in this strange age I'm living in.  Let me tell you something; I am experiencing an abundant amount of wisdom as I learn from so many young people around me.  Oh, Please get a minute to listen to an older man rejoice, and again I say REJOICE!  

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 30, 2020 "Who Is To Blame"  There is a point of view that says; "Someone is ultimately responcible for the deaths of the innocent; those that had absolutely no word concerning the correct lawful thing to do in a situation that was not that serious."   Please keep in mind that I am thinking all of the time and I am fully aware that some things are allowed for the rich privileged individuals of our society.  Ultimately one has to ask; who is to blame?  They tell me that for every action; there is a due balanced reaction.  So many people have been affected by at least one person's terrible decision.  Every air ship was grounded in Los Angeles on last Sunday morning because of weather conditions of fog.  One air ship was allowed to fly, why, how for goodness sake.  Lets see how all of this turns out.  After all of the celeberty is done, I'm sure these question will come to the forefront.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 29, 2020 "Destiny / Fate / A Predetermined Course Of Events"  No one really knows what life offers any of us.  We live in a vault of mystery.  None of us knows or realizes what the key code is in opening this vault.  One minute we are enjoying our lives; and in the next minute . . . .  That is what we call or fate.  I discuss this simple truth of life in my next cast in full detail.  Thanks for the very kind wishes of those of you that appreciate what it is that I'm trying to do you many who have no hope within themselves. . . I pray that these words fulfill all of our hearts.

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 27, 2020 "Life On The Other Side" I was sharing yesterday with a friend this idea, that a person who is connected in their lives spiritually remains that way even after they cross over to thre other side.  I was asked to explain the meaning of that statement.  I will approach the answer with wisdom and concern for those of you that have been affected by the darkness of sudden death.  I am yet, in my heart of hearts a Pastor.  Called the old school ways knowing that the Spirit of God is immutable.  As stated in the Holy Book; "I am the same yesterday, today and forevermore."   Sorry about the muffled sound on the last cast, working at will on the new program.

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 26, 2020 "Crossing Racial Barriors"  If you are Black, White, Red, Brown or Yellow . . . Enjoy this mornings Sunday Archive message.  This is a power message which identifies the heart of the true Pastor.  Pass this message on to as many as you might feel an expression to assist them in their racial foolishness.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 25, 2020 "The Disease To Please"  We choose to loose when we do those things that others believe we ought to do.  We all must find our own ways.  I personally believe that each of us has a plan outlined in their minds what it is that drives them.  This cast might be difficult for you if you have never fully complied with the self ordained details concerning your past, present and future.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 24, 2020 "Take Care Of Yourself"  All of us are going to leave the planet either in a rocket ship or in death.  Thinking about that subject matter does not disturb me.  Others; at times are perturbed by the thought.  I try to give some helpful hints towards caring for that body that each of us live in.  Healthy living does nor cost much.  One must follow the direction of their bodies.  This decision is one of the most important ones that each of us must undertake on our own. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 23, 2020   "The Ladies"  I did it.  Finally.  Enjoy and I shall return as I stay in school and discover how this system works. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 20, 2020 "MLK Day"  I address some things that my brothers could enjoy.  Just relax and see how this really works in your Life.  Readings from one of the best text in my library.  I just keep living on the no stress express.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 19, 2020 "Cultural Absolutes" Every culture has built within it a right to expand it's contribution to the other cultures that surrounds it.  One cannot say that one culture deserves to exist whereas another culture; far different needs to be done away with.  This fight goes on and on as we see one group of persons attempting to dominate the other; even to the end which resolves itself in blood letting.  American culture has been bathed in blood sence the conception of it's history.  I plan to bring a study by means of the book of the Nothern America's culture; The Bible.  I would like to provide a glance into another's culture before you listen to my commentary.   (YouTube / Rick Steaves In Iran)  I shall express my love of another culture that we (Americans in the USA) rarely objectify, because we have no idea concerning the ways that others live.  As I glance out my study window into a cloudy sky above; I'm thinking about my counterparts spread throughout this wonderful world analyzing their particular circumstances with religion as well as politics guiding their focus.  I not only welcome those in my country to tune into today's cast; as I also welcome others of different cultures to explore with me; "Cultural Absolutes" .  

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 14, 2020 "Touchdown"  Ahhhhh carried away with things snd duty, but not that busy to get all of my facks right.  Stay tuned. The fact is; every team cannot play year after year in the "Super Bowl"  I take you on a tour about knowing yourself as well as God. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 9, 2020 "Wise Or Foolish"  I am enjoying my coffee this morning.  It is wonderful not to have to get up fighting traffic and stuff.  There are advantages to getting up in years.  The best part is having a clear mind and heart to feel deeply about life.  I was reflecting last night on those things and I've arrived at a place in my heart where I am at perfect peace. (the kind that I learned about in the scriptures)  At peace with my status, and disposition as well as my fellow human beings.  I have watched my children grow into be the best of offspring.  I am proud to say that most people that know of me and my family realize that I did life right, therefore, I am reaping the benefits of good parenting.  I am yet doing that.  Follow those princibles that have proven to work, apply wisdom and virtue to every effort through the enegery that God provides.  I plan to visit Proverbs this morning before I take off to take care of a bit of business.  Keep listening. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 5, 2020 "Strtagems Advantage"  Most of us never think about these kinds of things.  We avail ourselves to some other persons ideas of being successful at living life.  Really?  You require A plan or scheme, especially one used to outwit an opponant, or achieve and end.  Not necessarily an easy event for persons that have no idea what they are facing on the horizon.  Parents!  This one is for you. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 2, 2020 "A Vision Perfected" You see my friends, I believe that all of us are perfected already.  This perfection only has signifigance when we all live up to a standard that demands absolutes.  God is the author of all that is trustworthy.  Our lives are perfected on a daily basis as all of us together strive for this human trait.  Be sure to listen in to the up-coming web-cast, you will not be disappointed.  A continuation of Proberbs as I bring in modern day discernment.  I have very strong views concerning life itself.  Mine are not yours, nor would you suggest I adhere to yours.

 Ram Radio The Web Cast January 1, 2020 "2020 Vision"  Now; think about it.  Thinking and seeing clearly has become a real danger in the society that we all live in.  How does one face these facts and correctly comes to a firm conclusion without 2020 Vision?  Proverbs carries me into this new year with great joy!  Happy New Year! 

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 30, 2019 "Wisdom's Call"  Have you another story to tell?  Life has a way of telling a tale like none other.  Progress report in due time.    I take in hand the teachings of Proverbs 9:1-6  (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 23, 2019 "The Character Of Christmas Personified In Our Lives" / Family / Friends / Food: Many of the reasons why there is so much woe today.  In America, much has changed and I think that is a good thing.  Listen in.  I found a study that applies for the season.  It is on character; now that is a theme that we all could use a little brushing up on.  Even me! 

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 18, 2019 "Chaos And Harmony"   A serious look at the proverbial statements.  I again approach my life with a biblical frame of reference.  I just love the book of proverbs as founbd in the holy Bible.  Now, don't loose me on this one listen in closely and get my drift.  I'm sorry for the delay, a lot has been happening.  WOW!  It is almost Christmas.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 14, 2019 "Contemplating Christmas"  I operate on feelings now.  If I feel something; I exercise the moment and allow myself to go to the place.  When I think of Christmas today; a far cry from those holidays of the 60, 70. 80's.  Tune in to the web cast.  A Guest comes to add to tonight's cast.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 10, 2019 "Relaxing & Contemplation"  Its really great to wake up with the sniffiles and don't have appointments to keep, working to make the family smile, eating all of the unhealthy foods that are a curse to your body, being tormented by the things that you do not want to think about and all of the rest of the stuff that does not satisfy your ego or appitite.  I think you will figure it all out after my last attack on the culture. (I'm feeling some seasonal feelings, and I'm pleased to say; It's OK, wow. . . I welcome the holidays!

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 5, 2019 "Lady Please"  Please listen and attempt to follow where I'm coming From. . .  Wow!  No, I am not going to change from being outraged about the society that I live in.  Brothers, Please listen to me on this one.  These kinds of things are taking place all around the country, and for this cause I believe that more men really needs to speak up.  Some of you ladies are going to get real angry at me, but as I've said for years ____*-------- Enjoy!

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 4, 2019 "Living The Best Way I Can"  I'm getting up and facing the facts that we are well on our way to nowhere as a black community.  Therefore we need to find a system that works.  OK, I'll tell you how to get serious about staying ahead of the game.  How does one trully develop the correct determining factor that has promised to lead them in a successful life?  What is the key factor that has been lost in our community over these many years that most of us within the community itself fefuses to admit?  Is their one solution that like "The use to be strong church"; could become a guiding light of refreshment to a languishing community?  Yes their is an answer. . . . .  One of the reasons why I have chosen to continue doing what I do is because my thoughts on my declining community can be resolved in a flash.  Just give me a quick minute to explain. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 28, 2019 "Happy Thanksgiving Message"  This is not for those that hate the bible.  Only for those that say that they believe in the one God that speaks to Americans through the Bible.

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 27, 2019 "Thankful"  Musing has it's rewards alright.  Listen to this older R/B song and see how my day developed.  Also I have placed up a piece that really fits the American nation.  Brothers and sisters, Happy Thanksgiving weekend, Be Safe".

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 20, 2019 "Finding Me"   Listening to today's cast will cause many of you to think avbout who your teachers are.  I would also like to thank a dear friend of mine Dean G. for his accuracy in defining what reality looks like in the age which we are all alive in.

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 17, 2019 "Reaping The Whirlwind"  I'd like to ask a few questions on this cast.  Do you think our children; (todays generation of children) could have been different overall if they were parented in the ways that my generation was?  Or can I say at least; given somewhat of an opportunity to see for themselves how decent directions concerning life was highly restrictive as it was when I was a child?

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 14, 2019 "A Determined Effort"  What will it take in order for you to succeed?  This will be a perspective cast.  If your focus is correct, you will succeed.  If you have no focus that has proven successful YOU WILL NOT SUCCEED.  I have never been one of those guys that believed in posotove thinking.  Join me as I dive deep into what a man has to do in order to be successful.  If I blend a bit of Old School Logic, EAT IT UP quick.  Allow my words to take their place in history.

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 9, 2019 "Brother Can You Spare Me Some Of your Time?"  This was one of those Sundays that I really allowed God to take me to another place.  I literally saw what I was preaching about.  Like a silly fool; I took it that others also believed it also.  If one really analyzes the church in the early ninties; what I was saying could have taken place.  In order to really catch on, listen with that inner ear and do not allow the poison that has saturated the tradions that once held us intact to deny you access to divine happenings.  Could this really take place?  Yes.  It is now in the individual hearts and souls of so many that have discovered this freedom.  Marc Ramsey and I were discussing the essence of th message and I think you can appreciate the conversation.  I hope you have a great weekend.  May God bless your hearts.

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 8, 2019 "A Single Discussion On Defining God's Love  

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 7, 2019 / March 19, 2007 "Classic Truth Radio / Proof Of A Real Devil Pt. 1" A Real Devil Pt.2 What Happened is that I found this piece done way back in the year 2007.  I was broadcasting live over the globe on truth radio.com.  Just listen to this clip and you will get the point.  Listening to this aged piece really clarifies my yet loving my God that cannot be proven without words that drives the point home.  Shall I ever change?  Hell No!  One of my Pastor friends thinks that me doing theology alone without the blessings of the masses of so called Pastors. . . . . Listn to this presentation.  I have tons of material.  As I place them all on one drive I re-listen to classic theology.  I'm trusting that you enjoy.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 5, 2019 "San Francisco"  I love this city.  Listen in.

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 2, 2019 "Lost & Found" Holding my first born while standing next to my wife.  listen to the story behind the words. A Picture Of What Marriage Looks Like.

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 29, 2019  "H I Hester Review" My studio is a real mess right now.  I thought I'd take you back a nember of years to one of the early cast on record.  Enjoy! I found a text that kind of explains why so many people that belongs to White Southern Baptist voted for Trump.   Just listen to this cast.  I can't stop thinking.  

Reflections In Terms Of Time October 25, 2019  "Give Me A Sign"  Pt.1  Pt.2  Pt.3  Pt.4  It is good to go back and re-listen to some of my older commentaries; Obama was recently elected.  Compare the time and activities of today's world.  Check it out.  I like this one so much I may turn the mike back on. (lol) 

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 22, 2019   Pastor John Says Good By I have been delaying this a bit too long.  I have enjoyed all of the events and the care that I have personally given the word of God.  To My Friends and loved ones I just want to say thanks for all of the wonderful moments.  I really need to walk away while I have time to enjoy the rest of my life without comment.  Take care and keep in mind that your faith is important just as mine is.  May God be with all of us as we watch in horror the demise of our society.  There are too many professing Christians that make a joke of Divine Things.  This mad man as Prisident, and the silence of White so called Christians to shut down, I've had it.  Please understand my heart.  Read up on your faith before you join a racket which was designed to cause you to put your brains on hold.

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 4, 2019  "Changing Motives"  I am attempting to explain that my emphasis has always been only that which is fair, or equitable.  How does one begin their friday without the right kind of reflection.  Today's cas will have a musical theme that I think you will appreciate.

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 3, 2019  "The Stuff Of Life" It takes place in a real world.  I am not short breathed on the issues of one's individual history.  I tell the young men all of the time that nothing ever remains the same.  Ones health and mental fitness depends upon resourses and time; working hand in hand in order to resolve.  It is indeed; very good to be alive; albeit, in pain.  (Look at how I've repaired my sound)

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 1, 2019 "Studio Clean Up"  On Demand My Equipment updated.  Im clearing up my system, does it sound much better?  I hope so.  enjoy!

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 27, 2019  "Normal Behavior"  discussions, meetings, and reality leads my mind as I discuss a bit of logic as well as ethics on a scale that I've never thought about before.  My mind seems to be the one thing that is still operative today.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 25, 2019  "Been There & Done That(Now)  am challenged daily by God to do my best.  I have attempted to convey as best I know how to share that I am more then a believer; a term used by most Americans who claim to trust in the living God of the bible.  Recently I was challenged to lok at a young man teach the meaning of scripture.  I thank God for the serious minded as well as talented individuals that have studied and got the writ right.  I was asked why don't I do what some of these young innovaters are doing on YouTube,  I refered the Pastor to my YouTube Page.  Like I said, "I've been There And Done That".  Most everything that I taught then is yet believed now.  I just refuse to do the church thing because the spirit of what "Church" was suppose to be about is corrupted.  Dishonesty and gain is what the Christian religion has become more than ever.  I refer people that have a heart to learn about God through the teachings of the bible to visit my site on YouTube.   the address:  johncole1234

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 22, 2019  "Emancipation" I am convinced more and more about the true fact that many in my world has been taken captive by that which most of us have never ventured to think about.  The worse kind of slavery is self inflicted.  We need to develop tools which assist us in thinking clearly.  I attempt to give you a few examples to help keep you in safe lanes.

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 18, 2019  "Nice Things Part 2"  I was so impressed by the first part of the outline; I thought I'd take the time and swiftly carry you through the finale outcome.  The Bible is one of the most historical history books that is full of human evidence which points to errors as well as behavior which validates men's currupt nature.  Religion is one of the major causes of peace being abandoned by the masses.  I am going about picking the music to adorne my words.  I certainly hope you will come and check out "Nice Things Pt. 2.

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 17, 2019 "Nice Things"  We all enjoy thinking of those things that causes that smile to come across our faces.  We do not like to think of sorrow, pain and affliction and all sorts of thoughts that cause us to sink lowen into the depressions that so often carry us away.  After all that is why there are plays to attend and other events that bring joy.  I think I'll speak about those things on the cast.  How about this one; my first born with be the golden age of fifty on the 25th of this month.  Thinking of the birth of my first born brings a smile to my face, one of those nice things.  I also plan to blend in some good music to add to the mood.  Thanks to Al, I'm leaning towards a piece from Oscar Peterson and a little help from Ben .

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 13, 2019 "Thank God It's Friday"  These were the days that I finlized the end of my sermon notes for the Sunday sermon. (when I was a pastor of a baptist church)  Days in which I would attempt to take Lucy to the mall.  Now I no longer attend those places.  Yea, I guess too many memories.  Now I look to attend the latest Jazz concerts given all over the city.  I want to talk about Fridays for those of us that like to dwell in that place.  I am not a superstitious about days.  Today being the "13" naw!  It is just anoter day that God has allowed in my life.  Join me as I reflect on my Fridays.  OK so I shall ask you this; What is special about the day for you?  Does it matter what age you are?  How many friends would like to take a little time out with you?  Are you willing to give it a try; even in the face of failure or rejection?  What is it that causes that smile to develop on your face?  At the same time can you define what it is that causes you to wear that frown; showing that disapproval?  Really John; you ask me all of thyose questions, I can just get by answering the first one.  That proves my pont, you need to listen in to today's webcast.  I am so excited about the cast, I think I'll advertise on my facebook page. (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 10, 2019 "Eulogy For A Good Woman"  Life has a way of catching us off of our grid.  Well, It caught me by surprise a few days ago when I discovered that I'd lost a dear friend that always caused me to smile.  She was a lady of class and dignity, and she was a wife to a very good and honest man.  I am preparing this web cast as something very special today.  I have been thinking about this cast and it just has to be the best of the year.  Picking my music carefully.  Still in the studio today.  "As Lucy was to me, so Linda was to He." Alsee, you know I love music.  You and Linda enjoyed it also.  These songs just to let you know that joy continues as we live out the fruitfulness of our lives.  Enjoy!

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 6, 2019 "Cool In The City"  A play on words, but there is nothing like the need for air conditioning.  Just blow hard in the right direction.  (Now)  Recorded last night, but you will enjoy this any night, right?

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 31, 2019 "The Funeral"  Just a few observations of what I call a sneak preview of the reality of having aged and then looking back on ones life.  Ahhh, but this funeral offered far more than just a glimpse; rather an  shocking indictment not only on the religion of our time, but far more. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 28, 2019 "A Certain Professionalism Is Required"  Never live your life as if you have never completed task that no other person could have ever accomplished.  Hard work is always required.  There are no quick fixes.  I'm thinking about a constrained effort on the part of the individual envolved in the battle. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 22, 2019 "The Last Man" Coming to be where you ought to be is no longer some coded language sweetened by my love for all of you.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 20, 2019 "The Me Zone"  No!  I do not learn from my mistakes.  I think things through.  I would one day like to visit Europe; but not now while the world seems to be wavering on killing people all over.  I do me.  If I desire to go somewhere you do not want to go; I go alone.  I live is stress free zones; places where confusion is not allowed.  I trust the web cast today will assist you in arriving at this place.  (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 17, 2019  "No Pain, No Gain"  In the midst of languishing pain, I am gaining.  My schedule is demanding these days.  I am doing what I must to enjoy the tie left for me on the planet.  I have discovered that there is so much more to see and do in Los Angeles.  Lets do it together. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 11, 2019 "Sunday's Produce" What does one do with Sundays?  Enjoy God life abd love as never before.  Sundays were always the days for family and friends, and it yet is that day.  Join me in the studio anone and see what happens.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 8, 2019  "From The Stacks"  After years of denying God we have left at our disposal death in pubpic places; even the killings of our dear babies.  As one can imagine; the discussions going on all around the country.  From city to small town their is a common distrust of people we do not know.  I have not said too much of anything in order to show my personal discust at those whom have raied themselves to a level of accountability only to see that nobody knows what they are doing.  Therefore; I shall add my voice to the many opinions that has over taken our thoughts and lives. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 30, 2019  Doo Wop  Passing the time with you on the Tuesday prime.

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 22, 2019  "Coming Together"  It is not an easy task, but when you listen to this old man speak it has a way of coming together.  I invite you to join me through the maze of a conscience mind full of wisdom for my listeners.  Missing the classroom does not deter me from gazing into known territory.  Take a few minutes and join in the thinking progress without fear of being rejected in real time.

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 18, 2019 "Wow! The Way In Which We Think"  Come on; lets reason these things out.  This will be difficulte to listen to if you refuse to be assisted in free thinking.  You know I love all of you; but at times I'm left a wondering.

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 16, 2019 "The Man Has Spoken" I thought that I,d check out the news and was I thrown back a bit.  Well, finally the man has spoken up.  That sounds like presidential material to me alright.  Could not wait to chide in. . . Now that you can listen; attempt to listen in with time as your friend.  As you know, I am not hating anyone, nor am I agreeing with anyone on a set issue.  I am addressing the male image of addressing national problems.  I am aware of my openion being that opposed to many in my community, but I believe in a stablelized America, one where rules matter.  Please do not listen and judge me wrongly.  We have a leader, one which is in office by the will of the majority of the people of this country.  Like it or not.  If we do not roll with it what?  Nixon was the last Prisident kicked out, lets see.     

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 13, 2019  "Satisfied" I ask simple questions.  They demand simple answers.  Check it out.

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 8, 2019  "Burn Baby Burn"  Stop It!  No they won't.  This is what happens when their are no constraints.  I had to grab my bible.  This book is the only thing that guides my argument.

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 7, 2019 "Song For My Parents"  The long wait is over.  I got up this morning and it was as if God spoke to me about how much I love the idea that He has gifted me with all of these years.  My personal faith does not give way to fear and threat.  I have a concern for others to become as free as I have in the past few years of my life. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 28, 2019  "Outrage!" did not expect the dye to be cast so deep.  Just listen to Pt. 2 I finally got the nerve to put it up.  I had to leave this up alone for days in that I desire all of those of us that can think to turn our hearts to God for love and acceptance instead of failing biased religion that tears down others lives because they think differently about their world.  God help us to stay away from that which causes us to deny any person basic human rights.  Pure religion is manifested in the loving hears of all of us that refuse to judge incorrectly because of our personal prejudices. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 26, 2019  "A Camoflaged Attack" What were the psychological affects of a religion placed on the backs of slaves which were torn from their culture and cultural past?  I discuss this and the serious consequences surrounding the enslavement of the mind to the degree that many in the African American culture in today's society cannot think right about themselves.  I shall also address the result of my coming to grips with my own enslavement and the freedom to love the God that called me without all of the unnecessary attachmebnt of an enslavement mentality.  This series will come in many parts in that the subject matter is broad.  Be sure to tune in to this series.   

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 24, 2019  "From The ArchivesDo You Really know Who You Are, Alone?  This November of 2013 cast is one of the best discriptive anal,ysis of who a person really is far removed from what others speak into their lives.  If each of us listen in the solo lane to the points made and then to apply the biblical analysis, I cannot see why success will not come your way.  Take the time and listen to this archive cast and then apply it in your everyday analysis.  I'm doing well today.  Had a busy weekend and I am yet longing to be around people.

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 23, 2019 "Spicy" It is wonderful being alive.  Meeting new people and sharing what joy you have been given.  Can you say that you feel the same way also?  I finally got back in the studio on this wonderful day in Los Angeles.  Thanks for coming to my site.  I like to see my soul as one that provides life to all that come in contack with my person.  I see this attitude being nurished each day as I learn how to distinguish the real from that which is false.  I detach my life from worn out ideas that don't work.  I study my heart and soul for life and then search for those others that like me enough to take a little part of their journey on my side of the road.  Spicy; I like that.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 17, 2019  "You Already Know"  I feel you already know that my little talk today will merit a worthy listen, and even after Fathers Day.

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 14, 2019 "OG"  I get it, I am such a rare commidity these days that when younger men engage with me; "The Term".  I shall look deeply into the term, for I think it implies the advancement of maturity, not just being wise; rather "a seasoned artifact molded in the ways of a long gone empire.   

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 11, 2019   "The Power Of Our Minds"  If I were to tell you that for the first time in my life I've opened my eyes and have sought in my heart freedom, and I found it.  Please allow me to share this insight with you on today's cast. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 7, 2019  "Feeling The Joy"  People have not changed at all.  We like to think that our species gets better; but with every new cast we have been driven to the same conclusion as all of the rest of them; we appear to be totally messed up not only as a national people; I also include individuals.  I was thinking that if each of us would only pick out the joyous occasions of our human happiness and concentrate on that most of the time; we would not get caught up in the mess of negative humanity.  You got it right the first time my friend; "Feeling The Joy Of It All" will be my next cast.  Fresh music and a disposition which assist us in reality.

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 6, 2019  "At Odds"  Never shall the two meet with satisfaction!  So be it, Let it be so, forever here and even after.  I had to drag you into this conversation or you might think that I am making it all up.  Basically I'm saying; pay attention to history and fully get the right grasp on it.  Listen to those leaders that make up your world, leave room for logic and wisdom. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 4, 2019  "Thinking Rightly"  Often we have come to arrive at correct conclusions.  We can tell that these things are true in that we continue to secure a palce in time by continuously making those kinds of decisions that constantly works towards perfection.  I'll share with you my reasons for such language.  Preview of such thinking:  Who are you anyway?  Can you swear on the bible on your definition?  Have you ever really asked yourself a question such as this one?  Why am I so demanding of you to do this for you?  Are you thinking with the mind that God gave you when you were born?  When was the first time you became conscious of the "Person Of You?"

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 2, 2019 "What Could Bring Me Back"  Far too often I began to think about how coercion takes place.  The words used to seduce you into areas that you know are uncomfortable towards your truth.  Not necessarily a false set of virtues; rather a group of proven and tried personal testimonies which have convinced you that there are better ways of doing your life in the "solo lane", then to be locked into a tragic mind dialectic that inslaves your spiritual, physical or mental capacity.  Follow my argument as I further retreat into my heart and mind in what I call a safe zone.  Keeping in mind that "I Am An Independent Thinker With Good Reasons."   Go to my Facebook Page for some threat preaching by my young Preaching Soulmate.

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 1, 2019 "Loving Malcolm"  Impossible they tell me.  You mean to tell me that of all of the peoples of the world, we cannot come together and do this; based upon loving one another?  Must I go to my grave having a broken heart about the culture that I grew up in?  nIf you truly paid attention to the last cast and took under consideration what Malcolm said; at least I believe that is forward thinking.  Do we require numbers; no; we need to raise up among us as a people a national African American leader that has the free thinking mental disposition to break the rules and love on a level that all people throughout the world will know that there is hope in our community.  Thanks for coming to my site today . . . . . 

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 31, 2019  "Building Together"  There is an old bible verse that ask the question; "How can two walk together except they agree with each other?"  Why would we not listen to Malcom when he was offering us freedom?  He was that leader we always required.  What made him so different and so difficult?  Let me tell you.  Malcom had intestinal fortitude; "Guts" is what he had.  He knew that his words would get him killed.  We are living in a world where people in my culture desire life as opposed to death for an idea.  Are there people that think on Malcom's level today?  This man was the leader of the Black community back in the days of the real dreamers.  Today's web cast will focus on Malcom.   I've given much thought to the subject matter. . . After three days, I'll give my answer. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 27, 2019  "Language Lessons"  You ask practically any person that attends a Christian teaching class if they fully understood every phrase that was being used by their teacher and you would come up with about possible 10% if that.  YET, from all over the room we hear phrases such as 'A-Man brother, I know you are right about it'.  My next cast I speak about this phenomenon.  I am asking all kinds of questions that stems from our being easily extorted upon from which some of us have paid a heavy price of finance and time towards somethings that we have absolutely no idea, or connection.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 26, 2019  "Life Coaching"  Really?  Is this what we have come to believe we need these days?  Others to guide us by others that have no idea what good parenting is all about?  My analysis; such as it is on the subject on this Sunday morning.  Try to tune in and pick up my scope on the scoop. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 24, 2019  "A Discourse On Greed" Pt. 1  Candid, to the point and possibly a discussion that might cause you to think again about making your pastor a part of being the "Rich And Famous".  The series comes in two parts and listening to the first section will guide you into the second.  Please keep in mind that these taped series all belong to me.  These are clips taken from the thousands of recordings that I have made over the many years that I was an "Apologist" in and for the benefit of the African American Community.  Listen to my argument and then attempt to tell me that none of these things really matter?"  (Be sure to download these important sound clips for your families wellbeing in the future.)

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 23, 2019  "Flash Back Truth Radio 2006"  I just keep on finding these older clips from the past.  Listen to me speaking on "Truth Radio" in the year of 2006.  Small talk and insight as I tap into the insights of spirituality.  This is so wonderful as I listen afresh to age old problems that have engulfed many in so called biblical Christianity.  This makes for a great time for re-listening as well as thinking through the difficulties of rightly defining the Bible as we think we know it.  I often wonder how one works through all of the confusion of theology in today's world.  This flashback places me in the correct zone.  I surely pray that you can visit that place with me for today's web-cast.   

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 21, 2019  "Two Kinds Of Men" Oh going through the stacks is turning out to be a wonderful thing.   If the young man that shot Nipsey Hustle loved in the manner that I am preaching, Nipsey would be alive today.  My nobjective is that the church refuses to teach BIBLE and have allowed women who cannot love a man in this fashion.  Analyze this message for yourself.  I was leading the Anselm Bible Fellowship in Los Angeles.  A small company of people met with me to share a portion of the scripture in order to lay a point.  Listen afresh as the man of God tells it like it is.  Preaching students; listen to this homily, the speed from which it proceeds from my brain to your brain.  As I am listening to this message I have forgot how much research I placed in the message.  I address the mis-information about the Jonathan and David text in the O.T.  Living sober constitutes a happy joyful life; but only if you are truthful in your heart.  When you listen with your heart and not just your head.  If you listen closely you will hear me define a bit of the sillyness that tore into the ministry.  I was preaching love between men for years.  When I look at men in other cultures and weigh their success, many men have ascribed a high degree to these loving friendships.  Please listen to this message and discover what God's words teach us.  If you miss it, listen another time.  Share this message with other men and see if I am out of my mind.  The American Church has messed up the true concept of love.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 20, 2019  "Me and Jesse Lee"  Part "2" Tempers flared and the people that benefited by the discourses spoke up.  That was a time when people said what was reasonable.  I was the only African American Radio personality calling the shots.  I tore down all of the lies that had surfaced in the so called church.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 19, 2019  "I'll Be There; Me and Jesse Lee"  Part "1" of the presentation, this one is very long, Enjoy!  We all remember the Mike Jackson hit; we just love to sing it right guys?  Well my question to you guys out there is really?  Today's webcast promises to be a heavy.  I will attempt to make this come out right, but while looking at the state of affairs of marriages, and the lack of masculinity dispositions within the black community; I belive that I stand on solid ground making these comments.  For those of you that listen in on the regular, you can easily follow my heart.  Give me a bit more time in order to say it rightly.  Ladies, finances, and material advancement are not the things that matter in today's relationships.  Oh boy, don't let me go back to the Old School.  I found an interview with Jessie Lee Peterson when I invited him to appear on the Olivet Discourses.  Just listen.  I am going through my stacks here in the studio.  I am having a ball re-listening to my discussions.  I hope that you listen clearly.    

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 16, 2019 "Assessment Of Black Church Leadership Pt. 2"  Wars killings talking heads all over the world and yet the on-going problems continue.  Much of what is being said today on these social networks are being weighed by biased political shifts called freedom of speech.  How has all of the above affected the now ailing African American Church which was once th heart and conscience of our community.  What I speak abut might not seem to weigh much in this world of small talk, but I will do my part on today's cast.  I take you through some of the istute texts that influenced me for years.  I think this cast will share some insight into my candor and wit.  Enjoy!   

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 14, 2019 "Assessment Of Black Church Leadership Pt. 1"  I thought it time for me to give a serious assessmet of what I think happened to the once powerful African American Church community that once reigned supreme in the "Black Church" from which I lived most of my adult life.  The next series of web cast will be an ad hominem discourse presenting an accusation of deliberate failure of the leadership within that same community for the sake of the advancement of a new form of religion through the suttle advancement of "waves" of strange doctrine which had absolutely nothing to do with Scriptural Christianity.  In that my physical body is behaving nicely with my new diets and conformity to the standards of a recovering heart patient; "Assessment Of Authenticity" shall be the theme on my mind for the days ahead.  The time has come for this full and un-biased discussion.  The discourses which follow shall be strictly my opinions alone.  I shall as always remain open to those that find my words alarming or offensive.  Lets start with "Black Church Leadership."  Sorry for quoting the wrong musical numbers. . .  I need to pay close attention to my studio works. . .    Thanks for coming to my site.  You can contack me through my web address:  intotheword1@aol.com    

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 13, 2019 "A God Centered Focas"  I have fully come to the point in my life that God is the highest thought that man could ever comprehend.  Listen in to today's web-cast and discover if you are feeling the same way also.

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 10, 2019 "The Book Of Jude / The Judgement Of God"  One could think that my choosing these messages may be a bit out of time but I would hope that one takes time out of their daily lives and not only listen to these messages; but to also keep within a certain frame of reference that the messages were offered.  I recall the faces of many of the older officers that watched me preach this series.  They thought that I was totally out of my mind.  You see; I not only have the sound pieces; but also the full videos of the series.  As I ponder the state of racial affairs and the historical O J Simpson trial coming to an end; racial tension filled the room of hateful black folk that relished in the "not guilty" verdict which came from the heart of the then "Dream Team".  I preached to a packed house during those weeks of presenting my exposition of the book of Jude.  (I had to ask myself, why did I not feel the same as they felt?  Did my faith maintain a certain loyalty to the Bible as opposed to my ethnic connection)  Before listening to the audio of this message; please allow me to refresh those moments in 1995 where Christianity was challenged by one choice of ethnic love compared to Christian obligation to remain neutral and weigh in by Godly standards.  In other words; "What should a Godly pastor preach when a hero of the culture is being tried for murder?"  This series was preached some "24" years ago.  Has our teaching; or acceptance of the authority of scripture changed our standards of societal morality?  I am aware that many of us are living on the fringes as we watch in horror the deterioration of the African family as we ounce understood it to be.  Listening afresh to strong words spoken within the context of the heart of the Prophet causes us to listen and then judge right where we are today and then to give an answer to the question; "Have we indeed failed as a Christian Comminity as PJ  pontificates?"  (Tell me what you think about this series.

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 7, 2019  "The Book Of Jude /Strangers In The Midst"  I Think it time to repeat placing this message up on the site in that Me and many others in my community need to hear this.  It is kind of funny; simply because I've always loved strong preaching in the form that this message demands.  Difficult to listen to, you bet it is "right".  If you as a confessing Christian claim to love the Bible, the word of God, and do not like this kind of preaching; you are none of the things taht I am speaking about.  If you are a Pastor and you have determined that you are "Top Dog", listen closely.  I am the man preaching this message.  My mind has not changed at all.  A man asked me why I would not attend church today; I cannot find this kind of preaching anywhere.  Can you?  What; please tell me what are they preaching these days?  It has (the book of Jude) only one chapter, but paying attention to what God spoke in the first century brings an accusation to many of us.  I no longer lead in a Chrisitan Church in the position as Pastor because I do not think that people no longer desire to hear discourse like the ones on my site.  I have no memory of preaching the message.  I had to be under the full direction of God's Holy Spirit.  I am not open to discuss anything with you.  It has been done.  We have danced to the music of pleasure and greed.  The Church in America has no guts today.  Please download this message.  Share it with as many people that you know needs it to deliver them from the many PIMPS that have replaced the truth with their own special kinds of lies.  (Was I wrong in my weighing the situation?  Please feel free to let me know what you think.)

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 5, 2019   "PJ Defines The Black Churches Failure"  Presented to the congregation known as "The Vett" in Los Angeles in 1996.  Please listen to the whole message. Define My Words Within The Context Of A Church That Has Lost Its Way. . . My being able to discuss this subject assist you in developing the correct insight as we admit to ourselves that we have failed on every count. (Does your pastor present facts as I do?)

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 4, 2019 "Preperation" I must prepare you for the Sunday message.  My purpose for this hour is to warn you abut the Sunday sermon.  A man asked me the other day would I get back in a pulpit.  Hell no I said, they are not equipped in their hearts to accept the words that I speak.  I've decided to do this Saturday spot to prepare your heart for the message that will be up on Sunday morning early.  Listen to Sunday's message.  I do not preach any 15 minute messages.  I never preached in order to sustain a paycheck.  I have never been a weak speaker when it comes to the word of God.  It matters not what a person's opinion of me has ever been.  If being call be the name of God; are we not expected to live what we have learned over the many years that we frequented a church building.  P.S.  An aged Pastor once told me that "If I continued to present messages in the force that this one was presented; that I would not last very long."  Do you agree; You can only answer that question after you listen to the whole of the Sunday Discourse.  Joe Sample is my music man that assit me in welcoming a wonderful weekend.  (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 3, 2019 "Imagine" I'm going to play the classic piece by John Lennon.  I would ask that you listen at his every word.  There was a time when I thought he was a dreamer, but now, I think it a piece that demands a second chance when ons correctly analyzes our status as citizens.  You may ask; citizens of what or whom John?  I'm in the studio working on how to formulate those answers for you. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 1, 2019 "Times Tells A Tale"  I am aware that our world is being torn apart by people that will never really be satisfied.  Today's cast will be dedicated to addressing these times that we are alive in and attempt to give some clear definition of the status of our so called spirituallity.  Are we indeed people that can become creative in allowing others to live in peace and harmony?  Have we come to the place of it is all over in our individual minds?  Is there really any hope that good will over ride the bad.  That justice will ever prevail in any of the democratic nations of the world?  That this historical day has meaning for Black folks, White or Brown or Yellow?  Will we survive all of the chaos that is taking over our world?  

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 28, 2019 "Victory"  Who is declared the final victor in the battle that constantly goes on as we debate issues that are not important to a person like me that has their minds made up?  An admonition to watch good preaching on YouTube at "johncole1234"Trust me this is where you will find good real preaching.  I wouls ask you to take time out on these Sunday mornings listening and watching me preach.  If you really want to hear good solid proclamation of the word of God, listen to a real man of God that YET loves the solid word of God.  I'll just call this short piece VICTORY!  For those of you that yet do not believe in the preaching of the word of God, come to it.  I shall remain strong in the word as I re-listen to that which has secured my spirit and soul for these many years.  As you watch, you will see that the room was packed out.  Without gimmicks; music, foolishness.  What do people listen to today as they frequent houses of worship? Enjoy!  

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 26, 2019 "Is He Dead Yet?"  Why, I really do not know why

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 24, 2019 "Army Wisdom"  Often I think back to the days that grew me up.  MaMa is gone by the time I was twelve, Daddy is dooing his own thing and me; drafted in 1965 . . . . Time has passed and my mind is ever fresh.  Three careers gone, nothing but time on my hands.  An empty house and thoughts.  Please allow this old man to share a bit of "Army Wisdom" 

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 22, 2019  "Not A Good Time" I'm thinking that my influence is ever expanding as I go over this past weekend.  Friends came by all the way from New York. I watched a family grow to maturity and that alone helped me to believe in a strong institution of community.  PS  I'm ok but a bit depressed. . You will hear it in my voice. . It is not like it use to be. . . . .    

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 17, 2019 "Youth In Trouble"  I went to see the Aretha Franklyn Docu at the movie theatre, Just listen in on my thoughts.  WOW!

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 14, 2019 "Strange Fruit"  I really think all of us need to answer this question.  It is not restricted to only African Americans but to all who has socially experienced Sadness over the death of an . . . . "Icon?" 

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 12, 2019 "Kings And Queens" Today's discussion is filled with knowkedge.  Each of us ought to react far differently from that which is so easy these days.  Studio on a Friday night found my peoples visiting me and what a ball.   Old School ask simple questionbs that brought up great wisdom.

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 10, 2019 "Simple Thoughts" As I deal with today's aches and pains, I am attempting to think of simple things (thoughts).  Things about which I have no control.  People are thinking too much about those issues that really do not concern them.  God would have us turn towards those simple themes.  Themes that speak of our personal affection for the God that created all of us.  Let us not get caught up in weighing our faith againbst those thoughts of others that do not agree with our frame of reference.  The question is; "Are we concerned about the people of Venezuela who have run out of food, electricity, and a partial part of their humanity.  I do not think it is proper to speak of some rapper who was wasted by a rival.  Simple thoughts.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 9, 2019 "Cause Defined By Opening Your Mind" Cause can only be defined when we open our minds to a truism which outlast lies and ignorance.  As I continue to live, I think vividly and react to every question.  This will take a bit of time to define simply because of the complexity of man made religion.  Go with me there on today's webcast. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 6, 2019 "All Alone"  For the first time in my life have I spoken of a part of my childhood that has been kept a personal secret of mine.  I received a phone call that has forced me to come clean for the sake of literally thousands of individuals like myself that cannot find the guts to address issues that are so true, yet not shocking to any persons in the LGBT comminity.  I've got to take care of a bit of business today, but upon my return to the office; I plan to share with you that most of my life as an adolescent was spent alone and in misery for fear of not being like other or most young men in my community.  Keep in mind, that I grew up during a time when those of us that knew we were "different" (LGBT) were truly "All Alone".  Keeping in mind that most of my adult life was in the keeping to a hard line theology within the Judeo-Christian setting.  Upon my self induced retirement from the preaching and teaching of my faith; I've surmised that so many men like myself are suffering from the same prejudices today, even moreso in the professional sports world and professional sciences.  This promises to be a cast that not only informes but sheds light on the need to educate many within our communities.  Now Listen and take in what ever is important for your heart.  For those of you that no longer desire to be enlightened by solid words defined from the Bible thanks for giving an ear.  For those of you who are strong in mind and heart continue with me on my journey.  Keep in mind I travel alone on my journey.  Loving and seeking truth with people who are asll created in the very image of God.

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 1, 2019 "Is There Any Hope"  I have been a long time in the Crenshaw District of Los Angeles.  This city has faced up to her reputation as cruel and far too expensive a place to live.  Looking at LA's past will never touch the shock that has grabbed an entire community.

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 28, 2019 "It Ain't Nobodys Business"  I  am always having instresting conversation with friends of mine.  Sometimes I can learn lessons, and at other times I am discusted.  I was very pleased with the call that I received while in the midst of today's cast.

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 20, 2019 "Questions Answered"  Why is it that most ablck persons from the communities pay their so called spiritual leaders at the expense of their own children?  Why is it that most serious professing Chistians (those of us here in the US; that are affected by this hate crime of false teaching of giving 10% minimum of giving to the church) as black people will give so much of what they earn for the benefit of their own families; which Divine accommodation has provided, to some dumb church organization.  (Keeping in mind, I never taught tithing.)  I address this and many more fake teachings which myself and others were led to believe were true; when in essence were all blatent lies?  P.S. if you listen to any of my pass semons where I did mention giving; if I alluded to the practice of 10%, call me on it and I shall answer all questions.  Please listen to this web cast.  Do You see the clouds?

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 18, 2019 "Seeking God"  I have thought about it, contemplated the reults of all of my thoughts on this issue.  Time has escaped me today and evil yet reigns; but "God" is . . . .  in spite of all of the searching.  Listen in as I analyze a man's writings against my knowkedge of knowing and needing a constant link to life.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 13, 2019 "Thoughts On Friendship"  What is it that determines weather or not someone is really ones friend?  Is it possible to really know?  Oh yes, there are many real ways and this past weekend was one of those where two friends really came across in ways that makes one stop and stamd.  Life came my way and it was just great.  Listen in later on tonight.  I want to make this a night time thing, turn down the lights.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 9, 2019  "Is The Job Opened?" What if I re-entered one of my communities pulpits?  Would I be accepted or run out of dodge so to say?  That is the subject of today's cast.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 6, 2019 "Human Nature"  I'm asking serious questions.  Answer them if you dare to carry the over into another time in space.

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 5, 2019 A Year Today  I was asking myself what it would be like if I passed on to the other side.  All humans ponder those kinds of thoughts.  Well; here I am talking about thoughts that mattered then, but what matters now that I am yet here?   

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 28, 2019 "Listening In The Present"  How are we to determine which way we ought to live?  Lets take it deeper today and explore the ethical answers to our daily sitiations.  We need to test what others say on the correct scale of logic, and human acquiesence.

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 27, 2019 "That Damn Gap"  How do we get to the point of it all?  Just behaving in ways that totally compliment everyone in the human geno calculation.  Can the gap really be bridged?  Will we ever really be able to get alone with each other?  Are we really that different?  Yes.  I must admit; I fully understand why one would come to killing as opposition to loving.  These things and many more will today be discussed on the Web-Cast.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 26, 2019  "Clear Thinking"    OHSH!  I did it!!  OK, I called somebody that knew how to solve my problem and did it.  OK, Back on tract.  Listen to the clip.  Tell me if I'm lying. . .

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 19, 2019 "He Is Lying"  Just listen. . . . . You know who I'm speaking about.  That actor on the Empire TV show who lied on two so called white men that so call attacked him?  I think that he needs to do some time behind bars before he screams accusations again.  That is the kind of a gay man that makes the whole community look bad.  Did you see how the Democrats jumped on their own clown story?  I told you to think for yourself.  Now after days of speculation; I say hand over your phone Jessie and allow the authorites to justify your lying self.  One must be able to tell the truth within the circle of humanity that one is dwelling in at the time of our blending in as a community.  Please do not mis-read me; I love Jessie.  I also think that he is very talented as well as gifted.  If Jessie gets better; he must admit to all in the community that he damaged us in a way that can only be rightened within the context of honesty.  All of us can turn our lies into truth; and man!  Just look at what can be resulted.

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 17, 2019  "Twisting My Mind Towards God"  This fresh approach to theology will cause most of you to think through what it is that I am proposing.My love for God is far greater today than at anytime in my life.  I as swiftly recover from my open heart thing; I am ever engaged in the elements of living and defining my human predicument.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 14, 2019  "The Squeeze Of Our Lives"  If we rightly analyze life; Yes!  It is fair.  I made it, and so can you with God's divine help.  We need but Him alone to cause our success.  It may not appear to be that of which we anticipated; rather a bowl of hot stew, enough protein that sustains, and we are off to success.  Oh yes, H2o to keep us moving; listen in for the cast soon.  Jimmy Smith from his album directs me as I reflect on youth and aging.  I love Jazz; therefore I bathe this cast in good old Jimmy Smith claasics.  Uploading as I type. . .   

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 8, 2019 "27,375"  The number of days causes one to pause.  These days lived on the planet; their worth, value and meaning can only be accurately assesed by the result manifested in my human responsibility.  We use to sing a song in church called; "Only What You Do For Christ Will Last".  I've figured it out.  If you would like to get a better understanding; listen to my birthday web-cast.

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 7, 2019  "Hatred Towards Any Human Being Is Evil"

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 4, 2019 "Reflecting On The Past"  Most of the time we think in terms of who we are; where we came from.  We more often than not; think of others less in this life; expecially if the other person is nothing like us.  Listen to my cast as I share the meaning of my journey through life.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 2, 2019   "Analysis Of A Life Well Lived For 75"  Time again for a deep look into the meaning and content of a man's words and thoughts on the issue of the divine things concerning this life of ours.  You will note that I said ours. . . If you have lived your life along with mine you know that I'm loving you.  cash into the brain waves through music and verse as I reflect for the remainding week of my 74th year.  Engage with me the particulars of my Christian influence and then allow me to reflect those wonderful aspects od the beautiful planet of those that are different than I am; and the influence upon my living.  Thanks for being a vital part of my life.  (In I thought I'd make it a Motown kind of a thing

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 30, 2019 "Jesus Knows All Men; Even You"  My take on all of the dumb foolishness that is taking place in the so called church.

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 29, 2019 "The Invitation Defined"  I take Kenny through it verse by verse.  Listen to the question as well as the answer.  You be the judge; does this Pastor know his bible or not?  Now, look again at the sermon that I posted a few days ago.  WOW!  I love being questioned about the word of God.  Enjoy! 

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 24, 2019  "An Ageless PowerPoint Study Re-visited / Who Is The Judge Anyway?" What was that deciding factor that caused you to keep in your mind the truths about God that we no longer desire to discover.  I have taken the time and gone over a few of my notes on this hard-drive and am astonished to see all of the hard work that I placed in these at times difficult studies on the subject matter of God. (Gladys Knight and the PIPS are my musical guest. . . . Enjoy!!!      

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 21, 2019 "Saint Paul Is Lost"  One of the most influential Black Baptist Church in Los Angeles has been sold and purchased by The man Clerance Mc Clendon.  Saint Paul Baptist Church on Manchester blvd.  My comments and a directed question to all law enforcement.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 19, 2019  "Looking Back And Experiencing Reality"  I'm asking you to go back to last year and listen to the webcast that I gave just a short year ago.  Our nation is going through the pain of loss.  I went back a year before I had my heart surgery to hear what my world looked like.  You will be surprised to see that a year has passed and we are no better then a year ago.  A Look at 2018-2019. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 18, 2019   "Lets Keep It Real"  I am so pleased to say that my life is nothing but realness these days.  I want you to do more than listen; I'd like to suggest that you join me in expressing happiness on this Thursday evening.  Lets have some joy ring out supreme.  PS  the Eric Reed intrerview  is re-scheduled  for Tuesday of next week.  This is almost a two hour presentation.  It appears that I am getting better.

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 14, 2019  "Work It Out Brother" Life presents it's best to the hearts of men everyday of the year.  What must a young man do in order t procure a satisfactory living condition in a city that ill be flooded by rain for the next couple of wet days?  Listen, it comes up late but it is worth the wait.

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 11, 2019 "We Are Living In A Dying System"  People are asking all of the time; what the heck is going on.  We are attrmpting to discover through fun and games,  and the Joy of sex; extra exciting human experiences.  Nothing seems to pan out these days.  Advertisers are asking their clients to buy more and invest on this gadgit and discover the results.  The problem shall be discussed on my next cast.  It promises to hang you out there if you have not learned how to survive this mess in the only objective manner that we can.  Spend that Friday Night and don't forget to tell friends to listen in with you.  Let me know what you really think.  Am I out of my mind; or what. . . . . .?  

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 8, 2019 "Impossible Not Really"  Just give your mind to it.

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 7, 2019 "Fresh"  Everytime I open my mouth fresh truths proceed.  Listen in and weigh in the conversation.  Being able to think without drawing in the confusion of anothers unfounded precepts of what makes for happiness.  What is that fight for freshness that all of us so strive to be a part of.  (This is a "Really You Ought To Listen Presentation)

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 4, 2019 "Strange Fruit"  The strange fruit that I speak of is cramed in our jails, walking shiftless down our streets.  Those going nowhere guys that we see and then at the same time do not see.  Why are we so blind that we cannot capture the same compassion that many of us were taught by parents when families were strong and vital commodities?  What happened?  Music and candor shall lead us as we seek answers that define why the fruit is not that strange anymore.  Later on this evening. . . stay up late; you will not be dissapointed.   

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 1, 2019 "The Same As Yesterday"  I do not think that anything has changed.  Allow me to tell you why and how I have arrived at this particular POV.

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 30, 2018 "New Years Eve"  I never make resolutions.  One does not fully know what the future holds; but I recall we use to sing a song in the church which stated that we know who holds the future.  I think I'll talk a bit about that.  I literally take it to another level.  Thanks to Opera.  Well finally it is finished.  Fasten that seat belt.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 23, 2018 "Delirium"  Our earthly understanding of why a person is the way they are has been confused with a kind of delerius behaviour.  We fall off in the abstract and hold tight to that which cannot be proved.  Lets get out of this particular state.  My wonderful weekend has already begun.  Daughters and all and cousins galore.

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 21, 2018  "When They Lie To You" Someone sent me a clip that I must play for you.  Many of you will be offended by what I speak on this cast.  You ought to take out your anger on this so called Christian breaking all of the rules of logic.  WAIT A MINUTE; many of you will attend churches that have these kinds of peoples spewing out fakery and foolishness to your minds that require truth.  I had started the web cast and a miracle took place.  Trust me, I have never set up a web cast, things just happen.  If you require my Christmas thoughts; scrool down to December 23, 2017 and listen to the cast.  I may continue with my Luke insight. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 19, 2018 "We Are Not Gods" There are those that propose an idea that we are in control of our own destiny.  Many people in our society think as well as behave in ways which indicate such foolishness.  I shall address these issues on my next cast in a little bit. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 17, 2018 "My Holiday Special" I attended two; no "3" events yesterday and it got me in the mood.  For the first time I purchased tickets to an event from my wallet and watched one of the greatest Jazz artist of my life.  I'm  sure you shall enjoy this special.  Are you in anyway like me?  (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 14, 2018 "It's Done"Just looking at things going down and recognizing that the majority of persons in this country can care less.  The white house and the law makers have seemed to lost their way.  I cannot believe what is happening in this couintry as a matter of fack all over the world, Look at England, France and Africa, so much violence hatred lets come to it; our nation has totally given up on God righteousness.   And then there are those that will ask; What role did the church have in all of this mess?  The year is almost spent and where are we; 

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 10, 2018 "Season Music" Musing again; thinking out loud.

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 8, 2018 Pending   I'm just trying to connect with some of you; just a few.  I never did like large crowds;  "Oh John, that speaks volumes!  I think you will agree with me on at least one issue.  I use to stay away from "Vice News" I could not resist

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 7, 2018 "Detecting Error"  How does one do this thing that appears to be our dated, no longer popular?  This presentation will imform you as to how far we have fallen.  One may ask the question is it really worth the while to determine what is correct?  How about this idea, what does it take.  Well; listen my friends to the live call in's tha took place so many years ago.  I am amazed as I continue to listen to antiquated ideas that once shaped the minds of the best from our community.  Some of my ideas have changed radically in that I have discovered for myself that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  The way that a person lives is determined on the mindset.  I often wonder if many people yet believe what was rational.  I do hope ypi are enjoying these offerings of thye past; in that they will assist you in making good decisions for today.

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 5, 2018  "T. D. Jakes Interview Facts"  It was a grand time when you could come and speak as a man and not be intimidated in any form.  Those days are long gone.  It is great listening back at the archive files and remembering how things use to be.  Travel back in time with me in order to research for yourselves if what you are following is logical at all.  Thanks for waiting on an old man, loving my life! 

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 4, 2018   "KushAck Theory Live" Do not call the numbers given on this older presentation, just listen and enjoy.  KBRT Radio in the year of 2002.  Kush-Ack Theory joins me in the booth.  These two guest took more than three years of difficult theology with me.  They took their gift and literally transformed the way that I listened to "RAP". .ing.  Listen to the arguments as well as the voices of young men who have learned to know the truth. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 29, 2018 "Checking In"  It has been brought to my attention that a long lost radio presentation which identifies me back in history that set me apart from all other radio Apologist; who in turn sought the riches of fame and fortune at the name of God which I call out as blasphemous.  I just heard about five minutes of the presentation, and I am awaiting the delivery of the MP3 that will finaly set the records stright how TD Jakes was confronted by my staff which did the core apologetic development which uncovered the poisonous doctrine of then Mr. Jakes. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 17, 2018  KBRT Flashback "On Christian Pacifism" We often never discuss matters such as these.  We play far too much these days.  I like a nice video now and then, but if we are truly Children of the Most High; can we kill others and be justified in our human comdition?  Listen as Bob Klinck and I discuss this subject on then; Live Radio in Los Angeles.  I have tons of presentations that I shall now place up for your learning.  The call ins back in the day allowed you to understand the brainset of the Christian community.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 16b, 2018  "A Strange Man"  Listen to this Sunday Night Lecture and determine if the Divine that you ascribe to is the very same person.  WOW!  This priceless lecture presented some time in the 80's.  I break down just a few verses.  This style of preaching is out dated and it is very difficult to find anybody preaching the way that I did.  Analyze these thoughts for yourself.  I am so glad that God leaves me alive in order to share them with you.  For those of you that come to the site and question your faith. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 16, 2018  "Dangers Of The Dialectic"  This is a special radio presentation that bespeaks what is happening today.  If you listen with your heart and soul you will get the picture.  My radio crew was on the ball with the research capabilities which answered many of the questins that others called in about.  Enjoy! KBRT Radio Live Back In The Day / This also attempts to draw you away fro the PDL (Purpose Driven Life)

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 15, 2018  "Human Depravity Discussion"  The year was 2004.  History will confirm that we may be suffering from a backwards flow of morility.  Listen to the call in's.  I am in the studio now.  I would like to compel you to give this one a listen.  Thanks.  I'm planning on placing up more of the same.  WOW!  I had no idea that when I did this  we would have sunk this deep.  If you listened to this hour, you shall love the rest that I have in store for you.

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 11, 2018  "Our Human Seed"  This speaks of what we have produced.  Join me for another look at our seed.  What have we produced that we can be proud of in this life.  I plan to add some insightful sayings in order to take you to a place that many do not want to visit.  
Ram Radio The Web Cast November 10, 2018 "Fires Of Hell"  This that you are seeing all over the nation and the world has become the reality.  I recall when people moved out of the central part of Los Angeles; now more people are moving back into my neighborhood which is in the middle o the city.  Comments as I wake up after watching all of the news.  Well, I just finished the broadcast.  It oughy to be up in a matter of minutes.  Eric Reed Quintey helps us digest what my conclusions are at the end of the show. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 6, 2018  "Transcripts"  They tell the story alright.  They are accurate and it has been recorded through history.  All that matters is your being able to say that the transcript speaks of you.  I shall go there in order to make my points on this Tuesday's web-cast.

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 3, 2018  "Good Questions"  I've got to tell you; I did not expect the questions from my last cast, but I shall stay true to my commitment to telling the truth, the whole truth; nothing but the truth.  You see, if my past phony friends were committed to this frame of reference, the world would be a far better place to live in.  P.S.  You must listen to yesterdays cast in order to understand todays. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 2, 2018  "My Abdication" I woke up this morning and checked my phone.  A young man ask me why I departed from the reformed end of Christian beliefism.  Alright. as soon as I return from having breakfast with a couple of guys, I plan to return and give an answer.  Allow me to state this first off.  All of us are free enough to break away from any error that we've discovered to be true or false.  Each one of us have a responsibility to come to that point of reference on our own.  It takes a very strong disposition to operate on that scale.  Tune in later on and then develop your own thesis.

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 1, 2018  "A Nation In Shame"  My commentary today is one that welcomes in the result of just plain bad choices.   I believe that I give good reasons for retaining my historical Christian faith.  I do not allow the ongoing anguish of ill gotton behavior from sorry homan beings to spoil my world.  Please do not allow my picture to offend you; listen in and I will share with you why I have this up. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 31, 2018  "Spooks"   The Holiday Right? Not so, My words will reflect on some of you.  If you just needed a special time to look at today's church and listen to some very old outline, this is the cast for you.  Acts is the book of the bible I'm speaking to you about.  I try to lay it out plain as I can get it; Enjoy!

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 30, 2018  "Composed" When you've come to know something about yourself that is true, you forgo intimidation of amy kind.  There is a kind of quietness about your attitude on everything in life.  Even after 60 or 70 years, yours is a place of composure and dignity.  Things must change, time speeds up at such a pace, one would think that by now, living in a rest home is the next step.  I have many artist that I'd like to play from, but there is none as good as Keith Green.  A dynamic voice and a common man that knew what church hypocricy was.  Truly a prophet in his own time.  I feature him as I get into my composure.  Hey do you want to go driving with me, come on, it's a beautiful day.

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 26, 2018  "The Face Of Our World"  I am taking a close look at foreign news today.  All over the world I am seeing the literal fulfillment of biblical prophecy unfolding right before my eyes.  We use to see movies made back in the 70's which spoke of apocalyptic events which I thought would take place so many years after my death; only to see them unfold right before me.  I'm a bit setteled down now and this Friday I think I am ready to speak. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 19, 2018  "Monday & Tuesday's Blues Defined By New Rules"  I'd like to think od Monday as being the first day of the week.  Everything starts all over again the things that one did not finish the week before.  It's early so let me start the conversation.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 18, 2018 "Up Close"  Have you ever spoken with a man that had his mind made up about something that he has thought through so many times, it becomes rediculas trying to contradict his reason and rationality.  Listen in . . . .  It is time for us to undertake serious bible study.  Pastor John digs deep in his library and presents a jewel of a study for you tonight.

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 17, 2018 February 28, 2010  3rd John Vrs 1-11  I plan to have that chat with you some time later today as to my changing or the possibility of my changing.  This teaching (From My Archive Files) is further down on this page, but I thought that there is a much needed necessity for good Biblical Teaching.  Enjoy.

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 16, 2018 "Lessons On The Devil Pt.1"   Pt.2  Why do we no longer believe in a personal Devil?  Go back with me as I reflect on a 2007 Friday night lecture when I broadcasted live on "Truth Radio.Com".  If you require a slow but important talk; well I've chosen a lecture for the month of October.  Have you been watching how we laugh at evil?  Today the news reported that the missing reporter from Saudi has bdeen found; and it was reported that he was cut to pieces.  This is evil.  This Archive radio presentation details the work of evil in today's society.  Please listen to part "2".  You will hear a true testimony from my lips.  I shall always be one that believes in the God that loves us, as well as a devil that seeks to tear us apart.  Christianity is the faith that can redeem us from from the dispair that each of us suffer from time to time.   

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 15, 2018  "PJ Defines A Biblical Church August 1989 From The Archives"  Seems as if I'm slipping these days.  I have all of this time and I must make good use of it.  I've undertaken the task of working on this site.  Now is the time.  My page shall take on a new approach to being who I am and bwhaving in a way that addresses MY journey through this wonderful life.   I get into the strong argument of living and believing what you say you believe.  Most American citizens have no idea what the sam hill they believe or intend to believe.  I'm asking questions that no pretender can answer.  I play a little of my Jazz collection; I shall forever love great strong preaching, and great Jazz from the giants of the trade.  Now; listen closely as I dive into the benefits of seeking that right kind of church to attend.  I was attending seminary at the time of the preaching of this message.  listen and determine who I am and where I stand when it comes to knowing The Great One; God.  Stay tuned my friend.  Listening to this hour is worth the waiting. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 14, 2018  "A National Day Of Prayer?"  Would that be Copasetic or not?  Come on people, look at our country today.  Have you seen the views from the drones capturing the devestation on the east coast?  What can we do to preserve our infrastructure on a national level?  Is it safe to live and build in America?  Have we ever see it looking so bad in years?  Does anyone really care?  At least listen. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 11a 2018 "What You Think?"  The day has shared itself with me and prompted my questioning anothers reality.  Listening to today's news, Do you really want to know something; Listen in. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 11, 2018 "Kicking My Depression"  Thinking is important.    I've done a lot of it.  Depression has set in and now I speak.  I started to turn on all of the equipment and my depression flew away. . . 

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 6, 2018 "Confirmation"  The Senate is wrapping it al up.  My comments in a bit, got to eat first. . . .  It is not; how did I know, rather I know my country America; I pay no attention to today's media, and I think like a man. . . I trust you will take the time and listen to historical lessons on America.  Keeping in mind I was here, and you (some) were not.

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 2, 2018  "Speaking My Mind"  The thought of one doing such a thing in a free society is frightening to many Americans.  Is it because we have never spoken ours; or someone other then our own?  At the end of the cast I give my challenge to a few after they listen to my Ethics Lesson.  I shall always think on my own.  I have no idea how I am suppose to think stupid with no reason at all.  Oh!  Please do not hate me, respect a mind that has been tested and tried by history.  Oh I fell so alive tonight.

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 1, 2018 "Upgrade Available" I Think it is time for an up-grade in terms of morality.  This early cast will ask you to search the hard drive of your mind and consider things from a mature perspective.  Set aside the  error focus of the popular vote.  Practice standing along as you consider this new week, month and time on the planet.  I'll try to take you through it slowly; but surely. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 30, 2018 "Soothing The Savage In Us"  I think it time for some soothing notes.  I know; my words over the past few days has lost me listeners.  Is it that my age; or those other things about my life here on this earth has been sabotaged and I'm just being aware of it?  No!  Please do not attempt to place me in the "Me Too" movement.  All of us have been offended by news reports; regardless of what side of the room we are sitting in.  Now, let me go to my racks of music and discover what this Sunday offers.

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 28, 2018 "The Loss Of American Class"  As I said yesterday, he will be confirmed, if not our country could not lead in the worlds search for justice.  "WHAT"  I know; just leave a bit of room for a neutral point of view taken from a man that understands men that are in power.  I open up people.  I've been nice but I have to say it clearly.  I'm not on the "Left".  My reaction is that of a man, not a feminized male that thinks and behaves as something other than what is expected.  Thanks for coming by.

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 27, 2018 "Shameful Deep Stuff"  I am watching are YOU?  This man is the next Supreme court Judge. . . and rightly so!!!  12:39PM 

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 24, 2018  "Believing In The Idea Of God" What does it involve; what image comes to your mind when you say you believe in God?  How did this image get there?  Have you any personal experience besides  personal frames of references placed there by parents, teachers, teachers and ect.?  Today's discussion will address the issue of what really is the issue about what you believe about God?  If you have taken one hour to listen to anything I've stated, you know that I've stated that; "I Know On Whom I Believe."  Do you, the reader really know for yourself?  Can we really know?  The answer is of course; a better answer is, does one really desire to know? 

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 23, 2018  Night Lite Q & A with PJ  I found another unique radio archive taken from Harley Howard's Radio Presentations.  I hosted his Bible Questions and Answers to any of the callers.  I thought that today would be a good time to air this show.  I do pray that you have been gaining some wisdom in how one approaches easy Q&A's.  Note the wisdon and the non-judgmental disposition of my answers.  It appears that there is a genuine concern for the persons being addressed; so unlike so called Christian Radio today.

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 22, 2018  Addendum  The discussion yesterday on a solid defense warrants far more insights than history affords.  If you listened correctly you heard me screamed down.  This web cast will define how and what was taking place.  Hopefully you will see just how language is used or attempted to be used to sway or sustain negative or wrong reaction against that which is otherwise an absolute opinion.  I took time in that I want to teach many of you how to come to know an absolute for yourselves.  History cannot lie as to how people from different times coped with indifference.  This piece promises to lay it out for all of you if you are intent upon listening. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast Re-Listen Again September 20, 2018  A Solid Defense In 1993 The year was 1993.  The issue was a published text that mocked the Bible.  I was the preacher In Los Angeles that took to the airways and defended the bible.  This presentation is my responce to a TV News clip that was removed from my You Tube Page.  Listening to these two radio interviews will demonstrate how a biblical Pastor defended what we know to be the word of God.  Listen to the argument of those that oppose God's everlasting standard.  Personally; I'd like to thank God that I can share these truths with many of you.  In 2018; we do not hear language such as this in defense of God's word.  J Vernon MaGee was oone of the last white ministers that spoke as such.  You can yet hear his voice on "Back To The Bible".  God bless America; in that we can yet listen to truth.  Keep this in mind that; "God Is The Same Yesterday, Today And Forevermore".  (Now) 

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 19, 2018  A Jazzy Kind Of A Day  Take it from me, it is time to chill out from all of the theology.  I had a house guest and a dynamic phone call that I would like to share with you after I eat a bit of chow.  I'm sure that you will appreciate my choice of good music.  If not, let me know, by the way, what did you think of the Nietzsche philosophical addition?  Does it make a bell ring when you take a good look at today's families?  Today one only must ask a few simple questions and answers ring forth.  Hey man; "Where Did The Fathers Go?"   Hey; something else, my You Tube clips of me withstanding Freddy Boy face to face was taken down, also the P.K. Mccarey clip.  Remember those?  It does not matter a theological mind is no longer respected today.  Thanks, I know that you will appreciate this cast.  God bless you and thanks for your prayers. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 18, 2018 Nietzsche And Today's Church One of the most serious of all of the messages that the church use to receive.  Today; it is not so.  This is the kind of Christian message that most of today's ministers would dare to speak for fear of the loss of a pay check.  I listened to it and it caused the hairs to stand up on the back of my neck.  I keep re-thinking if I ought to place it up; there is a part of me that say; no you dare not.  I listened closely to it and it at times defines me, when I find my place where I ought not be.  Only a man under the influence of God's Spirit could take this philosopher of old and communicate such an absolute true definition of where we are as a nation, people and culture.  This kind of preaching will get you kicked out or banished.  Some of it's parts will cause you to laugh, and others will cause you to ponder my conclusions.  (It is time to listen and then to ask our Lord are we guilty?  This was Preached on Super Bowl Sunday; I recall the frustration on the faces of most of the congregation.  I am so thankful for the chance to share it with new audiences.  This message was preached on January 28, 1996 at the "Vett".

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 17, 2018 Archive Lecture From Romans At times we need to go back to classic Christian radio.  A time when men spoke truth and expected more then nothing.  I am just a talking head.  A brain that fully embraced something that today most people have out right rejected.  So tell me, 'What do you think?"   No no no!  Only answer after you have fully listened.  This will be a deep look into a theological behavior.  I use and quote from people that I once respected; but after much compromise, I take the view that I now hold to.  The cast hopefully will be up by tomarrow.  (now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 16, 2018 "My Deperssion Defined"   I suffer from Depression.  I refuse to take meds for meds makes one depend upon the pill.  I am engaged in dealing with this real mental difficulty with good food, exercise and the help from an old friend of mine.  I called on Him to assist me this morning. and He asked me why not share with my audience my situation.  I rejected the idea; but upon further thought, I began to consider my fellow citizens that have the same kinds of difficulties in their lives.  I'm always talking about things that are not going my way, so, why not.  It's about 10:00 AM, this time I would be in the prep mode to preach; so let me prep.  PJ and his (my) depressions, as well as the reasons why.  I came upon this DVD Sermon presented in the year of 2009, at the Anselm Bible Fellowship and it assist me in identifying and communicating how this depression grows in my mind.  I am praying that it assist you in thie unique desease. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 13, 2018 "Who's National Anthem?" Tap  Testing  I am really tired of hearing both arguments.  Can anyone please answer my question.

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 2018 Just scroll down and listen to these clips.  Some of them light, some heavy, some you will agree with; others you will hate.  All of that is ok!  This site is for the person that is tired of listening to that music station without considering another's perspective.  If you are a college student, great, listen to the grey haired professor give his lecture.

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 8, 2018  Testing  Just Tap Testing Saturday Night Jazz.  I do a bit of DJ'ing and skim a lot of my CD's.  Enjoy.  I'v been working on the technical aspect of this site and it is taking a bit of time.

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 7, 2018   Strange Behavior  (Just Press The "S") Most of my afternoon was taken up by watching the Senate Investigation of one of the nations smartest Judges.  I shall discuss this with the help of good music; critical analysis and candor.  Oh it is so good not to be obligated to fighting traffic headed towards that job.  Up at around 4AM today fresh with a bit of exercise and grunts now and then;  "But I'm Cool!  WOW! I got it.  It took about 3 1/2 hours but I finally got it.  Now, relax John and get ready or the next cast. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 5, 2018 "Take Back The Power"   

  I was speaking with a dear lady that I graduated from Fremont High School with back in the year of 1962.  As one could imagine; we have had many conversations.  In particular; our discossions were on younger people, and how many of them do not respect us older persons that yet are very alive and in no way attempt to escape from that reality,  My web cast today shall provide answers for many of us that at times feel maeginalized by age and the lack of personal communication that we are so use to experiencing.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 4, 2018 "My Thoughts Today"It's time for a heart to heart talk about my reality.  Give me a listen, and then judge me and my generation.  The conversation pertains to our African American Community.  (Later on this afternoon my Server will make repairs.  If their are interruptions they ought not take a day or two.

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 2, 2018 "Muzzling The Ox"  You can only imagine what is going through my mind this wonderful morning of the first day of September.  Please do not attempt to do that to me of all people.  More to that; and much more for you on this holiday weekend.

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 31, 2018 "Watching Aretha's Funeral"  WOW! is all that I can say for now!  I must say, this is a funeral that tops all the ones that I have seen in the churcvh through all of my years.  My goodness.  My Friday is consumed by the funeral.  I am yet watching it and have become hungry for food.  I have seen a lot and also learned a lot about the church that I have grown to love.  As a black man living in a country of black people; I have began to in love accept the reality of African American Religion.  I am now listening to the Eulogy by Pastor Jasper Williams preach "Queen Of Soul". . . Are you listening?  Did you listen.  Well I agree with Jasper Williams.  Our community has failed and Brothers?  Did you listen this is a lesson from God, and all of those that disagree, well, you really need to listen to Jasper.  Hey look at how the people reacted when the word was preached?   THEY WERE PIN DROPPED QUIET! I'm Done!   Wait Stevie Wonder is coming on the stage.  Blowing the Lord's prayer, but did the people hear the Preacher.  That room is cold as ice.  WOW!  Stevie said; The greatest gift of life is love."  Was he implying that Jasper did not love the people?  Stevie is indeed blind.  People, NEVER DIS-COUNT the words of the true preacher.  Jasper Williams said that the parties need to come together.  Democrats as well as the republicans; can you believe it.  I was just waiting to see if there is yet one other man that believes in true love.  Why did they not allow the leader of the Nation of Islam speak.  I think because he would have blasted them also. (LOL)

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 30, 2018  "Visiting The House Church"  After many years of attempting to preach in a conventional church setting; I embarked upon the biblical idea of the home church.  Every Sunday I recorded the messages that I presented to the small handful of people that wanted to be led by truth.  This is one of those messages.  This message was presented February 8, 2009.  My style was even more severe in that I did not think that most people really in their hearts loved and followed biblical objectives.

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 29, 2018 "The Lyrics Of Our Lives" As we read or watch the headlines unfold before us, we re compelled to listen or strive to embrace the lyrics of our lives.  I need yto reflect on those things that makes since to me.  I'm an old fashioned kind of man.  God is the one that demands praise and worship.  Let us free our minds from the Trump mess and wars, killings and stupidity.  Take some time out and allow God's lyrics to trump everything else.  Enjoy!  (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 28, 2018 "Liberalism's Influx Into The Church"  I dive into one of the last radio presentations where I give an explication on what happened in our churches.  Listen closely as I break it down for you.  Taken From The Olivet Discourses Radio Ministry February 16, 1997  If you can bring yourself to listen and then pray to the Lord for discernment; you will discover if you are a liberal, as opposed to a steadfast onward forward stance which leads to a disciplined Christian understanding.  Listen to the call in's at the station.  Please pay attention to the guy named "Randy".  These were the kind of individuals that I believed God was calling me to reach.  Most people that attend church today allows their pastor to do their thinking.  Enjoy!  (Now!

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 27, 2018 "The Loss Of Integrity"  John Mc Cain is gone from us in death.  A true man in terms of his standing alone.  A man that placed country above party.  What a man.  Their is no comparison between the Senator and this current president.  My Commentary is being contemplated.  Listening to this will cause some of you to mis-understand me.  I lived during a time when integrity counted for something.  Today we live during times of leadership stupidity.  Feminist mentalities have captured most men in this country.  It is always a joy for me to see how real men engage their society.  Rest well John.  Thanks for your service towards the country and humanity itself.  For those that do not agree with me; "It Is; Simply What It Is".   (Now) 

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 25, 2018  "A Message For The Mind"   I found an archive message that addresses the very situation that has confronted our community.  I start off with The Willie Jones Jazz group and then I slide into a message that all of us really need to listen to.  The young people that were in the room are either much older or dead.  I would also dedicate this hour to tweo new friends that I met yesterday; George and his dear wife Greatise.  (Now

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 22, 2018 Wednesday Night Jazz "Featuring Ben Paterson Trio"  I am happy.  You can hear it in my oice.  It is so good being me, playing music and speaking with life long friends hat will never change.  Just another normal dasy in the Lucy Coleman Studio.  Ben's music was made a gtift to me, and I thought I'd play it for you.  Conversation coast to coast in that my phone guest lives in New Jersey.  I think that you will love the music also.  Enjoy!  

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 21, 2018 Sermon Archive / "Hold To The Truth" An Admonition to think through one's faith; and to defend that truth with biblical absolutism:  In February 1985 I admonished the congregation to hold to the truth.  Our Pastor James B. Stanley was very ill.  He passed away shortly after this Sunday message.  I had the charge to hold the congregation together.  Ahhhh. . .  Listen to the voice of a young preacher some "33" years ago.  I ask a series of questions; and listening to the historical proclamation of what I knew to be truth.  I would like to think that there are some that yet proclaim "Biblical Truth".  My preaching style was more than some emotional message.  My way of truth telling was always in the form of the lecture.  I really beg you to listen.  I warned the church of what would take place even in the Church today.  There were subtle underlying opposition to my style.  It was during this year that I was chosen as the pastor.  "Hold Fast"  Listen to my definition of thesde two words.  (Now) 

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 19, 2018 "The Portrait"  An Archive Masterpiece in the Studio Right Now!  My preaching even way back in the day (September 20, 1987) left no doubt that I researched the text.  The preacher is to leave off his private interpretation and just to say it.  The book has always spoke fore itself.  The difficulty is in the exposition of the same to aq people that has become use to hearing something other than thye realistic admonition of the word.  Enjoy! 

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 16, 2018 "A True Queen Defined"  She had the voice that I danced on.  The first time I heard her, I smiled all day long.  You know I had to dedicate a show to this "chuch Girl".  I believe that all of the African American women that sung in the choir had to know that this woman lead the way.  Two years my senior; but I am totally inferior to the talent she displayed.  I'm trying to catch the words.  After listening to myself enjoy Aretha.  Her spirit grabs you right where you want to be.  She is honest about the human stain.  And why not. . . Listening to her Dad tell the truth; Aretha becomes the truth teller.  We do not see it because we deny reality.  Mark my word, there is none beside "Aretha".  (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 14, 2018 1983 Seminnar Hawthorne Calif.  I found an old cassette tape which was a recording of one of the first seminar presented in the city of Hawthorne California.  There were four speakers of which I was one.  Johnnie Jones, Matthew Minor and a Brother named James from the Church Of The Open Door.1982 was the year and my intention has always been reaching out to the people all around me.  You will pick up that Scripture is the motor that drives the Christian agenda.  This recording was very old, but I think you can make out what was attempted to be communicated.  I thought it important to see what some of the congregations understanding of the teachings gathered through their listening to the word and then understanding of the same.  I personally gain pleasure as I listen to individuals that I once fellowshipped with.  I invited a brother from another worship community in order to demonstrate our need to become transparent.  Love is always the force that develops us.  Listen and attempt to follow some of our arguments.  I am listening while I type.  Go back with me and enjoy. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 11, 2018 "Salvation! What Is It" Nightlite Hosted By PJ Nov. 9, 1992  Pastor Harley Howard was a bit under the weather and asked me to set in and host his very popular radio presentation.  As I live and stay in touch with what is happening in our fallen nation.  I choose to place this up because many in America have left their first love, "Biblical Christianity".  My logic when reading the bible compels me to ascertain a first person approach.  As we listen to these words from so many years ago; we should ask; are they pertinent?  I would also tell you that this is the way that Christian radio was in past history.  Now look at our country.  America is a mess.  It's citizens have adapted a lame pragmatic approach to the word of God.  Please listen to the whole Two Hour Show.  The Call In Bible Questions.  There has not been a radio presentation like Harley's after the kick offs.  (Now)  

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 9, 2018 "Holy Living; Or Living Wholly?"  The thought of self judging is simply not a part of our American happiness code of conduct.  Why; some would say, hey man, don't attempt to cast judgement on me, I'm OK, deal with your own S_ _ _.  I checked out some of my past writings from about "10" years ago and I thought thatr I would give you some up to dateinsights towards older thoughts.  Lets see if they ring a few bells today. (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 8, 2018 "PJ's Side Bar On True Justice"  I believe that we as a nation are about on the edge of the killing fields.  Have I always felt the hatred coming from men aimed at men.  I've never felt that bent in my heart.  Weigh our America compared to the year of 1995 when this broadcast was recorded.  My point comes in the form of a question; "Was I far off from what is taking place in our country today?"  If you are a bit upset at what is happening in our country; listen to this radio session when I was a pastor here in my home city; Los Angeles.  If we are Christians at all; we ought to adapt these ideas?  My gift is talking and teaching.  Now, you listen closely and determine if I might be lying or have some other objective today.  Our answers remain the same regardless of the national crises.  (Download to your browser listen to it in segments and analyze for yourself)  I have a few more tapes to disregard.  It is taking time to sift through.  Trust me I am having a ball listening to my discourse after these many years.  If we as a nation of people do nothing but allow this madness to continue, America may not sustain herself as a world leader of personal and human freedom.  All of us must set aside the individualism mentality which prevails in practically every aspect of our modern society. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 7, 2018 "Olivet Discourses Radio Archive" January 5, 1997 "A Discussion On Godly Leadership"  l have always been serious about speaking God's truth.  I take a look at contemporary church practices.  This Radio Archive clearly analyzes these practices.  (PLEASE DO NOT WRITE TO THE ADDRESSES IN THIS SECTION OR CALL THE PHONE NUMBERS.  I DID NOT EDIT THE CASSETTE TAPEListening to this archive presentation demonstrates the ways in which Christian radio was held right before the great fall (or dive) that the church is seriously engaged in today.  I would ask that you listen with a discerning mind as I answer some of the calls that came into the radio station.  You will note that the callers had respect for my apologetic approach to these issues that I addressed.  You will also note some of the intelligent callers back in the day.  Today's Christian Church had removed themselves from rational thinking faith.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 5, 2018 "Trash Church Tradition" I have interviewed individuals for years concerning Christianity as a cultural religion.  This tape was recorded I believe back in the 80's.  Johnnie Jones was my guest in my living room one Sunday after dinner and I asked him to do this interview with me.  The cassette tape was filed away and just discovered by me.  Candid and truthfully stated; Johnnie detailed the crazy practice of many Black Christian Churches.  Today, the motives of many religious institutions are driven by these crazy practices.  I would love to find more men that would be honest about their religious experience.  This is an interview you will want to pay attention to. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 4, 2018 "They Ain't Going To Get Away With It"  Yes, I shall continue.   but. . . . . . Don't get side tracked John!

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 2, 2018 "My Super Woman"   In my entire lifetime; I have only known one woman.  A special gift that I think of often from time to time.  You see, she has been gone so many years, that I have no recollection of her voice.  (Oh to hear her shout my whole name in anger)  If she looked at me I gave recognition and answered.  At times in my life I wish she was here to admonish or correct me.  The snap in her voice, that particular look in her eyes when one understood that something needed to be corrected.  I must admit; there was nor is anyone that could compare to her.  One of the best decisions that I ever made in my life when I married her.  She welcomed me in her heart and home, and it is very difficult to find a woman of that nature.  I would attempt to share with the congregation her gifts; most of the women of that ministry did not appreciate her being of Asian decent; as well as my wife..  She calmed my heart when I was confused.  She prepared food for consumption for my Daughters and myself every day of her life in this house that I am living in today.  She left her mark on the heart of everyone that came into contact with her.  Today is one of those days when I miss her the most.  It is far too quiet in the house and her voice was like a cool stream of water rushing down to cool my head and neck.  She left us far too soon.  I'm sorry if I seem to be mushy about one that has passed over to the other side, I miss her.  I'm lost in this new age without her eyes looking deep into my heart.  Upon her departure Delia and Leslie wrote these words concerning her life.  I found the words in my "stacks".  (I Love Her And Shall Always)    

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 31, 2018 "Living In Chaos"

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 28, 2018 "Temptations Glory"   We must get into the habit of listening to that which might condemn us.  Not only is this piece difficult to listen to; It also demonstrates the preachers fullest intent when preaching to people that were playing.  This is a long piece and I play a lot of my classic old numbers.  But focus on the question that the message presents.   

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 27, 2018 Archive Sermons "At Risk For Knowing Jesus"   March 27, 1994  If you were asked to defend your trust in God; would that thought place your life in jeopardy?  How serious are all of us if our world came to an end.  Lets say that we could not gain the medicines that we require to survive? What if we could not get the food, water and stuff it takes to keep us going?  This message was taken from a series called; A Calculated Calvary".  

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 26, 2018 "The End Of Our Age?"  I came across this clip on You Tube, I thought I'd place it up for you to hear.  Please let me know what you think.

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 25, 2018 "Common Graces & Spaces"  There are times when we require reflection.  Listen in and see if you can pick up where I'm coming from.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 24, 2018 "Real Talk On Education"  l will become the first to admit it; . . . "If this generation does not step up it's pace within a few years, all of them shall be left behind. . ."  Now listen to the ramification from the aged one.   All of us must seek to answer this lasting quesations.  What have we made of ourselves.   (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 22, 2018 "Monk On Love"  Time and time again we come to the point; and then we loose it.  Something happens and we seem to loose our way; I saw it in a place where I went for dinner alone on Friday night.  Taat stare from a brother that had done everything correct; he was alone in the midst of his family.  Oh brother; we are yet searching. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 20, 2018 Archive Sermon "The Results Of Standing Tall" Nov 24, 1996  I repaired the difficulty; Oh My, all of that dust in my system.  This message was presented when my local church had had enough of me.  I cannot understand why a so called biblical church would be rid of a pastor like myself.  These words were enough to have the majority of the people in that building to strike while the anvil is hot.  As I listen to this archive message, I understand what God said to my heart when He called me to be His voice.   I you love the message that fired up our Savior; tiy shall love listening to this message.  Trust me; you will greatly benefit from listening to this word. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 19, 2018 "Thoughts"   I have had a few tech. difficulties in the past few day.  Left a quick thought for you to ponder.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 15, 2018 Archive Sermons "Basic Training"  I took the clue from my time in the U.S. Army.  My memory of teaching these things have long been forgotten.  Therefore I would ask you to enter with me into the now defunct ministry; even the building where these words were spoken is no longer existing.  These words taken from a teaching called "Disciple Training School"     

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 14, 2018 "Hope In View"  Have you ever lost the personal human will to go on?  Eric Reed is the musical influence behind this next webcast.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 12, 2018 Archive Sermons "Watch Out Preacher"  A warning to those that say that they represent God to an unsuspecting community.   I know that many of you may not believe how I hate the distortion of God's words.  I use a very well known text from Galatians to prove my point.  I have never been a fan of what is popular; rather I am attracted to what is true.  This one will cause you to say "Amen Preacher; or good bye!

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 10, 2018 "Speaking With Music" I think it's time for music, jazz, the heart of this wonderful talent only from those that have this in their hearts stay tuned. My Father and I had a few things in common.  Music was one of those things.  He left me with a love of Black Music and the soul of it all.  Just enjoy today's cast.  I had come from preaching that Sunday; Lucy desired to drop by Dad's house in Compton.  As you can see he (daddy) liked me better while I played the happy husband.

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 8, 2018 Archive Sermon "Just Keep On Keeping On" Sept 17, 1995  Far to hot to do this earlier.  Stay Tuned. .  You see my friends; why should I attend today's churches and not hear something as pure as these words of God?  

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 7, 2018 Archive Sermon "Talking Through It All" Feb 11, 1996    I attempt to take the subject matter from yesterdays offering.  I did not finish the point on the Sunday message yesterday.  Please listen if you desire to obtain a solid family relationship.  If you are taking notes; I start on part "5" from yesterday's cut.   

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 6, 2018 Archive Sermon "How Do You Read Me?"  Feb. 4, 1996 I cannot resist listening to this piece.  It is a bit closer to the time which I now live.  Trust me I have no idea what I'm going to express.  Enjoy this Friday offering to you minds that crave that "Biblical Alternative".  This message drives home the point as it should.  The introduction forces the listener to ask questions of themselves; "Do I actually love the members of my family?  Please listen to this message.  It will assist you in keeping your family strong and focused on important things; especially in this day and age.  Please listen if you are married; engaged or thinking about marrying.  This archive message is taken from the Old Testament book of Amos.  You will pick up the intention of my verbiage.  Attempt to listen with your heart.  Listening with your heart entails the mind, intellect and will.  Lets be honest about this, we can live in a way that blesses our lives.  Please pass this message on to others.  All of my work is free.  Allow God's Spirit to engage you.  Let me be quiet and allow you to undertake these words.   

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 5, 2018  Archive Lecture "A Definition Of Gospel Living" November 1986  I really thank you for taking the time to analyze the true teachings of the Christian belief system.  I am in the processes of discovering how this life operates.  I can only know these things by rightly abiding towards God and His will.    There are only two points to this message; listen in and pick up an age old definition of what is really important.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 4, 2018 "242 Years Later "A Definition Of Gospel Preaching" 1986  Looking at my country from another perspective.  Growing up with this generation of dreamers.  Smokie Norful is my featured artist on this Independence Day.  (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 3, 2018 Archive Lecture "YOU Are That Watchman" Nov. 30, 1986  I continue to locate messages that takes me back to a time when what I spoke seemed to constrain a few of us.  Listening to these messages today takes on a far different meaning.  None of us desires to be a moral judge in anybodies life.  I can fully understand that.  These messages continue to weigh heavy on my heart as I readily admit that the times we live is are the most terrible that I've ever seen in all of my years.  Some of you will think that I have lost my mind; so I invited Oscar Brown Jr, as well as Anthony Hamilton as they bring their accusations against what they see.  Enjoy the music as well as the message.  Have a safe and sane 4th, take the time and ask God to offer a bit more mercy on us.

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 2, 2018 Archive Lecture "Unemployed Nov 16, 1986"   Good Morning, I am searching my stacks with a smile on my face.  Now; here is one that speaks of how evil enters the Christian's life and how it's affects might be avoided.  Candid and to the point.  Something that all of us can learn from.  Thanks for coming to the site and allowing me to share with you some very important information.  Keep in mind that many people in our country no loonger believe these truths anymore.  Our independence does not employ that being dis-connected from God. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 1, 2018  Archive Lecture "Determining God's Voice"  This is the last of the four messages resourced from the year 1987.  I seemed to be on fire about the word of God; that's good even today.  I added a couple of; I guess you can call them "Off-Beat Christian Themes" some of you may enjoy.  Now listen, you may have to advance the piece to skip the music.  There are reasons why I added Don Hess and Keith Green.  Enjoy!  

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 30, 2018 Archive Lecture "How God Gets Our Attention" August 23, 1987  I know, you said that you no longer believe in this God of some other person.  What if I came back and said that all of us can have our attention pulled in a certain direction.  Lets se how close I am to proving this in this next cast.  I end up this hour with a few choice selections from The "Duke"  I hope you like the classics in Jazz, and African American Hallmark gift. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 29, 2018 Archive Lecture "How Are You Listening" Sept 1987  l have often thought to myself; how many people yet believe the simple uncomplicated teachings of scriptures.  Who would acknowledge the uncompromising words of God?  Will you go back with me and listen as if you were in the room.  Just suspend all of the other things that so clutters our minds and hearts and allow your spirit to capture these old truths that kept so many in this used up society of ours.  Thanks. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 28, 2018 Archive Lecture "Understanding God" Sept 6, 1987"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 27, 2018 "Archive Sermon" November 1987   "Jewels In A Cesspool"  Who are we; those of us that claim we live by the name Christian?  Back in the day I loved to think of those kinds of questions.  Thanks for visiting my site today.  I'm loving listening to the "Me" that lived way back during a time when many of today's listeners were not yet born.  Listen closely determine for yourselves if what I'm saying is true.  On this day a brother and siswter were baptized after coming to join our fellowship.  Listen to the power of the preached word. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 26, 2018 "Apologetics Lesson 10"  How do we attempt to prove truth?  Listen in to one of my theological apologetic lectures.  The student is allowed to speak back in the classroom, you will be allowed to hear the back and forth reality of thinking minds.  For the serious listener, welcome to the world that drove me to teach African Americans in the inner city of Los Angeles . . . (Now!)

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 21, 2018  Archive Sermon" Are you ready For The Lord's Day?. 2 

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 20, 2018 "Archive Sermons" Are You Rady For The Lord's Day?"  (Now)  Going back is a lot of fun.  I hear things that I really understand, and agree with my Christian up-bringing.  Thank God I had the know-withal to record and save for such a time as these.

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 19, 2018 "The Panther In Me"   I yet attempting to convert some files; but I thought it time to reveal what has taken place in me in the wake of many young black men dying across this country.  I am also concerned about our not being able to pull our own communities together.  Try to follow my arguments as I reveal what has taken place in my heart and mind.  To many of my Christian friends let me say this; I fully respect your right to dis-agree with me.  My love for you remains the same.  This is the time to right these wrongs, and many of the wrongs of this society comes from so called Christian teachings.  If we are to impack any part of our society; it must begin in our minds.  Listen to me carefully and define what I'm saying in a rational way; as opposed to one's religious dogmatization. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 17, 2018 "A Fathers Day" Follow me as I sharer music and thought on such a fellow as a Father.  (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 15, 2018 Archive Series Olivet Baptist Church J.B. Stanley "A Free Man In God's City"  Pt. 2  & Pastor John E. Coleman "Beyond Hope"  Part two of yesterday's message + another message that I preached which justifies me being a good protégé; listening to a very good mentor. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 14, 2018 Archive Series Olivet Baptist Church "J.B. Stanley "A Free Man In God's City Pt. 1"  Lets go back a bunch of years and listen to me analyze Pastor Stanley as he uses suggestive phrases in this sermon.  My contention is that God cannot lead His people if the preacher does not get out of the way.  The message was so long, I will conclude it's final meaning on Saturday.  I am having a ball listening to my Mentor re-teach me.  If you can pick up the meanings in 2018 WONDERFUL!   

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 13, 2018 "George Gershwin & Julius Eastman" I shall explain the change as you listen in.  I compare two artist, from far different backgrounds.  Background music and a mind that refuses to succumb to the reality which so many people subscribe towards.  A musical masterpiece and you.  Two artist as different as night is to day.  PJ muses this afternoon, when he ought to work on detailing.  I enjoyed my time listening.  I sure hope you do also.  Some of you may have difficulty listening to Eastman.  (I'm sure you will)  I only play 1/2 of Eastman's "Stay At It".  It ought to be listened to within it's proper context.  Please attempt to listen to atr least most of it.  (LOL)  I've warned you.   

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 12, 2018 "In Search Of A Godly Man"  Just listen to this Archive message.  This one defines wherew I was as well as where I am.  If you are a student of preaqching; listen.  We need to look for "The Kind Of Man God Is Looking For".    I am amazed as I listen afreash to the spirit of God move through me so many years ago.  I had been married 20 years.  I had been the Pastor of a small Baptist Church; raising two small children.  But when behind that pulpit; something takes charge of your spirit.  "God desires to quicken our inner spirits".  

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 10, 2018 "Addressing The Possibility" Time travelers like myself stand amazed as I survey progress.  Listen in to today's cast and determine for yourselves if things are better, and we are all better off. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 7, 2018 "What I Believe About The Bible" A Bible study that defines what it is that I hold unto.  Keeping in mind that I do not see myself as some strange evangelical that accepts fantasy.  Rather; a tangible working of God's will in my life.  Cliff Jackson introduces my work to you today.  He has much of my older material and I am looking forward to his editing prowess which I am grateful.    

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 4, 2018 "Monday Night Music" The night demands good jazz from a bhit of my collection.  Stay up late and enjoy with PJ; your Internet Pastor and lover of the arts. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 3, 2018 "The Regression Of Integrity" In 1986 We were sinking.  Today; everything is relative.  None of us can state what is right and what is wrong.  This lecture explains with Bible scriptures how these issues can work themselves out in the lives of many.  Allow this to be your Sunday morning worship.  If you really tune into the lecture you can be assured that if one lives in this way one's life can and will be far better.  I am not implying a throwing out of all that we enjoy; I am ascribing a fine tuning of our engagement of the acknowledging of God in our lives.  If America looses it's lines of integrity; doom is our end.  My 56 year high school reunion was a success yesterday.  WOW, the class of 1962 is still looking strong; walking a bit slower, but hanging in there.

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 2, 2018 "When Re-Arrangements Assail" I know that this hour will cause you to love me, or hate me.  I am pleased when I think back to 1996 when I first spoke these words.  You be the judge.  Do you think that Real Christians ought to follow these teachings?

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 1, 2018 "Relating To God" What a beautiful day in Los Angeles.  I am as usual; in the Lucy Coleman Studio preparing another wonderful web cast.  The subject matter; Relating To God. . 1987 was the year of this particular lecture, lets see if it is relative for thought today.  But first, let me share a few spiritual insights.  Thanks for coming by to visit me today. (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 31, 2018 "The Eulogy" I recently lost a dear friend by way of death.  I looked back in my files and found what I stated so many years ago.  Lets see if my thoughts wavered.  I went a fishing for some tunes that would assist me in getting this right.  Lou Rawls answered at just the right time.  Take a minute and come out with the rest of us a get a bit real.  Thanks!

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 30, 2018 "Reflecting" The Kinds Of Prayers God Does Not Hear I needed to take time and speak to you today.  This is the right time to do it.  I also placed at the end of my 30 minute reflections a Lecture.  Kenny, Thanks for your influence on my keeping my promise to our Lord. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 28, 2018 "Reasons Why People Will Not Come To Believe In God"  A brother asked me one day why most people will never believe in God in the way that True Christianity teaches.  This lecture was my answer to him; as well as to many of you that would ask the same kinds of questions.

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 25, 2018 "A Musical Masterpiece" Thanks Linda From Back In The Eighties"   I will take a couple of days off from the office.  I would ask you to Listen to some older Christian music and listenh to me DJ from back in the 80's.

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 24, 2018 "Are There Prophets" Today? "Do you know how many answers to that question are floating around in today's church.  This short Lecture answers the question.  I've never been the kind of person that listened to strange sounding junk that would only mess up your mind.  This down to earth mind opening lecture will assist many of my listeners.  At the same time this one may turn you all of the way off about me.  enjoy today's Archive Special.  (Oh I am having so much fun listening to myself so many years past.  My mind is yet as strong as ever.  To me; this proves God's word which says that God is the same yesterday; today, and forevermore.) 

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 23a, 2018 "Order In The Church"  I no longer am naive concerning many black churches.  Loosely put together by some distant rules which do not apply in the modern era; I shouted "Order, Order, Order!.  to no avail.  This short lecture answers the question of my departing as soon as I did.  When these biblical rules are followed; peace is the final result.  Grab your bibles and a note pad or tablet and copy the text.  Share these truths with your friends; you shall benefit, as well as those who study with you.  I know, taking all of this in can be diffricult or over bearing; listen and learn from the Pastor that no longer has a church home, listen to the end of this lecture and discover some of the reasons why. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 23, 2018 "A Neat And Tiny Package" A Lecture in 1990 Another short lecture given at the Vett.  Oh how many lectures did I pre4sent?  More than I can count.  It is good when a person can just relax and listen to one man's rant about the God that he loves.  Enjoy!

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 22, 2018 "Young Gifted And Set Back" If you have heard this message befrore; liste again and attempt to discover if we have improved ourselves or our children.  Thanks again for coming to my site and listening to these important messages.  You will not find these many sermons, lectures or chats from today's preachers without their asking for dollars from your pockets.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 21, 2018 Marriage & Moody I use to subscribe to the Moody Monthly Magazine.  Here is a clip of me passing on these age old truths from the perspective of One of the past seminaries in western culture.

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 20, 2018 "My Personal on Sunday Morning"  Consecration / A Thirty Minute Lecture . .  I thought I'd talk directly to you today, after all it is Sunday.  I found this lecture and it is fit to present on a Sunday morning.  Thanks for coming to my site.  Thanks for your prayers for my health.  I am attempting to get the work done before death.  God has always been so good to me, in terms of speaking the same things all of the time.   

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 20, 2018 "The Forth Commandment" Pt.3  This third hour will bring it all home.  Keeping in mind, I believe that the bible teacher takes the students into the deep scriptural references.  I am looking forward to place this third hour up for our Sunday bible study.

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 19, 2018 "The Forth Commandment" Pt. 2  I continue with this study.  Thanks for coming by.  The Sunday night lectures were very popular back in the day when the teacher came out and dispensed with the small talk; come down to root matters concerning God, His word snd the implication of God's speaking to our hearts.  Please stop listening to people that continuously ask for money and continue to lie and gain wealth.  Keep in mind that you can download these clips for nothing.  I am pleased to say that I can with a glad heart offer these studies.    

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 18, 2018 "The Forth Commandment" Pt. 1 Have you ever thought about how we gather our individual concepts of God, what God requires of you and so forth?  I have.  Years ago being a young pastor of a Baptist Church; attending Talbot Theological Seminary I came upon this great study on the forth commandment.  If you have a mind to think along with me through these difficult analysis; you may find something new that you have never thought about. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 17, 2018 "7 Ways God Protects Us"  Discovering all of these Archive lectures really inspires me to know that when the bible is taught correctly people will find for themselves the nature of God's truth.  I'm pleased to see that my audience has come back to listen to these moments so long past.  This particular lecture was offered in 1989 to 2018, twenty nine years ago.  Enjoy!

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 16, 2018 "Backing Up To 1990"  I have always been concerned about the youth in my community.  This truth is reflected in this almost lost in time moment so far past that one must reflect upon my words back in the day.  The passion is yet there.  I require students.  Many of you that listen to me are hearing these things for the first time.  If you continue to listen I shall play some of the messages presented to the young people.  They are now adults and I would like to know how most of them turned out after all these years?  I think of those things often.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 16, 2018 "Charismata" Pt.2  The Sunday Night Lecture continues my discussion on this topic.

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 15, 2018 "Charismata" Pt.1  Years ago, most of by arguments in defense of correct doctrine was of this nature.  These lectures really demonstrate how deep our ignorance of biblical teaching has become.  Just take a look on You Tube and watch what people are posting about the church.  My arguments are tight.  I dare anyone of you to contradict what this preacher is saying.  This will be a difficult lecture to listen to; in that many will change their minds and beliefs.  DO YOUR FAITH IN GOD ON YOUR OWN.  IF YOU DESIRE MORE INFORMATION, STUDY FOR YOURSELF WITHOUT THE CUNNING NATURE OF MEN THAT PUT RELIGION TOGETHER FOR THE GATHERING OF THEIR WEALTH.

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 14, 2018 "How To Avoid Temptation" 2-11-90 A Theological look at what is going on in many lives.  The Sunday night lectures was the time to address serious questions.  Listen in and gain the biblical perspective. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 13, 2018 "Blessings of Being Single" I found this jewel of a short lecture and it answers all of your questions concerning you a a possible marriage.  All of us need to answer the question for ourselves.

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 12, 2018 "Back Sliding" What are the issues of this system?  For Real?.

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 11, 2018 "The Characteristics Of A Spirit Filled Church" I dug deep and found a series of Sunday night lectures.  This message was spoken on February 25, 1990.  Lets see if anything has changed.  Thank God I can yet enjoy good solid preaching.  I have discovered so many jewels ofr preaching.  Glad I kept them, and did not throw all of this out.  Plus I can save me some time in repeating what I've already spoken.  Enjoy! 

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 9, 2018 "A Families Progression" I thought I'd play some old family tapes of mine.  Some of you younger people need to hear the progression process in reality as you bring up your offspring.  Lucy and I had two daughters.  I was constantly speaking with them taking time to introduce words, concepts and add a bit of fun to the situation.  It is well over an hour but take the time and listen to the talks with not ony my children but some of the other children that lived in the apartment complex we stayed in when we were first married.  If you continue to listen; you will here the "Coleman's" after we moved in the very home I live in today.  Enjoy!

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 7, 2018 "Stepping Out"  I had a great time at a friends home last night.  People in every room.  Food, which I did not eat, but conversation to the utmost.  I also added a bit of a lecture given in 1992 which you might enjoy.  I feature Miles Davis and John Coltrain.  A jazzy celebration of my being able to enjoy a bit more of life.

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 4, 2018 "Frankly Speaking" Just sitting in the studio with a nice cool breeze coming through my window, thoughts arrive and with clear transparency.  Enjoy! 

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 2, 2018 "Children"  What are they to us in this society?  A bargaining tool?  Why do we allow the youth to dictate to us who and what we are these days?  I found a lecture that I presented in 2001.  It may be able to help you to know how much our society has changed.  Do we need to listrn to our yourh or not?   

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 26, 2018 "Curtis Mayfield And PJ Teams Up"   Just settle in and appreiate what we have left when we really analyze where we are in America.    

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 22, 2018 "My Heart Is So Happy"  I had to stop and breathe.  When I did, I saw something.  I saw all of the joy that I experienced over the years with music.  I'm in the studio and I am compiling a bunch of songs that caused me to see God clearer every Sunday.  I'm praying that this hour or more will help you experience  a heart of love and thankfulness o this beautiful day.  I promise you it will not take long to do this for you my friends.  I'll get back to the documenting later.  I'm too busy enjoying life and music which speak of joy and happiness; it's Sunday morning!

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 17, 2018 "Like I've Been Saying For Years"  At "30" years of age, and look at me I have none of his music!  I've listened to his music from way back in 2011 when he recorded his first album.  Today's web-cast will further address my not listening close enough due to thinking with someone's mind other then my own.  "Damn"!  (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 16, 2018 "Time Will Tell"  A twenty one year young man ask me to define the most memorable moment of my life up tot he present time.  Ill get by with a little help from my friends. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 12, 2018 "Deleted Scripts"  Going through old mail.  Lets talk about that a bit.  Please give me a minute.  I'm getting stronger by the day and there is always distractions arising; I think I'll speak about them today.

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 7, 2018 "20 Years Of Night School"  While most of my peers were watching the NFL, NBA, and partying; most of my time was taken up earning three degrees from noted institions of higher learning.  This web cast will blend in some of the music as well as memories that flooded my mind.  As you set off to fully enjoy the weekend, come with me in the "Lucy Coleman" studio and enjoy with me the spinning of CD's as well as seeds of thoughts for you younger people listening in.  (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 5, 2018 "Old School Ways To Love" All that is said about love is here defined in some of my Old School Music which shaped my mind forever.  I was wrong it is not the 5th of May but April. . I want to rush time these days.  Enjoy!

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 31, 2018 "Squeezing" I believe that in everything that life offers we need to take that focus and strain at finding truth for ourselves.  Listen in and discover what a stronger heart might offer.  Thanks for your prayers.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 27, 2018 "Getting Up"  Another beautiful day in Los Angeles.  Just a few reflections.  Thanks for coming by today.

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 18, 2018 "First Sunday Fresh"  I am alive and have many stories to share with you about my amazing life.  Set aside a few minutes. ( Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 16, 2018 "Home Is Where My Heart Is" I am home the heart cut was successful,  It may take a minute.  (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 5, 2018 "Live And In Person" I am yet thinking about how all of us develop our ethics.  Why are we believing what we see o the big screens across the country?  Does the media control our values?  Listen I live in Southern California and I am not consumed with what the media says and suggest to the population of America.  Today's discussion will address these perplexities.  I think I will search my jazz collection; your going to join me? 

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 4, 2018 "No Stress Express" Resting a bit as I continue to prepare.  Give me a couple of hours.  I think I'll reflect on a gracious faithful past and a purposeful future; join me later on this morning.

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 2, 2018 "Looking At Life In Retrospect" There  will be times in our lives when we will have to shut off the TV, radio and cell phone and focus on more important things.  Many believe that without these kinds of inner reflective spiritual situations; nothing real would dare to appear and manifest truth blessings.  Turn with me in your book to Psalms 38 (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 1, 2018 "One Way Alone" There is a place in the bible that says something of this nature; "I would rather suffer the loss of all things that I might never bring shame to the name not the nature of my living God."  Today's web-cast correctly defines a true Pastor's mission to represent God and Him alone. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 28, 2018  "The Sham Of Graham" I don't ever want to be accused of being "white washed"; but I had not heard what I am reading to you about "America's Greatest Preacher.  ONE CANNOT REALLY LOVE GOD WHO IS NOT SEEN; AND HATE ANY ASPECT OF HUMAN KIND WHICH ALL OF US HAS SEEN.  I'm preparing for surgery; but this information has set me back; I was also told that he was not so fund of the LGBT community.  Who is up for the next call to be America's best; TD Jakes?  As I end; let me muse a bit; what is it about America that many of it's citizens hold a grudge against black folks?  I know and realize the answer to that question, I do not think that we will ever get any better; Lord help us all.  Someone needs to say what is correct without fear.  I can only imagine what else has been said in that house of cards.  PJ 

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 27, 2018 "More Test" I'll tell you, we've got to set aside our normal way of doing life when blood counts, lung mobility and the rest of he stuff that makes for Open Heart Surgury.  Check me out this morning. ( Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 26, 2018 "There Is Hope For You"  One Of Eric's Selection Struck Me. . . ( Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 23, 2018 "Lessons"  I have developed a way to stay healthy; "Stay away from crappy conversations".  kind of settle in and listen to the music and think with me today.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 21, 2018 "Sad Endings"  I've attempted to tell my friends the truth about the seriousness of the operation scheduled for the 7th of March on my heart, guess what?  You want to listen in as I play more Eric Reed.  What an exciting life I'm living listen in and follow to the end; THOUGH at times sadly so.  (Now)   

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 20, 2018 "Searching It All Out" I've attempted to stop watching what I call church media.  I found myself there this morning and saw something that I am forced to talk about.  If you REALLY WANT TO CHEER UP!  Laugh with me as I address our national worth and hypocrisy.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast February  15, 2018 "Sweet Thursday Evenings" In Studio Now!  Web Cast In Construction.  I shall continue to share some of Eric Reed's Classic Jazz Contributions to our conscience minds.  Be sure to tune in today.  It has been a little tricky but alright.  Keep on listening my friends.   

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 9, 2018 "Bright Skies Drive Me" I always love the bright sun light shinning on a clear day in Los Angeles.  Tune in today and relish in the physical blessings that God provides for free. (Now

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 8, 2018 "A Conversation On Dying" One has said that "dying is the thing that all of us will do at one time, or another".  I speak of this issue on my birthday.  The Perspective of an aging man who longs to leave the planet; without funny fears and yet; holds fast to what his faith has taught him.  Oh, tell your friends not to miss my next cast.  Thought I'd put it up tonight. Enjoy!

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 6, 2018 "Open My Heart" The Doc says; "Hey PJ we got to go in there, I said; have at it Doc, that is your job right?  I'm on a run will talk to you later on today.

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 5, 2018 "I'm Under The Gas" This is my visit to the doctor for more oxygen.  Go Eagles!   

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 3, 2018 "Hard To Forget" I can never forget.  If I loose consciousness or wake up in another world; you will have to do more than that to get me out of the loop.  Listen in and discover what I witnesses today.  (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 2, 2018 "Star struck" We like to have our favorites don't we?  We cannot see the error in people we have come to respect.  But what is it that causes us to respect them?  Our concern ought to be the powers that control the ways in which each of us choose our heroes.  I think that each of us makes this error from time to time; but I believe we must confront this mental fallacy of appreciation.  I use the Pimping Preacher as a vivid illustration of this type of behavior.  If we would fairly consider the evident material that these people use; one would quickly come to see the use of the "dialectic" being used to further this conquest.  (Now 

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 31, 2018 "The Way To Love" My New yet old theme.  When a mans mind seems to roll in the very same direction of another; you know that you got something.  Please take the time out tonight and check out what is taking place in a very conservative African American's mind.  (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 30, 2018 "Authenticity"  Fake people relay their fakeness by ignoring the reality of their not being able to ever develop thesis based upon "Genuine Authenticity."  I feature the latest Eric Reed album; "A Light In Darkness" (with permission)  Do we recall the result of "Humpty Dumpty that fell off of the wall?  Tune in later on tonight.  PJ  

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 27, 2018 Archive Sermon "What Love Does"  My focus is simply making it clear; lets get the lessons of love.  This lecture speaks for itself.  I was listening to my work and found this jewel.  Oh how I just love the subject matter of love. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 25, 2018 "Where Is The Cornerstone?An intuition where people met and worshipped for decades ought to be remembered.  Then an edifice is erected, it is an historical event.  Historically these special buildings are christened towards meaningful historical remembrance.  My conversations today led me to asked certain questions concerning the building wherein I dwelled most of my life.  In terms of Olivet; or the "Vett", where is the corner stone? (In studio now)    

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 23, 2018 "Expansion" A man has to fulfill what he has been called to fulfill a never ending problem; "What in the world can all of us do in order to bring peace; FOR REAL!

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 22, 2018 "No Outlet"  Which implies; that if one enters this passage; one might have to travel one way into an event, which has to re-occur if there is to be a proper exit.  Tune in for tonight's web cast.  (Now

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 21, 2018 "God; In Our Midst" The Games are over and I got the urge. . I'm in my studio now stay up late with me! .

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 20, 2018 "Well, Will Ya Just Look At Us" I thought that I had seen and heard it all!  Watching the U.S. Senate in session last night and early this morning.  Today's cast will be a friendly exchange as you and I provide the answer we always knew was there.  It is no surprise that today's news echoes those biblical warnings.   Ahhhh; listen in and weigh in as I play the fool a bit.     

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 19, 2018 "This Is My Country" (Preview) My country?  What is going on?  Take it from the older guys; America is not the country that I remember.  Listen in and discover for yourself.  Eric Reed will be the music man today as I reflect. (In Studio Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 16, 2018 "Decades" How does "Time" affect your ability to reason correctly.  Take the thought all the way to the bank run it through the frame of faith and logic.  If it cannot work for a mind that thinks. . . Do you get it as of yet?  Nothing can be so far from the truth than that which cannot be explained.  Now analyze the thought that you would like to argue any point of view without winning?  This cast took me there, just a few words that might cause a difference in any conclusion.  (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 15, 2018 "In That Mood"  I take my time for you.  It is difficult my children; but know this; there is another that listens and teaches us.  To this subject I have spoken.  Thanks for coming to the site!!!

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 14, 2018 "Time To Nation Build" Everyday; there are more reports that indicate "Buttons Must Be Pushed".  I shall play a clip sent to me today.  I listened and learned that what I said on my webcast yesterday is ABSOLUTELY TRUE!  Years ago I attended a revival in the city of Long Beach.  It was held in a Baptist Church.  The speaker was Jamal Bryant.  I visited his person while investigating some of the newest Pastors on the scene.  Farter; for my radio program.  Well; I gave a poor estimate of the young preacher only to say, I could have never been more wrong.  The piece that is featured on today's are his words uttered on the 8th of this month.  I am in full agreement.   (Now)   

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 13, 2018 "Lets Just Kiss And Say Goodbye" Please forgive me for not believing what has taken place here in my country.  "God if you hear us anymore please understand why I turned on the mike". . .  I am being taken over by reality, how might I not speak what requires to be said.

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 10, 2018 "The Beauty Of A Thing" I was feeling like my life had no meaning until I listened to one "Ba Ba Smith on KJZZ FM 88.1 on Los Angeles radio.  I started to think about the web cast. . . . Put on your ears now; I'm about to give your brain a bleed.  (In Studio Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 8, 2018 "Rolling The Road" A time to live and to fully enjoy that life.  And why not.  To be alive and fresh is where all of us are required to be.  It really depends upon where you are aimed.  I've lived a long and exciting life.  So much so that I am sure that most of you that continue to come to the site gains on the daily.  I'll call the cast; "Rolling The Road.  I shall give my opinion of what I've seen as I observe today's "Black Church".  If you take the time and listen to what I'm saying; you might find some things are not as they seem.  (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 6, 2018 "Music Music Music" 

Have you ever thought how life for you would be most rewarding?  Could one consider a far different outcome that that gloomy after thought concerning your unhappiness?  Well consider this my friend.  While watching a scene from a 1936 black and white motion picture entitled; "The Love Affair",  one of the characters of the film uttered these words after being questioned concerning the disturbed look on his face answered; "No, I'm fine; "I'm taking my fun where I can get it."  Well, I smiled widely and adapted that phrase to my communicative vocabulary.  Paul that smart 1st century Christian said it like this; "All things work together for the GOOD.  Hey you guys want another educative hour of sweet music with a PJ flair to it?  Tune into the next web adventure,      

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 3, 2018 "New Year Salutations" The time to speak is near. . . . . I shall speak . . . . I have spoken now it is your turn to listen.

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 26, 2017 "I Shall Decline The Invitation" I thought that I'd heard every argument that has ever been placed forth by the blinded egotistical evil men that run religious organizations in this country.  If there is no fervency for telling the truth; why attend worthless useless gatherings if it is not for the benefit of the "Saint" that is seeking God and answers to life's daily questions?  Today's cast addresses this question under the direction of Tchaikovsky with the 1812 Overture.

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 23, 2017 "Christmas Truth" I am looking forward to Christmas Day.  Listen in and I shall tell you why?  (Today's Cast Soon) While I work on it; Listen to a 2009 Rendering.  Some people think that I have done away with what was once believed?  Naw . . Friends.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 15, 2017 "The End Of Right" I got up this moring and turned on the News; WHERE I THE HECK ARE THE MEN?  What is this war on men?  My commentary in a bit. . .   Listen in to today's cast. (I did it now!  LISTEN)

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 8, 2017 Today's Perspective I hope you have gained another perspective of me as I presented some reality as I live out my days.  Free speaking with the idea that there is a divine alternative to a life full of fear and hate.  Listen in.

Enjoy the article.   Thinking Out Loud 2000 to 2017 again aired.docx  I wrote this article in March of 2000.  My views have not changed. I welcome all people that love God's blessed word, without the interference of personal human bias.  All of us are a part of something.  Live as long as I have and then look back.  You will be able to see clearly.  Thanks!

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 10, 2017 "Moore Mess For Us" Well my friends, the question is; "When will all of this mess end in this country of ours; Is there not one good man, one of us that has not touched another person besides that wife they have????  I am speaking in comedy you know.  As usual, I shall weigh in and share some uplifting news.  Thanks for coming to MY site.  Hell yes I'm still alive; though some would want me to die.  Oh I really know what I'm talking aobut.  God is so gracious that He would allow me another day to see, hear breathe and interact in this great world of His.  Listen in in a few.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 5, 2017 "Mass Murder In A Church?" I am watching the news as you are.  We are Civing in the worst of times.  LOVE, and understanding is in demand.  New evidence soon, I am watching just as you are.  Just finished my cast. . . Keep in mind that I am angry at what is happening in my country, the shame of it all!

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 4, 2017 "Music That Helps Us Digest"  I take to my record stack this late Saturday night.  Stay up with me!  ( NOW!) I play song after song in order to capture just the right mood for all of us.  My love of Jazz, and artistic ability brings a smile to this aged man's face.  I really hope you can take a bit of time off and just relax without being depressed by all of the mess going on on these days.

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 2, 2017 "The Detour"  Have we taken a bad turn or is it just me thinking abstract these days?  Your President is mad; the Congress is impotent; the rest of the nation is into fun and games; our youth have no hope; they can see no way out of the maze that their parents have built for them.  Our police have resorted to  Gestapo tactics.  Now mad foreigners have infiltrated our borders; WHERE IS GOD IN ALL OF THIS?  Tune in later on today.    

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 1, 2017 "Fearful Living" I am living in fearful times.  I will play a piece that I received on a messinger note sent to me this morning.  Is it true?  I have no idea!!! 

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 30, 2017 "PJ Spins Records" I thought that I would totally appreciate you.  I take you back to a time when I was young and really appreciated music.  Join me in the celebration of the arts with Lou Rawls; Les Mc Cann; and others as you take that ride home on the train or in the car.  (soon Uploading right now!)

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 22, 2017 "The Fallacy Of Social Networks"  I am forever amazed at the level of foolishness from persons that stem from my families bloodline.  Im going to read a post sent to others on facebook, that is totally unfounded.  Well, on my own website; I will share reality.  What an exciting time to be alive to witness the decline of a culture that has not accomplished what true community is all about.  (Now) 

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 22, 2017 "Consequences Magnified"  I attended a meeting at a United Methodist Church on Slauson Ave. near my home.  The meeting was widely advertised and I loved the subject matter in that it was on the survival of the African American Male.  Cecil "Chip" Murray was one of the panelist.  Council Member of the board of Supervisors; Mark Ridley Thomas was one of the speakers.  Listen, I must run now. Keep listening.  Why I have chosen to leave the facebook scene will close out this Sunday's cast.  Oh boy!  People still hate me so; but I've learned to go with the flow.  Having a cup of Java right now enjoying the beautiful morning.

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 19, 2017 "STOP IT!  You Don't Realize What You Are Doing!  My young black brothers and sisters have taken it too far.  Just listen to my argument.  (NOW!)  Please understand where I'm coming from.  Today's way of living is not respected by all people.  My views will or can be mis-represented.  The amount of hatred that you have for others will cause you to detest this cast.  I knew that before I decided to place it up.  Somebody has to state the truth about this New World Order of stupidity.  Is there a person on the planet that really believes that total racism can be done away with?  We know better.  Many will not believe me when I say that I love you; you may say; "John!  how can you say the things you say and not be criticized?  Stop It is all I can say.  If you are not feeling me; You are a part of the racisim.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 18, 2017 "Keeping It Real Again"  I am pleased to say that in all of the trials that i have to live through, their joy of knowing God through Christ is my reasl salvation.  This hour gives you a hint how I can become more than a failure.  enjoy! 

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 15, 2017 "Rolling With The Conversation" with guest that will define some of the confusion: I had a few guest and asked that they be real.  this is what happened.

Ram Radio The Web Cast  September 29, 2017 "The Way We Are"  It Is Not A White And Black Issue; It Is A Spiritual Issue.  Listen to this piece spoken in the year of 1996 . . . Now in 2017!   Listen and please compare our civilization today to what I stated when I was a pastor.  Do you think that I knew my society back in the day?  The society I live in today is a ripe testing tube.  We have stupid people that have taken leave of their senses.  I shall always be an independent thinker.  After you listen to this houe you will be able to determine if you ought to be thankful enough to STAND UP AND SAY IN YOUR HEART, THANK YOU DEAR GOD THAT I HAVE A COUNTRY THAT ALLOWS ME TO SAY WHAT IM SAYING; IT ALSO ALLOWS ME TO GO WHERE I DESIRE WITHIN LIMITS OF ANOTHER PERSONS POWER TO DETAIN, DELAY, DEMOLISH MY WILL TO DO SO.  If you wear that cross; (and I wear one)  Jesus is not some white man from Europe or America.  I am NOT stupid.  Just listen and Learn.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast  September 27, 2017 Stand Up Fool When The Banner Is Waved" OK, I'll speak clearly on this next web cast. . . In the studio right now

Ram Radio The Web Cast  September 22, 2017 "The News"  What does it feel like to be free?  I am talking about heading for lunch with a friend and not worrying about time or procedure; just hanging out and enjoying the other persons persona.  Reflections and much more on today's web cast. . .   It's a cool Friday and I feel like playing a little jazz . . . and just to talk about all that is happening in our world.  People; all it takes is love. . . Tune in later on for "Solo Living!" 

Ram Radio The Web Cast  September 19, 2017 Still Alive And Kicking I've had tech difficulties working it all out . . . 

Ram Radio The Web Cast  September 8, 2017 "Beyond The Shadow Of Doubt" How bad can it get?  PJ, please help me with all of this mess on the planet.  OK I will. .   WOW I had tech diff in the midst of the cast I do hope that I will rectify the situation before I retire tonight. . . 

Ram Radio The Web Cast  September 6, 2017 "Its Much Deeper Than You Think" That is one of the things that I love about God, Everything is allowed in order to gain our attention.  He shall have the last laugh.  Listen in as PJ plays music and more as your evening or morning will be lit up!!  Thanks for coming by!!!

Ram Radio The Web Cast  September 2, 2017 "Demonstrative Analysis Un-complicated"  Our true faith is not something that one can hold to or claim simply by virtue of our wanting.  This will be a difficult cast as the first in the month of September.  Hey!  If you are living in L.A. stay hydrated! 

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 30, 2017 Didn't It Rain Look for my commentary on all of this rain and death and in the midst of it; some of the most foolish behavior from a segment of the population that really needs to check itself.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 27, 2017 "Right Where You Are?"   Listen and enjoy!!.

Ram Radio The Web Cast An Archive Classic August 17, 2017 "God Is Offended" 1987 - 2014 - 2017 OK, I found this archive sermon preached the first time in 1987 at the "Vett".  I break down this message and I think you ought to listen in and compare what I said Yesterday to the Web-Cast.  Now analyze this for the sake of your reality.  Enjoy, but listen and allow my strange way to preach to you; to get through to your beautiful heart. . . 

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 16, 2017 "Serious Ramifications" If I were to attempt to explain to you my Cove for the community that I grew up in, would you fully understand my affections?  Sure you would.  The same is true in every community in this country.  Even though some of us grow up in certain parts of the country where we have been neglected; ignored and not even seen as humans; they also in this grand country of ours have their rights.  Here lies the difficulties with all of the mess that is taking place these days.  Where there is no God, Spirit of Love; those decent attributes that sustains us as humans; if these qualities or attributes have been dismissed; the result is what we have seen taking place in recent events.  Today's cast will address these things and more.  Know this; our country is on the brink of being torn apart.  Shall we participate in her being torn apart?  (now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 15, 2017 "Our President Has Spoken" And Now I Shall Comment.   Some of you will not agree with me fine!  I've always known why I take certain views.  I waqs raised in a day when one saw red and said it.  Today; many of us are attempting to please others.  People have always had the right to protest in this country.  Think about what you are proposing about Trump.  He is no fool.  As a matter of fack most are envious of his personal wealth; there is nothing wrong with that.  Most other countries have the same kind of men or women ruling them.  Enjoy!    

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 8, 2017 "Never Shake Hands With The Devil" Why would any of us do something like that?  Outrage is the first of all human reactions when we think of making a deal with the chief of deal breakers. . .  Listen In . . .

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 7, 2017 "An American Institution"  What is the matter with young men these days!  If they live in America; do they fully investigate things?  Listen in as I weigh in to the so called NFL's Problem?  Really; they do not have one.  Football is an "American Institution".  Nobody will shut it down!  (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 31, 2017 "To Obey Scout Law"  What happened to the act of being Presidential?  There are just certain ways people are required to be in light of the office.  It is always the improper to disgrace tried and tested institutions; well let me start the web cast and catch you up on things. .(in studio RIGHT NOW) 

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 26, 2017 "Resist Or Submit" Which side do you take?  Listen to the "Old Man" then engage in the argument.  America must bow her heart to another greater then her fglag or culture.  She; (America) has made her choices and she is suffering the vile consequences of her actions.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 17, 2017 "True Confessions Pt 2"  These Days Of Test and trial have taught me lessons that only time would reveal.  You see; when you live as long as I have with the understanding that my God would care for your every need if you lived accordingly to His word; life would be bearable; even in America.  You see; those of our calling are not suppose to ever think of doing bodily harm to another human being, right?  Look at the Christian right. . . I shall take you deeper into the mentality of a shipwrecked religion that seems to be storing up "ammo"?  That is another mis-calculation of faith.  I served in the United States Army.  I was taught that the price of American freedom comes with a cost; but chaos and "Christ Dragging" depravation has taken it too far.  Listen in. . (NOW!)

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 14, 2017 "True Confessions" I shall spill all of the beans as to my shifting.  It is time and I have come full circle.  This cast will share in it's totality my journey towards God, and further away from organized religion.  I shall add much more to this cast as the weeks transpire.  You can love me or leave me.  I have fully removed myself from all ties with the Evangelical Movement.  This happened years ago.  These series will draw you into my shift. (NOW)  The First Hour Is Up . . You ought to listen!

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 13, 2017 "Plenty Of Nothing"  Often I think of the great heritage that many who have gone on before us strived to contribute.  Would it be far better if all of the Jazz greats might meet today and live one big Jam Session.  Allow me to talk about how we might appear as a community which saw each other as equals making sweet music as opposed to so much hatred that floods our minds and hearts.  (In The Studio Right Now

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 10, 2017 Hot As All Get Out!   Many of you know that Los Angeles has been burning up lately.  Up early catching the slight western breeze from the coast's Ocean. Giving way to another hot day.  Up soon my analysis.  Nothing but reason fills this hour PLUS with comments making up for lost time.  If off in the heat.  Have a great day.

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 4, 2017 "Hell No I Won't Go"  Have you ever thought seriously about history; how it affects others if they never gain truth especially in religion.  There will never be compromise on the behalf of truth.  But many of you might ask; "What Is Truth?"  OK, Now breathe Deep!    Exhale now. . . Vent  . Come to it on your own.  (PS listen to the last song , Then you shall know.

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 1, 2017  "I Am The Vett"  Yes, my life is a wonderful life.  Every time I received this reality clause on my mind; I did it and became successful successful in every enterprise that I engage.  From the year 1988-1998 my personal life endeavor was that of a teacher of ancient beliefs and constraining rights.  See that picture above; good. Listen in to today's web-cast.  (real soon

What of those things that developed myself over all of the years of service to my community?  Now the question is posed in this fashion;  "What does a life lived in love look like?  I am a human being and I have certain likes and dislikes.  I seek to find those more like me than opposed to me if I hardly am able to live among these kinds of individuals; I shall rest well.  Our rest is rudely interrupted when we become sidetracked with another persons vibe.  Oh here it is; "Strive In The Vibe That Best Suits Your Strut".  Listen, the only reality that I live in is mine.  I see myself shortly after my leaving a full career in broadcasting; arguing; and the rest, well to tell the truth, I think it is time for me to deal with an aging body; re-evaluating everything.  I now throw out of my life those things that do not assist me in spiritual development.  There is a vital connection of the "Spirit" to so much in our environment.  Because I uttered these facts; many in my community of Christian Ethics would say; "I've missed the mark". . I would say; "Who's Mark?  Ask the kind of questions that will cause the other person to think.  Try not to go with them to the guilt factory.  Those are the places where ones ideas get clouded by the transfusion of poisons against your purpose in life.  Is that the things that you know you were called to complete?  What gets in the way of of your not being able to "Strut Effectively"?  I have an awful lot to do and just a bit of time to complete it. . . Have no time for those things that hinder me.  Do you agree with this?  If not, why not?          

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 30, 2017  "The Theme Defined"  The Theme Of Life Defined!  I shall add more words, but I want to edit the cast and make corrections if need be.  We are now required to make decisions without re-Thinking themselves.  Listen to my arguments and go deeply into what challenges YOU.     

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 27, 2017 "Sick"  Things that were normal are now abstract.  Practically everyone of our social constructs have all but dissipated.  I am left totally with this sick feeling every time I watch the national news.  I ask myself unansured questions about our society from religion to the kind f foods that we eat

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 23, 2017 "Set Free At Long Last!"  I am pleased o say that I can die in peace.  This web Cast will fool you.  Small talk and then I toss the bomb!  All I can say is "If I had been given all of the facts that were handed to me yesterday; there is a good possibility that I would not have lasted very long as a Pastor.  Now after receiving all of the shameful details of my estrangement from the mission, I retain my integrity. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 20, 2017 "I Cannot Defeat This Depression Alone" I shall not lie about it; I suffer from depression.  In my aging frame  that I give preference to; this rude depression must be addressed.  So . . . . Its all up to you to tune into this Web Cast. .

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 16, 2017 "The Logic Of It" I have watched a few young people on their Face Book pages address their discontent towards the idea of God, Religion and a kind of useless interpretation of divine things.  A bit of my frustration emerges in this web cast.  Listen in and let me know what you think.  PJ

Ram Radio The Web Cast June Special "Fathers Day 1995" Pt. 1   Pt. 2 I found a jewel of a web cast.  It was in the year of 1995 when I was the host of the most powerful African American Apologetic Presentation aired in my birth city Los Angeles.  The local congregation was only around "200" faithful individuals that assisted in paying for our air time.  But I've got to tell you; preachers do not sound today like they did in 1995.  In 2017 radio and Christianity has been so twisted that we cannot correctly discern true or false?  Listen to this special archive presentation.  Weigh the words of these men in 1995 with the words of preachers today. . . . I rest my case.  WOW!  the more I listen the more I am learning afresh . . . Men speaking from their hearts without all of the foolishness that is heard today.  Listen to the men that I had gathered around me.  These men blessed my heart these many years ago.  It was a joy to my heart as it is now as I listen afresh.  A personal thank you to the men that gathered with me that night for "2" hours live radio.   Please do not call the number that was given to call or write to the addresses.  This is an uncut radio presentation recorded in the year of 1995.  From the Archive collection of myself; John E. Coleman

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 3, 2017 "The Chameleon" Diane Reeves starts me off as I have an interesting solo conversation with all of my very interested audience.  Ahhhh how lessons in life substantiate  the reality of what and who a person really is.  Thanks for coming to the site today.

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 1, 2017 "KARMA OR" This will not be an easy one to listen to.  I believe that if most of us parents would wrap ourselves around our retirement; our fun time and what or how we can end up our lives.  Listen closely to what I am saying. . . Listen to the words that are spoken about our President.  Listen and then judge me if you will.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 29, 2017 "A Conversation With Gary" I have one lone young man that I am going to ask a simple question.  Listen in later on this national holiday.   I've got to explain.  The interview was to be between Gary and I but as usual, one of the guys did not desire the conversation.  After much wrangling we went on with what turned out to be a concrete definitive answer to some very difficult questions from this old man. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 28, 2017 "Small Talk On Sundays" Hey people. . . . I am in the studio; NO< I just finished. . . Now You Listen!

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 21, 2017 "Writing Tips Defined"  I am having to get serious about doing the task that is set ahead of me.  Please follow along with me and see if I am serious.  I know that my recent retirement has allowed me to relish in a certain freedom; BUT . . . I shall continue to do the do just for the benefit of what I taught so many years ago.

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 15, 2017 "A Ray Charles Moment" Why not play from the great one blind but saw enough to fully understood that there would be a time to dance and sing.  Lets see how listening to Ray will affect you today?

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 9, 2017 "I'm About Trumped Out & Still Rejecting Obama's Social System" I took a break from my daily duties to check out the temperature of world;  WOW!  things are so bad. . . Prices are up; I'm going to the 99 cent store from now on!  Wait a minute!  The cast took another full turn and it was far better that I had planned.  You Determine that for yourselves!!  Please; I command that you enjoy this hour!    

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 6, 2017 "Near Death And Beyond" Just minding my own business, and the next thing  you know "JUNE" appears. . . You have got to hear how my search for transparency turned out. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 3, 2017 WOW! Retirement Means It is not a money thing with me.  Retirement is identified in the cessation Of daily regiment.  The fighting of traffic on the way to keep up.  Listen to this insightful look at what it really means to quit the mind boggling reality of mental enslavement.  I daily thank God for my ability to make up my own mind how I will spend the rest of the week.  There are not more time restraints; clock watching; waiting on break time; oh my Lord, do I remember that when I was a young man.  Let me flow easily into the web cast sometimes today. (Very Soon)   

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 25, 2017 "Lessons In The Lectures" Easter Defined  I find that if one listens closely to what is being said and not on the person speaking one gains from the words spoken.  How very strange it is to listen afresh to words that speak of spiritual things as opposed to those things that make for nothing.  Will you take some time out with me to go back in time and discover what was being taught to a group of individuals that desired to participate in thoughts of candid theology,  enjoy.    Hey I found this one a bit after the holiday Easter.  This lecture is called Easter Defined.  You will find this to be one of those unique messages that speak of what is and not just a fake account of the event.  If you are looking for the correct biblical definition of the Holiday Easter on the Christian Calendar listen to this lecture.  WOW!  draws us into a re-thinking of our theology right?     

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 24, 2017 "Time" Wow!  How it flies!  Time.  Moments that cause us to weigh our lives; it's values and it's consequences.  Right, those things never change.  I am starting slow but sure taking care of the business of developing what is left of my life.  Join me for that Monday look at life from Los Angeles, what a great looking day outside of the Lucy Coleman studio. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 18, 2017 "The Ideal Biblical Church" If you attend a Christian Church; how does one determine if that so called gathering of human beings can say that they are the "IDEAL" as opposed to that which is false?  Most of my time ministering to inner city people was taking the challenge of defining why we met each week.  Lets see if this Archive Sermon will address these questions. (Soon)  Be sure to listen in as I give definitive analysis of my words so many years ago.  If you think that God has changed because we are living in this advanced era; keep listening.

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 17, 2017 "God's Law In The Rule Of Life"  What rule runs your life?  Is there a scale by which we are to live our lives?  What happens in our lives if we do not govern ourselves in the rule corner of this universe?  Are we to believe that we can live any way that we want?  Why do we look deep into the lives of others while ignoring the valueless worth of ourselves?  Oh this insightful lecture will change you if you tap into it's significance. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 16, 2017 "Possessed"  An Archive Definition  I am watching world news.  It appears that we are headed for war with anorth Korea?  I believe that unless there is a full out reversal of ourattitude against God and morality; the world as we know it is doomed.  Listen to this cast.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 14, 2017  Archive Sunday Night Study At The Vette, November of 1994 My Sundays usually began around 5AM in the morning when I got up and headed towards the church building for set up, meeting with Marc my radio producer planning for the late Sunday night presentation at KKLA FM Radio in Glendale.  Wait a minute; I also had what I called the Sunday Night Lectures, for those serious Christians that always desired a bit more theology and logic concerning their Christian understanding.  This web cast is indeed a gem.  I actually call out the members of the congregation by name.  I knew everyone of them.  Listen closely as the students read the text themselves and then await the teachers clearer description of the verses.  If a Pastor is not personal, upfront and serious about ministry, he would just give a "20" minute discourse on anything; not me. . Check it out for yourself.

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 12, 2017 "Solidly Settled" Have you discovered how to live the best of life in a lane that provides the best for your life?  I have found that security of my  mind is sustained by knowing the direction of your life especially when it is guided by God.  Never expect to head in the right direction without some real power at the helm.  Look at what happens when you follow God's leading. . . . Just listen to this cast!!!  

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 7, 2017 "Is It War Begging" WOW! look at what is happening. and what is happening with me.  Tune in today and listen to the latest Web-Cast.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 3, 2017  The Archive Series 1989 "Lessons For The Living And The Dead"  The bible is full of surprises as well as simple wise lessons that ought to be listened to from time to time.  This jewel of a lecture was spoken in the year of 1989.  The joy that I received from listening to it afresh, stimulat6ed me to say TAKE THE TIME AND LISTEN TO THIS ONE ALSO.  Seriously, I cannot find one message that I preache3d that I do not agree wholeheartedly with.  My exegetical formulation of the passage taught me something that I had altogether forgotten.  Upon listening; I found myself speaking back to the cassette recorder in constant affirmation as well as an eager anticipation of the next phrases of this impactful sermon / Lecture.  Take out the time and listen to it non-stop like I did upon hearing it the second time.   

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 1, 2017 "Checking In" What a beautiful day outside my window of the Lucy Coleman Studio.  I am so pleased that God allowed me to see such a wonderful day.  If you would like to see what has been going on in my meaningful life, take a few moments to check me out as I check in with you.  Thanks for the e-mails stating that a few of you yet listen in.  Today's lesson is speaking about how to survive on the no stress express. . . Just a few helpful hints.

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 30,2017 "Come Down Jesus" This exciting venture in the past really gives some fresh ideas on preaching.  I was young in ministry, fresh into digging deep into the meaning of the text and then saying it is such a way that it made a difference.  I have attempted to listen to the cassette but it appears that I may not get through running all of it.  I am interested in the substance of the Archive Sermon.  What are the things that we demand from God when our lives do not seem to work out for the best?  This message is a right in your face to admonish all of us against coming at the idea of God wrongfully.  Please allow me to state that if one really desires to know if these things I spoke about are true; do what you are being admonished to do.  All of the material I am speaking about works every time a human being actually calls out to God for assistence.  All of us can fully enjoy our lives if we live for the praise of God's glory, not ourselves.  In no way am I attempting to put down human aggressiveness; or progress; I am speaking to those of us that requires that extra; beyond and situation itself.  Enjoy!  (now

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 27, 2017 "There Is A Difference" I was thinking about the past.  I went into the almost lost archive samples that I found  while clearing out  a piece of material.  I was told by a young man not to edit anything out.  In the year of 1984 I had ideas that differ in terms of what I have discovered to be true about myself first; and then about other peoples that I did not fully understand.  I would ask that you just consider the subject matter at hand.  God requires all of us to be honest about our being "Carnal" in nature; as opposed to being "Spiritual", which is far different.  I'm asking that you weigh in.. Listen to the just of the sermon and try to leave out of it my negative statements about Gay people.  Old habits that are not valid needs to be put on hold as we look at all peoples from the vantage point of God's understanding as opposed to human traditions.  For those of you that know me, I am the very same individual.  I am NOT a carnal person as I am a Spiritual One.  I view all people as a creation of the most high God; who is not seen or fully understood.  Listen in and let me know what you think of my analysis.

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 24, 2017 "The Blame Game" The time has come for us as a nation to engage in those things that add towards community.  The "News" has confused many these days.  My time in this next cast will address the shame that has come upon us simply because of neglect, confusion, and abandonment of moral ideas that once held us all accountable to something far larger then our own sordid opinions.  Stay Tuned . . . I'm in the studio working on the music to balance my approach.  I got side tracked with job security. . . (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 15, 2017 Today's News from the perspective of a man that has suffered a bit.

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 3, 2017 "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"  How difficult is the life that you have set before you?  Are there answers that we might pick up from others?  From the understandings of what has taken place in our lives i the past?  This hour is going to be filled with solutions.  Stiritual and natural in the nature of how we are to get along in this life.  Who do you think introduces today's presentation?  One of the most powerful singers in the Afro American Community, way back in a time when many of you were never born.  Enjoy!   (In studio right now give me about an hour)

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 26, 2017  "Lessons In Ethics  #4 / Onward You Independent Thinkers" Ethics and justification always go together.  One is constantly attempting to outweigh the other.  Listen afresh as I attempt to make less then light of a very difficult situation.  Please continue to listen in.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 21, 2017 Lessons In Ethics # 3   The Times?  Oh My, They Are A Changing!  I thought that I'd speak about reality in Ethics and the CChanging system in which we all live today.  With the new administration in Washington; (The White House) all of us really need to look at the ways in which the powers are changing the system in which we all live.  I take Ethics to another level as I explain the situation to you.  Be sure to tune.

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 16, 2017 Lessons In Ethics Lesson # 2  From the start of all of this talk way back in 2002, the focus has been on educating in a free context the rightness of thinking about God through our ability to reason as our cultural ambiguity deepens.  Lets continue please . . . (Now

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 15, 2017 Lessons In Ethics Lesson # 1  Finally it is up.  Listen and gain a brighter perspective of what is implied by being a morally correct person.  Do this with or without God and you will by far be a better person.  I am working on making the lectures a bit more simpler to understand.  Pt. "2" will be an easier listen. . . 

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 13, 2017 Oh My Gosh! Last nights awards show from Los Angeles!  What?  This event forced me back on the air!!!  Listen In Please!!!  SHAME AND MORE SHAME! I'm back I guess in order to make a point.  We really need to get the protest button punched during the right season.  Enough is never enough in the American Appetite.  It is no wonder that our children are so confused by what is happening.  Never take your children to an event like the Grammy Awards.  They will see and hear things that will define them for the rest of their lives.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 10, 2017  "A Friday Night Special" I've never passed up an opportunity to dive into the minds of young black men. Tonight offers me it seems another golden chance to flow through their minds.  How would God speak if not my the words of His own creatures?  (NOW!)

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 30, 2015 "My Last Web Cast" Real Talk!  I must say; it has been one of the greatest experiences of my life!  The time has come.  I explain it all on the cast itself.

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 24, 2017 "Waking Up" Everything has changed.  What affect has this change in our daily lives.  My analysis through decades of applications of Love.  (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 17, 2017 "Choosing Correctly"  I believe that most of our arguments are lost when engaging with he mind; but we never at times desire to come to why I lost the argument?  Now; in order to fully understand what I just said; go to the latest clips!    Oh My!  I just heard the allegations of sexual mis-Conduct!  And she passed the lie detector test!  Oh My!!!!!!

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 4, 2017 "There Is Nothing Like The Real Thing" It happens all of the time.  When you think that you have found the right person; then it happens; all Hell breeaks out and you ask yourself how you could ever get caught up in thinking that this could ever happen?  This web cast addresses all of that and more.  I flood the cast with music that shaped my mind over the many years of my life.  Good music which addressed the issues that face us today.  Thanks for coming to my site.

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 1, 2017 "Same Old Me" I attended a meeting last night and it happened to me again.  What I know to be true reigned supreme.  Join me by listening to the first web cast of 2017.  John; you are the Same Old Me!

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 31, 2016 "Happy New Year"

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 28, 2016 "God, Spirituality And You"  I address two letters that came in this week.  You will find that the social media demands a bit more than observations from strong hold absolutes.  In this the first of many web cast I address the pertinent issues of our society from the vantage point of a spiritual bases.  I like to think that my religion; "Christianity" has been given a black eye in the past twenty years.  I cannot clean it up, but I shall no longer become one of those persons that places a band aid on an open wound.  Ram Radio will always tell the truth.  I am attempting to reach another generation with God's truth without offensive language.  The truth shall remain the truth even if I do not adhere to it.  God will be God through our consciences and deeds that we all act out.  What does all of this imply?  Listen in and please be sure and get back with me.  Tks!

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 22, 2016  "The Addendum To My Departure" I was moved by a bit of a conversation that took place earlier today.

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 21, 2016 "TIME TO SAY GOOD BY"  I have come to know that I have nothing more to say.  This reminds me of all the love songs I have heard sang when I was but a child.  The people that I grew up with had a far different take on human love than the generation that currently runs things by the rule of law.  In this Web Cast I attempt to give a classical definition as to my reasons for this departure. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 4, 2016 "A Season For Prayer" Pt. 1   Pt. 2  If we ever really required a season of prayer, now is the time.  I believe that my coming across this very old; 1991 recording of one of the the older nightlight radio presentations really works towards the manifestation of seeing us as we really are today.  Lets see if anything has changed.  I will gain just as much from this series as yourself if you listen in very closely.  Do we pray like this today?  Time will tell if our season of prayer is a failed state.  It is Sunday morning and on this Morning I was in the sanctuary setting up all of the equipment long before many of the members of the church rose from their sleepy agenda.  In the very same way I am in the studio typing and listening to myself so many years ago; 1993-94.  I would ask that you study along with me.  I am so aware that this is a long piece, but we require today a clear style of bible study that way that it was so many years ago.  Pastor Harley Howard ("NightLight"  was Pastor Harley's Radio Ministry) was a bit ill on this week and I had to fill in for him, and it is just wonderful as I learn afresh that history will account for the lost times of genuine bible study.  I begin by presenting a sure and complete bible study as I engage my listeners into truly being connected with the first century church.  Most people that sees themselves a part of the church have not fully studied.  The methodology of applying all of the text of the bible to our lives is now a lost art.  This study is presented again to those individuals that have and will give themselves to the upgrading of their spiritual activity in their lives.  Let me ask you a serious question. . . . "Do you really believe that these words coming from this man of God?  Are there things that get into the way of your following God alone?  Listen closely and have your thinking cap on.  This study is not being put up to entertain you; rather it is a directive that will assist you in spiritual growth.  As you continue to listen I give a very detailed analysis of what the church looked like in the American Experience.  I carefully detail the development of Christianity when we could be truthful on life Christian Radio without the attempt to be aligned with the most popular thoughts in Christian Faith.   (Please listen to the call in's on hour # 2)

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 2, 2016 "A Pick Of Wisdom" I dive into the reality of what My calling demands of my person.  Acknowledging God; WITH BIBLE TO BACK ME UP. (Now

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 30, 2016 "Told Ya So!"  Democrats are slow to get it.  Well, I did tell you so.

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 25, 2016 "Analyzing Your Life By Way Of Right Thinking"  I can't help it; I am shaped by my environment.  God is a very present help; and therefore my culture is tearing inon my mind.  Listen to this latest cast and then analyze your mode of operation. (now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 22-23 2016 "The Desolemnization Of Christian Music?"  My internet services have been down.  Sorry.  I do a bit of DJing.  I go way back to the year of 1978 and just keep spinning my turn table.  Listen in and take a holiday break from all of the mess of politics.

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 18, 2016 "Humanity & Reality"  When the tensions of race surface?  What is happening to our society?  No blame game; only a stern look at the nature of we humans.  ( Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 11, 2016 "A Trumpitized Situation" Los Angeles the people seek display their grief over their own reality.  Please listen to today's broadcast.  Hey!  We have a new leader huh?

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 8, 2016 "Twisted Words"  Just listen.

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 6, 2016 "Trinity Holding Steadfast" I visited the church, just listen in.

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 3, 2016 "Hanging On For Life" Please hang on people.  I think this cast will help you in the hanging processes! 

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 1, 2016 My Thoughts On The Point"

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 31, 2016 From The Archives:  HAVE YOU LISTENED TO THIS LECTURE AS OF YET?  WHY NOT?  JUDGE THESE WORDS AND THEN SHUT THE HECK UP ABOUT WHAT ALL OF US HAS CAUSED! "The Way We Are" In 1996 some twenty years ago; I was going through a series of massages on how one might really empower their individual families.  This was not a typical biblical exegetical lecture but rather an insightful philosophical inquiry containing questions of American ethics.  I listened to this message on my way to work this morning; and discovered word for word why I am so right as I address the country of my birth.  As I reflect some twenty years later; I'm that prophet that God used; for all of the words have come to be true.  There is a huge introduction by me as I speak with Marc Ramsey my radio producer.  Settle in and hear every word as you analyze these historic words to a country that has lost it's way.  John E. Coleman; Internet Pastor & Philosophy Instructor  

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 28, 2016 "The Six Ethics Of Life" Here are some well known facts about us and our country spoken from a heart that loves America. Listen in and tell me if I am wrong.

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 25, 2016 "Tearing My Mind Apart"  I Believe You will be blessed at what you will hear from me.   (Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 20, 2016 "Personal Thoughts Thus Far"  Got a call from a friend.  He asked me what I thought Of the elections thus far.  These are my personal thoughts as of today.

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 18, 2016 "Married Couples Passions" Archive Radio June 2004  I think most of you will fully appreciate this archive presentation.  When it comes to the subject matter set before us; the only way to address the passion of any relationship is to have real people speak up.  This hour is very special to me.  I know these people; love them and shall always  respect their words and hearts.  Lets go back and listen again as they share in this subject matter that has most of our American culture shifting and turning.  Does the bible hold the answer for many of us that yet believe in the institution of marriage?  Please keep in mind that these radio presentations are the sole property of myself; Pastor / Teacher John E. Coleman; and that every participant has agreed to appear with me on this particular presentation.

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 16, 2016 Archive Radio Sunday "Professional Jealously" June 27, 2004   I've reviewed many radio broadcast, this is one of the best produced and directed in all of the ones I've done.  Listen in to Bob Klenck's analysis and compare today's world as well as today's Christian Church.  I would also ask that you pay very close attention to my introductory statement that I present right after I start the presentation.  It is necessary for every minister that proclaims to know Christ to have a personal mission statement.  This presentation addresses my own.  I have never sought anything in ministry for myself.  Most of the men that I have worked with over the many years that I've worked have sought fame and fortune.  And as they continue to fake out week after week, they gain their money and property; and the stupid followers continue to follow.  This reminds me of many people today following the political systems of this country.  In 2004, God gives me the guts to say something on live radio as I address the holiness of worshiping a just God who demands this of all of His true Pastors; Preachers.  I would really love to hear from some of you that are yet around from the "good old days" in terms of your observations of today's church.  It is Sunday morning and I have gained so much my listening to this historic  confession of mine.  I have not finished my course as of yet.  I shall stand by these confessions even unto the day of my departure of leaving the earth in Spirit Form.  For those of you that continue to believe; keep on doing it until God has said; "Well Done My Faithful Servant!" 

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 15, 2016 "Christian American Idolatry" Have you ever thought about the effects of the mass media mind capturing antics in order to dissuade the ways in which we think?  Listen to today's Archive Radio Presentation.  Please tell your friends that I will place more up as the election draws near. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 14, 2016 "Romans An Interpretive Outline Pt 1 I thought about just doing what needs to be done.  Enjoy Part "1"

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 13, 2016 "Archive True Christian Radio" So many of my new friends have no idea what I did for the church.  Talk Radio was the way that we got through to thousands on live radio, before the hammer of the false teachers fell on this kind of talk radio.  This show was heard for the first time on  July 25, 2004 from KKLA Radio; 99.5FM  (Enjoy)

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 11, 2016 "No Calm Before Any Storm" Will there be a sure warning before the next un-sustained tragedy strikes?  Lets see . . . Look .. . Listen to this cast . . .NOW!

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 10, 2013 "What Happened?"   I am speechless after last nights so called debate... not in my life have I ever seen it like this!  got to go ... . 

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 3, 2013 "An Archive Treasure" Working in the office has certain advantages.  I found a '21"minute piece that towards this week is about three years old.  He is now in Denver Colorado; working and supporting himself doing well.  Focus on a "21" year old black male from my hood.  Devonte Anderson, one of my sons.  I simply asked him in the studio and he said "Why Not".  I'm glad that he did.  Now you can enjoy along with me.  May the Lord continue to bless Devonte!  I would ask a bit from some of you younger men.  Is there a place in your community where you may speak freely without being judged?  Find that older elder that is only looking for you to get better.  Thanks!  PJ

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 6, 2016 Archive / The Test Of Your Faith Going back in time, listening to nice music and then going into   Lets see if much has changed . . All the way back to James the book.  I love exposition and the way that the man of God places forth God's ultimate truth.  In my introductions I ask question that demands an answer.  Enjoy this archive sermon.

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 5, 2016 Jazzing The Day Away  This was a say something before you scoot off to work.  Music brings me to a safe place after I look at my computer in order to sheck out all of today's jabber.  If you are looking for a solid theological rendering in this piece; look elsewhere.  This is just a sharing of my mind to some of my friends.  This site is filled with literally hundreds of hours of bible insight.  On this day; I was just feeling kind of jazzy!

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 4, 2016 "Just A Great Conversation" A friend called my from Europe.  We had discussions of where each of us need to be in terms of our placement in the paths of God Righteousness.  I only express my joy from having the experience of sharing with this young believer.  If you get the chance listen in.  Thanks.  PJ

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 3, 2016  "Today I'm Running" Again, running late and not having too much to say. . . Hey!  You guys have a great day.

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 29, 2016 "Soft Reflections" Easy Moods  At times we just must allow the reflections of sustainability of a satisfied mind to carry us through all of the pain and confusion that this life brings.  Allow for a bit of home spun Philosophy with an inner city spin to bring about that smile that we so often take for granted. . . .  

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 23, 2016 "The Need Of Another Way To Look At Reality"  It is very difficult not to get caught up in the hype of all of the messy relations in our nation; America Today".  I've been honest in my approach as a traditional 1st Century Christian; but the greater guestion that we face is; who do we believe in light of all of the confusion as well as accusations?  Calm heads and loving hearts are the only things that might sustain us during these hectic times.  I trust that my next web cast might assist you is your personal discovery.  Please allow me to explain.  We can no longer expect all people in leadership positions to speak for the entire population.  The new theme is an "Informed Cummunity.  I shall expand during today's cast. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 20, 2016 "Honest Talk"  I know when something is wrong and this last killing is just wrong.  WILL SOMEBODY SAY IT?  WILL SOMEBODY ADMIT THAT THE KILLINGS OF BLACK MEN BY WHITE POLICE OFFICERS MUST STOP!  I am aware that I speak of spiritual matters, but this has progressed so poorly that I have to say something.  I have lived decades.  I know what I'm speaking of.  Pay Attention to what is being said and not said.  Study your government and it's policies.  How does the things which are being said affect you and your families.  I'm not crazed as some would have you believe.  Why is it that I can figure these things out and so many in our society today can't seem to get their minds on reality?  

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 15, 2016  'Results Count; Excuses Don't" Action behinds the words!  As I continue to read from my book of life; I would love to share with you some lessons that will go with you from this day forward to your whole life.  Lets see how this reformed individual did with his situation.  Thanks for coming to the site.

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 13, 2016 Love Without You Impossible!   Far too many days between web-cast.  I catch up with Acts 9:6-11.  Listen in and discover how God speaks to those whom He desires; for the innate purpose of gaining the objectives of His divine will.  This book forever amazes me.  Enjoy! 

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 3, 2016 "Sunday Morning Live" Acts 9:1-5 (Well Almost)   l cannot get away from the fact that most of my life Sundays were (ARE) always the most satisfying day of my week.  Why is that so?  Really I do not know, I just feel something special when I get up. . . . There is an no option for me to take, It's Sunday; tune is later in that being live cost. . this way it's free exposition which is the need of the Christian church in America today.  If you are looking for a genuine explanation of historical events which prove the admonitions of Divine words; you have come to the right place.  Driving this holiday; take the time and study with PJ. . . May our Lord bless your lives!

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 2, 2016 "Smeared Ink Uncovered" I love the fact that the book that I have studied has proven again and again that it can be trusted without all of the foolishness that comes to us from Today's American Pulpits.  If you are a Pastor of any denomination; listen to the reasoning of this piece.  Hey!  Have a safe and sane holiday. . . PJ   

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 31, 2016 "Saying What Needs To Be Said"  Yhy; Why are we fighting each other?  I cannot comprehend the violence between us Americans.  Once our religion taught us that basic respect for each other is all that we need to sustain.  Things have changed.  I think I will speak on this from the perspective of the religion that I was brought up in.  Oh please keep in mind that I am not one of those that follow the heard instinct

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 29, 2016 "Summer Is Over" I am working in the office all of this week gearing up for the college.  Just having thoughts about my life and disposition.  You may find this insightful.  if not; I would like you to think about this. . . . . 'Is there a right way and or a wrong way in order to do life successfully?  I have got to share with you a conversation that I had with both of my daughters at lunch yesterday. . . . Those of you that are older might find my discussion interesting. (Working Tonight

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 23, 2016 Oh Yea!  l just need you to listen and listen deeply! WOW! 

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 19, 2016  Gibber Or Fibber?" I define a man by virtue of his being able to identify who he is without interference with emotion.  It is as if one has to come out of the cocoon.  To be free from a mind set that classifies one in order to limit his potentiality.   

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 16, 2016 "Didn't It Rain" Take some time out from all of the police stuff, riots and Trump and Hillary and guide prayers towards many of our citizens that have lost much material; or do we really care?  

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 11, 2016 "Let Go Of Anger Please!" This is a human emotion.  Therefore we as humans must learn how to deal with these emotional outburst.  This hour study is filled with many biblical admonitions to get a handle on our personal anger.  Now!

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 10, 2016 "Diversity is A Sham When It Comes To The Word Of God"  I wonder why anyone would ask a question and then when you give them the answer; they go on into further conjecture?  As I have stated many times before.  The bible has but one meaning at all times.  The book was not recorded for the private interpretative analysis of Americans.  Listen to this short but informative analysis of me being put off of a professing Christians friend's blog.  Ignoring reality never makes your argument a fair one.  It appears that today; it is popular to deny without.  Hey take the time and do me a favor; get educated about biblical truth and stop listening to people that have their own private intentions about Jehovah.  God is immutable even if all of us feel uncomfortable about it.  (In Studio Now)

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 7, 2016 "PJ Reflecting ON The Past"  I love the idea of a biblical church.  It is not that I have developed some Dr. Strangelove hatred for the body of true believers.  Listen to my reflections and watch the 2011 you tube clip.  In the year 2011 I made a statement that the men of this country would never elect a woman to lead them as a national leader.  (Watch the clip above)  Oh was I wrong?  Enjoy!

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 1, 2016 "True Friends The Risk And Rewards" What do they really look like?  Can a person really know if they have come into contact with these kinds of people?  Is there really such a thing in today's society?  Work with me on this one and lets see where it goes from here. (Now!)

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 31, 2016 "Keeping It Real" When my conscience is called upon to respond to America today. . . I feel ashamed and angered.  Listen in and discover why. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 28, 2016 "Eyes Wide Shut Admit It!"  We do not desire to admit this at all.  Our arrogance is so strong and swelling in out so called freedom mindset that we have developed a case that states "We are OK if you really want to know!"  Listen to words that rings clear to me anyway.  Open your eyes and pay attention to what others words could affect in the other person.  Know that we humans have a tolerance level that has not been tested with massive killings like many African countries.  Our time is right around the corner; Please take the time and listen to the web cast today.  I just came home a day before my holiday was over in that I have a breakfast study to share with a group of brothers.  Open your eyes and heart in order that you might hear what I'm attempting to say.  Think for yourself, with logic and not a racial or Hollywood mentality about people that you really do not know.  We only can be sure if we listen and do the research for ourselves.  If I am wrong, I will be the first person to admit that.  I know that I am right; simply because I've seen it happen so many other times in history.  The characters are different; but the goals and objectives are those that remove us from what our country really stands for.  You might laugh it off again and again, because your man or woman is in office; but abdication from the faith that delivered us from many of life's situations must take place in that we have become a nation of stubborn; hard hearted, insolent subjects towards God and I've got to tell you.  STOP ENGAGING WITH GOD ON MATTERS OF YOUR FOOLISHNESS!

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 25, 2016 "Now Its Their Turn" I am not convinced at this time that anything anyone in any place does any good for this country until we all get real with what is going on in the community.   If we are not willing to look closely at patterns that have been set in place to deal with the constant up-evil that is taking place in our society; we will stand in the middle of the rubble with our mouths open and noting coming out of it but; "LORD HELP US!"  Too late.  let us watch together as we see the unfolding of reality and the diminished culture of our failing society.

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 20, 2016 "Stop With The Foolishness!" Ours is a land of utter confusion.  I cannot believe what is confronting me from day to day.  How about you?  Just hear me out people . . . 

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 18, 2016 "America & Conflict"  Our country is going through great conflict.  My take on the foolishness that has taken over in the past few months.  I know that I'm that old cat that seems to just run his mouth without recourse.  JUST LISTEN IN AND WEIGH MY WORDS.  Sorry for the delay in cast. . . just paying close attention to the things going on in the world.  Everyone of us has the responsibility to confront the conflict with an open honest opinion.

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 8, 2016 "Kingdom In The Streets"  I just came into the office to do the cast. . . and I am right on track with this cast. . I'm Back . . OK, I can go on. . can you do the same? I realize that I am a Sr. Cit.  But I am asking you to listen with an open heart.  people that live in a society with other people has to come to the realization that something has to be done in concert with true JUSTICE!   I am aware that some of you will not agree with me, but as you know that hasa never been a problem with me.  Thanks To The Wiggleys!  (NOW!)

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 6, 2016 "Survival 101"  Can we as a community continue to live when these things just keep on happening?

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 2, 2016 "PJ's Afternoons Shine!"  I am soo enjoying my afternoon in the office paying bills for the month.  Do you know how many of these days I have experienced in my life?  Hey listen in and see what I've been up to! 

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 29, 2016 "A Strange New World" I am please to say that the guest that promised a few days ago to appear on the web cast is going to attempt to pass by the studio today later in the evening.  Our discussion  will focus upon the changing culture and the ways in which all of us might survive an economy that has bottomed out.  (By the way, I think I'm having to look into a part time job)  We will also discuss the dynamic changes that has taken place in our city here on the west coast; Los Angeles.  The major aspect of our discussion will be the relevance factor.  Is our faith in a living, loving God practical in an environment that has given itself to easy escapism?  I am setting up for my guest and praying that he arrives with an open mouth to speak, as well as an informative heart which overflows with the stuff that makes for great conversation.  be sure to tune in.  On the other hand things are well with me.  Just living within my means and being content with the things that God has given and learning how to live in the "lean lane".   :>)  

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 24, 2016 "Meet Me Here" Oh how the world has changed and we are taught to never take our focus off of the goal of setting the standard in it's right.  Weighin in on the culture and the dispositions of individuals and situations.  Pray that you are enjoying your summer thus far.

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 13, 2016 "Coming Clean With It"  Does life matter anyway?  YES IT DOES!  It matters not if the individual is gay or unhappy.  When another person takes away the life of another there has to be consequences.  If not; life as we know it is not fair.  I will be in the office all night.  This cast is worth staying up to listen to.  Music and thought mixed with an old man's reflections. . . Now!

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 12, 2016 "Life . . The Only One We Have"  Out with friends in America use to be one of the safest places that one could attend only to return home with pictures and memories that address ones joy of being alive.  Shattered by loud bombastic sounds streaming out in pouring madness as an estranged mind proceeds to turn life off for "50" (the toll may go higher) human beings. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 9, 2016 "Taking A Break But Then!  WOW! Road Rage!  Wow~!  People thaty have no social morals and ability to sustain healthy relationships with other humans are reeking havoc in our society and all around the world.  Keeping in mind that when one dis-places God and the idea of this issue, one sinks deeper into chaos.  Listen in to the latest web cast Now!  Listen in to a couple of students words on my teaching in the college.

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 3, 2016 "Family Values 2016 Summer Style"  In your estimate; what would the ideal family look like these days?  Allow me with the help of some of my music and some of the best biblical outlines to instruct that I have been commissioned to do by he that makes the world turn on it's axes.  Less we think that our culture is truly spinning out of control, allow me to add some plain emphasis on the seriousness of the given situation.  (Real Soon)

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 30, 2016 "Archive Specialties"  Pt. 2  Pastor James Washington Guest O.D.  1996     Just going back in order to discover all of those truths that apply today.  It is not about what church you attend.  If your love for the Creator of the universe. (Let me say this.  If you are here you were created through your parents, God knew that they were going to get together, and you were the result of that union.  Now you are faced with a decision to make.  Will you listen to that wisdom that has proven to keep me, it will also keep you.  I've been saying it for years, and it is yet affective today.  Wisdom does not come from failure, rather success.  Over the many years of my life, I'd like to say that I prided myself in listening to only wisdom.  I recently met my associate pastor in the past.  We had a great conversation, and I made it perfectly clear that my love for him is as strong as ever.  That is what I like to call Archive Wisdom.  It always works.  As each of us live our lives we should manifest this trait of transparency.  We kind of embrace this freedom to love without all of the obstacles that get in our ways.  As you listen to the clips that I place up, listen deeply in order that maybe that place in you will open to only that wisdom that you require.  Never allow the truth of another person to subdue you if you do not require that certain truth that others require to keep them on the right track.  I always tell people that I am on the "No Stress Express".  This train does not take on board any other persons stress.  I will bear my brothers burden only if it is legitimate in nature.  You see, the words of Jesus really requires some stringent thought.  Oh, I could go on and on, as you know I am writing now, and my mind is just flowing and glowing as I write my life story.  To my students, you are in my thoughts, and I can only pray that you continue to listen in.   

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 25, 2016 "SOS 5&9 So, you are thinking about getting married.  You have been told that the person will love you for the rest of your lives. . . until the first of your partnership passes away.  As a matter of fact, you are one of those individuals that really believe that after you meet that person and follow all of the rules, your wishes are just a statement away from being fulfilled.  I cannot recall much about this lecture.  I had a church full of young people in their late twenties and early thirties.  I also had many in the church that desired to be married.  I thought that I’d give them an education in reality.  Please listen to me when I say . . . Take the time and download this one to your hard drive. . . Guys, please listen, this is more than a sermon, in many cases this will be life.   Ladies, I beg of you to accept the truth concerning the mysticalness of marriage.  (Please Read This Last Paragraph After You Listen To The Whole Presentation)

Now That You Have Listened / Do You Fully Understand Living With Another Human Being!  Marriage Works When One Is So In Love With The Other That There Is Never Anything More Important Than Passionate Love And Accepting The Person For Who They Are. . . Nothing More.  Pastor / Teacher /  John E. Coleman   


Ram Radio The Web Cast May 23, 2016 "Doing Right When Things Are Wrong" This is one of those messages that makes the hair stand up on the back of your necks.  It did mine as I listened to it for the first time; even though I originally spoke the words.)  It was during the Riots here in Los Angeles where the Korean community was devastated by the mayhem demonstrated by the people in my church community.  Some of you may take this as a reason not to think positive about the faith that Christianity teaches.  Well; I've got to share with you, that after listening and message every aspect of it is true.  If you are a young person realize that God is immutable. (Unchanging)  Thinking like this forces us to admit that we are one of two kinds of persons; Good, or Bad.  During the riots that took place because of the Rodney King beating by the LAPD; the city erupted and professing Christians were involved.  How does a Pastor address his congregation when he suspects some of those that listen to the word of God has been affected by the culture.  We have survived the riots, but will we survive the next event?  If there is no God, my argument is useless.  If there is a God that judges the hearts of men and women; then, all of us need to listen again to this "Archive Message" and allow the Spirit of God to bring conviction on each of us (Including Me) to judge our behavior.  Sobering is the term that comes to mind as I reflect upon our collective unappreciative attitude concerning the idea of "God" dishing out judgment.  It is a long but important message.  Enjoy and ponder the words my friends. . . .  

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 21, 2016 "The Mentor Pt. 1" Pt. 2  Radio was the media that I used very well to get my thoughts over to others by.  It is not television in that the listener would not become confused by my face, race or disgrace.  Listen in to one of the archive Olivet Discourses and determine for yourself If I was on the right track.  Finally I would ask you to compare our youth today with those of twenty years ago.  Herald Davis is my call in guest for "2" hours on the O.D. (Olivet Discourses).  This presentation is about "20" years old to date.  Please work into your schedule listening to both hours.  Compare where we are as a nation; especially the African American community.  Trust me on this one.  I like My Guest, yet carry on the fight today.  Enjoy!  (Now!)  

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 20, 2016 PJ's Leadership Lectures  When a church falls apart and there are serious people at that address, they usually call on someone that will tell them the truth.  The truth that I am speaking about comes from only one source, the Bible.  Listen in and enjoy a lecture to an entire of Church deacons, women in leadership as well as some specific rolls for men as well as women.  I have so much to share, all I might be able to say is listen in and learn.  These are some of the best from the archives in the short libed history of the O.B.Church; better known as "The Vett"  (Soon)   

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 18, 2016 "Stand Strong In The Midst Of Pressure" There is preaching and admonition.  Throughout our faith both of these things are important.  Listen to this message that I preached way back in 1997.  The cassette is old, so I pray that you can get the ideal of what the bible is saying.  I am speaking about a time coming on us here in America that will cause us as Believers to faithfully hold to what the bible speaks to us.  Preaching and Admonition is not always a lot of fun.  It takes guts to listen to the bible and the preacher of the bible.  For those of us that are not use to this it may be difficult.  Listen and enjoy as I present something from one of the first Christians in the beginning of the faith being lived out.  How will you respond when things get rough?  (Now!

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 18, 2016 "On The Way Out The Door Praising God! I cannot help but to praise my God!!!  Yesterday I was feeling down, today!!! Just listen in!!!

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 13, 2016 "Met Two Lovely Ladies One Day" I was picking up my mail yesterday from the box #.  There were two lovely ladies and one stopped me and read my sweat shirt which had something of the the nature of addressing me as "Old School".  From that a discussion took place and I would like to share with you some of the fruits of wisdom that I shared with them.  I have mush more to share with you as I start a weekend of grading essays from one of my Philosophy classes.  Stay Tuned!!!  See; Deuteronomy 24:5 & Deuteronomy 20:7 & Proverbs 5:18  These will become the lead text that shall guide my discussion.  This web cast will also provide assistance for the ladies; buy only if theu are really serious. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 11, 2016 "Maintaining My Focus" The most important issue in the life of a person that says that they believe in the God that created everything that we see in the universe; KEEPING FOCUS.  Many people before me had to do the same, but today; many in our society seems to think that giving up is far easier?  Listen in to today's web cast and determine for yourself if I am keeping it plain and clear. . . . Now! 

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 8, 2016 "THE YEARS!" Writing has consumed me these days.  I am in the still getting started mode.  I've had to consider many things in the past couple of weeks.  I'd like to share them with you.  'Years' is what I call this piece.  For it was the years that defined me.  If I recall all of the stuff that worked towards that defining aspect, you would not know me today.  I have not only determined to live my life; but to define it in ways that fit my character and personality.  For decades I lived my life by the expectations of others in order to please or appease them.  On the other hand; attempting to please God who was most of the time I believe very happy with who I was and what I was living.  Follow alone with me on this cool Sunday morning.  Oh yes, this is Mother's Day in America.  I have mo mother, wife and both of my children are living on their own, so I experience this day in the save money mode.

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 3, 2016  "Driven By Love, Nothing More; Nothing Less"  One does not have to attempt anything to have a decent web cast.  Just stand up in front of a group of people and teach and the opportunity to demonstrate what the Love of God looks like surfaces.  Take a bit of time to learn afresh about the true character of love. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 3, 2016 "Sneak Preview of Feeling The Tension Chapter One"  I shall place a bit of my work up for your review. . . Keeping in mind that these are only drafts of the original writings.   

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 1, 2016 "Moving Towards The Front"  I've made up my mind.  I am determined to live my life to the fullest as I undertake a task that will define me as a human being.  This web Cast in a very unique way will drag you along with me as I "Move Towards The Frontline". A candid response tot he negative thoughts that enter into the mind of a man that really believes in the God that creates us with a divine purpose.  No pro's or con's just plain simple truth.  Facts that defy definition.  Listen for the last question that I ask of you and then tell me if you really believe.  (Now!)

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 29, 2016 "Trump Change" It appears that some things will change.  In July a lot of things will come into focus.  All of the fuss may end in a non-violent match between our fine citizens, but I really doubt it.  Listen in as I check up on the national news about who will be the next president.  By the way, why don't we hear President Obama say something?  The minstrel show continues. . . . (Now)  As we come closer to the day that this country will exchange one party for the next, we really need to have a biblical perspective as we move forward.  Listen to the arguments alone that I present.  Tell me if you think that I am barking up the very wrong tree!  I do not think so.  Wishful hoping will not deliver us out of the mess that we find ourselves in, only a rational systematic exposure to God's truth with the intent of healing will become the resource for our fading country. Please take the time to listen to this hour, I really think that it will do you well.

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 27, 2016 "Reject Negativity For The Goodness of God" (Now!) Don't begin your day in negativity!  Please see the benefit of doing it the way that it is suppose to be done. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 24, 2016 "The Citizen, The Person, The Victim And The Hero" . . Choose. . . Each one of us is one of these persons.  I've got to drag you into a bit of Hegel in order for you to fully understand how a set up system which has as it's own life itself for survival has sustained you within a block sealed in and safely secured in order to enslave you into another's particular worldview.  Will you allow me to prove this to you on this Sunday Morning. . . Got a few guys already knocking at the door. . . so got to go . . What beautiful day in Los Angeles California. . . !  (By the way; thanks to Reggie Culver for dropping by to visit me on a Sunday Morning.)

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 22, 2016 "How The West Was Done"  How has the abandonment of the idea of God and rightness affected our society?  In order to get a better perspective, i thought that I would work out a comparative analysis by weighing some of the attitudes of our culture as opposed to that mature, balanced and rational right and wrong ideas that has been removed from our culture.   The weekend is here.  Nothing has changed, yet, there is work to be done.

Ram Radio The Web  Cast April 19, 2016 "When Possibility Takes Flight!"  Often I see what I call Ghetto Genius; a kind of specialty incassed in the hearts and minds and well develioped bodies of the smart people I've come in contact with.  To These, I dedicate the next web cast.  (Now!

Ram Radio The Web  Cast April 18, 2016 Having life work out the ways that you insist is not always easy.  One has to find themselves here, and then weigh his or her life next to a perfect standard, that is what and who I call "The Most High"; God if you will.  There is not a day that goes by that I do not see His wonders and great acts of creation and not recognize His works.  I also see Him working in my as I attempt to makes others life a bit easier than it was on yesterday.  That really takes an exercise in love.  Just as in the days far gone, the smile that I wear is about the same.  I do things a bit different than I did before.  I recall that it was during the latter days of me being involved with the lives of the congregants; I never thought of asking them if they were serious about the relationship that we understood we had.  If one makes a life long agreement with the person that they marry; (the subject matter changes right now) it is expected that it last for life.  If that same love runs out; what is a person to do?  Is that person destined to remain with an uncomfortable situation; or should there be a great escape?  There ought be no apprehension between two people that really love each other.  If that love is gone, where ever it may have gone; let it go and allow the other person to go on with their lives.  We only get one chance to live it, and when you are with someone else that is not loving and returning that love; NEVER attempt to get them to love you against their will.  That is not God, that is you attempting to control the other person.  That person must come to you freely giving themselves to accepting and appreciating you for who you are, what you totally stand for and nothing else.  There is no magic formula.  If you love God and His word; by all means YES! find that person that will throw everything aside and embrace what the word of God says about your love.  I'm just saying that if the other person does not think that strongly about the relationship as you; there might arise a bit of a difficulty.  Keeping in mind that if I plan to follow the plan of God wholly; and the other person does not intend to do so; problems will arise.  It is very unlikely that the relationship will be sustained without much communication and compliance to God's standards within that relationship.  With all of the confusion between many couples today, I think that if all individuals involved would come serious, must of the difficulties can evaporate.  What are your thoughts?  Thanks for coming by. . . . PJ Your Internet Pastor: My e-mail address is no longer in service.  I will get another one soon. . . Thanks. . . 


Ram Radio The Web  Cast April 15, 2016 "31 Years Later After The Words" In the office working and keeping my mind sharp remembering the beginning of my adventure in God and Christianity.  After about eighteen years of studying under my Spiritual Mentor The Late Pastor James B. Stanley, I was ordained as Pastor of the first and last traditional Baptist Church.  Listen to all of the words.  You know; I believed every word from every person that uttered them.  I am in the midst of writing of my experiences and I hope within a couple of years to publish my life work, this "book".  Feeling The Tension".  The dress that Lucy has on was only worn once.  That day alone.  It was very special to her, in that she had experienced her man having the joy of his heart met.  If you listen closely, you will hear me read a portion that Pastor Reese had printed up for the service itself.  I was as serious as heaven when I read those words.  You will also hear many others (of whom some have died and are no longer with us) you shall hear their words only to deny all of them.  Those were days when a man said something, his word was his bond.  I had promised my mentor when he ordained me to preach; that I would always remain utterly faithful to the word of God.  I sat aside all of my personal fears and beliefs in order to embrace caring for the people of the congregation.  There was one hitch though; I was going to tell it like it was in the first century.  I could not see myself leading a group of people in any kind of religious practices that did not correctly correspond to the ancient biblical text.  Oh how foolish I was to think that people living in the 20th century might follow such teachings.  Well this is what I did, and I am seeing the result of the same as I venture into the lives of those that sat under my leadership. As I attempt to focus upon getting my life story in order; I cannot drop off this portion of my experience in that it shaped my understanding of the religious experience in the African American Community.  Throughout it all; I would do it again; simply because I do believe that God was guiding my head and heart.  I was in a place that I can really say was heaven on earth untin Satan let me know that He was yet alive and cutting as a sharp knife.  Now looking back in retrospect; I can assure you that God is yet alive in me, as well as taking care of me in everyway possible.  In closing this section; let me say to the younger pastors that God has filled with this same ambition.  Trust no man but the Spirit of the Living God that called you into ministry.  Befriend the Spirit of the Living God in your young lives.  Settle for nothing less than the solid preaching and teaching of the word of God.  Align yourself only to those that will speak truth from their hearts and not from their heads.  Young man of God, listen and listen very close; Never I mean Never get into Ministry for money.  Money is the curse that has led to the enslavement of our people as we promote an earthly mentality towards wealth and prosperity.  The Lord will have that your soul prospers, not necessarily; your bank account.  As we engage ourselves in ministry it must be as our Lord leads, not as some church denominational guidelines propose.  Pray with me that I remain in this attitude to write.  I am at present in good health, and therefore I shall devote all fo my spare time to finishing up the work.  PJ     

Ram Radio The Web  Cast April 14, 2016 "Living Confidently In A World of Fear"  It happens time and time again; I run into people that live a life og constant fear.  Of what you may ask; well that is not important, lets see what the Internet Pastor has to say about the situation; the theme speaks of our confidence God above all things.  If we but take that disposition; all of the fear will leave us.  Enjoy! (Now!)

Ram Radio The Web  Cast April 12. 2016 "Not Yet" Ever felt like you have just had it with life?  I mean, you just can't stand living another day?  Listen in if you are among real people that just get tired of it all.  You are not alone. 

Ram Radio The Web  Cast April 11, 2016 "Today, The Extension Of Progress" Time has a way of causing one to reflect upon past decisions.  If one has been successful in making the right decisions in the past; I must remember not to mess up in the future.  Now that sounds like that right thing to think about as I start the project after a long and well needed rest.  Stay tuned!  (soon)  

Ram Radio The Web  Cast April 8, 2016 "A Made Up Mind" I have thought about making a move that I never said that I would make.  It may affect my living status but I've made up my mind to finish my book.  I will not heap more on my plate then I am able to deal with.  I thank the Lord above that in some way I've come to understand I have not finished my task for the Spirit that gives life to all.  It may not be in a church, but I cannot deal with academics and finish the work at the same time.  I need the time.  God will provide for me.  I shall continue to enjoy what life I have left, get my writing skills up to par and get others like my Daughters, Mario and others with skills to assist me.  I'm just far advanced in age and at times do not feel up to the pace in keeping up.  I will not shut down the site, but will attempt to keep her alive with a "God Consciousness" disposition.  Into The Word has always been an exciting venture; and indeed it still is.  Keep watching and listening.  Love you all.  That's it!  Love is all that counts. . .  (In the studio now

Ram Radio The Web  Cast April 7, 2016 "How The Failing Church Failed"  I attempt to give my biblical reason for the fall of the once strong doctrinal aspect of that faith which once was strong and vital presenting life to our community.  Give me a minute. . . In the studio right now. .I have thought about this for a while.  The only thing that I can do is allow the scriptures to speak.  Let the Prophet alone!  Allow him to roar in the streets, God enjoys the prince of preachers when they yet scream when no one is even listening.  Thanks for coming to my site.  The same old John E. Coleman.  I pray that all is well with you.  Also that Love is the calling card that you employ for success. 

Ram Radio The Web  Cast April 3, 2016 "Sunday Morning Preparations"  It is always a joy when Sunday morning comes.  It is during those time that I think on my services to the people of God.  If absolutely everybody gets in touch with the spirit of the living God happiness and comfort follows.  I think that you will appreciate this cast.  It took a few cuts to get it right.  Enjoy . . . PJ Your Internet Pastor  (In studio now!)  

Ram Radio The Web  Cast March 28, 2016 "Truth From The Old School" I wanted to lighten it up a bit.  I play folk music and a bit of the older music from the sixties and end up with the classic Luther.  Listen to this on the way to work as you drive or listen as you walk or run, as I share a bit of bible and a reading from a young man that found his way in life.  Thanks for coming by the site today. 

Ram Radio The Web  Cast March 23, 2016 "Join The Love Train" It is time for all of us in America to get on board!

Ram Radio The Web  Cast March 22, 2016 "October 1999 Bible Study True Churches Exposed" Church Growth  Pt 1  Pt.2  Pt.3  I thought I'd play this bible study.  It was spoken when the church went through a massive doctrinal switch.  I do not expect everyone to agree with my words.  I am attempting to identify "Biblically" what a strong biblical church looks like in the face of all of the error that pervades the landscape.  This approach is an honest analysis from history past.  Listen and analyze for yourself.  Look, it is not about me.  I am not altogether perfect.  I am saying weigh everything by the word of God.  My way of teaching is totally (at least I attempt To do so) from the script of the Bible.  So  Please attempt to listen with an open Bible.  We are living during a time when I believe that all of the favors that were bestowed upon our community have been ripped off through false promises by clergy that use the pulpit for their own personal development.  Where are the programs to assist our male population?  Which one of the so called leaders has an on-going biblical stance that challenges us from day to day?  What will be the outcome of the election which will usher in an era of confusion and bigotry; "Where cometh our help!?  Just sit down and study God's word for yourself; or gather a true bible teacher that will offer suggestions on biblical love for all people no matter what their challenges.  Thanks for coming to my site today.  PJ Your Internet Pastor     

Ram Radio The Web  Cast March 21, 2016 "Holiday Or Holy Day" It is easy to see in this society.  Holiday reigns supreme.  My thoughts on that in a quick minute.  With a special message to two of my listeners. . . A music Treat by My Lil Artist . .   

Ram Radio The Web  Cast March 18, 2016 "Being Filled With The Right Stuff" I haven't done a web cast like this one in a good minute.  Follow along with me and understand that we have reached for substance in order to only grab a shadow.  When the only institution ever used by a people falls over a cliff, all is lost.  We are not filled with the right kind of stuff, it is as simple as that.  This web cast will be difficult for many of you Black Pastors to listen to but it is necessary at this time.  If the outcome of our community has any opportunity for survival; this plan that is offered by "The National Black Church Initiative falls short of convincing me that in "50" years the African American Community is not in fact a done deal.  I've been asking many to tune in and discover that if God is not doing something for you on a level that you do not require any outside help; you are on the right track.  Now on the other hand, if you are honest with your confrontations, allowing the truth to be known from the start, you may not be as successful in the long run.  Attempt to listen to this web cast.  Relax and feed your mind. (Now!

Ram Radio The Web  Cast March 15, 2016 "PJ Defines Faith"  I thought that I would take a minute in order to give a true definition of what Biblical Faith looks like from the teachings of the word of God the "Bible".  Enjoy!  

Ram Radio The Web  Cast March 14, 2016 "My Morning Devotional"  I just could not stand to take myself there.  It is not that I am feeling worthy of anything; I just can't place myself around those that can no longer think for themselves.  If there is something drastically amiss with a system; you must remove yourself from it. 

Ram Radio The Web  Cast March 13, 2016 "Basic Training"  It is not difficult to analyze and come up with a valid solution for our country.  How about this old saying; "Search for the old paths and walk therein."  Allow me to share that with you on this rainy Friday afternoon. I attempt to give a true analysis of today's society.  I sought to blend in a bit of Bible in order to give a "Biblical Perspective".  If you have about an hour; take the time and try to answer some of these questions that I raised.  (Now) 

Ram Radio The Web  Cast March 8, 2016 "Running On Fumes" How often do we think of what is really headed our way as we recklessly pursue goals that will not matter after the superficiality of seeking fun and pleasure?  Too much to think about?  Listen to me admit that I am aware of how this world runs.  Another in your face look at the empty religious attitudes that has crept into our churches.  

Ram Radio The Web  Cast March 6, 2016 "Sunday Morning Again; "Joy" I cannot escape this day.  Oh no!  it was to this day that I lived.  Just to be able to go and share the joys of this life that I had found to be so joyous!  The thought that others would relish i the joys of this day when all was well.  Follow me as I reflect on this day and look back at some of the things said in the year of 1985.  The cast turned out to be something more than I thought.  Ahhhh, just to allow the Spirit of God to guide one through the text as one just reads it.  I am so happy today, that I can really say; Joy!  Listen in and try to catch the "spirit of this stormy web cast.  Relax with me as you enjoy today's reality.  (Now!)

Ram Radio The Web  Cast February 28, 2016 "Lessons On Love" We must take the lessons from the teacher of the universe; God is love.  Oh; what a wonderful thought.  God also dishes out wrath; we know this, but the greatest of all of His attributes is love and it can be experienced by every person on the globe.  It is not about "religion"; for those are only guidelines for social behavior.  No, not that.  Listen in to this Sunday web-cast and get a handle of what God might be saying to all of us today.  Hey by the way; thanks for coming to the site today. (Now!)

Ram Radio The Web  Cast February 26, 2016 "Adversity!  Life's Greatest Teacher" We seem to think that our lives here in America has to turn out looking like progress, success, and unhindered accomplishments.  I feel that way at times also.  None of us like to struggle with pain, lack, and dis-comfort.  Today's web cast will draw us into what I call reality conformity.  Follow along with me as I look at it from the perspective of the 'Historical Jesus' from 2,000 years ago.  The next time you find yourself confronted with adversity; "Deal With The Tension". 

Ram Radio The Web  Cast February 24, 2016 "When Reason Occupies Ones Reality" Each of us has our own particular way of reasoning.  Coming to the right conclusions about matters of fact.  Setting aside all of the other junk that creeps into our brains; how does one perfect this human trait? I presented a question to my Phi "1" claass.  I take the time to read some of the answers in order to communicate that many of the students that attend college are smarter than many in today's organized church would suppose.  I really attempt to get into their minds as I read the reports.  Listen as if you are in the classroom. and ask yourself the same question; how might you answer it? 

Ram Radio The Web  Cast February 22, 2016 "After Thoughts"  Just thinking out loud.  Thoughts on ministry and misery and how they can affect one.  This is a candid discussion which demands some kind of an answer. Up Now!


Ram Radio The Web  Cast February 17, 2016 "What Would I Tell My Grandson?"  I cannot hold back what has been on my heart to say for an awful long time.  I am not speaking about anyone in particular; but if you qualify for this beating; "It Is What It Is!"  I have attempted to hold back these thoughts.  I am fully aware that many in our society no longer believes in an evil as opposed to the good.  This cast is an hour.  I am asking you to listen to what I say in the unique way that I say it.  Our society has lost their way.  Blacks and whites alike.  I am fully aware that many will not listen, nor will they even consider thinking in the ways that I think.  Take out the time and listen to this hour and allow the Spirit of the living God to speak to these issues.  May our Lord bless you as you come to reason with me tonight.  PJ

Ram Radio The Web  Cast February 16, 2016 "Cutting It Right" If you do not get it right the first time, why even return if they are going to continue to do the very same thing to your mind?  Do you really think that you deserve a set of clergy that will continue to deceive you?

Ram Radio The Web  Cast February 15, 2016 "Reflections Of Past Works" Health almost fully restored, and the vigor or anticipation of heading back to the college on Tuesday causes me to make full use of my office time at home.  Mornings are the very best times for these kinds of reflections.  I trust you will find the time to join me as we continue to investigate the true biblical idea of 'First Century Christianity' lived out in the "21 Century".  

Ram Radio The Web  Cast February 13, 2016 "Simply Put; Just God Blessed!"  Today; is from that other side of my world.  I've had to go back to the day when I was a very young man.  I took my dog "Bro-Man" for a walk as I listened to the "Golden Oldies."  Man I could not hold back the tears.  When I think f all of the wonderful days that I had with that dear lady that stayed with me for all of those years.  Listen in and check out my thinking back to those days as you listen along with me.  In just a few minutes. . . .  . . 

Ram Radio The Web  Cast February 5, 2016 "Ease Up"  (now) I have just been able to lift my head above the systems of the flu!  Gosh just about the most terrible head cold that one might ever have.  Give me a minute and I will be able to get in this studio and work out the dust in this place. .  The experience is what I'm talking about man!  One might say?  I had no idea that it worked out like that, well at times it does. . . . Just ease Up!  

Ram Radio The Web  Cast January 29, 2016 "Two True Pastors Meet Up Again" (soon)         I had one of the most enjoyable days of my life.  If any of you do not know who this man is standing next to me; you were not yet born in the 90's.  I am working on the cast as you read.  Please come back in a bit.     

Ram Radio The Web  Cast January 26, 2016 "On Our Religion Black Or White" (Now!) Hey peoples!  I start off on a slight roll. . . Then the steam starts to shoot out of my mind.  Oh yes. . Music and truth about the religion that we all have been given.  What If I told you that God never intended us to go through all of this mess. . . Listen in my friends. 

Ram Radio The Web  Cast January 24, 2016 "Working Late And Thinking Out Loud" I found these tapes cassettes that offers a clear rendition of some twisted idea that came out of a lecture that I allowed so many years ago.  I changed my mind about playing more of the same.  Just working late. . . 

Ram Radio The Web  Cast January 23, 2016 "The Olivet Discourses Archive" This Is A Must!

December 1, 1996 "The Feminized Male / Guest Dr. Kerry Brooks Pt. 1 

December 1, 1996 "The Feminized Male / Guest Dr. Kerry Brooks  Pt. 2

 To find true Christian radio is difficult.  I have tons of old radio presentations that I'm going to place up for those of you that long to go back to the simple days, times and ways that our lives were.  I am not reviewing the presentations; I do pray that I am not offending anyone; but if the truth does that to you; please do not listen in. On this presentation; I had a guest chide in on the subject of the Feminized Male.  Now this ought to be a lot of fun just listening to what we said; and then to look at our society and discover right where we are today.  My guest in this presentation is Dr. Kerry Brooks.  PLEASE BE AWARE THAT I HAVE NOT EDITED ANY PART OF THIS PRESENTATION.  DO NOT CALL IN ON THE NUMBERS GIVEN IN MY RADIO SHOWS.  I leave them on in order to give a flair of real radio.  I am listening to the show now.  My first radio call in really challanges me today as I re-listen.  Please take the time and download these presentations and analyze what our roles might be in this situation.  I personally believe that our culture is in danger of continuation. The decent minded person will ponder these types of questions.  This presentation deals with racism, as well as issues that we today must address.  Working on Hour # 2 . . I Did Talk Radio . . Sooooo enjoy!    

Ram Radio The Web  Cast January 21, 2016 "Two Rejecters And The Drifters" In the office and going through some of my older outlines. . . . . I thought that I would play some old "Rock & Roll" to lighten the load of regaining your minds back from those things that distort.  Enjoy!  (Soon)

Ram Radio The Web  Cast January 20, 2016 "Will You Do This?" Would you do what I am suggesting?  Really?  I do not believe it.  This message was preached in 1993.  It was rejected.  Now the church is surely dead and will not be restored.  If you really listen to this piece you will know that I was correct.  If one does not allow the Spirit of God to place love at the head of every objective; nothing will ever be done.  As I am listening afresh; I know that my ministry was prophetic.  The "Vett" no longer exist.  The spirit of that ministry died when they rejected the message preached right in front of their faces.  Look at our children.  What happened to marriage?  Is there a pattern of true appreciation for every human being.  Hey, here is one. . . . "Are you too going to protest the Academy Awards here in Hollywood?"  (It appears that most people that are in America's church watch secular presentations that have very little if any with moral behavior.  Please do not get me wrong; there is nothing wrong with the arts; but when hatred is introduced; it belittles the institution.)  Everything is leading up to one main objective; WAR OF THE HUMAN SPECIES.  Let me end by saying this; You are the ones that could do this work.  Will You?  (NowI am fully aware that these kind of messages will anger many in my community.  Come on now, the institution of the Christian Church in this city, country if you will has failed in that there is not enough love to sustain a reproductive analysis that the true Jesus of the scriptures projected.  PLEASE listen to this message and take it to heart this week.  Pass it on to your friends and know that you are listening to classical biblical preaching in ther inner cities.  Take the time and listen and then ask yourself if you were a part of that.  "I stated in the message that I am not your conventional Pastor, rather un-conventional."  I strongly feel that our time is about up in this country.  When each of us come to this truth and we look out and love our neighbors; white, black Hispanic, Asian free, slaves, educated and dumb, love these humans and provide for them a hope, it is severely needed.  I state in this sermon "Lord, they are not going to here me!"   Thanks for coming to my site today.

Ram Radio The Web  Cast January 19, 2016 "Is There Anyone Really Concerned?" Could the statement be true.  Are those utterings coming from the pews of our inner city churches which state that all is lost true?  Is that the reason we have closed our hearts and homes to an entire group of human beings; that in most cases come from our loins; to put in terms one could easily understand; "Ain't no hope for that kind!!"  I am giving the challenge; will you become the taker in order to make something happen?    

Ram Radio The Web  Cast January 17, 2016 "Why Jesus, If You Can Do Something?"  It's Sunday right!  I thought my day was going to be a boring set of hours until the Lucy Coleman Studio DO WAD IT DO.  My passion is for the new students of theology.  One might call it a theology of life.  Two of the brightest from the streets of Los Angeles / Inglewood.  You must listen to this day's brain child.  Brothers!  We had Church!!! 

Ram Radio The Web  Cast January 16, 2016 "The Johnnie Small Interview April 2008"  I think that this was one of the best interviews of me brought on by a distant friend of mine.  If anyone ever ask me how I got into being a Pastor, I would refer them to these words.  Posed by a man that was truly interested i what ministry is all about I had to give it all up.  Listen in a figure it out.  If the Divine called you to do what He called me to do; could you really say that you were a called minister? I thought that I would add a little of my Sunday Morning thoughts to this section.  Not every man of God called to assist people in life will address his calling in the very same manner that I am addressing.  Years ago in "My Life" this is my testimony.  I thought of placing this up as I was critical of Dr. John Mac Arthur's life testimony.  I particularly like this because it was not rehearsed.  I had no idea what question that he would present.  I reveal a heck of a lot of my mind, life and intentions when I had responded to the call of speaking for God.  Try to listen to the heart of the questioner.  I love listening to this piece for the simple fact that I believe God's Spirit contacted me in a very personal way.  That has been the motivating factor that caused me to love and to care for the people that lived around me here in South Central Los Angeles.  I do trust that you gain somewhat an explanation of my spiritual transformation.  In a day and age when many would attempt to tell you that religion; or "Spirituality" cannot be trusted especially through "Biblical Christianity".  Please listen as the young man ask questions, and then how I answer candidly.  If you know are acquainted with any Christian Pastor; ask them to listen and if they find fault with it, , , well, let me know.  Enjoy!   PJ        

Ram Radio The Web  Cast January 13, 2016 "The Strategy That Wins" Marc Ramsey came by the studio today and we were discussing the ways and means of getting the truth out in a New World.  Listen to this lively discussion on how one persons "means" may not necessarily work in a particular world view.  Is the maintaining of the faith and the impartation of that maintenance pertinent in today's society?  

Ram Radio The Web  Cast January 10, 2016 "Philemon A True Master"  I Thought that I would start off the year by giving my Sunday morning teachings of the truth of the scriptures.  many of my young friends will not attend the church today in that there are no longer pastors that will strive to tell the truth about the beloved Scriptures.  Study along with me and see if you can pick up the intentions of my concerns for our country today.  Have a great week my friends.  PJ 

Ram Radio The Web  Cast January 9, 2016 "It Is What It Is" WOW!  I am so excited these days.  I have just a few more weeks before I get back into the college; but I am so excited to do what I do the best.  I'm getting older and the excitement is yet happening.  Do you want to know what this is all about?  "Well it is what it is"  Be sure to listen in and allow the excitement to fill you in your heart.  God is YET running things on this world.

Ram Radio The Web  Cast January 6, 2016  "On Church Elders" One of the reasons why many in the church are going through a bunch of mess is simply because they do not have a biblical view of how ministry ought to take place.  Please listen in and stay into the blessed word of God.  The big idea is simple. . . There can be more Pastors in the church then one man if everyone in the body of Christ are not seeking power over another person.  I do pray that you get something out of this cast.  God bless you and remember; stay into the blessed word of God.

Ram Radio The Web  Cast January 5, 2016 "Total Depravity Defined / 2001-2016 

“Total Depravity Defined”   December 2001 Up To January 5, 2016

Over the years I have seen man become more directed against God.  I find myself asking; “how can these things be?”  While studying theology in Grad School; I feel upon the term itself; “Total Depravity”. I flood the piece with so many scripture that you will not have difficulty dealing with the truth of the teaching.  As I look deeply at myself all of the time; I see all of us needing God as a friend as opposed as an enemy.  I fully understand that I will never win this eternal battle against a just God that judges us on His merits.  This cast will become one of your common cast that defines for your friends why people do those things that one would never do in public; the things that one does in private.  How does one remove himself from the guilt of this depravity?  As we listen afresh, we come to find that repentance is the only way of escape.  We must come to a point of saying what God has already said of us.  He says that we require assistance in living this life without our being drenched in this depravity.  This is one of the most difficult aspects of ones faith; that is to “tell on oneself”.  Unlike the world that we live in today; We carry the seeds of this depravity deep within us in our reproductive abilities; thus we are humans; requiring to be delivered from the pain of this error of life.  Being marked in a manner as such; what is the purpose of this teaching?  Oh, that is simple; Listening to this will keep us in the lane that is forever capable of calling upon God to guide us as humans in a moral, logical acceptable affront as we seek to honor a Divine Creator who is and will always define us in a direct and determined manner.  In that all of us are dead in transgressions against the mind of God, Now, is the time to confront ourselves and get the writ right.  John E. Coleman  January 5, 2016

Ram Radio The Web  Cast January 4, 2016 "The Second Of My Archive Radio Clips" I have a lot of time today, so I thought of just working in the office.  I am going through many of my long past radio clips.  WOW!  I'm loving the listening to these lemons of gems!  This one is kind of long, so save it to your hard drive and listen at a later date.  The thing that really makes listening to this again is that I cannot remember doing the presentations.  I am gaining the higher ground simply because these things have kept me alive for years.  Teaching is a gift that I shall always thanks my God for.  Having that student is important also.  For; it is the student that gives vent to the Professors virtue.  I'm praying; that I might be attracting more students by placing up these pieces.  Flow with me afresh as both of us get some knowledge.  

Ram Radio The Web  Cast January 3, 2016 "The Objective Truth Factor" (Now!) As I begin the new year, I thought that I would just plainly present many of my AM Radio Presentations of Ram Radio.  I am cleaning out the off ice and the other rooms where I have these shows.  I was just going to toss them out, but many of you have never heard these presentations.  Please listen to the shows and you will hear the heart of the true preacher.  Listen to me in the year of "2002".  Please do not call the number that is given.  Realize that many years has passed and as we look at ministry today and listen to me from yesterday, you will find a great difference.  Enjoy!

Ram Radio The Web  Cast December 27, 2015 "The Last Sunday" I thank God who rules all of the universe for the life that He provided for me during the year of 2015.  Listening in today will widen your perspective of the supreme being which cares for you in ways that you do not fully understand.  I'll share this morning.  Stick around.

Ram Radio The Web  Cast December 22, 2015 "Feeling Like It Is Not The Season" !

It is so strange.  It does not feel on my inside like it is the season that once reigned supreme in my heart for those many years.  I'm telling you do you feel this way?  If you listen to the web cast I will share with you why I feel so depressed.  it is so strong on me it is just unbelievable.  ought to be finished with the cast in a few. . .  

Ram Radio The Web  Cast December 18, 2015 "A Student's Gift" I thought that you should know that God is yet working in great ways. . . Just listen in . . . . . 

Ram Radio The Web  Cast December 15, 2015  Off Site By Choice!   I thought that I'd put this cast together in a way that would not offend.  Yet, I know that many will be offended.  We are living in a day and age where old things are discarded.  I would pray that we would never forget the thing that matters the most.  Thanks for listening.  To my students this semester. . . Thanks for doing the work. . . 

Ram Radio The Web  Cast December 10, 2015 "Sober Thinking" Who thinks sober these days?  Wow!!!  Listening to the news, watching the vids on issues; for God's sake, WHO IS SOBER?  It appears that the whole world has just scratched out reason.  No No, don't get me wrong; it is not that I desire one to think the way that I do; It is the simple fact that it will not take much for all of us on the planet to get along.  if we never come to the point of respecting one another; along with all of the differences that we undertake each day as we interact with those differences; we will be doomed.  As a matter of fact, if each one of us do not come to the conclusions that this is what has to happen if we will continue to call our civilization civilized.  I am grading papers all weekend here in my office, and I was just looking for a sober momebnt.  A moment when I could take a time out and breathe fresh ideas that reek of happy sensations. I hopeing that through all of the hu-bub that takes place this weekend; yu might be able to find that sober moment.  For those of you that are yet connected with the spiritual aspect of our culture; pray that God might assist us in gathering our thoughts as to how we MIGHT affect others with this same sentiment.  Well back to the grime, reading essays and calculation results of the Fall Semester.  Thanks for coming to the site.  I shall attempt to put up a pleasing Web Cast for those of you that require listening to an Old Man give vent to living this long.  For those of you that wish that I would stop with the thoughts; You must go there alone my friend.  Much Love Peoples!  From PJ today the 10, of December 2015. . .         

Ram Radio The Web  Cast December 7, 2015 "Just Hanging Out In My Office"  Well this is crunch week.  I collect three classes of papers read and grade them and pass on the grades, thanking God for the Ops to teach and influence the students.  Believe it or not, there are jobs, but teaching is the greatest.  We really need to produce more teachers in this country of ours.  Well, I guess I shall allow you to gather up your thoughts and listen in today.  Working hard in the office this morning.  take care. . .

Ram Radio The Web  Cast December 6, 2015 "Fitting The Description"  How each of us respond to some of the things that are goin on in our society?  I was up this Sunday morning reading things and came across this article.  It was very close to home in that it reminds me of how short all f our lives can be.  I am older now, but these things could happen to me also.  I just desire that all of you listen to this cast within the mindset of "hey, this si serious man; how do we combat this?"  Please offers prayers for many of our community that does not understand that there is a proper way to address police officers.  One of the things that assist me is that I am fully aware that these police officers are human beings also.  I believe that the spirit of the living God will present wisdom from persons that are not aware of it.  Listen in and have a great day.

Ram Radio The Web  Cast December 3, 2015 "Deadly Reflections" What is our problem?  Are they many or few?  This impromptu cast examines the human experience as compared to those days past where humans acted in far better ways then our current situation. (Now!) 

Ram Radio The Web  Cast November 27, 2015 "Death By Default"  It is yet the holiday weekend.  I plan to ride my bike and wash my car and enjoy what is left of my off days.  Listen in and see how it sounds when others want to go elsewhere and how I ride it off.  I hope that your weekend is going well.  I was also having thoughts about the way that it was long ago on this holiday weekend.  Hope that you enjoy it.

Ram Radio The Web  Cast November 23, 2015 "Thanks Living"  It makes a difference America. . Do we consider anymore what the dynamics of this holiday implies?  One but has to look to today's headlines (if one can read between the lines to discover that our lives must not be tampered with by those forces that drag us away from the reality that living this human life can be a peaceful experience if we have our minds focusing in the right direction.  Listen to this dynamic hour as I take you through one item in the news that could become the catalyst that tears us all apart.  Thanks for joining me for this "Holiday Web Cast"  PJ

Ram Radio The Web  Cast November 20, 2015 "Chaos & Sadness" I do not have the words to express my sadness.  Please!  Somebody really needs to step in. . Do you hear and see Lord?  You guys listen in and be the judge.  The world that I grew up in has sure become a mess.  The way that we treat each other is beyond comprehension!  I am looking forward to another week of interesting conversation about thanksgiving?  Are we?  Does it really matter anymore. . Coming up!

Ram Radio The Web  Cast November 15, 2015 "Prophecy Fulfilled"  I no longer have to speak as to the affects of our departure.  If Europe is wide open, so are we.  Taking a look at old teachings and the relevance of application in our lives.  Have you ever sat on the sofa and had a discussion with your grandchildren about things that you studied in Sunday School while a child; only to see reality smack dab you? 

Ram Radio The Web  Cast November 6, 2015 "The 3rd Way" I cannot lie to you.  At times I feel that I am living an extended life for the purpose of really completing what God called me to do.  I know. . . You think that I am on a rant again!  I am not; just listen in and listen to the words of a man that I have no idea is alive until I read his College paper.  (Now)

Ram Radio The Web  Cast November 5, 2015 "Heads Up Good Peoples" This web cast delivers the goods.  I attempt to give sure reasons why our society is suffering from deep within.  The differences stem from our refusal to acknowledge that we are o different from anybody.  I end up with the same theme that has given itself to languishing in this use to be wonderful country of ours.  There are not simple answers to our overall problems; but to be sure the answer is found within each one of us.  Ake out the time and listen to an old man think out loud.  Again; thanks for coming to the site.  Every month that I pay to have the site secure; I feel good about my choice to communicate from the perspective of the “Aged One”.  I honestly pray that you appreciate my analysis of our national situation.  I may not appear on CNN or the other networks.  I may not have the latest modern communicative skills that so define this age of advanced technology; but liste in and tell me if what I’m talking about works?

Ram Radio The Web  Cast November 3, 2015 "Out Of Line Control Tactics" I was thinking out loud.  While attempting to assist a young Hispanic man in keeping his wife and living a life that brings fulfillment; to only be buffeted by a Pastor's words that discourage as opposed to encouragement.  This may be a difficult hour for some of you; but if you listen in and try to see things from "The Biblical Perspective"  Well; try to follow me in this cast.

Ram Radio The Web  Cast October 27, 2015 "Pressing The Button Then Boom!" The new media is constant in informing us about stupidity.  I have lost my eagerness to address the world that we live in today.  People show me the clips, and I am suppose to make a decisdion?  I have but a few words to say about the latest script.  They are pressing the button.  Black people seem to be the test case here.  I provide a quick solution, but as usual; no one is listening.  Bring the idea of God back.  This is the authority that we have left off in our society.  These news clips will continue until the required response happens.  When this takes place; all that we know will be over.  Talk to you as soon as I can.  PJ

Ram Radio The Web  Cast October 25, 2015 "Ditto" It is the same all of the country these days.  My discussion will take some of the weight off a bit as you cater to the idea that we are not alone in our human suffering.  Search out aspect of your country; only to discover that the whole of the union is a bit out of wack.  Where is God in all of this?  Well, you will not find him hanging out in the money making church with it's guidelines of prosperity; what ever that implies.  Let us not be totally stupid; if the opportunity to impart wisdom that causes life to be better, only procures failure; why keep with the madness.  Join me for this upcoming cast.

Ram Radio The Web  Cast October 22, 2015 "In The Line Of Duty" What does this phrase imply?  What is a line of duty?  Who defines it, guides it; or determines of we are living correctly?  Each of us are asked to define for ourselves and for the sake of conscience; to go through a placement program concerning this question.  Upon my return to the Lucy Coleman Studio I shall respond.  Stay tuned.  PJ

Ram Radio The Web  Cast October 17, 2015 "Rules Of Engagement" What are they?  Have they so changed that it is totally unrecognized today that men and women have accepted these new standards that so confuses me.  You see during my day; men knew fully how to engage in decent "relationship chatter".  You might not feel that this is subject matter that ought to be addressed.  Well I do.  I am looking to have a guest share with you an event; that will attempt to answer the question as to our New Age Status.  

Ram Radio The Web  Cast October 15, 2015 "The Death Of Reality" I often find myself listening to other younger Pastors on the internet that speaks of their relationship with their faith.  I thought that I would open my bible. . . I know. . .. it has been a while; but I just feel that before I start a weekend of reading Philosophy Essays; I'd do that thing that comforts my heart the most.  What does the bible say about reality?  What is biblical reality?  if you would like to dig a bit deeper, tune in to today's web cast. . . Thanks for coming to my site.  Oh yes; keep in mind that I am going to address this question with the bible alone.

Ram Radio The Web  Cast October 13, 2015 "Its Changing" I do a quick survey on the changing neighborhood, especially of mine.  Living in Los Angeles takes a certain kind of getting along.  Keeping history static; IMPOSSIBILITY!  Enjoy!

Ram Radio The Web  Cast October 8, 2015 "Tread Not" Please allow this cast to go to the person it is intended for.  Tks!  PJ

Ram Radio The Web  Cast October 6, 2015 "Pure Love Denied Among Church Members"

Ram Radio The Web  Cast October 5, 2015 Wow Unto Us I am without words.  When a parent does not know the mental state of their own son?  What?  I also give an analysis of a message that I heard in a lecture yesterday.  Enjoy!!!  

Ram Radio The Web  Cast October 2, 2015 "Close To Home" I was taken back as I watched all of the news cast on the internet.  more shootings. . . I am in that same arena as I stand in front of my students.  I love what I do and am deeply saddened by the fact that "one" fellow colleague lost his life in that useless rampage.  My comments will be brief; yet directive as all of us must engage ourselves during these difficult times. 

Ram Radio The Web  Cast September 27, 2015 "No Regrets" I am not amazed at what God can do when we do what we are suppose to do.  Listen to today's cast and determine when you shall have true success in addressing difficult situations.

Ram Radio The Web  Cast September 22, 2015  "Purpose For Persevering" Why is it so important to be able to view our world from the perspective of working towards the advancement of God's will in our lives as opposed to strain and dismay concerning the state of our situation?

Ram Radio The Web  Cast September 21, 2015 "Trusting In Your Good Instinct"  How does one really know the outcome of most of our daily activities?  Hone in on this solo discussion; allow for my particular freedoms to accompany you in this search.  (Now!)

Ram Radio The Web  Cast September 16, 2015 "Victory Day" From day one, I've been waiting to see this thing happen.  If you desire to know just what that is, listen to the short cast and see why I'm going to work with a smile on my face.

Ram Radio The Web  Cast September 12, 2015 "The Dangers Of Personal Legalisms" Often when one seeks to know why certain people in religions use certain quotes from the Holy Bible; these often use legal terms in defense of what it is that they attempt to put over on you.  Join me today as I discuss from the biblical frame of reference; the Dangers Set Forth By Such Attitude. 

Ram Radio The Web  Cast September 10, 2015 "Where Is The Love, Revisited?" (Now) I present a number of questions that demands answers.  Now, let me say this.  If you have a weak heart you will not appreciate this cast.  I will ask the question and provide for you the answer why I will never receive an answer from you.  I am yet doing research in all of the heat that is hitting Los Angeles; it's hot!   

Ram Radio The Web  Cast September 3, 2015 "Fouled Out!" Again, I came upon a sermon that I preached in the year of "1987".  At that time I was working on my BA Degree at Cal State.  I took a character from the Scriptures, and I attempted to analyze reality by asking so many questions.  Keeping in mind my purpose for placing this message up is to excite the True Believer to get better in their lives.  Though I was in a Baptist church, (you preaching students pay close attention) it was quite different from the average local community Baptist Church back in the day.  My mentor at this time had been dead for two years.  Ask yourself the questions that I am posing to my audience.  Enjoy.

Ram Radio The Web  Cast September 2, 2015 "The Way It Is" (Now!) I am in the office this morning contemplating on teaching the classes in the college.  As the new semester begins; I cannot help but think out loud about all of my students.  They are happy with the way that things are headed.  Taking that deeper look might make a world of difference as we re-analyze "The Way It Is" . . .  

Ram Radio The Web  Cast August 26, 2015 "Experience Alone (ReMix)" (Now!) I am constantly cleaning out rooms here in my home.  I have come across so many messages, and in that I must return to work, without finishing up clearing out my office I come across stuff.  I thought that I would listen and determine if I have left off anythig that I once believed.  I so enjoyed this message, I thought that I would call it the remix.  What happened to the true church in America?  Where did she loose her way?  What were some of the characteristics that caused this quick demise of an historical faith; outside of the blue eyed, blond haired Jesus with a Euro-Centric mindset?  The greater question that I would love to put to you today is this; After listening to the "18" references to the topical discussion, did I lie?  Am I lying?  Lastly; what are you willing to do about it?

Ram Radio The Web  Cast August 21, 2015 "The Wonders Of Work"  I am preparing to return to the college.  i was just thinking; why am I so excited about wearing myself out?  Young people seemed to have lost that eagerness to place themselves in the position of becoming exhausted.  I was also thinking about "Death & Life".  You see life equates to burning up energy.  When all of that "energy" is gone; how do you feel?  So, what did I do?  I asked of two friends to join me in the studio and discuss this aspect of life from their perspective.  I also think that this web cast might provide for you a far different perspective when one thinks of young African American Men.  Thanks for coming to my site. . .   

Ram Radio The Web Commentary: August 18, 2015 Sorry for the delay tech diff.  "Yesterday" How wonderful it is to think of all of the lessons that I have been taught through time.  Many years ago when I was far younger than I am today; I use to think of how it would be when I "get older".  Well; I have arrived at that place.  In todays cast, I reflect upon ministry and what it means even today.  I shall attempt to discuss the difficulty and the pain along with my new audience.  Try to tune in today and contineu to listen to a man that loves God; but never from the perspective of religion; rather from the God that spoke to my heart way back in 1967.  You see my friends; one can remember the first contact that one has had with God.  never be taken back by persons speaking without a recognizable definitive account on when the greatest relationship that continues to go on and on through life.  Join me in the LCS and thanks again for coming to the funny looking old dilapidated site.  PJ . .              

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 11, 2015 "Riding On Empty" I drove my car across the country.  One of the greatest fears that I ever experienced was the fear of running out of gas while on a huge strip of highway without gas stations for the next one hundred miles.  That is the way that I feel most of these days when I run into people that do not seem to know what to do when it is time to get serious.  Listen in. . . . (soon)

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 7, 2015 "Parental Discretion" It is just so simple people.  We are all human beings.  Things can get better if we individually get in touch with what the problem actually is.  This web cast totally biblical and rational explains what happened to us in the most obvious ways.  Listen to this fresh cast from the mind of "Old School" love for the young men and women of my inner city communities across this country of ours.  (Now!) 

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 6, 2015  What Will It Take?  Here is a message preached in the year of 1989.  That Sunday I spoke about the San Francisco Earth Quake.  Many died on that Tuesday when the world series took place.  It could have been spoken today and possibly you would understand.  Daily, I am made aware that we are good as done in this country.  When I see what is taking place all around the world, I needed to place this up and only pray that somebody is listening.  If you are one of those that would say you are a part of this modern church "age". . listen close to my words spoken in the year of 1989 . . 2015 is the living reality of my being called as an inspired Pastor Teacher.  This message demands and answer from all of us that profess to be Christians as demonstrated by this site and the many words spoken on it.  Thanks for visiting and sharing these words with your friends, family and loved ones.  I would ask you to share this message with as many individuals as you can. . . God Bless Us . . . as we move forward.  (PS I must tell you I have not nor will I ever be a perfect individual)  "I awoke bored with life, again, I could not reflect upon why I would desire to live another day.  Speaking with just a few individuals, I shared that I was in a poor state of mind and just did not want to be here.  Then I walked into the office and went to this sermon which was in one of the files I stored in 2010; behold, I began to listen, and it is as if God spoke to me and stated in my mind, "Play This Then John." I obeyed and conviction fell hard on me.  Now I am glad to be alive.  Please listen to the words of a man that is trying to deal with a God that will never leave me alone.  Thanks for coming to the site.  Pray that God might smile on all of us from day to day.  We are living during a time when men and women will not affirm God.  Petition The Maker Of This Universe and He shall answer your every concern.  God Bless Us, and please have Divine mercy on us as a nation and as a species.  Pastor John E. Coleman August 6, 2015    

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 5, 2015 "Honing In On You" You are the reason You were chosen by God to glorify Him in all things.  You cannot really undertake doing life until you come to regard that aspect throughout every fiber of your life. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 2, 2015 "My Mind Is Taken Back" (Now!) Is there anything else that could happen in this country of ours?  Killings, Cops, What & Black Crying tears hatred and the rest. . . web cast to follow. . . 

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 27, 2015 "Wishful Thinking" Lately; I've been having conversations with young men in my community concerning "Marriage".  My commentary today will address this and more issues that has been able to frame an opinion that would not sustain anyone's human culture.  I am speaking about many of the ills of our society.  The news and much more. . . . . 

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 18, 2015 "Conscience" It has been a while.  I shall speak.  I am no longer intimidated by ignorance.  Listen closely my friends. . . .  These are my after thoughts concerning the news of the day.  I attempt to place the "God" idea right in the middle of my argument with a strong appeal to what one knows to be the truth. 

Ram Radio The Web Commentary: I have thought about the headlines, but I refuse to comment.  I am too busy thinking of how I am going to end up my vacation.  Oh gosh, I have so many days left before I go back to work.  Well I've done it.  I am going to travel all over this fine city of mine.  I plan to go and visit the interesting places that I have not taken the time to visit.  I have a bit more of good life left in me, so I'll take it is a easy kind of get away.  Hydrate myself with H2'O and keep it moving.  God is always good to me.  I awake every morning thinking of how He has kept me duriung these difficult times.  I am forever grateful for His loving kindness on my behalf.  Please remember those that are suffering for no cause of their own, pray that God may provide for them comfort from the pain of life that causes hatret to flow down on their lives.  One more thing; pray that peace may exist between mankind.  is there anything else that I ought to think about before I take off for the day. . Oh yes, no Web cast in that I've had a terrible little virus for about ten days. . . feeling much better today.  back at the mic soon.  Much love!  PJ

(1)   Know God for yourself:  I constantly come into contact with those who profess to be Christian that cannot define their relationship with Jesus Christ.  I may ask them what was the impactful statement that Christ made to them upon their inception to being a child of God.  Most people I pose this question to have no idea what I’m talking about.  Have you taken a time out and attempted to ask yourself that question?

(2)   Practice the habit of defining theology by means of strict biblical exegesis: There has never been a time in the history of the church when we must be called upon to define ourselves by the defining aspect of the biblical interpretation.  Even though this takes a little more study or insight into searching out certain texts must become an obligation on the behalf of every Christian who is called by the name of Christ.

(3)   Practice the Christian life for yourself: Always do your Christian faith in the solo lane.  Realize that you never require a partner to assist you in living for Christ.  If you have a bible and are pretty literate in understanding of the language, allow your theological knowledge to blossom as you grow in your individual sanctification.  Keep in the forefront of your mind that you are never required to have someone else to dictate your faith to you.  Please attempt to keep in mind that this also includes pastor’s spiritual advisors or anyone that you have given the title of expert to.  You are to become the expert in matters of spiritual development.

(4)   Yield to the Holy Spirit every day of your life: Try not to allow a day to pass without your having communion with God through the working of the Spirit in your life.  You will find that this is essential if you are to be sensitive to His leading as you daily read the scriptures.  Keep in mind that you must be intelligent (in biblical knowledge) when defining of the meaning of the text in order for you to have a full and clear understanding.

(5)   Look forward to the extension of Kingdom living: The natural and normal production of this kind of independent Christian commitment is the production of what we call “fruit”.  While living this way without interference from anyone or anything outside of what God would have for your individual life; look forward to a meaningful harvest of the sanctified Christian life. 

(6) Be willing to give up your life for Christ: I realize that in many of our Christian experiences we do not desire to think like this.  It is un-natural to think on these terms; but we are Christians.  We are not locked into the world system of desiring to never die.  The American experience is one of self indulgence; even in the life of many professing Christians.  If we are not willing to live for Christ, what makes you think that you would dare to die for the retaining of His name?

(7) Never compromise what you know to be true:  The problem with Christianity today is blatant compromise.  Fear of not being accepted by others; rejection of the status, and outright distain for the teachings that one once believed in.  Today's faithful are those few that can be counted and depended upon to stand firm in the face of danger disappointment and  ridicule. 

(8) Investigate your personal world view next to an open bible:  Try as you will, you cannot escape the reality that you are not in charge of your own destiny.  There is a far higher power than that of human thought and reasoning.  If after your search you come to the conclusion that God is not fair in His dealings with us humans; you really need to consider the word of God as the authoritative guideline.

(9) Figure truth out from the biblical perspective for yourself:  Know that there is only one interpretation of the truth of the scriptures in all of it's pages.  The bible is not a book of various (many) meanings.  In other words; there is not one meaning here and another there.  We must not attempt to interpret the bible based upon what we think it ought to say (especially as it has to do with genders).  We come to the text and discover within the original context of the language what God is saying; then we align ourselves to that and that alone and then we live what we know to be true only after much consideration of the proper exposition of the word that we have come to decipher.  If it (our research) is not done in this fashion; we have not clearly defined the meaning of the divine text.  If someone comes up with a meaning far different than the one that the original text implies; they are all liars and tricksters.  This is the attitude of the true exegete (that which you are becoming day by day).  He or she becomes the person that knows for themselves.  Never seek to know simply because your Pastor says it.  He may be a pimp.  (LOL)  In most cases if he is living high on the hog; like the pig that he is; he is a pimp. I am not name calling; these guys will stop at nothing to destroy the Lord's church.  They care not for your souls.  Even though I speak of them in this manner, I love them.  I would pray that they would repent and come to know the truth.  As long as they continue to do you the way they do you, I shall continue to speak out against them.

       (10) Think for yourself: Now They have found the bones of Jesus Christ!   I know it is crazy; but I      teach in a secular college; and if they would believe it; who else would.  I believe that our faith must be built upon the sure foundation of the scriptures.  They and then only will the church stand and never be moved when this foolishness appears on the scenes of our life.  Everyday the situation grows more disturbing. 

If you simply trust me by applying these easy steps; you will experience the growth that the Lord would have of your life without all of the trappings of religion which has so handicapped many in the real body of Christ.  I am not asking you to try these essentials; I am begging that you start to live an independent Christian experience. 

We do not require a Pastor Teacher for the rest of our Christian experience.  If we are all living up to the standard; would not find ourselves in the predicament we now face in the life of American Christianity.  Many have focused on certain men in order to follow; emulate or duplicate.  In doing such; we have forsaken the call of God in our lives.  What is it that each of us expect as we live for Christ; and how do we arrive at those expectations?  From Oct. 2006 to the present July 9, 2015  Pastor John      

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 7, 2015 "Archive Discourse"  Forgiveness Feb. 17, 2010  l would ask you to listen closely and analyze all of my statements.  I have not changed, You will hear me mention in a quick phrase a possibly negative statement about certain lifestyles.  That reference had to do with using the Church as a ground to seek love without challenging their issues of not being loved by people in the church.  Enjoy! 

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 5, 2015 Love & Hate Strange Partners The only way to capture the real honest heart is to test it by compliance towards humanity.  "What is John talking about now?"  listen in to today's Sunday broadcast; then you will be able to answer the question for yourself.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 1, 2015 "Out With It" Enough!  I cannot take it any longer!!!  We all have our choices.  We are born with them, or are just inclined to love who we want to love.  Don't loose me on this cast.  Look at the country, people, culture, reality and then deal with it in a loving Real Christian Manner.

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 25, 2015 "Beyond A Shadow Of Doubt" (it Is Up Now!)

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 19, 2015 "Reflections On Charleston" I'm addressing the shooting and other information by adding biblical verses from the text of Scriptures.  Please pray for the family and loved ones who suffered great loss of life. (Now!)

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 17, 2015 "Opinions Of Men" I often attempt to share with people the errors of many that stand behind America's pulpits speaking in error.  Today's web cast will feature a short paragraph  a portion of John Mac's statement on the church and worship.  he is wrong again.  I go on and on as I attempt to show or demonstrate the error.  I know; many tire concerning these issues; but the beat goes on. As you ride, drive, work, play, take the time and do true worship under the correct dictates which derives from the very word of God, not by the "Opinions Of Men". 

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 16, 2015 "Somebody New" This little talk brings in the idea of retaining the belief that was passed on to you from God.  Follow as I give reasons why each of us require this idea of God in our hearts and minds.  Thinking one way or the other brings all of us back to the lone idea; that we are not alone and on our own.  This cast addresses with scripture some of the true demeaning attributes of us humans.  The main theme of this cast is to identify that each of us requires a new direction in our lives that brings glory to our Living God!

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 15, 2015 "The Lecture / Basics Of The Faith (Sin)" This lecture invites you to enter into the Lecture as we discuss what "Sin" is as we dissect the definitions.  you will also hear the student question me as I answer the difficult questions.  I plan to place up much more for your learning.  Thanks for coming by the site.   

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 14, 2015 "Absolute Christianity" Acts 11:19-26    May 1992 is when these words were first spoken.  As I really give consideration to the society that we live in today; the faith that once reigned supreme; fades in many of our churches.  After listen afresh to this message preached to almost an empty church  building in 1991, almost no one would listen.  If you listen closely; I attempt to present an historical analysis of the character and disposition of the people that lived so long ago.  The ways that we analyze this message is to use a human being to apply the test to ourselves.  Honestly; each of us (including myself) really needs to address these issues.  enjoy!

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 13, 2015 "Stay On It"

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 9, 2015 "Designed To Fail" Often times I have long drown out discussions with many of the young men of the inner city community of which I'm apart.  have you ever took out the time to just have a discussion with some of them?  I've come to find that they operate from another operating system then most of us from the "old school culture".  I plan to have the young Hispanic join me here in the studio in time, first I must undertake a new directive in reaching him for success.  His operating system is quite different from mine, and I kid you not.  Listen in to todays cast and settle down for some open ended talk as we reflect upon what the word of God says about reaching these unites that have been designed to fail.   

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 7, 2015 "In This Life!" I know that you will be excited about this Sunday Morning Message.  I spoke these words to a room full of people who were concerned about what was going to happen in the future.  Well; lets move up from 1996-to the present in 2015.  Please allow this to be the message of your Sunday morning.  Go to the beach and enjoy your afternoon after you listen to this.  The message was called; "Defining Difficulty".  Just listen to the argument and determine if what I am saying is correct.  Listen closely and bring it home to your hearts.  My faith enforces His stance in my life.  I have lived and seen these principles of gaining the correct perspectives of dealing with this life.  Listen to the aspect of my counseling practices in this message, and as I said, "Get God's Perspectives!!  Thanks for coming to my site.  Thanks for your blessings into my life.  I am alive and enjoying the experience of sharing the reality of the True Christian Experience.  Be blessed with the infilling of the blessed Word Of God.  Pastor John E. Coleman 

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 6, 2015 Home Church Teaching Methodologies"  Lets say that you just read an excellent truth in your daily reading of the bible; lets also say that you would like to share this information with friends of yours, how would you get that task delivered?  Meet me here on TODAY; and I promise to share this with you.

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 4, 2015 "Summer Thoughts"  I finishing up the semester and have some time, thought I'd appear and give you some contact.  Today I am seriously thinking about doing more of my older work in theology.  In a world where many people are no longer interested in hard core theology; well, I am yet into the art of defining in the face of a dying culture.

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 29, 2015 "My Cast For May 29" CashFlow Creflo Dollar Arrested!" (I'm Researching)  Prior Clips (1)  (2)  (3)  (Old Broadcast don't call the phone number)  Also Please send no money to me Please do not . . Tks!!!    I am researching this accusation if it is true or not. At times people lie on individuals.  I shall get back to you. . Let me research further. . I can believe the story knowing the pimp mentality.  Just listen to my commentary . . Lets see if any thing changes. . . 

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 22, 2015 " When God Throws In The Towel"  Just Listen To This! 

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 21, 2015 "Freedom Is Not A Human Option" If you really think about it; "Freedom", what does that word offer any of us today?  I'm in the studio now.  Come back and check out my words.  As I look all around my culture, everyday I run into so many people that are working and striving to make their lives work.  Listen in and feel all of my tension as I listened to Malcolm X today, and a lot of the stories that I never really listened to today; is driving me to re-think all methodology that I employed over the many years of my life.  Hope you enjoy! 

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 16, 2015 "Bad Times" What are we to do when times really get bad?  How can we face the truth that our society is failing in a way that seems as if she will never recover?  Why cant we get along with it without hating and killing each other?  Why are our children out of control completely?  While in the midst of grading papers, I came across clips of the earthquake on the other side of the world, and came to realize that our lives here in Los Angeles hang in the balances, and we are for sure found wanting.  Tune into my Saturday morning analysis.  Think along with me and take a minute to get out of that safety zone of 'Everything Is Going To Be Alright".  The reality is that we are no different from any other peoples around this world global community.  By the way this web cast is dedicated to the thousands that dies recently in the devastating earthquake in Nepal.   PJ

Ram Radio The Web Cast Archive Are You Ready To Die?  Pt.1  Pt.2 The Older web cast speaks volumes as I ask some of the very same questions that were asked so many years ago.  It begins kind of slow, then the Lord speaks WHAM!  Part "2"  I would ask that you listen to the whole cast.  In doing so you will find the true essence of this 1st century Christianity.  it was nothing like this trashy hip hop party that is going on when we come to acknowledge the Divine in group?  I pray that you enjoy this archive message; spoken so many years ago.  PS . . I am the same man today, are you, "Ready To Die"?   

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 13, 2015 "Bible Study Directions Towards Living" Don't you just want to relax some times?  Just to turn off all of the junk and dive into God and the thought of mercy Justice and the Righteous Ways?  Well that is the kind of a night that I just had.  Enjoy the web cast. . Students!  I'm collecting papers this week. . . Heads Up!  PJ

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 11, 2015 "A Just Government?" It is the time in the college for the teacher to issue to the students some extra credit  work, so I ask a question while I was lecturing on John Rawls and the issue of "The Social Contract".  I only read one or two papers, but the majority of them were excellent.  I was in the office and thought that I'd read a couple.  Listen in if you gain the opportunity.  have a great day.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 9, 2015 "Right Wing Insanity; People (YET) Hate" I  went to the right wing web site.  I did not think that I would be able to listen without being a bit crazy myself.  I thought that I'd just introduce some of the language that is running throughout the market place of ideas.  I take no side but that of God, and I do not think that any of us that holds hatred in our hearts can represent a just and loving God.  I am also aware that many of you hold to some of these ideas that will be addressed.  This web cast is not about sides; rather our rationale to understand that there will always be a crisis between peoples of different races until "Love" rules.  PJ  

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 10, 2015 "The Very Kind Of Mother That God Loves" (Soon) Mothers Day.  Oh yes, our churches will be filled.  Moms will be taken out to eat, the family will lavish so much love on Mother!!!  'Lord have mercy'  what a Sunday that will be as we in some cases worship "Mother".  I thought that I'd go back into the year of "1987" and present to you some real 'Biblical Teaching'.  Hard, direct, and right to the point.  I need not be called to preach at anyone's church; just plug in that computer. . . Please down load this message and pass it on to others that will never hear a sermon like this in the African American Community.  This message was preached during a time when many people in our community would attend church and sat in front of me for "90" minutes as I opened up the very word of God.  Oh to go back to those days when listening to the word had a divine purpose.  I have said before, that I am the same preacher that preached this; but I do not really believe that many in our society can listen to such communication.  Please download these messages.  I was about to throw out two whole boxes of these sermons.  I opened the sealed boxes and with just a bit of dust; I found one of the "Masterpieces" of African American preaching that no longer takes place in this country of ours.  I do not know how much longer that I will be able to place these messages up for those in my community.  Enjoy and give the glory to God; that I looked in these "two boxes" full of the treasures of God's word. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 6, 2015 "Not A Part Of We" Why do we like to lump everything in one basket when it comes to America?  When the constitution was placed in operation; it was NOT viewed within the same context of the world as we know it.  This is a short piece, but hear me out IF YOU CAN TAKE IT; as I speak about the ruling on the same sex marriage thing in Washington within the past few days.  Evangelicals must find another way to tell the story of America.  Threats is not the way towards a people that has never; and I said never seen True Christianity Lived Out in the REAL.  PJ

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 5, 2015 "Just Sex"  If there is something other than that moral discipline; let mne know if we can survive!!!  I try to teach young men the value of being serious.  When it comes to the ladies, many young men do not have a moral mindset when it comes to being intimate.  How might we boost the relationship between the sexes in our inner cities and AA communities?  Give a listen. . . . 

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 3, 2015 Sunday Update I have cooled down, it is just so difficult for me to see what is happening in this place of my life.  Tune in to a short but informative chat.  Thanks!

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 1, 2015 "The War Of The Worlds" I had to change my plans for the web cast do to the latest news on Freddie Gray.  This is a trail that I must pay very close attention to.  If I were you, I too would pay close attention to the facts as this builds into more than one of your TV shows. This is a very serious time for our country.  This is just not the killing of a young man from the black community; Freddy Gray's death could change America historically if truth and justice does not prevail.  'Could this be the spark that I've been talking about for the past year?  Pastor John E. Coleman   

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 28, 2015 "Baltimore & Us"  I thought that I would comment on the situation.  It is not that long, I just felt the need to clarify something.  If you find the time; try to listen in.  Thanks. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 24, 2015 "The Status Of Today's Churches From An African American's Perspective Pt. 1 & Pt.2  The time has come for all of us to get serious about our status with our creator.  it is not long before God is going to call all of us into judgment.  I know, many of you are saying; "What else John!  Come on man, nothing is going to happen, all will remain the same as before.  As for you; John I think you are out of your mind!  I am sick and tired of you attempting to frighten me, be done with your faith and die, and allow me to enjoy what is left of my life!"  Well, you will just love this study part 1-2.  One of the most impactful biblical and serious studies that I've ever produced in the Lucy Coleman Studio.  If you do anything this week, DOWNLOAD THIS ONE. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 23, 2015 "Taking The Challenge" No Female Pastors Pt. 3   Pt. 4  The time has come to face up to what the church has done.  I fully understand why many men in our community have absolutely no confidence in what is called modern day Christianity.  Listen in to this web cast and I shall give reasons why the feminization processes has taken hold of the American Church.  We shall continue to speak on the same fashion as the last web cast.  Keeping in mind that my radio presentations were two hours in length.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 21, 2015  "Taking The Challenge"  NO FEMALE PASTORS   Part "2" I just could not stop!  thanks for coming to the site.  .  John E. Coleman April 2015

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 13, 2015 "When Deep Depression Hits Face It Alone"  

I have never felt this depressed in my life.  The want of seeing that this place where we humans live (The Planet Earth) can produce as a lasting affection; true concern for other humans.  I am really feeling sad these days.  Not too much causes me to smile.  Well, needless to say I am coveting your prayers for my sanity.  I love reading in scriptures where Jesus spoke to the masses of people that lined up to hear from him when common people hear Jesus gladly.  Does not happen these days.  I've learned that it will take some common doses of God's word to clear out our tired minds.  "That's It"; my mind is just famished with the cares of this life, that at times I really want to be released from all of the lacking of human love.  When I think that I am gaining ground in the battle, I am only bombarded by another battery of terrible news.  My Web Cast develops through my reflections.  Listen in to the one that I am producing for tonight.  One man's thoughts on his life, faith, culture turned upside down, and love. . . Welcome my site . . choose to consider as you reflect upon good and bad, right and wrong and the like.

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 10.2, 2015 "Some Serious Comments" Thanks for coming to the site again.  I was off the air for a few days, and I do want you to get caught up into what I'm thinking these days.  All is not well in our country that once gained the respect of the nations all around us.  When we left God off all of it fell down.  Listen in and discover what I'm talking about!  

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 10, 2015 "PJ The April 4, Web CastThis was the last web cast that I did before The Site went crazy. . . I shall continue to attempt to place up more works before I can't continue.  All is well with me these days, very busy and thanks to all of you that continue to support me.  hey, listen; stay into the word of God. . . 

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 2, 2015 "On Holy & Weak?" I understand, the 'Church" calls this a Holy Week".  I recall it as a personal call for me to reflect upon "My Creator"  This be no man, no woman, no thing which imitates.  if you listen in, it will all come together.  Tks!  

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 31, 2015 "Evangelical Bias"  I was in the studio listening to music and I came across an idea as I listen to the news.  Lets stop lying about what the church has done and is doing.  This may be a difficult cast for many of my listeners but PLEASE listen to the context of the cast. . Weigh it for yourself. . Thanks! PJ Have a great day. . . 

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 29, 2015 "Give You The Money?" We live in a money driven economy where the getting of the money is the only thing that counts.  Want to know what the results of the same are?  Listen in to this Sunday Morning truism.  Join your Internet Pastor as he shares with you what Is really going on. . . 

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 28, 2015 "How Did Hitler Control The Youth?" lf America comes through this void that we are commonly faced with we must regain our youth back to a solid state of sanity; there must be a look back into history that slowly drug us back into the abyss.  Folks we are in terrible shape.  Listen to this recent ethical insightful look  at how we lost without the power to re-gain confidence in our children.  As we continue to reflect.

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 27, 2015  How We Lost Our Youth I love going back in time to see if what I said a matter of months or years ago has come to pass.  This web cast will cause all of us to reflect opon the results of our abandoning of our children to this society.  For those of you that have no idea of the impact  of spiritual neglect, by the use of the scriptures you will see the decline.  I do appreciate you coming to the site.  I plan to re-post many od the past cast for reflection reasoning.  Know what that is?  Start listening.

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 21, 2015 "Emboldened" Some would tell me to give it up, NO!  I shall never give up that which causes me to live through the pain of what I am witnessing in my culture.  I shall not like so many others succumb towards apathy while the battle rages for the hears of men and women by an unseen enemy.  This web cast shall address this disposition that every true decent human being would embrace.  I am in no way pushing an idea of some religious order; rather a serious look at being the best human being we possibly can by giving honor to the creator.  If you snap at the chance to listen in do that sometime today.  Tks!  PJ   

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 19, 2015 "An Answer Is Required" I received in my mail a letter that I am going to read to you.  I will do my radio flair as I always do.  Some of you will not appreciate this cast, as a matter of fact If your pants are sagging, and your language is foul all of the time, If you have been raised by a third generation of people that have never had a job or worked, I am sure that you will see me as Satan.  Many of you also know that I love all people.  I have no reason not to love all of them.  There is a group of people in the culture that I love that is causing the worst behavior out of some of my neighbors who refuse to put up with the B- -  S- - - that spews out from pure ignorance.  If you have the guts, listen to today's web cast.  PJ   

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 17, 2015 "Holding On For Life" Thanks for dropping by today.  My admonition is just to hold on tight to those things that you know to be true in your heart.  Try not to look on those things that are happening in our society.  We have given it all away to the pleasure clown.  Seek out comfort from the places where it promises to satisfy your spiritual nature.  Try not to get caught up into the headlines like I have recently.  Attempt to give the correct account of why you do what is right from the biblical point of view that makes for a decent human being.  Judge yourself by your conscience as you open that book of books.  Weigh it through something that has been tested by others that have gone on before us.  Hold on to life, for that is where the ultimate joy reigns supreme.

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 15, 2015 "Psalms Eternal Lessons ps.69" I'm in the studio working on my fourth take so in the meantime . . . Listen to this older piece. . . Or maybe I'll try again.  I decided to give up feeling low about my country and just focus on those things that brings spiritual happiness. . . I shall forget the hatred that has taken over in the hearts of many of our citizens.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 11, 2015  "Aped By Media" If you have the guts to watch this so called Dr. Phil speak with this Nick guy, concerning the lives of Whitney Houston and daughter. . . My Comments follow . . 

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 9, 2015   "100 Years Not Much Different" This moving through time can be difficult.  Because in most cases, we do not realize what the future holds in store for us.  Just listen in and join me for the Monday Night Web-Cast.    

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 6, 2015 "Roll The Credits" I had an interesting last evening.  I retired early and was flipping through the TV box stations (I have no cable for TV)  TBN had the begging fake so called preacher that all of the silly ladies love to look at.  Listen to the above cast to get another insight.  Thanks for coming to listen to the cast.

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 3, 2015   "How Far Does Love Extend?" This presentation will challenge you to look far deeper than you have before about; "How far must I go with these people?"   sleepy, more on this cast on Wednesday . . . Good Night!

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 1, 2015  "The Home Front" The Poster Child of mine that I am proud to feature for this web cast.  If you are old enough to care, think about others this month.  OK, Lets make this a monthly event.  Care for others other than yourself.  This is the theme of the home front as Mario Canto is my best of success.  Enjoy and thanks for coming to the site.

Ram Radio The Web Cast Feb 26, 2015 "Earth To Heaven Come In"  Just a '31" min bite today. . . Off in a minute to work.  What does one do if your protégé refuses to listen; RIGHT, you kick him to the curb.  Success is hard to come by these days.  One of the major problems is that some people do not believe in self improvement.  What must one do?  Play close attention as you use that bible again. . . Thanks for coming to the site!!!  PJ 

Ram Radio The Web Cast Feb 21, 2015  "Show Me The Evidence"  As in most things; we ought to ask for evidence that demands a quick verdict.  While living daily and experiencing the toils of this life, can we find the evidence that following after God is our answer?  Not the following after being some strange feeling person that is seeking compromise in order to be loved by others; rather I would like to demonstrate only evidence that God can ease our tensions if we are truly responsive to abide in activity that is pleasing to the "Only wise God".  Stay Tuned. . 

Ram Radio The Web Cast Feb 20, 2015  "Lip Or Life Service"   Oh so many of uas at times gives this talk about God but if one really investigates the individuals words, there is NO correlation between the two objectives that this web cast will address.  Listen to this cast with an open mind, open heart; and an attitude to allow God to change that part of you that denies what reality has shown you thus far.  Grab your Bibles. . . I shall fill your head with scriptures to back up what I say!  PJ Your Internet Pastor . . . 

Ram Radio The Web Cast Feb 19, 2015   "Meeting In The Middle" Exhilarating is the words that express this second week of the spring semester.  Back in the day my life was filled with "Brothers".  Oh the hours I took to  love and nourish and enhance their lives.  Retired, or getting tired?  Never!!!!!  Listen in and discover how my satisfaction for interaction is fully satisfied.  I kid you not, I have discovered the secret of the teachers heart.  Come on with me and discover what happens when one meets in the middle.  I just listened to the cast. . . WOW!  It was amazing!  Listen for yourself.  Thanks for the prayers of the true believers these days.  And thanks to my students on that job of mine.  PJ   

Ram Radio The Web Cast Feb 17, 2015 "There are none so blind than they which refuse to see." I think that I should have been listening years ago instead of following people that were really fearful of finding out the truth.  Please take the time and listen to tonight's cast. . . Here is the information on the You Tube clip. Hassanain Rajabali at the IECOC Milad Al=Nabi 2015/1436. .  

Ram Radio The Web Cast Feb 16, 2015 "The New Make Over" I would like to introduce my listening audience to a new voice to some of you, a student of mine has premiered his "blog web cast".  I shall tell you more about this young man Henry Bins. Listen in and later on I shall give you the link so that you can go to his "Face book" page where you can connect to what he is saying.  he is a teacher, a father, a husband, and a man that loves God with all of his heart soul and mind.  I am so real with it.  I've been looking for one "Black Man" that loves God and that would take a style of argumentation and cause it to bring about a change in the ways that we all view God, Faith and the reality of a system that has been polluted.  I shall tell you more as I introduce you to this talented young man.  he is no "Clone" of mine.  We do not agree with everything each of us states, but we have a strong love for our people receiving truth in the face of error.  I would also kike to know how this young man does in your estimate.  (The Biblesvoice: Underground Truth in An Opinionated World)  Look Up this Face Book account and tune into Show #3021515  You can also go to his page; Henry Bins Jr.

Ram Radio The Web Cast Feb 13, 2015 "This Is My Fathers World" Who really is concerned about all of the peoples of this world?  Is there an entity some divine force that has created this great ball of a planet Earth and then sustained it through speaking to inhabitants in particular?  I am having a back and forth great conversation with a student of mine (Theology) concerning the faits of many that does not call on God by the same name.  No I am not straying from that which I shall always believe; rather I am expanding the love factor of my Divine Creator.  Listen in. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 11, 2007 A Cast From The Past; May 11, 2007  I have started to teach in the college this spring.  I am excited as I start a brand new semester.  My students are becoming introduced to me and as I share with them what I did in my life.  Being an apologist I uncover an awful lot of insight as I just read through the mail.  Enjoy this Cast From The Past!

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 8, 2015 "Is Life Worth The Living At "71" Music, Bible Joy Happiness NO!  I'm not a grumpy old man, I am a mature man of age and wisdom and I yet desire to share all of my wisdom with as many people as I can, Hope you enjoy the Sunday Web Cast. . . .  Join me for "My Birthday Thoughts."

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 7, 2015 "Real Freedom" It really only comes one way.  Try if you will, you will find that if one is really free, there is a change of plans that is uncanny is everyway possible.  Be sure to listen in to the Sunday broadcast.

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 5, 2015 "Moving On In The Spirit Of Christ"  (as opposed to crisis) Enjoy!  a little late computer problems. . . 

Ram Radio The Web Cast February 2, 2015 "Freeze Time In History"  Well, this is the start of Black History Monty.  You might be asking, what again!  Well, when one peers into the community which once was a vital aspect of growth and advancement; we might need to just settle for the simple things.  I quote from one of the greatest poets that came up from the community.  I also play an old 1978 piece from one of my best albums throughout my life.  Listen in and see if it makes right some wrongs that we have been taught.

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 30, 2015 "Finding Peace In A Confused World" (Soon Today) Now that indeed is a task worth the finding.  How does one do that in this day and age?  Your mind has the answers, and your heart knows that it is true.  Are you willing to go on this adventure?  Follow me on this cast, I shall try to the utmost to convince you of this historical classical and beautiful reality.  I think you will like some of the music I put together.  As you know, I am asking each of you to search your own hearts and discover why Love is so difficult.  Enjoy!  

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 27, 2015 "Confronting The Tension" I am daily confronting new situations in ways that demand total discipline.  Without discipline chaos happens.  What is it that keeps you on the brink?  This is a short cast. . . Missing a very important piece in the studio today and must re-capture it. . . I shall have more in the future for you. . But listen to Tim Shepherds way of dealing with the tention.  Thanks!

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 22, 2015 "We Noble Savages" How does one reconcile the bible with certain aspects of our lives?  I plan to answer the question with a bit of biblical logic and a bit of music which addresses the situation.  I am asking you to really listen to the new web cast.  In am fully aware of what most preachers would say to you.  I am speaking in the love that God gave me towards you.  It is best to listen in when you are alone.  Analyze the words that you hear.  Apply them to yourselves.  Keep everyone else out of the picture.  I realize that the music is rather dated, but it is the kind of music that drew me closer to God as I continue to grow in becoming a far better person than I could ever be.  I have this disposition.  If it worked for me, it will also work for you.  Traverl with me in the solo lane.  Confess your faults to God alone.  You do not require a priest, or cleric.  All it takesd is a serious listen and then to apply yourself to the words that you hear.  I love the fact that I can yet speak freely in our great country that seems to be going down hill. Hang tight people!!!  PJ 

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 21, 2015 "America Through The Eyes Of Love" I've discovered that music drives the people of this generation.  I have been successful in the past with the use of it, why not now.  I do not plan to do new music, but my pieces will be of such that there is a real talk message that can or might be applied.  Join me for the first of many dynamic web casts that will reflect my heart and soul as well as love for my culture which has captured my heart. . Thanks!

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 18, 2015 "A New Kind Of Church" I went to one of those poetry Jams last night  in a local Crenshaw social club.  Afterwards visited an all male function near my home.  I'm bursting to tell you about what I discovered.  Stay tuned.

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 16, 2015 "Keeping It So Real"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 14, 2015 "Ignoring Reality!"  We no longer desire to undertake in our minds what is happening all over the world.  We take most of our time watching that screen, the large one, you know what I'm talking about. . . Well today's discussion will cover the question, what really is the most important matter to be analyzed in our lives. . . tune in today for sure. . . ., . PJ

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 12, 2015 "A Jazzy Way To Inform"    I wanted to say hello. . all is well, just a bit lonely these days. . . 

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 6, 2015 "John E. Coleman & Ramie Lynch Open Mic" How would a conversation go between two men that were staunch conservative Christian black men who have fought for the right of biblical teaching.  Both Ramie and I reflect upon our faith and what has happened to it.  I will come back to the subject matter that I was discussing a few days ago.  I think you will enjoy an edited portion of our conversation.   PJ  

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 1, 2015 "The Blindness Factor" Welcome to my site.  Thanks you for the joy of being able to communicate with you the truths that I've been shown about the affects of how today's church has massively failed the community that they were sworn to serve; even unto death.  On this first cast. I plan to speak of how Satan has come into ourlives and devasteted practically all that biblical faith has stood for.  I recall in the pass that we would state; "if the Lord builds this house who shall be able to stand against it?   that Satan has launched a campaign so successful that no argument would survive the claim that we have been defeated by a subtle enemy that used Dopamine to drag us away from God.  Join me for the Blindness factor later on tonight if I can upload this piece.  Welcome to 2015; this is Pastor John in the Lucy Coleman Studio in Los Angeles, the city of tensile and the town of headed down.  PJ  

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 28, 2014 "Out With The Old And In With The New" This is the last week of 2014.  How many of us has gone on and never had a chance to really experience LIFE.  My discussion; up NOW!  Tech difficulty last evening. . . I ramble on on a few topics.  As you will be able to hear, I am or was not too enthused with many of the events in my America.  Venturing towards a more serious new year.

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 21-22, 2014 "Bring God Back"

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 20-21, 2014 "America!  The Greatest Country On Earth"  It is time to set the record right.  This is my birth country, I have never been denied an opportunity to succeed.  When something or someone got in the way, I just tried another avenue to get to the place that I desired only to find that there are others that cared for me enough to believe that I could contribute.  Now, listen to this web cast and get it right.  Thanks for tuning in. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 15, 2014 Reviewing Reality" I watched a movie tonight. . Man OH Man, did it mess with me.  Listen to tonight's cast and join me in thought as well as deeds of kindness. . . . Seek to discover as opposed to learning, there is a vast difference.  Come with me as I escape this mixed up system of transformation tranquility.

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 12, 2014 "The Fallacy Of Feminization" The thought here is that it is alright to think as a mature male.  At times we are brainwashed to think that if one takes the difficult route it has to be something wrong with the road map.  Not necessarily.  What are those deficits that cloud the issues these days?  Is it true that being a male in the ways we think and behave are dangerous?  I do not think that is so at all.  As a matter of fact; most men in this country under thirty years of age have not been given the green light to "THINK LIKE A MAN".  Listen closely as I align scriptures in a continuation of the ideas that were one ours without a raciest mentality that many conservatives display as they argue.  I'm telling you, we really need to turn on that light on the issue.  Enjoy! 

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 11, 2014 "Studying The Processes Of Feminization"  It was a subtle move; easily done through the processes of the media.  They were allowed to take away the simple life and speeded us up to desire the mundane.  Now there is no guarantee of alleviation; and we appear to be rocked asleep by these tragic events.   

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 10, 2014 "Why The Hate Anyway?" . . I was working on a web cast yesterday, and had to break away.  Upon arriving at the college, one of my students ask why I had not placed up a cast. . . so I thought that I would place it up.  I am seriously pondering the situations taking place in the country with these young and older black men dying at the hands of Anglos. . . . . It is quite upsetting.  Thought I'd arrive home and place it up.  I had dinner, and I can work a bit more before I retire.  (I will up load it now . . . 

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 5, 2014 "Defining Your (My) Faith Correctly"  What does it imply when you speak to others that identify yourself as a Christian?  Don't have the slightest idea?  Listen to this web cast, I dare you to! 

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 4, 2014 "The Solution Is Sure And Fixed"  I have watch all of the clips concerning the killings of black men in our society.  I respond to it all on this clip.  My frustration is obvious as you weigh my words.   I've been asked; 'What is the solution John, what might be done by us, people that say that we love, what can be done to stop the killing of black men in this country in this century that we live in?  Well, it may appear that the answer is a difficult one, but it is not.  The bible tells us that it is not by fource, or might, but by the spirit of the Lord!!!!!  BUT!  The solution is not in going to some church to hear a message about love, the solution is found in meeting and imparting something of value to this generation that has given up on the ESTABLISHMENT.  Just give me a minute to get all of my thoughts together, and you will be able to agree with me if you really love the community that we all live in; AMERICA.

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 2, 2014 "The Christmas Season 2014 Compromised"  What in the world will we find unique about this season?  I am not going to attempt to persuade you to believe in what I'm talking about, I plan to pass on to you what others have found by attempting to give you a fair approach without compromising what I know to be true.

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 1, 2014 "First Day Of The Month Graces"   Shorter but beneficial for your listening.  Discover afresh how just one act, one deed of affection can charge you.  My motto is; keep that positive disposition, and when someone is looking for the genuine article, your phone might start ringing.  And the Lord knew it all of the time.  Listen to my newer short webcast, got so much to do, you fill in the blanks.  PJ 

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 21, 2014 "That Intellectual Brother"  I was having a discussion with someone and the subject came up about the "Intellectual Brother".  What and who is he?  Do others in the "Hood" if you will accept this term; about where we live allow that intellect to flourish?  Now, this will be a web cast that will bring insight into the values of a good education and then a look at some of us intellectuals that seem to loose our way when life strikes.  Know This!  Life will strike you when you lease expect. . . Will that shake your intellect?  

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 20, 2014 "Like Wild Ass Animals"   Never allow it to be said that others view us in the inner cities in our ethnic individualism as wild ass animals.  But look at the behavior of our young people.  A formidable decline in social morals has led to our young people knocking each other out cold, our young women giving themselves to every taker, and many of our young men giving themselves in every way possible for the thrill of pleasure.  Not to mention our strange way that we entertain ourselves .  Today's web cast will cause each of us to think out loud about us as a community.  Listen in as I use scriptures to back up the point.  We Require a Spiritual solution to the blindfolding that has taken place over the past few years.     

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 18, 2014  "Join Me In My World View"

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 12, 2014 "A Student's Blunder"  What appeared to be a great weekend and end of easy work week was messed up when I received a call from a student of theology.  Take an hour and realize that I did the right thing!

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 9, 2014 "Dying To Self And Living For God" I got up this morning thinking about one of the best gospel groups on the planet today.  Im in the processes of planning the cast. . . Join me later on this morning as I prepare for my worship in the studio. . .   Well I finished the cast.  What an hour.  I am so glad that I listen afresh to the spirit of our Lord when He precludes my selfishness with the op to speak for His cause.  I realize that there are many today that no longer believe in contact with the Holy.  Ahhhhh; you see my friend when you really understand what it is to give true honor to out Lord, well just listen and appreciate the study that comes along with this music. . . . Thanks for coming to the site. . .PJ

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 4, 2014 "My Old Views Have Changed" The fact that I think clearer about who I am determines if I am always fully cognizant of my intentions.  You have got to listen in as I ponder deep thoughts from John Calvin. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast Archive Sermon "Mightier Than I"    This message was preached back in July of 1987  Listen to a strong voice bring a message that today is no longer listened to in our day and age.  Go back with me and listen afresh and allow your heart to listen to a called Pastor.  Thanks for coming to the site.  PJ    

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 19, 2014 "A Sunday Plea / A Portion Of Grace" (Now!I know that in our city there are circumstances that takes place in the lives of some of our citizens that leave them feeling helpless, and totally without hope.  I received a note today.  I will not go into the details, but I am putting together this special web cast especially for them.  They have a loved one in that jail downtown for at least two years now.  The family has been devastated.  I have been called upon to do something.  In this web cast I will provide some deep encouragement for the family.  I pray God that he provided for me strength and endurance to assist them in overcoming this difficult time.  Be sure to tune in and concentrate along with me to entreat God to work on the behalf of this Latina Family.  PJ

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 17, 2014 "A Plea From Your Brother In Humanity"   I guess I think far deeper than others about people.  I recently met a brother that had a life of stuff like I myself have worked for all of my natural life.  I took a number of hours and spoke with him and my heart goes out to him for I have lost contact.  Today's web cast will be rather strange.  As you know I am not in to entertaining anyone, but while I was a pastor, preaching and preparing formats there were times when I just could not reach the people.  It was during those times when the Spirit of God would come into me in a mighty strong way; and the next thing I knew, I was playing the character that I was attempting to get them to see as they sat in comfort in the church building.  Well; Saturday's web cast will be of this sort.  Please feel this moment with me as I prepare. . . . Tks. . .   

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 16, 2014 Really?  Can I Trust That Bible!  Thisy has been a great semester thus far teaching.  My students are trying to fully understand Philosophy, and to some it is very difficult, and to others. just insightful.  In my World Religions class we embarked upon Judaism and Christianity.  This presents the challenge of the Web Cast; Can We Really Trust This Bible.  I plan to give a complete detail analysis of this question.  I have not done this in years, and there may be someone out there that really desires to know the answers.  Thanks for coming to the site. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 13, 2014  "On The End Of An Age"  None of us desires to think about a time in our current history that would welcome an end of our age.  The more that I teach in this society, the more I can see the failure of our culture to sustain itself for the simple lack of the human characteristic to love.  Conversations are always nice, but when they come from the hearts of many of your students; it causes me to take a deep look into the culture and then I am forced to make my values fit snugly as I justify the future of my kind.  If you have time tonight, take about an hour and listen to me ponder what might be left of a pretty good start, but a piss poor ending, at the "End Of An Age" . . . 

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 10, 2014 "Nobel Peace Prize To A Woman And Man That Loves A Lot"  I had the opportunity to watch on CNN news the acceptance speech of a young lady that loves her country and the women of the country to sacrifice her life for their freedom to just be educated. . . You ought to watch the interview.

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 8, 2014  "Rampage The Movie"  I have never in my life seen a movie like this, it is no doubt what happens to weak minds that negate God and that which is decent.  Just Listen. . . . 

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 7, 2014 "The Way That Love Works"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 2, 2014 "Believing In Order To Understand" (Now)   Intelligent people cannot believe the myths of false religion.  I attempt to take it up a bit by providing evidence enough for you to determine for yourselves.  I think that you will find this hour interesting. Thanks for coming to the site.

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 1, 2014 "What is Religion From A Students Perspective"  I Know that this one will anger some of you devoted religious folks, but listen to the heart of a student who served his country well enough to tell it like it is.  I am desiring to assist many of you out there to stop playing God in the lives of others.  Love them right where they are.  if you look deep enough; you may see a light there, something that draws you to them in a loving kind way that outweighs all of the foolishness of tearing peoples lives apart.  Some of the ambiguities that makes up religion are addressed in this students short but unique paper.  Enjoy again with me the joy that I have when I make myself go to work way past the age of retirement.  I will never retire, for I never tire of assisting others in defining life, love and the joy of knowing truth.  PJ 

Ram Radio The Web Cast Sept 25, 2014 "A Place For Discussion" When asked by those that really know me, if I would perhaps return to the pulpit, I am resolved to say no with a very long explanation.  This web cast really addresses this issue.  I was looking at a lot of things last night and started the web cast on the 24th, but was moved to get some rest and then complete my thoughts on this day the 25th.  I think that as I continuously give answers why I will not place my life in harms way attempting to help a group of people that really do not require my assistance, would be the mode of a fool.  While speaking with two friends last night, one of over "40" years and another of just a few months, my thinking has become clearer.  For many of you that cannot pull yourselves away from organized traditional religion (minus that relationship with God Himself) listening to these words shall cause you to explode in your head.  It is going to be okay; believe me.  When the lights come on, and you see clearly, then and only will you understand my comments.  Much Love!  

Ram Radio The Web Cast Sept 23, 2014 "With A View Towards Persuasion"  I like to think that in every case in the lives of all people God works.  Ahhh Yes!  The idea itself is so rewarding.  If God is working then, there is a divine purpose in every event, act and example given in the lives of all human beings.  If we but allow this idea to influence us in every way, the thought of loving and being loved and loving others would not be such a problem in our society.  I do not believe that I will find one person that is a part of our culture that would not give into the idea of a loving kind heart.  What better way to conceive of this idea than to allow the word preserved so many years ago to guide us.  Allow this fresh approach to an outline written so many years ago my myself;  "I Did This!"  Oh the sould rings out clear.  Enjoy!  

Ram Radio The Web Cast An Archive Radio Broadcast Un-Disciplined Christianity Defined  Listening to the older cast is quite rewarding to me.  As I work in the office and then look back in history in order to determine if I have ever changed in my theology.  I shall from time to time re-listen and then ask you to engage in the very same process.  I would have you to know that my site is filled with wonderful biblical wisdom.  I have elected to play one of my many radio presentations.  it is difficult to hear these kinds of broadcast these days.  So much foolishness has filled the airways.  In this radio presentation that was dedicated to assisting guys in Prison in the inner cities.  Listen to these men that called in and allowed me to question their intentions.  Attempt to regulate your lives as you listen as an outsider.  I am in the processes of listening and placing these programs up.  Will you take the time and listen to the heart of individuals who were wanting to get the teaching right.  As I listen to this presentation I find myself saying; "Wow, John, get YOUR LIFE BACK ON TRACK!  Who is this man, Pastor John?  as we continue to listen, we learn from a man that will not get the writ wrong.  Enjoy!!!

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 18, 2014 "My Take On Dawkins & Krause"  A Student ask me to watch the movie; (Un-Believers)  Listen to the web cast in order to get the correct view of a God that they say they do not believe in.  Oh, This is going to be fun. . . . . 

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 17, 2014 "I'm Sorry, But The Bible Does Not Teach That!!  A student of mine called me on a particular matter and used the expression, "I did not know that the bible taught that?"  I pondered his statement on the way home from class last night and thought that I would do justice to the question at hand.  This will be a very serious cast and it is not for timid ears or hearts.. . . I shall attempt to have it up by 9:PM Pacific time.  Stay tuned!!!

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 16, 2014  "Another Brother Shot To Death From The Back" I am attempting to have a good day, but my mind is thinking; how would I feel if I were 22 and was seeking to enjoy my life when it is suddenly taken away by police officers of the LAW?  You must take the time and listen to today's cast.  Attempt to feel the loss of that Mother that has to remember every aspect of her child.  Shame on police with all of that power, only to use extreme force in the lives of men  . . . . I'm speechless. . . back to grading papers!!!

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 12, 2014 "The Conductor Rightly Conducts"  (Now!I am preparing for a very long day in my office.  I often listen to the classicals when grading papers.  I captured something that will add a bit of flame to my commentary yesterday about Biola.  If you are a lover of the classics you can fully understand what I am talking about.  I am doing my part to constantly remain diligent in calling out error.  Thanks for coming to the site. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 11a, 2014 "Biola Is Slipping Again"  I had to read the article again,  No!  I said this can't be true, who is running the camp in La Mirada?  Oh I see, now we can change the meaning of a term and get it to fit the "agenda" of the majority!  You have got to listen to this cast and decide for yourselves.  I will also read a letter that truly identifies what true Apologetics produces.   By the way, the school magazine pointed out that Rick Warren received an Hon. Doctorate at the largest graduation in the history of the school.  BIOLA HAS COMPROMISED ITSELF JUST LIKE I SAID.  DO YOU BELIEVE ME YET?   Thanks for tuning in. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 11, 2014 "Go Tell It And Die"  A strange way to get us up off of the sofa and tell our friends those serious things as opposed to the latest news by your national leaders.  Lets take some time out and discover if the tactics are worth the while!

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 9, 2014 "When You Have Been Infected With The Virus" Why are we so intrigued with today's headlines?  I think you ought to listen to the cast for today.  I woke up to the news on the computer, and that old Pastor John syndrome kicked in full force.  I try not to hyperventilate over issues that do not matter, but this is an important subject matter in light of the lack of understanding that so permeates our culture.  Listen afresh to the old man as he shares his wares on the current subject matter.  My prayer is that all of us might learn from the tragic mistakes of others that have not had the right kind of counseling.  Secular counseling does not deal with the depraved fallen nature of the human experience.  Attempting to weigh in without first analyzing why one is engaged with another persons "Viruses" is total insanity.  This web cast addresses the issue out front.  Yes, this cast is for minors also, they require this the most.  PJ        

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 7, 2014 "Afternoon Wisdom For Beginners" Just watch the video, get real with it on this Sunday. . . . Will you listen?  This is the way it is in my city. . And I love these young men, so darn talented, and telling it like it is!  I am not going to warn you about what you may hear on this vid.  Everything they are saying is true.  Reasons given in this vid are the cold hard facts of what our so called families have produced.  It is from the failed parenthood factor which has contributed to the insanity of our culture.  Thanks for coming to the site today.  PJ

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 5, 2014 "The Benefit Of The Right Kind Of Family" ( I only know where mine are, not the rest!) Attempt to watch the whole of the series as you listen to the special web cast being prepared.  How can we escape the fact that when your children does well; it is because you as a parent raised them correctly.  I have never, I mean never experienced a super negative from either of my daughters.  They have always blessed me with smiles and wonderful decisions in their lives.  This up-coming web cast will not becoming a bragging rights thing. rather a manifest token of how we might be able to see our children raised in this generation brings a smile to all of our faces.  Just listen in and attempt to get beyond my happiness about my girls, and adopted sons who are on their ways also.  Man, there is a tremendous benefit in rearing them correctly.  Some of the parents in the picture above have passed on, my wife being one of them; on the end holding my youngest in her arms.  The lady standing next to me is also gone and she raised many of the children in the picture.  Those were times when church was important.  Rap music had not come so strong on the minds of our young people.  Many have been taken captive by lifestyles that destroy the future of our seed.  Enjoy!  

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 4, 2014  "SHUT UP JESSIE LEE PETERSON; PLEASE!" When age creeps in on you, you think very hard about the things that govern your emotions.  One cannot help but think about those beautiful things that made you smile, the sad things that make you cry, or possibly those un-important things that causes others to dis-like the reality of their own necessary beings.  Today's web cast will identify why I am so depressed.  I am in the processes of placing the cast up, and then I shall ask you to do the thinking for yourselves.  Thanks for coming to the site.

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 1, 2014 Sunday Devotions In Private With God's Word"   What happens when you get up in the morning and all that you have on your mind is God, righteousness and the seeking of forgiveness for being so blessed by God?  Well; the natural thing for me to do is to pick up my bible and see what God woudl say to me out of the blue.  I would like to share with you what God is saying to be through the reading of my bible.  I feel this way most everyday of my life as I with mystery seek to discover how I shall end up these times alone with him.  Join me is you will . . . . (In the processes of producing the cast)

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 31, 2014 Archive Sermon "The Way We Are"  Psalm 128:1-4" preached in the year 1996. Look at the church and society now.   I have come to the conclusion that I no longer have to preach, I have enough on my site to satisfy those of you that are really desiring to come into contact with God's truth; NOT MY TRUTH.  The preachers that you have set in front of you have pimped you for everything that we use to think was reasonable.  Listen to the entire discourse.  Marc Ramsey and I start off by addressing the situations confronting our society.  If you want real preaching, continue to come to my site.  Scroll down this page and listen to asy of my messages, and you will hear things that you will never hear in your local churches.  Use your minds people; come to it, church today is a joke.  Let me know what you learned from taking time to get the message right.  Parents, please sit down with your children and define life for them.  Listen to the illustrations and compare today with this message which was preached almost "20" years ago.  What have we done people, what have we done?

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 30, 2014 "Break Every Chain; REALLY?" 

I've tried to stay away from doing web cast like this last one that I placed up.  I told myself that I would stop wasting time attempting to educate many of you that have been deceived by the Mega-Church fallacy.  Seriously, if you had any idea of what 2,000 year old Christianity is not what is practiced in our black churches today.  A friend sent me a clip that I am featuring on this web cast, and it brought back to mind the reasons why I will no longer attend  what many people call worship in the black church.  To view this vid, while listening to the literally stupid things that John Jenkins is saying has been a challenge for me in that it is no wonder that most of today's preachers are seeking to do ministry in this way. This "Break Every Chain" video ishall remain in my mind the reason justified to abandon all associations with such persons.  Really, it has been a couple of years that I have not viewed these kinds of things, but today, after viewing it; I remain justified.  Please listen for yourselves.  Thanks for coming to the site.

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 29, 2014 "World Wide Chaos" 

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 19, 2011 With Justice And Liberty For All" I found this cast one of the best I've done.  Re listen and see how far we have traveled.

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 25, 2014 "On Human Nature" We need not listen afresh to the arguments concerning our natures. . . Oh help us Lord!!!  I had a man tell me that some folks in the church told him that he was headed to hell; simply based upon their stand against his human nature.  Take a bit of time with me tonight while I address this situation in the Lucy Coleman Studio . . . . . . 

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 23, 2014  "When You Admit You Can't"  Break throughs are openings afresh of a man's heart as he expresses, OK, I want to get better.  Enjoy another heartfelt studio visit by me to you as I express the joys of this life that God has granted me to live. 

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 21, 2014 "Words Of Wisdom / A Mind Holding It's Place I just loved doing this hour.  knowing that all of this information will bless you if you take it in is just amazing to me.  Younger men ought to discover ways that they can regenerate fresh ideas about life un-blocked by old traditions that work in their proper perpectives.  John me today for another exciting hour.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 20, 2014 "The Nature Of Men That Fail"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 19, 2014  "A Premium On Ignorance"   Our nation is faced with one of it's most serious decisions.  "What do we do with the racial tensions that has existed throughout the historical construct of our culture.  Most of the population will not be able to contend with the difficulty without first becoming neutral and slowing down to analyze correctly every move, idea or calculation made by any individual.  This mornings web cast directs us back to the processes of thinking through circumstances before reacting.  it matters not what sides of the issue that you subscribe to; Don't remain ignorant to the hidden ideas that powerful people with subscribe you to.  Think for yourselves out loud if you will; at impossible  communication in the face of real dangers.   After looking at the news on the computer, I thought that I would make this web cast.  let me know what your thoughts are on this issue.  PJ      

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 15, 2014 RRL Aug 18 2014 Show Me your True Colors.mp3 (Now) I am really enjoying my vacation between getting ready to go back to work.  it appears that the Brown shooting has much more to the story.  Right off bat, I have no apology or thoughts of understanding when a person shows out rightly that they are fake.  Tears mean nothing to the man that feels deeply about another man pain; especially when that pain has been afflicted by deceit, which is a central characteristic of all depraved creatures.  I see a teen lying in the streets, bleeding but I see something else, Retribution for acts that demand divine consequence.  Web Cast to follow.  PJ

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 13, 2014 "Bottom Line Apologetics Defined" I have been on the Internet for the past few days.  I have been trying to get my school work done, but I am drawn back to the things that I was doing for years on this site.  I've got to tell you if you do not see the signs of the time, you my friend are blind.  I was out in the office (The place where I did bible studies for years in my home)  I found a text that was first published in 1923.  Trust me, I have the only copy.  For years I ignored this little leather bound text for those of the modern day evangelicals.  I was greatly mistaken.  his may be the web cast that sees me out of this world.  I dislike my country, its principals are alien to me.  I love what she stood for in the past, but in this un-godly present; I find no favor.  I do late night web cast again.  A good glass of red assist me as share with you wisdom from a man that lived and wrote this text some '91' years ago. I am OK, if you get my drift.  I was speaking with a friend of mine on one of these Mac "I" phones, and someone came on our line and was listening in.  I am not dreaming.  He was in his car and strange numbers showed up on his Bluetooth as we were speaking.  I will speak about this later in the web cast.  People listen to me.  Our freedoms have been systematically taken away, and I care less about it.  It may appear that we are loosing in this war, but you know just as I do, God still reigns. . . as you will hear in a few.  Thanks for coming to the site.

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 12, 2014 What Is A Man Pt. Pt 6 The Wounded Male"    Listen in as I continue the discussion as well as give you some news analysis!  This web cast leads me freely into the next one.  Hey, if you liked this one, just move up the list people.  Much Love!

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 11, 2014 "Social Unrest / Law Enforcement"  (Now!This presentation with address basically two issues.  Which one suits your fancies?  This is a cast that the faint in heart will hate.  The subject matter is from the head of a man that realizes the world that he now lives in.  If you agree, or not, all of what you will hear on this hour is true.  Enjoy!  PJ  i would like to share with you a fact. . . . The powers that be are waiting for one spark to engage their forces to enslave us.  St Louis could be that spark.  These powers realize that black people as Jewish people, as Hispanics will not put up with injustice.  These powers are speaking through the media.  Movies and ideas.  I will not engage in assisting your mind towards understanding the spirit of this wicked age.  the poor people of St Louis need to consider the greater cause that our nation is preparing it citizens.  I would ask you to investigate the name of "Bill Cooper".  He is not dead, shot to death as he would say for telling the truth.  I guess that can be saisd of me also.  I am reacting to the events taking place within our society, just like you are.  Please know that America is running out of time in terms of our economy; and we must not forget that the racial tension in this country is the tool that could be used by these forces to engage in an all out take over of our society.  As for this Bill Cooper guy; I have read and listen to various clips, but if you type in MEET BILL COOPER:  . . . .the piece is One hour and eleven minutes.  Check it out for yourself.  This guy is dead, but as I watch the video, I am asking questions about my life and society.  I think these ideas make for wisdom.  Wisdom is a very lost art in this country.  We would rather believe what ever we see on our big screens served with pop-corn.  My mind has been free especially after I cut off the Television signal from placing poison in my mind.  Wake up, come to realizing that things will never be the same.  Watch what happens to the citizens in not only St Louis, but all over this land as we see more regression in the lives of the population.

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 9, 2014 "My Impromptu Interview Listening And Learning  This is a must listen. . . uploading right now. . . stay up  . . . . I just listened to this piece.  Kind of rocky at the start, rough around the edges for the faint in heart.  You needed you to see how I speak to a generation that are desperate to speak to adults about their lives.  Listen to Myi and her man share how my life is just like theirs.  They came by to visit friends of theirs and the young man was off to college along with her college here in Los Angeles . . . Just take the time out and understand what they are attempting to communicate with us.  Thanks for taking that time friends. . . . PJ

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 6, 2014 "What Makes A Man"  Gibber or Fibber  Pt. 4 (Now) If you call me and you know my # I'll place you on tonight's cast. . . . Start calling right now. . . . Tks!. . PJ

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 4, 2014 "What Makes A Male Pt. 3"  I shall continue with this series.  I am having a ball speaking about this and I made a new friend from New York who has purchased the text and is following along with me as I teach this month.  Come on, get on board people and appreciate what is identified as a male.

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 3, 2014 "Face To Face" / The Fight Goes On  Today's cast is very special to me.  I am planning to have a discussion with a young man that has gone through a heck of a lot.  I want to show progression of the movement that God has led me into as I constantly attempt to develop the lives of young men around me.  I am so pleased that God provides for me the opportunity to bless young men's life, through long term involvement.  On cannot be successful unless I place within these young hearts real hope.  Hope by way of pressure and maturation.  let me know what you think about this cast, or if you really understand what I am attempting to do in the lives of these young men.  Thanks!    

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 1, 2014 "Spiritual Formation" / The New Theology My Alma Mater Talbot School Of Theology is drenched in this lie, Listen in and take the view from "Old School"   I have more than enough time to address this plague that has over taken men who were suppose to be defenders of the biblical agenda.  First of all one cannot mix the truth with error.  Either a thing is right, or it is wrong.  Spiritual formation when it engages in a man God relationship without first addressing the total depravity of our species is insane.  I promise yopu this will not be a rant of a sort, just question taken from the very web page of my school.  Lets see how I would engage this modern era educational theological mess that has taken over in Christian colleges and universities.  We have watched in horror the decline.  I have witnessed the change for years, and I thought that it is about time to address the malady. Thanks for taking the time as I attempt to address the situation.  PJ  

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 31, 2014  "What Makes you A Male Pt. 2  I start off the web cast by mentioning Ray Rice That plays for the Baltimore Ravens.  You know, the one that knocked out his wife and drug her out of an elevator, caught on film, only a "Two Game Suspension!?%%$$#@@#$%^&*(())_  That is the way my brain went!  Tune into the Web Cast!!! Later on this afternoon.

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 30, 2014 "What Makes You A Male?  Pt. 1   I informed you that I was going to speak on this issue.  There is so much superstition in today's church about male and male sexuality.  This web cast will answer many of your questions concerning this very important subject matter.  If you are sensitive to language that discloses reality.  Don't listen in.  If you are interested in your children learning what the bible says as opposed to what Pastor john says, listen in to today's cast.  Thanks PJ

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 27, 2014  "Searching & Finding" We have hope and trust placed into motion as we go from day to day.  The question is do we fully recognize God in the mix of things.  Is there some divine power driving everything?  The big question is are we searching and then finding?  If these practices no longer take place what is the outcome of a life without some kind of divine protector.  

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 23, 2014 "Judge According To Who?"   My experience with people is that they are forever Un-Sure of who they are.  Many people attempt to do life by relating to others.  Please stop that!  There is no person greater than the person that you are.  When one comes to discern reality from a phone conversation, relaying that phone call as an answer from God? . . (Are you completely confused by now?  That person is truly blessed.  Just take the time and tune in to this web cast.  Thanks for coming to the site. . .

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 21, 2014 "Come On John, It's Just Over, Give It Up!" (Now!We live in a day and age when most people I know just totally give up.  We have a way of looking at the human experience and kind of thinking, there is no longer any God to govern anything.  Well I am not giving up.  Listen to this very timely web cast and discover for yourself, just where you are in the mix.  Come on, is it really over?  i think not!!!

You Tube Preaching & Teaching Clips By PJ   Thanks for coming to the site.  If you would like to see some of my work theologically over the many years that I was pastoring; you may want to tap the projector.  This will take you to about "500" clips of mine over the many years of my service to the faith that I yet ascribe.  If you do not see the benefit; share that with me also.  I yet believe that if one is to really live this life; one has to accept the dependability of the sacred scriptures.   If you find the time; go there and just listen and allow the Spirit of the meaning of this site have it's way in your hearts.  Take this dose of theology and see how it engages your heart.  Thanks!   PJ

How Far Have We (me included) Fallen As A Nation In 2015 

Diagnosis; Unsustainable Under Any Circumstance

By John E. Coleman

Attempting to be silent when it is time to shout is where I am today.  Why give way to others that have no idea why you behave in the way that you do.  (through the refusal to engage through wisdom)  When attempting to explain a situation that the other person does not desire to come into compliance with is totally nonsense.  (Stop attempting to bridge a gap that is totally inconceivable, impossible to cross)  What are we to do?  Ought we to re-discover how to create the wheel?  No, that is not the answer, it is time to move on to peace and satisfaction within the realm that one is use to living in.  (In others words, if you have found a greater peace when orchestrating ones own life, stay there!)  I like that fact that I can take of all that I have worked for and placer it within the correct diagnosis; the correct context if you will.  Moving in this direction protects you against stagnation and depreciation which I have witness in the lives of many that trusted in human depravity.  Gaining the momentum in every situation is what one does if one is to ever become successful at being the person that one deserves to be.  Never live your life according to the others person’s agenda.  No one has the right to set an agenda; unless they earn the right to do so.  Giving way to such behavior rewards entitlement.  I do not know how to do that.  I have never received anything for nothing.  That is called welfare.  God has blessed me with a mind that is equipped to work, think and persuade younger men to think in this way, for this is the right way of thinking.  If there is a failure in achieving this quality of life, it must always lie in the corner of the unthinking person’s mind; When another person is  ‘unconnected to reality’ is what I call it; we must never be led astray by such thinking.  Lets “Keep It Tight!”   Just an older man thinking is order to stay out of the house of liberalism.  My thoughts . . . Now what are yours on this subject matter?

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 15, 2014 "The Role Of Us Alone"

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 11, 2014 "Rambunctiously Right"  Hard cold facts is what it will take in order to gain one's full attention.  I am really trusting that you listen in and gain that perspective from an older wiser individual that has tried the waters and found that God is yet influencing others in our society, it just takes a bit of time for some to gain all of the needed subject material.  Enjoy!  PJ; Your Internet Pastor. . . . 

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 8, 2014 "A Study On Power"  I thought you would appreciate this piece produced so many years ago.  While in the office and working in an environment of peace a quite, I reflected on this one man's character and his ability to withstand great temptation.  ITS READING TIME!   

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 7, 2014  "When Indifference Reigns Supreme" We really do not desire to change in our hearts towards others needs; Now, I realize that many of my old church friends are saying; "There he goes again!"  I only ask that you listen in and analyze for yourselves.  Those of you Pastors, listen in and know that you and I will be judged more severely then those innocents that some of our messages have damaged for life.  Many men today speak as God has spoken; when in reality God has been silent.  I have never, nor will I ever attempt to be something that I am not.  I feel that there is coming a day when truth will be silenced in this great land of ours.  The system is highly based upon that evil process of "the whole".  I get a bit into that also on this July's first web cast of 2014.

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 29, 2014  "DIFFERENCES OF OPINION"  I speak as a man that knows where he is.  I live with this all around me.  Travel with me as I ask you to assist me in constantly seeking that freedom that our Lord promised all of us?  Differences presents a factual answer for those of you that have found churches to be that uncomfortable place where love just can't quite rise to the level of actuality.  Thanks for coming to my site.   

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 26, 2014 "Direction; Delayed"  Today brought many answers to my confused mind from people I would least expect words.  Be sure to listen in.  PJ

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 20 & 21, 2014 "God's Will Revealed" 

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 19, 2014  "The Crisis Of Un-Biblical Education"    I received my copy of Biola's Magazine, and after glancing at some of the articles; I thought that I might clue you in on a few more things. . . 

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 9, 2014 "Digging Deeper For The Truth"

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 2014 June 6, 1944 to June 6, 2014  This was a time when war was necessary.  The men that gave their lives away that we might experience freedom.  This is an important web cast for those of us that have an idea that God would be pleased in our freeing humanity from the evils of human nature.  Try to tune in a gain a perspective from an older guy that was alive when many of you were not.  Just try to understand why this is an emotional moment for me in the Lucy Coleman studio. . . 

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 1, 2014  "The First Sunday"    This is a very special day for those of us that say that we believe.  There are rituals that we keep for the sake of memory and joy.  It is when we remember the ultimate sacrifice that we place forth in our hearts towards our Lord.  I think that I shall speak about that as i prepare to receive this sacrament.  With bible verses and all as I remember from 1st Century style. . . . .  I just finished the cast. . . and I really think that you will enjoy today's look back at historical Christianity with a twist to win others to the saving message of God in real talk!  Enjoy! 

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 27, 2014 "A Friendly Kind Of Love"

Listen In Right Now To The Latest Web Cast Below I fully understand.  You do not attend to reading, it tires you out.  I have a suggestion, how about just listening to hundreds of hours of biblical messages that covers almost everything in the imagination.  Scroll down the page and see for yourself.  I am attempting to place all of my audio sound pieces that have not been compromised up on my site.  The time is nearing for our beloved faith to take a back seat to the New World Order.  We have moved into a socialistic arena where people no longer think for themselves, but have followed the heard instinct mentality.  I do not really believe that I am the only person yet holding to the faith in it's consistency; rather these hours of discourse have been compiled to bring forth an advantage for the true born again Believer (1st Century style Christian) to flourish.  I shall continue to attempt to place clips up as I have the time and energy to do so.  Please stay encouraged as you along with myself witness the demise of our moral society.  As I said at the top of this piece; "I Fully Understand".  Pastor John E. Coleman Into The Word Apologetics

Ram Radio The Web Cast January   30, 2014  "Be Thankful For What You've Have"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 25, 2014 "Closing Thoughts" Philemon The Book  

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 23, 2014 "Results Of A Real Change"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 21, 2014 Mario Canto Interview From World Travels     

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 17, 2014 "Misconceptions Abound"  Philemon Vs 1-9 (

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 15, 2014 "Taking Hold Of Life"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 13, 2014 "The Truth About Abandonment"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 10, 2014 My Successor Announced 

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 9, 2014  Brother Eruption Defined  

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 8, 2014 "God Is Offended" Pt. 2  

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 7, 2014 "God Is Offended"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 6, 2014 "The Man Called To Proclaim"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast January 2, 2014 Driving The Point Clearly through The Wood!  

Ram Radio The Web Cast The Sunday Lecture Analysis Of My Professional Year  

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 27, 2013 In With The New  

Ram Radio The Web Cast "Speaking Freely"

Ram Radio The Web Cast Explaining My Decision To Downsize

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 9, 2013 Romans Part "4"

Ram Radio The Web Cast "Put To The Test" James 1:21-27  

 Ram Radio The Web Cast December 7, 2013  Weekend Update  

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 3, 2013  Romans Pt. "3"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 2, 2013 Conversations With My Students  

Ram Radio The Web Cast December 1, 2013 The Death Of Paul Crouch Gone At 79 

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 30, 2013 Romans Pt. "2" Interpretation A Must 

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 27, 2013 Taking A Well Needed Reading Grading Break 

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 26, 3013  Romans Pt. 1

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 24, 2013 If You Are Called To Speak For Him Listen In 

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 22, 2013 "When We Push Our Last Argument" 

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 20, 2013 The Holidays Approach And Nothing Has Change   

Ram Radio The Web Cast  Sunday November 18, 2013 Movies / Lessons & Culture  

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 12, 2013 "Clarifying Genuine Love"   

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 11, 2013 My Sunday Message In Spite of Loss  

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 7, 2013 JMJ Mark Of The Beast A Major Departure; What Think Ye?  

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 6, 2013 A World Full Of Chaos "Fully Predicted"

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 5, 2013 Knowing Who You Are Alone With Genuine Faith (Now!)

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 1, 2013 Updates And Insights From PJ  

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 29, 2013 Empty Religion / Last Nights Phone Call  

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 28, 2013 "Hang On A Train For Life And God"

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 23, 2013 Mans Moral Law or God's?  

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 22, 2013 "What Are You Striving For?"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 20, 2013  "Coming To Grips With Truth In Reality As Opposed To Fakery"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 18, 2013 "The Marks Of A Good Soldier!"    

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 17, 2013 "Responding to the Fred Butler Blog!"   

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 15, 2013 "Being Wise When You Are So Very Young . . Tis Possible"

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 11, 2013  "Let Me Hit The Stop Button" 2nd John 1:7-10

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 10, 2013 "What Has Love To Do With It"

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 8, 2013 Ma Ma, Look What They Have Done! 

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 5, 2013 "The Power Of Engaging The Historical Jesus"

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 4, 2013  Devonte Anderson Interview Pt. 1  

Ram Radio The Web Cast October , 2013  Update To An Ending    

Ram Radio The Web Cast Sept 26, 2013  "A Road Less Taken" 

Ram Radio The Web Cast Sept 23, 2013 Consistent Parenting Is Rare These Days  

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 22, 2013 "Awe, A Disposition Relegated To Obscurity"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 20, 2013 "Breathing Easy In A Congested Area Of Pollution"

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 17, 2013 "Think It Not Strange"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 11, 2013 "Time Waits For No One"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 10, 2013  "Accepting Reality With A Smile"  John 14:23-24    

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 8, 2013 "What I Miss About Going To Church"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 7, 2013 The Society Of Change Has Overwhelmed Me  

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 19, 2013 "Optimist Or Not"

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 1, 2013  Life In Review

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 31, 2013 Is Marriage A Thing of The Past  

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 26, 2013 Where Has Deep Thought Gone These Days?  

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 25, 2013 Office School Update

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 20, 2013  "My New Look; Defined!" 

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 18, 2013 "Hocus Pocus  Questioned"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 16, 2013 Summer Update  

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 11, 2013  What's A Person To Do If They Never Exp. Love?  

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 8, 2013 Completely Incompatible  

Ram Radio The Web Cast   "Defining Sexual Sin; It Is About Time PJ"

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 6, 2013 "The Parent Trap"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 4, 2013 First Sunday Thoughts On Relationships & Reality  

Ram Radio The Web Cast Archive Lucy Coleman Studio Presentation: "August 20, 2009 / Defining Your New Birth:   Pt. 1  Pt. 2  Pt. 3

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 9, 2013 "Still Listening"

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 8, 2013 "Grooming The Disciple" 

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 7, 2013 Sunday Encouragement "Listening To God" 

Ram Radio The Web Cast A Special Ram Request On July 4, 2013Independence Day  "Why Trust God?"  For Kimberly A Dear Friend 

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 3, 2013 "WHAT HAPPENED?"

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 1, 2013 "The Ultimate Betrayal Of A Child Is A Parent Hooked On Drugs"

 Ram Radio The Web Cast June 29, 2013  "Anoetos" 

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 28, 2013 Archive Sermon Way back In 1990  "Watch Out Preacher"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 1, 2013 "God's Will Further Down The Line"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 25, 2013 Just Be Honest About It!  

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 14, 2013 Sunday Sermon Archive: The Model Father"

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 24, 2013  "Zeroing In On One Human Being"

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 21, 2013 Sunday's Musings On Tribal Difficulties

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 19, 2013 "On Being Tribal And Affective"

  Ram Radio The Web Cast July 17, 2013 "Recommendations Declined" 

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 21, 2013  "Keeping The Focus" 

Ram Radio The Web Cast Theological Musings Sunday's Visit

Ram Radio The Web Cast Archive Sermon "For The Sake Of Building Up" 2nd Cor. 10-1-10  

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 27, 2013 "You Want Excitement?"    

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 26, 2013 "Tell Me, How Can A "21" Year Old Keep His Way Pure?"   

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 24, 2013 "My Weekend"   

Ram Radio The Web Cast Sunday June 23, 2013 Sermon 'Seven Ways To Sanctify Yourself  

Ram Radio The Web Cast  "Yet A Few" 

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 13, 2013 "Cautioned!  Called By God" Archive May 1993 

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 12, 2013  "A History Lesson"

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 11, 2013  No Self Pity Pt. 2

Ram Radio The Web Cast July 10, 2013  No Self Pity Pt. 1

Father's Day Ram Radio Radio Archive Presentation June 16, 2013 KKLA Pt. 1  KKLA Pt. 2

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 13, 2013 "Analyzing Me (You) From The Biblical Perspective"

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 12, 2013 A Sanctified Testimonial Part "2" 

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 11, 2013 A Sanctified Testimonial Part "1"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 10, 2013 "When Giving Up Is No Option" 

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 8, 2013 Sunday Meditations And Issues

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 6, 2013 "Me & My Girls"   

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 5, 2013  "Talking Bout Love!"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 2, 2013 "Ready To Go"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast June 1, 2013  "Searching For Satisfaction"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 31. 2013 "On Creation And Setting The record Right"

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 28, 2013 "Avoiding The Drop Off"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast  The Sunday Bible Study May 26, 2013 "Personal Growth"

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 24, 2013 Alone With God In Meditation, Worth The Time! 

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 21, 2013 "Striving To Keep His Word"

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 17, 2013 "KNOWLEDGE"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 14, 2013  "Can God?"  Yes, God Can!  

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 11, 2013 "The Greatest Stories Ever Told"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 10, 2013 Real Talk On 2nd Kings Pt. 1

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 10, 2013 Real Talk On 2nd Kings Pt. 2  

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 7, 2013 "Stop Fighting What Is Set Before You John"    

Ram Radio The Web Cast Sermon Archive May 5, 2013 "Prayer Our Mode Of Operation"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 4, 2013 "How Can I Really Resist Evil?  

Ram Radio The Web Cast May 3, 2013 "Why Did Christ become A Man?"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 30, 2013 On Human Nature

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 26, 2013 "On Loving God"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 22, 2013  a hear me out monday evening:

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 21,2013  Archive Sunday Sermon "Is It Just My Imagination"?   

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 19, 2013  "There Is A Fear Of Telling The Truth"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 15, 2013 "Bartering For Wisdom"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 14, 2013 The Sunday Sermon "Flexibility

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 13, 2013 Wanted!  Holiness, And The Fight To Obtain It  

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 12, 2013 "Don't Play Around With The Woman You Staying With"

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 10, 2013 "Keep On Talking PJ"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast The Sunday Sermon April 7, 3013  Quickened To Life!  Ephesians 2:1-4  

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 3, 2013 "When You Come To The End Of Your Journey"

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 2, 2013 "Wake Up"  Defining Ministry Thesis  

Ram Radio The Web Cast April 1, 2013  "My Easter Visit"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 29, 2013 "Describing Christian Disability"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 28, 2013 "Why Spring Break"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 23, 2013  My Saturday Night Chat

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 22, 2013  "Directions For Raising Your Sons In America Today"  (Now!)

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 19, 2013 "All For The Right Reasons"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 17, 2013  "I Give Myself For You"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 15, 2013 "What Did It Imply To The First Readers?"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 11, 2013  I Am No Man's Clone!   

Ram Radio The Web Cast March 9, 2013 "Enjoying Your Life"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast  March 8, 2013  Limited Cast Due To Work Schedule 

Ram Radio The Web Cast Sunday Live Sermon Bible Study Romans 2:  All Of Us Are Guilty (Now!)

Ram Radio The Web Cast Marching On With Great Expectations 

Ram Radio The Web Cast Feb. 26, 2013 Romans Study Pt. 3

Ram Radio The Web Cast Extra February 26, 2013 Love Flows Like A River / Lessons In Love From PJ

Ram radio The Web Cast February 25, 2013 Romans 1:1c-15 Study # 2

Ram Radio The Sunday Feb. 24, 2013 Archive Sermon "February 27, 1983 "Called To Obey The Gospel"

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Ram Radio The Web Cast Feb. 22, 2013  Romans Study "Ready For Rome" 

Ram Radio The Web Cast Feb. 19, 2013 "Spiritual Detours"

Ram Radio The Web Cast Feb. 18, 2013 "So Just Give Them A Party Place!"

Ram Radio Archive Sunday Sermon Prayer; Modus Operandi!

Ram Radio The Web Cast  "When You Do Not Have A Special Person To Love" 

Ram Radio The Web Cast "I Can't Go Back" SOLD OUT!  (Now!)

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Ram Radio Sunday Sermon The Web Cast Feb. 10, 2013  "IF" 

 Ram Radio The Web Cast Feb. 11, 2013  Preview Dr. Benjamin Carson

Ram Radio The Web Cast Feb. 7, 2013  Thursday's Musings Psm. 115

On The Death Of A Friend Brother Ricardo Has Gone To be With Our Lord

Ram Radio The Sunday Sermon "Letters From Our Heart" What Is Your Life All About? SUPER BOWL  

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Ram Radio The Web Cast Feb. 5. 2013 "If The Lord Is Willing?!"

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Ram Radio The Web Cast January 21, 2013 "As Time Changes, So Must We!"

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The Sunday Sermon From The Archives "Words For The Confident"

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 Ram Radio The Web Cast December 20, 2012  Proverbs 3:1-15 reflections

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Ram Radio The Web Cast Dec. 16, 2012 Sunday Sermon "All Of Us Are Guilty" 

Ram Radio The Web Cast Dec. 14, 2012 "The Shooting"

Ram Radio The Web Cast Dec. 12, 2012  Proverbs 15:1-13

Ram Radio the Web cast Dec. 11, 2012 "Start Over" 

Ram Radio The Monday  Web Cast Dec. 10, 2012 Philippians 2:1-10

Ram Radio The Sunday  Web Cast Dec. 9, 2012 "Service" Romans 12:1-2

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Ram Radio The Web Cast December 6, 2012 Coming On Christmas

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The Sunday Sermon Archive Dec. 2, 2012   "A Life Of Obedience"

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Ram Radio The Web Cast November 27, 2012 "The Authority Of The Father Figure"

Ram Radio The Web Cast Monday November 26, 2012  "The Status Of Our Inner City Churches"

The Sunday Archive Sermon For November 25, 2012 "A Declaration Of God's Love"  Romans 5:6-11

Ram Radio The Web Cast Saturday November 24, 2012 "When They Leave You For Dead" Acts 14:19-22

Ram Radio The Web Cast Friday November 23, 2012 "Post Turkey Commentary" 

Ram Radio The Web Cast Tuesday Nov. 20, 2012 Examples Of Getting Over Stuff!

Ram Radio The Web Cast Monday Nov. 19, 2012  "Power Serge Blew Out One Computer"

Ram Radio The Sunday Sermon Archive: Nov 18,2012 "When God Justifies You"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast Saturday Night Live November 17, 2012  Tips In Teaching

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Ram Radio The Web Cast Thursday November 15, 2012 "Standing Firm On Shifting Sand"

Ram Radio The Web Cast Wednesday November 14, 2012 "Metamorphosis"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast Tuesday November 13, 2012 Study On Grace & Giving

Ram Radio The Web Cast Monday November 12, 2012 The State Of Our Connectedness To God

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 2,2012 Updated Storm Analysis And Personal Comments (Now!)

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 1, 2012 "John 15:9-14"  Defining Today's News

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 31,2012  "God Bless America, PLEASE!" 

The Sunday Sermon / From The Archives: "An Example Of Christian Mission"

Saturday Night 11-10-12/ Almost Live / Defining The Evil Of The Wrong Way/ now!

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 9, 2012 "John 15:14-27"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 7. 2012 "My Young Champ Is A Winner 

Ram Radio The Web Cast November 6, 2012 "Fitting Into The Whole Of Things" 

Ram Radio The Web Cast The Sunday Sermon November 4, 2012 "The Way We Are"  Psalm 128:1-4

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 19, 2012  "The Loss of Our Children?" 

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 17, 2012  "Hell" (Now!

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 15, 2012 "Monday's Musings From PJ"

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Ram Radio The Web Cast October 10, 2012  "Love Will Pull Us Together" 

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 9, 2012 "Admonitions For Our Living" 

Ram Radio The Web Cast Saturday October 27, 2012 "Jesus' Life In me John 15:5-8" 

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 26, 2012  "Do All For The Glory Of God / John 15:1-4"

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 13, 2012 "Globalism Is Not Working These Days" 

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 12, 2012  Colossians 2:1-2  Gaining A Full Understanding of God

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 11, 2012 "A Day To Remember"

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 21, 2012 "Analyzing John 13:1-10" 

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 19, 2012 Just staying In Contact with those age old truths

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Ram Radio The Web Cast September 16 Sunday Message "Can You Spare Your Time" A Discussion 

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Ram Radio The Web Cast October 3, 2012 Eschatology Pt "4"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 1, 2012 Eschatology Pt. "3" Israel God's Elect

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 27, 2012 Eschatology Pt.2 "Got To Pay Attention"

Ram Radio The Web Cast September 26, 2012 Introduction To Biblical Eschatology Part "1"

Ram Radio The Web Cast Friday Sept. 7, 2012 "Jesus Personified Love"  Just Look At Him!

Ram Radio The Web Cast Thursday Sept. 6, 2012 "Witnessing The End Of Christian Virtues"  

Ram Radio The Web Cast Wednesday Sept. 5, 2012 "Doing The Christian Faith In Practicality"  Pt. 2

Ram Radio The Web Cast Tuesday Sept. 4, 2012  "Doing The Christian Faith In Practicality" 

The Sunday Morning Sermon  / The Holy Spirit In His Church

Ram Radio The Web Cast  Friday's Aug 31, 2012  Romney Impresses Me, BUT!

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Ram Radio The Web CastObama 2016 Review By PJ

Ram Radio The Web Cast "The Sunday Sermon"  Letters From The Heart  From 1990

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Ram Radio The Web Cast October 23, 2012 "A Single Discussion On Defining God's Love"

Ram Radio The Web Cast October 21, 2012 The Sunday Sermon "Experience The Joy Of The Lord" 

 Ram Radio The Web Cast October 20, 2012  The Saturday Sermon "Practice What You Preach" 

Ram Radio The Web Cast  "Our Status Clearly Identified As Stagnant"  Aug. 12, 2012

Ram Radio The Web Cast August 9, 2012 "Me The Rogue?" 

Twisted Language Pt.1 Pt.2 Pt.3 Pt.4

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Ram Radio The Web Cast Aug 23, 2012 'Hanging In There When You Are Under Pressure'

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Ram Radio The Web Cast  Abortion  &  Abortion Pt"2"

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Ram Radio The Web Cast  "Keeping The Focus" Philp. 1:6! Pt. 1

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Ram Ram Radio The Web Cast  Graduation Reflections June 19, 2012

Ram Ram Radio The Web Cast "Paul's Perception Personified In The Person Of Christ 1 Thess 1:6-10

Ram Radio The Web Cast 1st Thess. 1:5-6 Keeping It Real With Pastor X Reamer Adding Comments

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Ram Radio The Web Cast  "The Pimp Move Secures Favor" I did it enjoy!

Ram Radio The Web Cast  June 8, 2012

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Ram Radio The Web Cast "Sin Today's Bad Word" 

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Ram Radio Sunday Sermon 1990 To The Present, A Flashback Archive Message

Ram Radio The Web Cast "To The Members Of The Board" Back In May Of 1999 

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Ram Radio The Web Cast:  Major Ministry Change For PJ 


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