Defining The Age And Duplicity Of The Black Community

If you think that there is something wrong with this picture, you are right. Please take the time and read the following letter that was sent to Ramie Lynch one brother that has contributed an abundant evidence that the black church is in terrible shape. We all know who the man on the right side of the picture is; but there my be confusion as to why he is in the pulpit area with a so called Pastor and the other who is a female in a place reserved for men. Charles Reece wrote this essay "letter" to Ramie defining the double standard of many black people who call themselves Christians. It is extensive but is a must read for many of us that have fallen off of the wagon. Great conviction came on me as I read it. I have asked the Lord to please give me more courage to speak against the evils that has taken over in today's black churches. I have not changed one word in the piece. I would pray that many of you Pastors pay close attention to Charles' words as I did; and place yourself in the picture. This to date in my estimate is one of the better articles that the Lord has placed on His servants hearts. I shall leave this piece on the site Indefinitely. I shall read it as often as I need in order to stay focused on what my calling as a Pastor is all about. Pastor J. Coleman

Dear Ramie,

In response to this message, please allow me to repeat a few things that I already mentioned in past emails. (Charles answers Ramie in this letter)

In adopting the perverted mind-set of radical White liberals, most of our Black Leadership are now rationalizing sin – by "intellectualizing" sin – i.e. by using philosophical, religious, and/or pseudo-scientific explanations to make excuses for immorality. For example, our Black leaders are mimicking liberal White folks by falsely claiming that a homosexual – or “gay” person – cannot “help” himself for possessing an "unusual" and intense sexual desire for the same gender; for a gay person, after all, is “born that way” – or, as it is claimed, that God "made" him "that way". In other words, he is supposedly born with a God-given "gay gene" which gives him a “natural” biological erotic desire for the same sex. And because of the false assumption that gays and lesbians are “genetically predisposed" – or "hormonally-induced" – to express only “same-sex” erotic love, many of our Black political and/or religious leaders are tragically falling prey to this ludicrous pseudo-scientific explanation; and consequently our leaders have erroneously accused morally conservative anti-gay Blacks as being just as "hateful", "bigoted", and “discriminatory” as racist White Americans who have long possessed a great irrational disdain for Black Americans, who of course cannot "help" being “born” with God-given genes that manifest our precious "black skin" and our wonderful Negroid facial features.

Moreover, aside from the scientifically invalid reasons for being "gay", there are those folks in society who also want to use religious and/or philosophical reasons in justifying the sin of homosexuality. With today's Post-Modern concept of "moral relativism", which caters to the baser elements of human nature, our Black political/religious leaders – in adopting liberal White views on morality, they have unknowingly deluded themselves into believing that certain so-called “immoral” behaviors taking place within their lives are really – after all – "okay" with God; and that – in our modern and sophisticated technologically advanced society, there's nothing "wrong" now for a Christian to indulge in certain activities that the Bible has clearly and unequivocally prohibited against doing. In the depraved mind of a Christian who willingly settles for moral relativism, a "moral absolute" – even one that is a Biblical prohibition – is no longer seen as being "wrong" for all believers. Rather, a believer presumptuously decides for himself as to which Biblical prohibitions are still in effect under the terms of the New Covenant. And if there's any kind of taboo or unrighteous behavior that is still not accepted by society at-large, then what disobedient Christians try to do – like unbelievers – is refuse to take personal responsibility for their own foolish actions, i.e. by rationalizing their unseemly behavior; saying that their inexcusable actions were not of their “own” doing; and that "society" – or the "Devil" – is to be blamed for their problems, and thus they are indeed “justified” to continue their sinful pathological behavior – until "society" obligates itself to help the stiff-necked backslider get over his/her problems .

As a result, the once-conservative Black Church has shifted from its original Biblical position on morality – by becoming, like White liberals, more "broad-minded" in its way of thinking –and espousing heretical contemporary theologies for unsuspecting Christians to adopt; and with the ultimate purpose – in the vanity of their own minds – to create a "better", more morally "tolerant" world for the future – or a "utopia", if you will – by transforming an "old-fashioned", puritanical American society into a "self-liberating", morally permissive society that could facilitate the "emancipation" of mankind from its "legalistic", "primitive", and "superstitious" notions of God, and thereby having all of us spiritually evolve into the "God-hood" that we as human beings are supposedly "predestined" to become.

Thus, our "liberal" Black leaders, the "liberal" Black Church, and the general Black population now make all kinds of excuses for their willful sins and their self-inflicted problems – and tries to alleviate their guilt for sinning, by rationalizing sin; by mitigating their culpability – by intellectualizing their rebellious behavior, using pseudo-Christian doctrines and/or pseudo-science; and therefore, in following suit behind liberal Whites, the Black Church likewise refuses to ever more identify just exactly what the Bible says that "sin" – in the eyes of God – really is... That is, S I N !!! .
Again, "S" - "I" - "N" !!!

Ramie, as you are already aware, we need to demand that our Black leaders stop "intellectualizing" our anti-Christian behavior and our self-inflicted problems – as we keep on doing, via biology, philosophy, and theology – and once again identify “sin” just exactly what this “thing” – in the eyes of God – really is. To reiterate, we must go back to the days of old and simply identify "sin" as the only way that "sin" presents itself. That is.......S I N !!!

The Black Church, of course, shares much of the blame for the progressive moral decay taking place in American society. It is understandable how liberal philosophy and liberal Christian theology has corrupted not only the minds of our Black religious leaders, but also corrupted the minds of our black political leaders as well.

It is a tragic irony that our contemporary Black political leaders, most of whom were raised in a "Christian" home and/or became Christian ministers – and who participated in the Christian-based Civil Rights struggle – now, at this present time – have followed after the secular world, in deciding for themselves – without God's help (thank you) – in defining "right" and "wrong"; and have decided that "politics" – and not the Bible – is the solution to all of our problems. In other words, Ramie, instead of us going first – before the Heavenly Throne of Grace – to Jehovah God Himself – petitioning Him to solve any of our physical, emotional, social, or spiritual problems, we now think that we should rely on other “gods” – such as "politics" or the "Federal Government” – to relieve us of our personal problems or societal ills.

And even though the elder members of our Black Leadership most likely grew up at a time during "Jim Crow" ; nevertheless, these same folk – like the younger generation of Black leaders – have nevertheless deserted their fundamentalist Christian principals, and have cast aside America's traditional moral values, by trading in their conservative moral upbringing for the new, chic and liberal "politically correct" way of solving problems in society.

Furthermore, due to the fact that liberal Whites fought side-by-side with Blacks during the Civil Rights Struggle, is it any wonder that the Black Church and our political organizations, even without realizing it, are following after the sinful lascivious ways of their fellow ultra-liberal White counterparts – i.e. the very White folks that have always supported Blacks in fighting against racism in this country? Because liberal Whites in this country have always supported Blacks – and rightfully so – in the fight for political and economic equality, the Black Leadership is now more than willing to return the favor – by blindly supporting White folks' perverted left-wing causes, such as getting involved in the "new" frontier of civil rights – i.e. "matrimonial rights", or the "right" of an American citizen to marry another person of the same sex.

Ramie, I ask you can any of our precious Black leaders – today – after themselves having depended on Jehovah God to struggle courageously and successfully in ridding this country of institutionalized racism – how could they now say that it is "wrong" to use Biblical standards or "religion" to identify certain immoral behaviors – such as "homosexuality" – as "sin" against God – while these very same leaders – during the Civil Rights Movement – used the "religion" of Christianity for inner spiritual strength – to not only just put up with evils of White Supremacy, but to also use the Bible as a moral defense against the sin of racism itself, and thereby convict the hearts of white people for their intense hatred toward blacks, as discrimination was flourishing overtly during the days before – and shortly after – "Jim Crow" ?
Now that our lives are qualitatively better – thanks to the Civil Rights laws – we, as a race of people, have mistakenly dropped the use of "common sense" – or the Bible – in relieving ourselves of problems that arise within our families and our neighborhoods. Now that the Civil Rights Movement is long gone – and because we have "life" so easier now – i.e. have greater political and economic freedom – all of a sudden, we now don't see the relevance in using the Bible to tackle the problems that are currently taking place in our communities. And most tragically, now that our lives are going much better for us – after entering into the "promise land" of full equality with Whites – we have now forgotten about Jehovah God, and thus have turned our backs on Him.
Moreover, for the current ultra-liberal Black leadership to advocate, legalize, or protect any form of immoral behavior – such as homosexual expression, including "same-sex marriage" – this demonstrates one of the many ways in which our Black political and religious leaders – just like the Black population in general – no longer possess the higher moral ground that we once had in this country.

Ramie, be aware that the more you stand up for Christ – even in the Church – the more you will be persecuted. Ramie, as you go through your personal walk with the Lord, you will find out that those persons in the Church who you thought were true believers, i.e. those persons who you trusted in Christ – these same individuals could turn out to be the very ones who are currently living their lives in secret hypocrisy, and could be the very ones most offended by your uncompromising stand; and thus, they may be the very ones who can later on hurt you the most. Yes, Ramie!!

GET READY!! Expect persecution to come very soon, even from so-called believers!! Unfortunately, American Christians do not prepare themselves for real suffering for the name of Christ in a "free" country such as ours. Ramie, many Black Christians – like their White counterparts – especially of the so-called "middle-class" – are now so spoiled with their material gains and financial successes, to the point whereby they easily forget that following Jesus not only benefits them in receiving God's material blessings; but also, following Jesus is supposed to bring on persecutions as well. In the Gospel of Mark, chapter 10, verses 29 to 30, Jesus says to his disciples "Verily I say unto you, There is no man that hath left house, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my sake, and the gospel's, But he shall receive an hundredfold now in this time, houses, and brethren, and sisters, and mothers, and children, and lands, with persecutions; and in the world to come eternal life".

And because no Christian wants to be persecuted, many of them – especially in America – would rather try to "get along" with the World and be "accepted" by the World; rather than face the pain of rejection by the World and/or experience a possible financial loss – if they were to speak out boldly against the sins lying all around them. But as the Church desperately make attempts at being "friends" with the World, there are many pastors today – across the United States – who are unknowingly subjecting themselves and their flock to condemnation by God; with the ultimate and eternal consequence of them being judged by God – having to end up being cast into the everlasting scorching fires of HELL !!!

Rarely, do I ever hear a minister point out the Biblical necessity of "suffering" for the life of a believer. Today's churches place little emphasis on this aspect of the Gospel; that being, God's "requirement" for the saints to suffer for His righteousness' sake. Instead, the churches spend too much time focusing on the physical, material, and financial promises of the Gospel. While churches pride themselves on having a "full-Gospel" doctrine, what they really need, however, is true BALANCE in the way they present both the blessings and persecutions that accompany someone who becomes a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

And by having the constitutionally guaranteed right for "freedom of worship", Christians in America have life so comfortable and so "easy" whereby, oftentimes, we even selfishly forget the command in the New Testament – in Hebrew 13:3 – to pray for "other" less-fortunate believers around the world – i.e. those brothers and sisters who are suffering imprisonment for the Faith and who do not live in a so-called "free" society, as we American Christians do – where there is opportunity to worship the One and Only True God, Yahweh – The God of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
And for those American Christians who are well aware of the worldwide religious persecutions, some of these same believers are still not even willing to suffer for any lesser kind of persecution that they could hypothetically experience, even in a "free" and "democratic" nation like the United States. Their unwillingness to suffer – at all – would explain why the American Church today is so morally bankrupt. The reason why we find so many Christians in America who really don't want to live according to God's Word, but instead follow after this World – i.e. Satan’s World – is simply because, by going all out for Jesus Christ, these religious hypocrites would have to pay the unwanted price for giving total commitment to Him. The cost of complete submission to Christ would result in financial loss or entail undesirable suffering through constant persecution. However, Ramie, as you and I both know, we are informed by the New Testament that believers are to be undeterred by divinely appointed hardships. As Apostle Paul says in 1Thessalonians 3:3-4, "that no man should be moved by these afflictions. For yourselves know that we are appointed thereunto. For verily, when we were with you, we told you before that we should suffer tribulation; even as it came to pass, and ye know".
More so, we are commanded by Christ himself to endure all divinely appointed hardships – yes, even unto the "End" – whether that "end" be of our own natural physical lives or be the "end" of this present world system that is run by Satan. As Jesus had already spoken 2,000 years ago to his disciples in Matthew 24:13, "he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved".

The Church in America is gravely and spiritually ill; and it has urgent need of complete godly revival !! The Body of Christ is ripe for Divine Judgment; and I don't think that many of us are currently getting ready to pass the more severe tests that the Lord has prepared to eventually come upon us. Both ministers and laypersons need to get ready NOW!!! ...Before God's judgments sweep us all away!! As Jesus reveals to his disciples, the mystery of godly suffering, he says in John 15:1-2, "I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman. Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away: and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit".

There are many Christians in America who are so delusional as to think that they can continue taking "chances" on their lives, by not repenting for their ongoing sins, and continue to gamble on their lives that they will never have to be "judged " by a holy and vengeful God. There are many believers, in prosperous America, who love so much their comfortable, pleasurable, and materialistic lifestyle, that they will do almost anything – even sin if necessary – to keep or maintain those material things that they have already "worked so hard for" – for so many years. These believers do not want to lose for the name of Christ – if necessary, all – that they have gained through their precious hard labor. Having deep-seated lust in their hearts, many believers actually compromise the Word of God – or commit sin – in order to hold on to those "things" that they love so dearly – i.e. those "creature comforts" that are so precious to them – or those things for which they have worked so hard throughout our lives. Whether those things be physical objects or personal relationships, God's people oftentimes avoid the "cost" of Christian discipleship, by refusing to continually "stand up" for the Word of God; but rather, do whatever they possibly can – by sinning or compromising – to not lose their "precious" reputations, or to not lose those same material things or "cherished" relationships in which they have invested so much time and so much effort to acquire or build up.

With today's carnal-minded liberal Church attempting to gain "acceptance" from the world, by imitating the world – in becoming more "secular" or "politically correct" – the Gospel is being preached so "watered down" from its original spiritual content – so as to not "offend" the ears of "sensitive" listeners – to the point whereby many church members and visitors – including so-called "born-again" Christians – are losing their own sense of what God truly means in His Word, by the Biblical definitions of "right" and "wrong". Subtle messages of moral relativism are creeping forth from the pulpit – under the guise of trying to avoid sounding too "harsh" or too "judgmental" – thereby giving the listeners a false impression that there are no "moral absolutes" – or that there is no fine line between "good" and "evil"; and consequently leaving the congregation with the false notion that believers can "justify" any wicked behavior – by having the so-called "freedom" to decide for themselves – without the Word of God – as to what they think is "right" and what they think is "wrong".

Furthermore, this illusion of self-justification allows people to avoid accountability to a real and "personal" God, and thereby remove any warranted guilt that may be incurred – or should be incurred – during the contemplation of something evil, or during the execution of some sinful act. If the truth be told, whether we want to face it or not – we in the Body of Christ, are presently – and willfully – committing so many different kinds of sins – or harboring so much evil in our hearts – to the point whereby we just cannot bring ourselves any longer to even pronounce the very word, "sin" – since it has become to us such a repulsive, convicting word – if we were to honestly use it in characterizing our present evil lives, or our present wretched condition. However, if we really think that God doesn’t know what’s going on in our sinful private lives, then we are a people sorely DELUDED and headed straight for HELL!!!

By us consciously refraining from using the word "sin" – or deliberately using the word sparingly in our "Christian" vocabulary – we are subconsciously trying to soothe our guilt-ridden minds – by rationalizing evil; thus, falling into delusions of spiritual perfection, as we lie to ourselves by trying to convince God, ourselves, and others that we are "alright" with the Lord, as we actually deny in our hearts that we, the so-called "true believers" – from pulpit to pew – are in essence living duplicitous lives, i.e. living a pseudo-pious life to be displayed for the public, and another life – the "private" one – whereby we are living a life of hypocrisy by committing certain sins in secret, having no one else around us to see our truly wicked selves.

Consequently, we are now seeing today in the United States, heated disputes on the question of the "morality" of Biblically unacceptable behavior – such as "homosexuality" – which is really just one of many examples of the long "cultural war" of values being fought between morally "conservative" Christians and contemporary sinful America. This war over ideology –which boils down to Christianity v. Humanism – will indeed spill over from society into the Church itself, and inevitably cause a "civil war" to take place even within the Body of Christ.

America’s current war over values – i.e. religious v. secular – is heating up more and more. These ideological disputes are currently taking place in God's Kingdom, and they are already becoming quite vicious. Incidentally – and surprisingly – this war within the Church is becoming most manifest amongst believers who live in the so-called "democratic" countries of Western Civilization; or those countries whose societies are greatly influenced by the cultural values of Western nations, particularly that of United States of America. I say this because it is these particular countries that are the most "free" – politically and religiously – and that use the Bible as the foundation for their moral codes. But ironically, it is also these very same "free" countries that allow the most "freedom" for the propagation of immoral filth, such as pornography and the indecencies that abound in popular culture. And as usual, with the Church blindly imitating the moral perversions of their non-Christian countrymen, we will continue to see the downward spiral of immorality taking place in America – thus resulting in our nation becoming a modern-day "Sodom and Gomorrah".

Moreover, by de-emphasizing the Biblical commands for consecration, the American Church has corrupted the teachings of Christ, and has thus fallen into a state of apostasy. Furthermore, because we are now so greatly spoiled by our nation's long-held political freedoms and economic opportunities, the Church takes on a worldly attitude, whereby – like most people who have already heard the Gospel message – we so-called "Christians" pretend that we "love" God; but deep down inside our hearts, we really could care less about the "things" of God; and really don't want to study our Bibles, or have anything to do with "all that Jesus stuff". Instead, like unbelievers, we ignore God and go on our merry way to follow the dictates of the flesh, thus living out their lives in the sinful, abominable pleasures that Satan deceitfully has to offer in this world.

Ramie, be encouraged and continue fighting the "good fight of faith". I know how frustrating and discouraging it can be when you try to get so-called "believers" to see the "wickedness" that lies around us – let alone when trying to convict the "heathen" themselves. But always remember, this...

Ever since the world began, there has always been – and always will be – a tiny remnant of folk – even coming out of God's Church – who will completely submit to the will of the Father, at all costs; refusing to partake of the sins of this world – even under the frightening threat of death. From righteous Abel, the son of Adam and prophet of the Most High; to Jesus our Messiah, the Son of God – and onward through history, holy men of God have gone through unceasing and nearly unbearable persecutions for standing up for the righteous name of Jehovah God. By refusing to sin or compromise in order to gain "acceptance" of the World, these devout believers put themselves at the unwanted risk of being severely ridiculed, ostracized, constantly rejected, and continually persecuted for preaching against the evil of their day, as they tried to uphold the moral standard of Jehovah our God. Today, Ramie, the situation is no different. Even for the Body of Christ.

Just keep in mind that the "majority" of people in the Church and in the world are going to reject Christ anyway. This is a given fact of life. Our common sense should tell us so, as well as the Word of God. Most people on Planet Earth could care less about the "things" of God; but instead, go on their merry way to follow the dictates of the flesh, thus living out their lives in the sinful, abominable pleasures that Satan deceitfully has to offer in this world. As you already know, most people today – including so-called "Christians" – really don't want to "hear" about the Gospel or have anything to do with "all that Jesus stuff". And for this, Ramie, the only thing that we can do now is continue preaching "Christ crucified", as we simultaneously try to save our own souls from falling into hands of an angry and vengeful God, who will finally one day render judgment and bring upon the obstinate unrepentant sinner – the eternal damnation of everlasting fire in the dark abyss of Hell.

Ramie, as you grow in spiritual maturity, you'll gradually realize that authentic Christian discipleship is a grueling struggle, and a continuous life-long process. In this present life, there will never be a time in which there will not be sin abounding all around us. Whether in secret or out in the open, sin in this world will always be present before us. There's nothing that we can do about it...EXCEPT speak out against it – as you are indeed doing now; and in using Biblical means, continue to try to stop its spread in society and in the Church. The Lord is looking for those believers – such as yourself – who will stand up against the debauchery and immorality of the day, to convict this evil world of righteousness; and to convict the world of sin, and convict it of judgment. We as Christians must be ever vigilant in confronting the perpetrators of any spiritual crimes; warning the culprits to put an end to their repulsive abominable behavior, and repent and submit to the divine will of Christ – lest these filthy unrepentant sinners put themselves in a deadly irreversible position in having to face the merciless wrath of just and vengeful God.

Ramie, I'm sure that you understand that the United States of America is no more exempt from divine punishment as all the other great empires that rose and fell throughout World History. As a Christian, you should already know that God has – and still does – intervene in the affairs of men down here on Planet Earth. And it is up to Him to decide as to which nations will continue to exist upon the globe – and which ones are to be removed off the face of the Earth. If our great nation continues to turn its back on the Most High – who made this country what it is today – then eventually, God will decide – by His own authoritative assessment – just like He did with King Belshazzar of Babylon – that it is time for America the "Beautiful" to come to crashing halt.

As long as Black Americans turn their backs on God, and refuse to cry out against what the Bible has already defined as "sin", then we will continue to see the progressive moral decay within our race and within the entire nation; and thus, we will no doubt witness the inevitable and fearful JUDGMENT OF GOD that we as a people so rightfully deserve. Today, because of constant rebellion against the Most High, we now have – as Hosea 8:7 says – "sown the wind, and [we] shall reap the whirlwind". Black folks who continue in disobedience will not be exempt from God's judgment. Pessimistically yours,

Charles Reece


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