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I Thought that I'd place some of the work up for your assistance in presenting a few messages to those bible study classes.  Feel free to use them as the Spirit gives you that urging.  They are not the best; but just a few for your extra study time.

   Man Prince Of The Home
"Crying is not a sign of weakness. This may be necessary if change is going to take place." jec
Genesis 1:26-29

Taken from a theme: “God’s Divine Plan For The Family”
My Question: How do I fit into God’s divine plan? This is a question for for every man of this age.
(1)   The family is the central core that holds the structure of our society together. This is also true for the African American home.
(2)   Men have been ordained by God, called and placed by Him as the spiritual heads over the women and the children in our households.
(3)   Men that meet the biblical criterion are men on a journey, they are in "Biblical" process, forging an experience for other men to admire and to follow.
POINT: As Prince of the home men must fulfill their purposes by honoring God with their lives which reflect the full glory of God.
My question for many men in today's society is are you ready to take the charge back? Are you ready to face God's judgment on your life if you don't take your rightful place. I know that it will be a difficult task. Our inner cities have fallen apart. Our politicians have sold out, we no longer have leaders that we can trust. I'm looking for a "Prince" in the city. That special breed of man that has their minds made up by God to be that responsible person.

The Question Of The Hour Is; “Do you think that men today have forfeited their divine right as being Prince over the home, and if so, how has this taken place?

(We address the Christian man first and his divine responsibility)
When his character is crushingly critical;
1. When nothing one does or says is declared right by him.
2. When his life is out of sink, things are not quite right with him. When he feels that he has lost his way in his world.
3. When he seems to be quite confused concerning those manly task that he has been assigned. How do I do that?
When he has an attitude of nagging negativity;
1. Nothing in this mans world is ever positive or note worthy.
2.  When he searches for those things for others to agree with.
3.  When everyone can read his disposition before he opens his mouth. This is called; "I don't have a chance."
When he is just low down loud;
1. When it is discovered that he is wrong, he raises his voice in an attempt to proving himself very right.
2. By raising his voice, he also raises his self-esteem in the process. Have you ever seen a black man angry?
3. By suppressing others; he clearly expresses his right to supervise the situation. He's got to have the power.
POINT: “A prince is a prince, where ever he is, seen or unseen.
When he is increasingly insensitive;
1. He demonstrates this quality when he conveys; that it does not matter about the other person’s feelings, what matters are his feelings. His purpose at that moment in his life.
2. He is not moved any longer by moral obligations, he is running the show. His tank is about run out of gas, he is out of options. he has become dangerous.
4. It matters not if it is a one-man show or not, he is in charge of the performance. If it fails, it fails, this is a man's thing.
POINT: The fallen prince becomes nothing more than an autocrat, a ruler with absolute power. He is a dictator dominating others as a tyrant in the middle of a temper flair.
All these directs the prince to become unloving;
1.  Thus, the prince takes on a different role altogether.
2. He is cold, un-communicative, un-concerned, irresponsible out of control, and you had better not touch him.
POINT: When he ceases to love, he also ceases to lead, then he ceases to live. This Prince is dead while alive, totally unfulfilled and unwelcome in his own world.
POINT: When love has fallen into it’s deepest depths, despair takes the throne. This Prince becomes a piece of drift wood in a stagnating swamp.
    "The prince has fallen, The prince has fallen! Close the gates of the city!"
Then indifference; dominates his life.
1. Outwardly he agrees, inwardly he is full of opposition.
2. It’s no longer what the prince says, rather the power behind what he says. We begin to fear this strong needed commodity in our communities, we strive to lock them all up.
Strives to be that Spiritual man that God desires to create in the inside of the heart. That is where his power lies.
He is not necessarily that magazine image of a man. We have enough of that.
He recognizes that he was made in the image of God, which demands tolerance.
Thus, he understands that God demands and expects honor to be associated with His name.
He understands that the Lord requires regularities;
1. Bible Study on a regular basis through participation as well as demonstration.
2.  Private Devotion and meditation as well as fellowship with mature believers.
3. A unique self discipline that is demonstrated as he accepts responsibility without outside interference.
He does not run from his lot in life, therefore he faces the music whatever the tune. And how does he do this?
1. He realizes that everything that did not matter does matter.
2. He considers his emotional life, and sees that it does make the difference. He attempts to get a handle on that life.
3. He no longer compromises his spiritual life, and that life now becomes the objective by which he does his life.
4.  He demonstrates his rightful place within the family, church, and community.
Conclusion: How do men arrive at this point in their lives?
{1} By keeping in mind that he is constantly on a journey, and that none of us has arrived as of the moment. He is not alone in the city.
{2} By stating the fact that Jesus is the one that is leading us on this journey, and that He will not lead us astray.
Men!  Are you ready to strengthen your journey with the Master as you lead those whom God has places under our charge?
Pastor John E. Coleman is an inner city mentor ministering to the hearts of young men. He has dedicated himself to the healthy nurture of men in his community. John is willing to come to your church fellowship and preach this dynamic message and assist inner city ministry in the development of men. Please contact Pastor John in the office this week.

Pastor John E. Coleman AA BA MA
Cal State University / Biola University / Talbot Theological Seminary

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